Who is the real winner of Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani clash?

Q. What will be the box office collection of Bajrangi Bahijaan If it was released on 18th December 2015 with 3 free weeks? (Mayur)

Ans. Probably 15 crore higher.


Q. Can Sunny Deol's Ghayal Once Again get a 6 crore+ opening? (Jas)

Ans. We are expecting around 5 crore. It can go higher if the buzz increased in coming days. The final predictions will be made on 11 January.


Q. What was the real budget of Ra One because before movie release it was said to be 165 Crore but the official figure was 135 crore. (Faris)

Ans. The budget of Ra One was around 130-135 crore. Before the release, such high figures of 165 crore are tentatively spread in the media to increase the buzz.


Q. Who is the real winner of Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani clash? Dilwale has less budget than BM and it has also higher recovery.

Ans. It is right that Dilwale has less budget than BM but only because SRK is a producer so his fee is not included. Dilwale has more recovery but the expectations were much higher. No one had thought that Bajirao Mastani will take over Dilwale.

Shahrukh Khan is a mega star so it needs something special to beat his masala entertainer film. So you have to admire Bajirao Mastani that it stood up against Dilwale. For us Bajirao Mastani is the winner in this much hyped clash.

At the end everyone should be happy that content oriented films are being appreciated big time by audience. So in future more directors and producers will dare to make such epic films on a grand scale.


Q. How many screens Airlift can get in spite of clash with KKHH3? (Shashank)

Ans. Around 2200


Q. Did Sultan will cause any damage to Dangal as both have the same plot of wrestling? (Anant)

Ans. That's interesting question. Few months back there were reports in the media that Salman and Aamir have a fight over Dangal and Sultan (which has been denied by both superstars). Also both films were about to shoot in the same location Ludhiana.

The curiosity over Dangal will definitely decrease after Sultan. But then it is Aamir Khan who is known as Mr.Perfectionist. We never know he may come up with something very unusual in Dangal also.

The same thing has happened with Aamir Khan's Talaasha and PK as the makers have to make few changes in scripts as they were same as Kahaani and OMG: Oh My God.


Q. Can Salman get Filmfare award for Bajrangi Bhaijaan after the performance of Ranveer in Bajirao Mastani?

Ans. Salman Khan is not much concerned for awards in the past also. So most probably Ranveer Singh will get best actor award.


Q. How can PK have better word of mouth than Bajrangi Bhaijaan as later had higher footfall than PK? (Prashant Yadav)

Ans. Both PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan are excellent films. But if we have to choose one then PK had a slight edge over Bajrangi Bhaijaan in terms of word of mouth. Salman is in great form and even his low content films PRDP crosses 200 crore which is not the case with Aamir. So PK was more riding on word of mouth rather than star power. Hope this clears the confusion.


Q. 2015 belongs to which actor? (Saif)

Ans. It was undoubtedly Salman Khan's year. His both films collected over 1000 crore combined at the worldwide box office. His fan following and stardom has reached to an all time high and now only sky is the limit for Sultan.


Q. Which movie has advantage in terms of genre among Raees, Sultan, Dangal, Shivaay and Mohenjodaro?

Ans. Looking at the current box office trends, Mohenjo Daro and Shivaay has the edge. If these films are backed by content, then huge box office numbers will be on the cards.


Q. If Dilwale collects 140-160 cr in India & $25-29M in overseas than it was hit or flop? (Pratik)

Ans. It will become hit over 160 crore.


Q. Why Shahrukh is not focusing on content? What is your view? (Adnan Khan)

Ans. Wait for Fan.


Q. As BM takes lead over Dilwale though BM has +ve wom but still you think that holiday period is real reason for Khans box office record?

Ans. In 90's the holidays were not that important for box office numbers like it is now. But even then Khans have ruled. No one have even come close to them except from Sunny Deol. The same is the case in 20's when only Hrithik Roshan has given them competition.

So you cannot take their hard work and consistency away by saying that their movies only work on holidays.


Q. What are your expectations from Fan? (Rohit)

Ans. It will be an interesting scenario as Fan will be Shahrukh Khan's first content oriented film after a long time. It will have no songs and also does not feature any main lead actress of Bollywood. It is all about Shahrukh Khan and his stardom.

In overseas, expectations will be huge and it will set some crazy records. In India, it will sustain much better than SRK's last few releases. If the film can take a reasonable opening of around 18-20 crore and content is appreciated, then it can have record breaking hold for few weeks.

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    7 comments on “Who is the real winner of Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani clash?”

    1. It is very difficult for you guys to digest the real business of Dilwale. So you have already set the target for dilwale to be hit so high that it can't be achieved. For BM, you were overly enthusiastic so you make it hit before it could recover its money. When you always mentioned the fees of SRK in the budget of Dilwale, how can you forget the efforts of three years by SLB? Dilwale has defeated BM in India at so many places but you were reluctant to mention this. (Bengal, Mysore, Bihar, Nizam, Assam and small centres especially with single screen theatre..) The craze of Dilwale is mind blowing in Malasiya. Bollywood Hungama is doing much better than you guys at least reporting right things. Again, you are proved wrong by the poll posted on your site, the verdict of Dilwale..

    2. srk's first content oriented film??
      i am laughing hard
      i think you have not watched anything
      ya maybe laat 3 was not but other than that ... ??

    3. what a cool answer 2016 belongs to salman because his 2 movies earns 1000 cr are bhai pk ho kya?
      abhi 2016 to laga ha

    4. U did not give fair verdict. It is that dilwale is flop and far far ahead from bajirav mastani. It is gaywale last foolishness. Rohit shetty dont do more movi with sharukh khan bcoz of this dezaster film.

    5. Bollywood arena witch type gaywale make 90cr from music and satelite right expain plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxzzzzz. Had hoti h manupulating ki bhi. In future gaywale known as flop and dizaster for bollywood.

    6. I am a great fan of this site . I have just srarted accessing this website from last 1 month and i am become fan of it. But i amdisagree with ur answer that ranveer will get filmfare this year as salman was critically acclaim for BB as well critics said that it was the best performance of Salman so far then if this time he will not get then when he will get filmfare as far as BB also done just double the business of BM??

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