World's Highest Paid Actors Full List: SRK and Akshay in Top 10

The Forbes magazine has released a new list of highest paid actors of the world. Dwayne The Rock is one the top while few Bollywood actors are also on the list.

King Khan has been named as the highest paid Bollywood actor who ranks 8th in the whole world. Akshay Kumar has also made an entry into the top 10. Other Bollywood stars like Salman Khan and Amitabh Bachchan stands at 14th and 18th position.

akshay kumar and srk

Forbes Magazine quoted as, "A quarter of this global list hail from outside the U.S. Aside from Chan, four Bollywood stars returned to the ranking for the second year in a row. Shah Rukh Khan ($33 million), the top-ranked Indian actor, banked as much as Downey Jr. , while Akshay Kumar ($31.5 million) earned the same as Brad Pitt in our scoring period."

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Shahrukh Khan is ahead of many popular names like Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler and Will Smith. Check out the full list below.

  1. Dwayne Johnson = $64,500,00
  2. Jackie Chan = $61,000,000
  3. Matt Damon = $55,000,000
  4. Tom Cruise = $53,000,000
  5. Johnny Depp = $48,000,000
  6. Ben Affleck = $43,000,000
  7. Vin Diesel = $35,000,000
  8. Shah Rukh Khan = $33,000,000
  9. Robert Downey Jr = $33,000,000
  10. Akshay Kumar = $31,500,000
  11. Brad Pitt = $31,500,000
  12. Adam Sandler = $30,000,000
  13. Mark Wahlberg = $30,000,000
  14. Salman Kahn = $28,500,000
  15. Leonardo Dicaprio = $27,000,000
  16. Chris Pratt = $26,000,000
  17. Will Smith = $20,500,000
  18. Amitabh Bachchan = $20,000,000
  19. Matthew McConaughey = $18,000,000
  20. Harrison Ford = $15,000,000

15 comments on “World's Highest Paid Actors Full List: SRK and Akshay in Top 10”

  1. Surprised to see SRK and Akshay in top of Salman.... Any way congrats to them.... Keep up.

    1. Srk has his movies, IPL team, weddings and ads.
      And as far as Akki is concerned the guy is doing more movies a year than any other actors in Bollywood, last year alone he had different movies so 4 fees.
      Congrats for being rich I guess :))

  2. Srk earning from wedding and brand endorsement now he is only a model and for akshay he earn money frim award show where he want money instead awards

  3. And some haters said that SRK had to beg on the streets after FAN... Grow up guys ! He's the one and only, the global king. He does one film per year, and even when it underperforms he still earns much more than Salman with 2 success in one year. That's KING KHAN for you.

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