Who is the most stylish action hero in Bollywood? Vote

They act, they woo, they charm. They ride those Porsches as if they were made for them. They can win a million hearts with a few words. Bollywood would simply not be the same without them.

Today we are gonna talk about the most stylish action heroes in Bollywood. Let's take a look at the nominations.

Salman Khan

Films: Ek Tha Tiger, Kick



Shahrukh Khan

Films: Don, Don 2



Aamir Khan

Films: Dhoom 3



Hrithik Roshan

Films: Dhoom 2, Bang Bang



Akshay Kumar

Film: Baby



So our today's question is who is the most stylish action hero in Bollywood?You can vote till 9 September. After then we will announce the results.

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23 comments on “Who is the most stylish action hero in Bollywood? Vote”

  1. A for Action

    A for Akshay kumar

    action has 6 words as same as akshay has..

    hence kch bolne ki zrurt ni Granddad of action Akshay kumar.. thats all..

  2. Don & don 2 is the different movie because srk play a different roll srk is the real stylish hero

  3. Ek Tha Tiger & Dhoom 3 are the most stylish movie among all of the above mentioned movies

  4. no one can touch Hrithiks level,he is the most stylish,most sexiest,good looking actor,and most stylish action hero in this world.

  5. HRITHIK ROSHAN is best in action...his stunt..style of doing action and looks r perfect more than anyother actor in bollywood.

  6. Baby is the most different movie of Akshay kumer.and better than DOOM3 Don2 and Ek THa Tiger. because is of this akshay Kumer is the stylish action and hero of bollywood

  7. Hrithik Roshan and only Hrithik Roshan. Nobody can beat him in terms of anything. He is the bestest!!!!!!!

  8. Comment:Action starts with A

    Akshay starts with A

    Action have 6 words

    Akshay have 6 words

    I hope u undrstand what i mean ;-)

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