What are you doing Hrithik Roshan?

Hrithik Roshan became an overnight star with his debut release Kaho Na Pyaar. The film was a blockbuster at the box office and won all the major awards.

He had not conventional Bollywood hero looks and was called a greek god thanks to his hunky, handsome and muscular physique. His release Mission Kashmir clashed with Shahrukh Khan starrer Mohabbatein directed by Aditya Chopra. They were coming after the iconic DDLJ. But the trade went into shock when Mission Kashmir comfortably beat Mohabbatien on the opening day. Such was the craze for Hrithik back then.

He is also the only actor who has given strong competition to the Khan trio. In fact, he was way ahead of Salman Khan and Aamir Khan in the early phase of his career. He has also given huge grossers like Krrish 3 and Bang Bang this decade.

But last few years have been tough for the actor both professionally and personally. He faced a divorce, a public ugly spat with Kangana Ranaut and a huge box office failure Mohenjo Daro. He was recently seen in Kaabil which was average grosser. But since then he has not signed any project yet. Yes, there is Krrish 4 in the pipeline but that is unlikely to release until 2019. So the question is what is Hrithik Roshan doing?

The formula of one film per year or two does not work unless you are Aamir Khan as content needs to be extraordinary. Thus an actor needs to do at least two films per year. The same has been realized by the top actors like Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan. Both will have two releases this year. Then there is Akshay Kumar who works in 3-4 films every year. There is a saying that Akshay completes a film in the time taken by Hrithik for his worldwide tour.

Hrithik was supposed to do Dharma Production's Shuddhi but the actor opted out of the project. Recently he was offered another big budget film Thug from YRF. But the actor asked for changes in the script which did not go well with Aditya Chopra who called Aamir Khan on the board later on. We all know that Aamir has a terrific script sense which means that Hrithik has definitely missed another golden opportunity.

The last two films of Hrithik opened to less than 10 crore which is an another big concern. He also has to face clashes and lost both of them. It means that he will be facing a tough time to find a festival solo release. Off course that an actor cannot lose his stardom in a quick span but he needs to do some films now as the young actors like Ranbir, Ranveer and Varun are quickly emerging as the next big stars and have a very exciting lineup.

There was a news that Hrithik Roshan is taking a break from doing commercial masala films like Bang Bang and that is why he had reservations on YRF's Thug. Bang Bang was bashed by critics but the reality is that it is has collected more than highest grosser of some other big actors. So we will not mind even if he does Bang Bang 2 or any other action flick. Also from all the Bollywood actors, Hrithik Roshan looks the most stylish when it comes to action.

We have seen what has happened to Fitoor, Mohenjo Daro, Mirzya and Rangoon. And the last thing that Hrithik wants, will be a film with these so called classic directors. Yes, he has given us a memorable film like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara but probably it is time for him to do commercial masala films to get more audience in theaters.

Hrithik Roshan Upcoming Movies

MovieDirectorGenreRelease DateStatus
Super 30Vikas BahlBiopic2018Pre-Production
UntitledSiddharth AnandAction, Thriller25th Jan 2019Announced
Krrish 4Rakesh RoshanSuperhero2019Announced
KabaddiRakeysh Omprakash MehraSports, Drama-TBA
UntitledKaran MalhotraDrama-TBA

33 comments on “What are you doing Hrithik Roshan?”

    1. Time will never be over for Hrithik! He will come back strong as anything remember the Khans are getting old but Hrithik is still young and has the looks and actually no skills most actors don't have

  1. Whoa...!!!! Excellent and innovative and Spot on article.....Congrats and Thanks to you @Bolly Arena ...!!!!

    Come on Hrithik Pls.....

  2. The last few years have been very tough for Hrithik . During the Shooting of Bang Bang he suffered a massive brain injury for which he had to undergo brain surgery . In October 2014 Hrithik and Sussanne were officially divorced . He had a 22 month gap between Bang Bang and Mohenjo Daro and the result was a nightmare . This year he gave an outstanding performance in Kaabil . The opening of Kaabil was below par but still Kaabil has done good business considering non holiday period, clash against Raees, less screens in the 1st week and Hrithik coming back after the massive failure of MD . He is facing a tough time but I still feel he will make a strong turnaround . His last 3 films have clashed on non holiday . Clashes on non holiday are always tough because people have a choice to skip one film if they are not interested . Also clashes generate unnecessary negativity on social media . I hope Hrithik announces his next film as soon as possible . He is taking his time but I hope this is something big . He is one of the best actors in this industry and he is a big superstar so it is too early to write him off . I don't think Hrithik will have any release this year but I hope he has 2 releases next year . EDX is a massive advantage for anyone but Hrithik on a solo non holiday release date can do something special - ZNMD, Agneepath and Bang Bang ! We love you Hrithik and have a great year ahead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yeah..No one can beat Hrithik when its comes to Stylish Action Films...He is the King of Stylish Action films ... He is on anthor level when its comes to such films ...his action sequence , his style, his dance, his acting...and also the huge scale....just awesome. ...

  4. He sud do action movie and he sud try to do more movie otherwise people will forget him
    Becoz only akshay aamir salman is reigning the bolly

  5. It's really unbelievable that why this super hero takes too much gap between his movies. He has all qualities to back behind all other super stars. His dance steps are unbeatable. He looks so charming. His action are also better than others n finally he is only singe hero who has proven himself as super hero.
    Please do more n more movies with quality @ Hrithik

  6. Hrithik has lot of potential to be huge.. But he failed... He has great looks, great physics, good actor and also good dancer.. His only weak point iz his lame voice. doesn't suit with his personality. wishing he come back with bang...

  7. I didn't understand the theory of salman fans.

    They say aamir is better in acting but smaller in stardom in comparison to salman.

    Ha haha is this is a joke !!!
    They both do acting.
    Aamir is better but has less fans
    & Salman is not better but has huge fans.


    It means only that all who are the fans of salman are kids or not mature bkz u r praising the one who is not good enough in their field in comparison to one who is better in their field.

    By the way if u didn't know the fact then this is for u

    Come in North India like Delhi Punjab Haryana and ask someone who is ur favourite actor??
    U get this answer from 70-80% of them

    Aamiiiiiiir. Aammir (with proud)

    I am proud fan of aamir hritik and ranbir
    They are the best

    1. Absolutely correct bro..but these sallu fans have ego.their nrain is like rikshawala brain so that Aamir has less fan compare to sallu but they forget that their megstar still chasing Aamirs record even if there is many chances but could not break Aamirs record shame on them.na overseas, na india na worldwide still they think sallu has bigger fan following than Aamir.
      Sallu gets all the eid after 2010 but every time he failed to surpass Aamirs record.statastics shows that

      1. Don't use rickshaw wala word they have their own value called salman fan anything but not tease with this word rickshaw walas are other guys and have worked very genuinely to survive and without them you middle class Baunians never survive

  8. Hritik :- the Greek god
    I love him
    his action sequences, his dance moves, his fitness, his acting, his movies like dhoom 2, koi mil gaya, krrish, Jodha akbar, kaabil. Bang Bang and krrish 3 are not best though I love it.

    I think the character of Rohan mehra in koi mil gaya is the best one (in sense of acting) of this century. [It's my view but I think that many one will not deny this fact (just think unbiased)].

  9. Even Indicine doing QnA every week why not you it is best feature to connect with your audiences

  10. Hrithik needs to avoid arty directors I think he needs to work with yrf dharma and employ masala directors under filkraft banner.

  11. Though he is big superstar, he is one star who has been experimenting a lot with his films. If you observe very carefully 2 from his every 4 previous movies will have a great award winning acting performances.

    Kaabil/MD/BB/K3 - Kaabil is award winning performance. MD too was good, but movie failed.
    ZNMD/Agneepath/ Kites/ Guzaarish - ZNMD/Guzarish/Agneepath were award winning performance
    Lakhsya/D2/Krish/JA - Lakshya/JA were award winning performance.
    Similarly KHNP/Fiza/K3G all were award winning performance.

    So he has been balancing his career with great content oriented movies and also masala/commercial movies. No other actor except Aamir Khan had so many award winning performances.

    But it is time he does 2 movies in a year so that he lives up to his aura.

  12. Today Indicine cleared 3 idiots didn't cross 200 cr by trade figures even Aamir manipulated Bollyarena will you correct it

    1. Alizah don't go with indicine they are biased ott every single trade site including boi stated 3 idiots did 202cr it hasn't changed indicine is the most anti-aamir website that's why I rarely go there boi and bollyarena are the two most fair websites they give a clearer picture of boxoffice unlike indicine bolly hungama krk boxoffice and koimoi to name a few I've never been on addtoday so can't say anything about that.

  13. Don't write such baseless article.u will find lot of people who gives free advice just like .... Really don't want to mention...Hirthik is is one of the hard-working actor and he is into this profession for long time.Justlet him live his own life and make his own choice.He is a superstar will be remain forever.Love u Hrithik.You are the best..

  14. There is no actor who has a range of roles like Hrithik. He is the only actor who is convincing in any role ..from an Akbar to a retarded boy to a quadriplegic ... a dashing agent to a farmer in ancient times...blind man.. Awesome actor, awesome looks, awesome dancer, and a nice person - dignified and gentlemanly. Would love to see him more of course but there must be reasons why he is taking his time.

  15. hi bollyarena team,hrithik roshan kaaabil is box office -semi hit ,not average ,pls correct ur statement

  16. @ Bollywood arena:

    Please don't publish meaningless verdicts for movies. Kaabil is a clean Hit.

    Movies verdicts should be based on Theatrical India net collections and not on any other factors. Distributors loss should be not be a factor. There are many movies that had distributors facing losses but still were declared hit.

    It does not make any sense to see:
    Raess with 125 crore budget - 135 crores net collections being called as semi hit and Kaabil with 85 crores budget - 103 crores collections being called as average.

    With 125 crores budget even Raess would have easily faced distributors loss.

  17. Seriously I totally agree with the publisher of this article. But kaabil was hit , it collected 143 crores in India then we can't refer to it as an average movie. It was a fab movie with th e perfection of Hrithik in each n every element of the film . But Why Hrithik is not availing the opportunities that he's getting. So many fab directors are after him offering him there projects , but he's not referring a single one of them. God has gifted him with such an incredible talent of dancing and acting with such a gracious Greek God looks, charm and a perfect body . Then y is he wasting his time. I really don't get this .. He's having more than 10 scripts before him n he's not liking any one of them . Plz Hrithik stop doing 1 movie in a year. U r such a great actor n person. Gone the days when I used to receive beat actor awards . I mean u've done such great movies like agneepath, dhoom2 , J&A , ZNMD , lakshya, KNPH, bang bang, Krish franchise n many more. We want that Hrithik back with a bang . I admire u alottttttttttttt Hrithik, never seen a person like u sir but don't let the audience remember for those movies only . Give us the chance to see more of u . Its fine that u were having a lot of problems in ur life since a year n u needed a detox . But after coming back plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz get back to work n sign something worth u. Plz . Love u alottttttttttttt

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