What will be screen count of Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani?

Weekly Q&A (1 December Part 2). You can check out Part 1 here.


Q. How much does Dilwale need to collect to become blockbuster? (Akshay Yadav)

Ans. Over 250 Crore.


Q. Is SLB making a good business decision in releasing BM with SRK's Dilwale specially after having fallen flat on his face during OSO vs Saawariya? (Mohammed)

Ans. It all depends upon the content. If Bajirao Mastani is liked by the audience then most likely it will also work at the box office. We have the example of Jab Tak Hai Jaan vs Son of Sardar. But the problem here is that BM does not have any bankable star and in today's era, the film business is all about big initials. And also the cost of BM are on the higher side. So it is not a wise decision to clash with SRK's masala film.

On the other side, the makers of Bajirao Mastani first booked the date of December 2015. So if they postpone their film, it will indicate that they are not confident of their product and it will result in negativity which happened with Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara.


Q. Which are Akshay Kumar's top 3 films? (Amar)

Ans. Rowdy Rathore, Holiday and Housefull 2.


Q. What is the verdict of Phantom? (Maulik)

Ans. The film collected 54 crore in its lifetime and was an average grosser. You can check out full details here.


Q. Aamir Khan's next movie Dangal is going to clash with Bahubbali returns. Will it effect Dangal at the box office? (Ahmadsayed)

Ans. It is still not confirmed that both films will clash. As for now we only know that both films will release in December 2015 so their might be a semi clash. But if the clash happens, then it will have huge effect on Dangal as Baahubali 2 has huge buzz and hype. Its first part collected 100 crore in Hindi despite it was competing with Bajrangi Bhaijaan in second week. And also Dangal is more looking like a multiplexes film.

But having said so, the name is Aamir Khan who is known as Mr. perfectionist. He has surprised in the past too. The audience have huge faith in Aamir's brand. So even Baahubai Returns may have to face tough competition in Hindi markets.

Q. Why Akshay Kumar all 4 films had a huge drop in 2nd week? (Manas)

Ans. The content was not up to the mark except from Baby which had the lowest fall in 2nd week.


Q. Who is the most versatile actor of Bollywood? (Rahul)

Ans. It is undoubtedly Akshay Kumar. In 2015, He has given four films of different genres and played completely different characters. His future projects also have a diversity.


Q. Will Salman Khan get Filmfare award for his performance in Bajrangi Bhaijaan? (Mayur)

Ans. There are high chances that Salman Khan will get Filmfare best actor award for Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The other two contenders will be Akshay Kumar (Baby) and Ranbir Kapoor (Tamasha). But both these films had limited appeal and were not big successes. So it will be Salman Khan who will get his first ever Filmfare best actor award unless Ranveer Singh does something special in Bajirao Mastani.


Q. You said that screen count of Airlift should be in between 2000-2500. But the screen count of baby was also 2600. So should it be more than that? (Shashank)

Ans. We said that by keeping in mind Akshay Kumar's recent form. But ideally it should be around 3000 and most probably it will get it as T-Series always ensures wide release of their films.


Q. Why Aamir & Ranbir's movies box office collection are same as producer figure or trade figure. And one more thing you can't say it that it depend on the producer (Kick & Tamasha producer are same).

Ans. Aamir Khan has only featured in three films in last 5 years while Ranbir has not delivered huge grossers except from YJHD. So there is not much talk about them like it is about Salman, SRK or Hrithik for manipulating figures.

The actors have nothing to do with providing collections as it is done by production houses. For example Salman Khan's Ek That Tiger collected 198 crore. So if Salman wanted he would have manipulate the collection for 2 crore but it did not happen. So now if you think that PRDP has difference in trade and producer figures, then blame producers and not the actors.


Q. Can Dilwale songs give a boost to the film for a great opening Like 40-45 crore? (Jas)

And. The songs will definitely give a huge boost to Dilwale but at maximum it will make a difference of 5 crore. A 40-45 crore opening day is unreal but anything over 30 crore will be considered as an Earth shattering opening.


Q. What would have been the collections of Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK if we exchange the release date of both films with each other? (Sahir)

Ans. If PK was released on Eid, it would not have made a much difference as it would have collected around 5 crore less. On the other hand if Bajrangi Bhaijaan was released on Christmas, it would have added 15 crore more.

Q. What will be screen count ratio of Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani? 

Ans. SRK has recently signed PVR to distribute the film which will affect Bajirao Mastani big time. As for now Dilwale is expected to release in 3000 screens while Bajirao Mastani will release in 2000 screens.


Q. Can Airlift cross 100 crore at Indian box office? (Mandy)

Ans. It looks tough but 100 crore is not the target for Airlift. The film has been made on a controlled budget and will be a success if it gets the initial.


Q. What will be the opening day box office collection of Sultan and Raees combined? (Divyanshu)

Ans. It will be very interesting battle. The fans of both SRK and Salman would want that the opening day collection of their film is higher than the other. This will result in unbelievable occupancy on the first day. The combined collection of both films can even cross 55 crore.


Q. What is the verdict of PRDP in overseas? (King the golden heart)

Ans. PRDP is super hit in overseas also.


Q. What is the budget of Rangoon? And who is considered as the main actor? (Tahhshir)

Ans. The budget is around 65 crore. Both Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are in the lead roles.


Q. When Bajrangi Bhaijaan movie  will be release in China? (Saddam Khan)

Ans. Probably in first half of 2016.


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    13 comments on “What will be screen count of Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani?”

    1. bollyarena team i think sould u for a treatment are u mad dilwale 250 attb hahahaha and what about other movie 250 crore super hit hahahaha even u didn't mention blk bstr direct attb

        1. Dilwale movie is like a big FART. Come with so much noise and dhamaka but fail to have an impact...Disappear, soon after it comes.

    2. Dilwale will destroy haters sure....dilwale rocks... Dilwale tsunami 18 Dec Xmas... Haters keep bark...

      1. Dilwale movie is like a big FART. Come with so much noise and dhamaka but fail to have an impact...Disappear, soon after it comes.

    3. @Dilwale 18 Dec 2015 Xmas releasing ......Are u an idiot??????

      This movie can cross 400 cr worldwide but not 500 cr .......forget 1000 crs... 1000 crs is possible only after 4 to 5 years from now..... also u are a shit guy/gay....

      apply some brain... if u have....

      If u will comment back then it means u have no brain.......fools .....

    4. @BollyArena, height of stupidity and biasedness,
      Point - 1) Dilwale need only 250 crs and PRDP needed 280 crs How ? Dilwale is much bigger than PRDP in terms of Budget.

    5. Point - 2)We shouldn't blame salman for ETT and PRDP manipulation bcz these r not his production movies but whom should we blame for manipulation of CE and HNY

    6. explain me how a film with budget of 150 crs need only 250 to become blockbuster and a film with budget of 120 crs needed 280 crs to become Blockbuster ?

    7. Dilwale will be a flop. It will get fusssssssssssss on the box-office like a big and noisy Fart !!

    8. Want to know something more about Mohenjo-Daro. Like its First look, Teaser, Trailer etc.

    9. Dilwale movie is like a big FART. Come with so much noise and dhamaka but fail to have an impact...Disappear, soon after it comes.

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