Zaira Wasim hits out at BJP Minister who took a dig at women in hijab

Dangal girl Zaira Wasim was involved in a controversy when she met Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti. The girl who played the younger version of Geeta Phogtat in Dangal, has now perfectly shut up a BJP leader who took a dig at women in Burqas.

BJP's Sports Minister Vijay Goel sent out an atrocious tweet, which we aren't sure was to empathise with her or just be vicious towards Muslims in general.

In the image, Goel is seen looking at an artwork that shows a helpless woman in a cage. Behind her is a picture of a woman in a burqa.

To this Zaira Wasim tweeted back.




9 comments on “Zaira Wasim hits out at BJP Minister who took a dig at women in hijab”

  1. Womens in muslims house are the main person they decided what we eat what we ear they have more freedom than mens they are laadli Islam Respect More Than A Leader Allah Ordered Women To Wear Hijab Because They Can Save Their Beauty From Evil Mens Who Nowadays Raped Women Molested womens, Womens Are Costlier Than Diamond They Ruled In Our Houses
    How They Don't Have Freedom

  2. Good answer from zaira :

    this kind people like vijay goal and those r after mohd kaif , shami and kareena kapoor r real culprits of society...

    this culprits r in all religions.. so guys let's be United and not come under anybody's influence ...

    yeh chand log hai ...multi bhar Jo desh and unity Thorne ki baat kartein hai...but 80% or evn more r talking in positive way from all communities..

    every educated and majority Muslims - talked against those who trolled mohd kaif and against mohd shami.. similarly majority of educated and Hindu samaj was against those who trolled kareena and now zaira..

    isko bolte hai ache deen...those dark days from 2014 to 2016 r vansheed ...abb log tumhare baboon me nahi ayengee vijay goal saab aur owaisi saab.aap achi baat karoo (positive) we r with u...

    abb dukaan band..this is new year resolution.

  3. Vijay goel no need to say sorry what u say I will stand with u . Bengal maulavi given fatwa against modi those who shave modi beared & head give 25 lakh worth price . But secular parties peoples neither khans said single words against maulavi . First tell maulavi don't give such fatwa against anybody .

  4. dis is d Same gal who wrote sorry to those morons.... n she is rising her voice on an unnecessary pic... publicity seeker...

  5. rajesh -- don't spread negativity ...

    many Muslims have objecteed what's happened in culcutta . I also object , and feel mamta banerji should have taken action , if not taken she is culprit.

    but why drag 3 khan's in this. why khan's require to talk on such matters... of they feel they will talk also. they r not ministers to comment on everything.

    khan's have commented on many such mimilars thinks --
    1) aamir recently commented on tripple talaq and supported modi
    2) salman supported bjp many times
    3) srk supported demonitazation
    4) irfan khan commented against qurabani
    5) saif spoke against tripple talaq

    why is it some of sick people get food digested when they get comment onlt from 3 khans ... (jelios people) kabhi ticket pay karke unki movie dekhne jatein thoo nahi honge but will pass negative comments to divide society.

    in india ...all khans r loved by all religious and all kapoors and kumars r loved equally by all relisious ...dont divde this segment atlist where noboduy sees religion...

    seek politics....

  6. its womens choice if she want to be in hijab or not. If she is true muslim she will wear, if she is not she wont. No need to discuss about this.....

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