Zero 1st Weekend Box Office Collection

Zero has underperformed at the box office in the opening weekend. As per the official figures, the film collected 59.07 crores in first three days.

Shahrukh Khan starrer dropped on Saturday and the growth on Sunday was limited which has pretty much sealed the fate of the film. There is a Christmas holiday tomorrow which can give a boost to the film. It will also help it in the evening/night shows today. The real test will be Wednesday as it is likely to face heavy falls.

The opening weekend is poor if we compare it to other big films of 2018. Also it is nowhere close to the likes of Tiger Zinda Hai and Dangal which were last Christmas releases.

Day 1: 20.14

Day 2: 18.22

Day 3: 20.71

Total: 59.07 cr

14 comments on “Zero 1st Weekend Box Office Collection”

  1. zero disaster movie of 3year ahead bombay velvet minimum lose 150cr overall more than tube light
    now srk pay loss from oven pocket like salman Khan last year

    1. Bollyyare Kia hua occupancy report n de Rahe h zero ki Kia tum bhi zero ka Ghuam mana Rahe ho

  2. So now manipulation have started. Real collection is 54.50 crore net.I can still remember those days when salman films like bajrangi bhaijaan, sultan used to create havoc in these kind of festivals and srk fans like sss,jaded,nn,xzone and many more used to give credit to festivals for those collections. Last year in this same Xmas just remember what kind of numbers tzh put on Sunday.

    I can still remember 2 years ago on eid when sultan did 180 crore in 5 days, salman was abused in indicine by srk fans like sss,xzone etc.according to them doing 180 crore in 5 days with an average of 36 crore everyday can be done by anyone on festival. Salman has always set those benchmarks when it comes to initial.he gave the first 50 crore weekend with bodyguard, he gave the first 100 crore weekend with bajrangi bhaijaan. He set the first 100 crore week with bodyguard and later on 200 crore first week with sultan. But according to srk fans credit goes to festival. When we say that festival release does not mean holiday from opening day,films like dabangg 2, tiger zinda hai were highest opener for non holiday and highest weekend of all time despite having no extra holiday in the weekend they said during festival people get bonus so any film releasing on edx is like holiday from first day. Salman khan has total 10 films this decade which were among the top 3 weekend of all time when they were released, 6 of them were highest of all time,9 of them finished either highest or second highest.but credit was always given to festivals. When we say about ready which has the second highest opening day and weekend of all time after eid release dabangg those nonsense fan base said post Ipl is also a holiday.
    Now you all srk fans see your stars performance on the biggest festival. Forgot about matching the festival releases of salman it has even lower weekend than non holiday release jai ho released way back in 2014, what will you say now Gangu teli fans. The weekend of zero is not even probably in top 15 forget about top3.

    hey @ sss,@ nn,@ jäved,@ xzone all those indicine users if you are visiting bollywood arena and have drunk your mother's milk then stop hiding and comment under me. You people used to write essays about srk's stardom,now tell me from which angle srk has even 50 percent of salman's initial pull.a rejected film like race3 had 100 crore weekend so don't give excuse of wom. And if you say zero is not an action film,it was drama genre offbeat niche etc etc.then tell me why it opened lower than tubelight in terms of even net collection despite of gst and hiked price advantage.tubelight was a film with no,heroine,no romance,salman in a mad kind of character while zero had two 300 crore heroines, srk doing what he had been liked the most.

    Only a mental patient can say tubelight is more commercial than zero.

    1. From my side no excuse. Its very hard for SRK to bounce back. His last 2 film opened less than 20 crore. His strong hold West Bengal and South also not performing. Now SRK's film started to underperform in overseas too. Neutral audience lost faith on him long back. Now die hard fans also started to reject his nonsensical films. His career is 90 % over. Still i have little hope that his next film Salute or whatever he does good in quality and make respectable business.

  3. Well.. today has dropped arround 45% in the morning so if can do a good jump in the evening maybe will collect 9-11, tomorrow is XMAS and will need at least 15 anything less means 100 crore will be difficoult.
    My prediction today 9 tomorrow 13 Wensday 6 Thursday 5 week 1: 85-90
    Week 2 if holds 3 cr+ on friday 20 LIFETIME 120.
    But this will not happen because there will be simmba this friday so LIFETIME 95-105 FLOP...
    Now SRK still have a chance with his next sab jahan se acha, but if fails again then will be almost over.
    By the way this means he will exit from the top league of aamir salman & akshay

  4. karma is a b**ch. Nothing against srk but srk fans shouted a lot during TOH time and barked a lot like dogs. now this is what you get in return. lallu fans even after race 3 debacle still barked shamelessly during TOH. so lallu fans beware we will do the same with tubelight 2 oops.. i mean Bharat. LOL. Bharat will be even bigger disaster than TOH. so wait and watch. It's karma. you will not escape from it.

    1. @ashish moron race 3 was not flop infact it was above average or it got hit tag on the other hand TOH is considered as biggest flop in the indian cinema history..nobody barked at the time of TOH but you are barking ryt now as you r asshole

    2. Hum ko koi Ghuam n coz hamster star low acting ke Baad bhi tongue se gay tongue khud kehta h Salman mujhe se ahead h http://www.tum 2 year 1 film 300 crore budget 145 crore high stat cast high director only story ke peche tum chute h shame ab bhi amir ka name le Rahe ho race 3 ki jitna tum ne srk amir fan chakki fan negative Kia ab soch lo tumhara Kia ho GA 2 year srk 3 2 year amir ka intazar karo

  5. ashish listen one thing agar bharat blockbuster ho gyi then maan liyo ki tera screw dheela hai aur yahan pe apni shaqal naa dikhaiyo nd one more thing salman ki bharat aa rahi uske baad sanjay leela bhansali k saath movie aa rahi hai dabangg 3 aa rahi hai but aamir ki next movie kab aa rahi hai yeh toh bata if itna hi bada fan hai tu aamir kaa..tu wait krte krte hi marr jayega but aamir ki 2 saal baad hi ek movie aayegi atleast zero is far better than TOH even race 3 was better than TOH atleast it crossed 175 cr but TOH ..??

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