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Hello guys,

As you all know Bollyarena was under maintenance today. In last few days there was a heavy load of traffic caused by Sultan. There were too many people visiting the web at the same time and the server could not handle the pressure. Therefore many were facing issues since Sultan released. It was not opening for many people and some have mobile optimization issues. We did not want to shut down the site and somehow continued posting updates of Sultan.

But yesterday we decided to shift to a new server. Now the website is back to normal and almost all issues are resolved. The speed of the web is faster and browsing is made easier and better. Here are some suggestions that you must take before browsing.

  • Clear your browser history and cache
  • Log in to your bollyarena account again and also change your profile picture
  • We would recommend you to use Google Chrome or UC Browser on mobile

If you are still facing any issues let us know. We hope you will enjoy our new way of updates.

17 comments on “Welcome to faster, better and optimized BollyArena”

  1. @Team Bollyarena,
    Still the same problem on UC Browser:-
    "404 Bad Request
    Request Header or Cookie too large".

  2. Hi bollyarena team.

    Thanks for making it better. Yeah yesterday it was down whenever I visited your site. One thing I didn't noticed is the maintainance page. Please try to put a maintainance page and time stamp going forward

  3. @bollyarena I was very much dissapointed that I was unable to read your articles.....
    So I am happy that you are back here again and hope you will provide more than previous services as fast as quick....

    Hope you will let your users back to your site again.....

    Best of luck @bollyarena

  4. Bollyarena...i tried so many times to register Bt every time its failed...plzz do something

  5. 7th day collections are 13,5cr. Till friday it will drop to 7-8 cr. Then again in weekend it will jump to 10-12, which will make it a 25-30 weekend. After that open weeks will make sure that it crosses the 300cr mark.

    Good luck BA. Just make sure that it can handle more traffic as your site is growing very fast and rightly so!

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