Zero Teaser - Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan

When Bauua Singh meets Salman Khan, every occasion becomes a festive occasion. Here’s presenting the Eid teaser of Zero starring Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan.

Red Chillies Entertainment and Colour Yellow Production come together to bring the film, produced by Gauri Khan, ZERO is all set to release by 21st December 2018.

25 comments on “Zero Teaser - Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan”

  1. Ye hai srk hamesha kuch risky or new krta hai even apne so called bad phase me bhi

    Zero title announcement fir ab zero teaser eid dono ka music kya gazab hai. Ek baat to confirm hai songs chartbuster hogi or music ka kya kehna

    1. So far everything ive heard or seen about this movie its 10 out of 10!!!!

    2. ghanta Risky
      movie ke 6 month release se pehly promotion start or vo b e sallu ki help sy

    3. Been SRK fan, I still feel VFX is not upto mark...
      When Salman comes from behind near to SRK, u can see SRK is one step(Stair) below Salman Khan. So height difference show not much in first screen. While the difference in height while dancing looks more comapre to earlier.
      May be my judgement not true..

  2. Simmba hat jae yo ye movie 400cr kar jae

    Vaise v overseas me $40-45M
    China me $50M + kregi easily

  3. I am getting positive vibes for this one. Was largely negative about JHMS but not at all for this!
    All the best King Khan!

  4. Looks to be promising. But with 2.0 Postponed its now cakewalk for Aamir to give the blockbuster of the year with TOH, Zero can be in top 5 after TOH,Padmavat,Sanju,Race 3.

    1. Top 5 Nahi Top 3 Mein Aayegi SRK Sir Ki Blockbuster ZERO
      Padmaavat , Thugs, ZERO Will Be a Tough Competitor & Highest Grosser of 2018

  5. I am confused .is this teaser part of the film or They made it specially for Eid festival ?

    1. Not teaser. It's not good to reveal anything before 6 months. It is for EID only. Hype will be good. Hope a proper trailer comes in Deewali, no more teasers or mini trails. I am happy until now. This happiness was missing during JHMS and FAN

  6. Simmba moving would have given hope of Zero being the 2nd Highest grosser of the year!! HGOTY will no doubt be Thugs but was expecting Zero on 2nd. Never mind though!

  7. at first instance, i took SRK as Aamir because I got confused by his height. Anyway, this Eid teaser is awesome. Eid Mubarak to all....

    1. @Aamir khan because you are a blind illiterate fool who needs glasses and psychic treatment. your dedh foot salman is no way tall. he is tingu and so is srk. all 3 of them are short in height not just aamir so better get a life tingu salman ke illiterate fan.

      1. I liked your comment, but Aamir who is the shortest in height and then salman!
        SRK is the tallest amongst the 3, even though who cares, height doesnt matter!! Thats what Zero is about!!

        I understand everything else but where will this sci-fi stuff come from!! Confused about that!!

        1. @Uk fanbaze srk always with hills so he hides his real height most of the time. But sometimes I notice carefully he is not tall at all. He is short and Salman is also very short. So stay within your limit. In superstardom and talent aamir is tallest so think 100 times before targeting someone who has achieved so many things in his life which you simply can't.

  8. Zero talented Salarukh must quit....let salman and aamir Rule

    me and my buddies(salmir fan's)
    going to watch Race
    3D this saturday

    1. You should be happy that salman name is connected to some good movies at least otherwise we only get masala from.him!!

  9. Well this teaser certainly has brought joy to the fans of both superstars. Red chilli vfx team has done a good job here, Srk's short stature doesn't look unreal or fake, you can even see his short shadow during his entry, it's a detailed work and I guess that's why it has taken this long for it to complete and he genuinely looks like a dwarf. So this is a good vfx work. Soundtrack is totally massy so songs are going to rock the mass centers for sure. Overall this movie has a +ve vibe from all around it which is a good sign. Also red chilli must have to keep the momentum going in terms of marketing and they have to avoid all the disastrous stretgies they used during JHMS. Keep it simple and fun and this one for sure will turn out to be a game changer for Srk. Gud d luck team zero ?

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