Why Fan failed at the box office?

So this is one question that we have been asked a lot in last few days.

Before the release Fan was seen as a potential 175-200 crores grosser by trade. The trailer of the film was loved by everyone. Jabra song was becoming a rage after it was released in regional languages. The advance booking was also pretty high for a non-holiday release. So everyone was expecting that the film will cross 100 crores in the opening week itself.

But unfortunately, it could not happen. After a good opening day of 19 crores, the film witnessed drop on Saturday and limited growth on Sunday. Later on, it almost crashed on Monday. As things stand today, Fan is expected to finish its lifetime run in the range of 90 crore.

So what went wrong with Fan? There are many reasons given by different people. We list them below.

♦ Limited Appeal

The film was only catering to the elite section of the audience. Thus, it was rejected in mass centers which resulted in negative reports and trend.

♦ High Budget

YRF has also gone wrong with the economics. The film was made on a budget of 105 crores which is a huge number for a niche genre. Thus, it was always difficult to recover its high cost.

♦ The competition from The Jungle Book & Theri

The Jungle Book was the first universally accepted film of 2016 and is doing terrific business in all over India. The film also affected Fan big time and is now even matching Fan collections despite being in the second week. Fan also faced a tough time from Vijay's Theri in down South which is considered a stronghold for SRK.

♦ The Intolerance Controversy

Some people though that intolerance controversy had an impact in mass centers where Fan was rejected.


These are some of the reasons or excuses being put up by people. But we think that there was only one reason that Fan did not work. The film was not up to the mark and thus it had negative word of mouth. It was liked by only a small section of the audience and received mixed to negative response from others.

We have seen Akshay Kumar's Airlift which also had a limited appeal. Yet the film went on to collect 130 crore. Then there were examples of Neerja and Kapoor and Sons. There could not be a better time for a content oriented film to release. The competition from The Jungle Book and Theri is also an excuse as Shahrukh Khan is a much bigger star. And if Fan was liked, it would have standed against any other competitor.

Some say that Fan has received excellent reviews then why it did not work. But the critics reviews are irrelevant in India. It is only audience reaction that matters. And also reviews for big Bollywood films (especially from big production houses) are manipulated and can never be trusted.

It will also be right to say that Shahrukh Khan has also lost the trust of the audience after doing mindless films like Chennai Express, Happy New Year, Dilwale etc. His fan following has not decreased but neutral fans are not coming to watch his films. It's time for SRK to do a film which has a universal appeal and caters to each section of the audience.

Tell us what do you think why Fan failed at the box office? Discuss in the comments section.

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39 comments on “Why Fan failed at the box office?”

  1. bcz of intolarrance commnt few ppl bhaks spreading wrong national certification to illitrate ppl....desh bhakti....wow...

  2. Ek hi baat, ya to movie achchi bana lo, ya phir star power se audience bula lo...
    aur haan SRK ki movies tab chali thi jab Salman Aamir jyada interest nahin dikha rahe the.....

  3. But Salman also gave mindless film like ready, bodyguard, ett, kick, jai ho... fact is Salman is going through phenomenal phase

    1. @Popeye, movies which you mentioned are not mindless films they are all Entertaining Movies there is a big difference b/w Mindless movie (like FAN without entertainment value) and Entertaining Movie (like Ready, Bodyguard, Kick etc) even CE is an entertaining movie. So stop calling it mindless movies...

      But I know you won't agree with me because you are Srk Fan and Salman Hater. I won't get surprise if one people like you (Srk fans) will say that MPK, HAHK, HDDCS, Tere Naam, BB, PK etc are all crap b/c these are not Srk movie.....

      1. No dude we SRKians appreciate good films..nt like u all pulling legs of other star.. U think Salman is greatest actor of the world..but he is nt even close!
        U shd praise SRK for his efforts for making a different kind of movie.. And also his acting which was phenomenal!!
        Every1 saw his acting skills in FAN is impressed expect u haters!
        Don't giving advices to us!

  4. U said it right. Fan response from audience was not up to mark.I am a huge fan of Srk even i feel that the film is not a very good film. I think the movie is a gud movie for fans nd its a avg film for others.
    I feel happy bcz SRK Acting talent is still with him and i feel very sad bcz of the fact normal audience lost the trust in Srk. Now I think Srk will not get single solo festive release for atleast next to years nd it will be a big hurdle for him to match Salman nd Amir, So i feel if he want big grosser then he have to do a big mass movie that have social issue to tell just like Kaththi, Thuppakki, Aarambam, Ek tha tiger,BB, etc.

    I am here by admitting that Salman khan is the biggest crowd puller today ahead of Srk, Amir, Hrithik. I am hoping Srk will match him soon.

    1. Comment:then tell Salman to relez movie on non holiday n let's see how much he can pull crowd.????

  5. I am a big fan of SRK but I am not happy with SRK's last 5,6 films and this time I am not going to the cinema to watch the movie. I have just downloaded the movie on my cell phone and watched.u r right k mere jaise bohat sare fan is bar film dekhne nai gay and result film di not reach the 100 crore mark

    1. Comment:bhai don't call urself his big fan ..u r not even his fan ...u don't believe in him ...for just 2-3 movies u stopped watching his movies in theatres ....that's Shame

      1. Being a fan doesn't mean being a stupid follower.
        A fan can have a brain of its own right ?
        If tomorrow my fav tv show is losing its appeal, I will stop following it.
        Doesn't mean that I don't like the actors in it anymore, just that I don't trust the script anymore.
        You can love SRk, and lose faith in his script choices.
        I'm a fan of Srk but I also have lost faith in the movies he does. This trailer was the one I was excited for after a huge time, but I didn't watch the movie yet cause I was affraid to be disappointed. I will catch it soon, and I hope I will like it.
        But honestly you can't deny the fact that it often happens that fans lose faith in their favs.

  6. i am from egypt - i watched the movie yesterday and i liked it ! but indian audience is wired
    some movies even if strange may work with them while others may be good and don't work!
    my reasons are :
    1- no romance : to pass 100 cr you must have some romance even if a song!
    2- no songs : when it is about 100 cr please give me one movie that passed it without songs ! not a single movie , thank you!
    3- no female lead : deepika for example at least will add around 40 cr with her fans only
    4- srk is almost in every frame ! if you don't like him or even if you are neutral why you have to waste 2 hours watching srk loves another srk then both of them run behind each other !
    5- srk highest earning movies was with deepika - then to lesser extent kajol , jthj despite having 2 strong female leads & songs & romance couldn't do more than 120 cr this indicates that srk popularity in terms of box office numbers are not that strong if i order popularity it will be : 1 aamir 2 salman 3 srk or hirthik roshan even! 4 akshay kumar
    so in best conditions this movie couldn't have passed 150 cr and with absence of a lot of factors 100 cr from 90 cr is not a big deal and this is the best this movie can do
    last thing : srk was truly truly good in it

  7. Khans movies are running from last 4yrs only bcoz Fake controversies,Gossips,Indo-Pak Idiotic love stories ..... Now people are bored, either they retire or people throw them out. :P


  8. actually our people need hot actress, hot scenes, stupid songs, and ofcourse foolish romantic scenes. That also the reason....lollll

  9. Hi bollyarena, last time saw in the comment section somebody wrote about addatoday, then i check that, its very boring and unwanted postes, gud going u people.....

  10. Comment:
    Now SRK is also going through worst phase of his career like Ranbir kapor and Emraan hashmi

    Raees will be his 3rd consecutive flop if it clashes with SULTAN

  11. Good news for srk haters
    Salman aa raha hai eid pe chaddi pehankar
    Aap log wo dekh lena
    Usme faltu gaane bhi hai
    Ghatiya story bhi hai
    Matlab jo aapko pasand hai wo sab hai
    So wait for eid

  12. aur sultan me salman ko jo chaddi pahnayega vo srk hi hoga, kyoki usko movi to koi dega nhi. abhi movi ayi nhi aur tum lol ko pata chal gya ki story gatiya, gaane gatiya. bewakufo tumhe barnol ke bade dabbe ki jarurat h.

  13. Sultan mein salman ka role chota bheem wale kalia se inspired wo bhi mota hai aur kaali chadi mein fighting karta hai
    Aur chotte bachon(salman fans ko) ye sab bahut pasand hai

  14. Aaj agar ddlj aur shandaar sath release hui hoti toh srk haters shandar ko dekhne jaate the
    Kyunki unhe srk(matlab unke papa)ko niche lana hai
    Shame on u haters
    Tumlog log bollywood ko duba doge pure world mein

  15. Budget is very high.....
    After dilwale again srk movie's collection goes down in indian boxoffice.....flop......

  16. bollywood arena aj ye mat bol dena ki fan ne sirf 3 cr kamaye h verna fans ka to dil hi toot jayega

  17. @FAN_THE_500CR, after intolerance statement a huge no of people don't like to watch SRK movie.

    You have seen collection of dilwale and Fan.......
    Now I have nothing to say, you have read all above why this movie became a flop movie....

    SRK next movie Raees will also be a big flop.


    1. What intolerence statement.watch the interview first and comment. If that was the reason how come dilwale collected 149cr despite protest?

  18. The only reason is the intolerance remark. SRKs brand value has taken a big hit since he has made intolerance remark. Even Amir Khan is going to face the same fate.

    1. If its intolerent remark how come dilwale collected 149cr from India?So it has nothing to do with Fan's collection.Our Indian audience esp. Single screen are not yet ready to accept a movie without top heroines and item numbers.Thats it.

  19. Nationalism is the theme of the day. Movies from those who are perceived to be anti-nationalists are becoming flop while the nationalist movies like Airlift are becoming super hit.

  20. People aren't fool srk or amir said right thing about intolerance bhakt against it where anti bhakt supported it nutral people against BJP delhi n bihar election proves it so Intolerance is silly excuse as there are no protest during Fan like Dilwale

  21. This shows that SRK failed to attract neutral public who are not fans but watch good movies, it is apparent that his fans set good start but failed to maintenan the phase.

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