Which film has more buzz? Dangal, Raees or Sultan

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Q. How Happy New Year was Super Hit as the budget was above 150 crores? (Arhaan Khan)

Ans. Apart from budget, there are a lot of factors which determine the verdict. The film fetched huge amounts for its music, overseas and satellite rights and recovered most of its investment before the release.


Q.  What is the budget of Housefull3? (Shashank)

Ans. Around 80-90 crore.


Q. What make Salman khan a 'brand' as his stardom goes on increase since from his debut? (Hasnain Ali)

Ans. We can't say that his stardom continuously increased since his debut. He has gone through rough phases also. But back in 2010, he got serious about his choice of films and stopped doing films for his friends. He featured in larger than life roles and did masala action films in which he was comfortable. Now he is at the peak of his career and also experimenting with his roles like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, PRDP and Sultan.


Q. You said that PRDP need 280 cr to be blockbuster but u did not mention in India or worldwide. (Shafiq)

Ans. PRDP needed 280 crore in India to be blockbuster. The overseas collection has nothing to do with the verdict.


Q. Who is leading actress in Akshay Kumar's Rustom? (Vivek)

Ans. Esha Gupta or Ileana D'Croz are being considered for the role.


Q. What is Airlift trailer release date?

Ans. 15 December.


Q. What is the budget of Dilwale and how much it need to be a blockbuster? (Suyash)

Ans. Around 120-130 Crore. The business economics will be updated soon.


Q. Which are top 10 Bollywood actors in overseas? (Tara)

Ans. Only from box office prospective.

  1. Aamir Khan
  2. Shahrukh Khan
  3. Salman Khan
  4. Hrithik Roshan
  5. Ranbir Kapoor

The rest are Akshay Kumar, Ajay Degn, Varun Dhawan, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor in no particular order.


Q. What will be Excel Entertainment's next film and any updates about Don 3? (Vicky)

Ans. It will be probably Shahrukh Khan's Raees releasing on Eid 2016. Other than this Rock On 2 and Baar Baar Daikho will also release in 2016.

As far as Don 3 is concerned, few days back Priyanka Chopra has revealed that it is not happening anytime soon. Both Farhan and SRK have their plates full till 2016. It seems that we have to wait a little more than expected.


Q. Which will be the bigger clash? Dilwale Vs Bajirao Mastani or Raees Vs Sultan?
And will these clashes affects the box office collection of SRK's movies? (Sherry)

Ans. Obviously Raees Vs Sultan is the biggest box office clash ever in the history of Bollywood. SRK has been the winner in most of box office clashes and he may get away with Dilwale also. But it will be a neck to neck battle when Raees and Sultan will release on the same date as Salman Khan is at the top of his career now. And also Sultan has some extra ordinary pre release buzz.


Q. What is the verdict of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo?

Ans. It is Super Hit. You can check out here.


Q. Was Brothers a successful film at the box office? (Esmaeel Ali)

Ans. Brothers was a flop and Singh Is Bling was a hit.


Q. What will be screen count of Airlift? (Mandy)

Ans. Probably 2000-2500 screens.


Q. With almost same budget why Tamasha is a blockbuster with 200 cr while PRDP requires 280 cr to be a blockbuster? (Sadu)

Ans. The budget of PRDP is 125 crore. Do remember that the satellite rights (50 crore) of the film has been given to Salman Khan as his fee. So Tamasha will recover some of its investment from satellite rights which PRDP cannot.


Q. Which movie is bigger in terms of cost, buzz and anticipation Dangal, Fan, Raees or Sultan?

Ans. Shahrukh Khan have 4 releases in next 12 months including Dilwale, Fan, Raees and Gauri Sindhe's next. So anticiaption is largely divided. On the other hand Aamir Khan's each film has huge buzz irrespective of the star cat, director or banner. But it is still almost 13 months left before Dangal hits the screens.

Salman Khan's Sultan has a huge buzz even though the teaser or even poster of the film has not been released yet. Only super intense look of Salman Khan from a training session was revealed which broke the internet. So as for now it looks like Salman Khan's Sultan is leading the race.

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    10 comments on “Which film has more buzz? Dangal, Raees or Sultan”

    1. Comment:sultan will be another blockbuster for salman no doubt
      agar clash bi ho geya toh darne ki baat nei sure h opening weekend bumper lagega aur waise bi business 1-2 weeks ka hi reh geya

    2. @BollyArena, what the hell is going on, first u said that HNY is super hit bcz of overseas and satellites (a question asked by ARHAAN KHAN) and now on the fourth answer of question u r saying that overseas collections r not include in Verdict. and plz explain why
      SRK film's verdicts include domestic and overseas collections and Salman khan film's verdicts r based upon only on Domestic.

      1. HNY was already sold in overseas in huge prices. The same is the case with PRDP. So both films' overseas collection do not decide the verdict

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