What will be lifetime collection of PRDP?

Welcome to Q&A session. It was delayed for one week due to the heavy traffic on the website caused by PRDP. Today we will try to answer as many questions as we can.

Q. Can Dilwale become the highest grossing film of 2015? (Akshay)

Ans. NO. Bajrangi Bhaijaan is almost certain to remain the highest grossing film of the year.


Q. Has Ranbir lost his superstar stardom as his 3 films were back to back flops? (ImranHT)

Ans. Ranbir has only given two failures and there is a perception that his career is finished. Actually people had too much expectations from him after the grand success of Yeh Jawani Hai Dewaani. The reason was obvious that he had beaten Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn at that time. But he has to go a long way before he achives that superstar stardom.

A lot will depend upon his next two releases Tamasha and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil as Jagag Jasoos looks like another Bombay Velvet in the making.


Q. Which is Parineeti's upcoming film? Why she was not seen in any film this year? (IMRAN)

Ans. She has not signed any film yet. But there are rumours that she will star in one of YRF's upcoming mega project.


Q. Which are top ten actors in India according to popularity? (Naaz)


  1. Salman Khan
  2. Shahrukh Khan
  3. Akshay Kumar
  4. Hrithik Roshan
  5. Aamir Khan
  6. Ranbir Kapoor
  7. Ajay Devgn
  8. Varun Dhawan
  9. Shahid Kapoor
  10. Ranveer Singh


Q. Director Abbas Mastan 2 movies, Humraaz and Aitraaz are declared semi hit verdict at the box office but why most of the website mentioned average above average verdict? (Sameer)

Ans. Both were average grossers. But at that time it was a perception that these were successful at the box office. Now please stop sending this question  :-D


Q. What was the buzz or hype of PRDP if we compare to Ek tha Tiger or HNY? (Shadab Ahmad)

Ans. It was almost same as HNY but nowhere close to Ek Tha Tiger.


Q. Who is leading lady in Namaste England (Akshay fan)

Ans. Probably Sonakshi Sinha.


Q. In how many screens, Dilwale will be released? (Virat Rathore)

Ans. 2500-3000


Q. What is the response of fan teaser 2 ? Will it cater to general audience (non srk fans)?what is its possible B.O prospect as it is not very appealing genre n also there is no songs? (Prashant Yadav)

Ans. Fan teaser has received excellent response. In fact it is even better than Dilwale and Raees. The film will take solid opening due to presence of SRK and later content will take hold of it.


Q. In your opinion which will be the better decision for Salman to make Dabbang 3 or Kick 2 as Dabbang 2 has disappointed the audience and also kick was not loved by all?

Ans. Dabbang and Kick both were loved by general audience. Yes the response to Dabbang 2 was rather negative. So Kick 2 will be better option and probably Salman is also going for Kick 2 first.


Q. Ideally the music of movies depend upon the composer. But now a days the music of each film of directors like (Sooraj Barjatya, Imtiaz Ali, Mohit Suri) is popular. Even public preferrs movie director rather than music composer in choosing music. What's the reason for that? (Goutam Fr Kol)

Ans. Some directors have good sense of music and they also involve while composing the music. So public knows that the music of these films will be good. And also the directors that you have mentioned are known for making romantic drama films. For which music is an essential part unlike action films.

But it is not always the case. For example, the most popular music album of 2015 was Badlapur. Most of people don't even know the director's name.


Q. What is your prediction of Airlift‚ Housefull3 and Rustom? (Manas)

Ans. Airlift prediction will be updated very soon and Housefull 3 prediction will be given at the start of 2016. Rustom has not even started. So how can we predict?


Q. Can anyone break Salman's record of 5 consecutive Blockbusters or 7 Blockbusters out of 8 movies? (Amir)

Ans. 5 consecutive blockbusters will be tough to beat. But if anyone can break it, it will be Aamir Khan who has delivered 4 ATBB out of his last 5 movies.


Q. The producer figures of Kriss 3 is 248cr but in BOI only 175cr . It's a huge difference. Also they reduced figures of CE, Kick, Bang Bang and many other films. But when it comes to highest grosser they stands with producer figures Just like 3I, Dhoom3, PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The BOI figures of these films are nearly equal to producer figures. Are they (BOI) playing a game or producers manipulate films collections who is trust worthy?
BOI was a trust worthy site in past but now a days their figures are crap. Can you tell me accurate figures of Kriss3 and why BOI reduced them 248 to 175cr? (Charlie)

Ans. BOI and producers, both manipulate figures for their own reasons. In the past, there was no source of box office data except BOI. But now there are too many so public has become more aware about box office game. We have just started this website so we have no data of Krrish 3. But it should be around 200 crore.


Q. Despite being good actress, why Parineeti is not getting good offers as Alia? (Tarun)

Ans. Because Alia has Karan Johar  :-P


Q. Bajirao Mastani failed to create the required buzz, do you really think that it can compete Dilwale?

Ans. The pre release buzz for BM is increasing after the success of songs. By competing, if you mean it can become a success, then yes it can. But if you are thinking it can beat Dilwale, it will be very tough.


Q. What is the budget of Shuddhi and what are the star cast? (Subrat meher)

Ans. Shuddhi stars Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt. The initial budget was over 100 crore. But now there are reports that film ahs been shelved.


Q. what will be lifetime collection of PRDP? (BeingZahidSahar)

Ans. Going by the trends, Prem Ratan Dha Payo lifetime collection will be around 220-230 crore.


Q. How many Blockbuster Movies are in Bollywood History? (Ahmadsayed)

Ans. The list will be updated soon.


Q. Who is the most popular actress? (Shreyash kapgate)

And. Deepika Padukone

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    1. @Charlie, The difference between BOI and BollyArena is that BOI follow Trade Figures and BollyArena follow Producers Figure. Both are Correct in their own. We neither blame BOI nor BollyArena. Actually, the main defect is in Producers. Distributors gives Manipulated numbers and Exhibitor gives lower numbers. These problems could be solved only when we start using Technology like Hollywood Use...

    2. Can Rustom Movie harm the collection of Mohenjodaro?Can mohenjodaro will break Bahubali or like highest grossing movies record like PK,BB,3I?

    3. Who is most versatile actor these days,for akshay is.he is doing all jenre and he is perfect in every jenre

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