We won’t let ADHM and Raees release as they have Pakistani actors: MNS

Raj Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena has issued an ultimatum to Pakistani actors and artists to leave the country in 48 hours in the wake of the deadly attacks by militants killing 18 soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir’s Uri on Sunday.

Raees and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

"We give a 48 hour deadline to Pakistani actors and artists to leave India or MNS will push them out. Pakistani artistes will get beaten up. Along with them, we will also beat up whichever producer or director is with them," said Amey Khopkar, MNS Chitrapat Sena president.

They have also claimed that they will not allow upcoming films Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ and Raees to release as they have Pakistani actors like Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan respectively in them.

24 comments on “We won’t let ADHM and Raees release as they have Pakistani actors: MNS”

  1. absolutely i will support mns
    Was it justice to burn innocent 18 army soldiers of India while they were sleeping?

  2. @bollywoodarena
    u did not reply me on twitter i just only want asked u that the response of adhm trailer is negative thats why they did not showing coments on youtube

  3. What has Pakistani actors and artists got to do with Uri attacks?Did they send terrorists to attack there?

  4. rajat
    every body loves there motherland
    and how can we believe on that artist that they didnot given any news about india to pakistan they earn money here send those money to pakistan
    and pakistan will buy weapon from those money

    1. So,you mean that Fawad Khan or Mahira Khan will give their respective salaries to Pakistan for buying weapons?!

  5. amazing trailer.. RK, ANUSHKA nailed it. Must watch... some people r living in denial. they born to hate, no matter how good it is. I lyked Shivay trailer, so do I lyk ADHM trailer too. SHIVAY will cater youths where ADHM will cater family Audiences... SRK at 1:40 in the trailer. Ab toh dekhna hi padega...

  6. Shame on you Sena and GAY party if u have guts for fight then go to the border and lets fight with Pakistani soldiers

  7. Pakistan mein hr saal hazaro log bomb blast mein martey hae even masjid or schools mein bhi Pakistani martey hae India ko yeh baat samjhni chahiye ke pakistan khud deshatgardi ka shikaar hai India mein bhi AGR koi Shaks be gunah Marta hae tou hum Pakistani bhi afsurda hote hai India or Pakistan ko mil ke deshatgardi ko khatam krna hoga

    1. Abe oooo agar ladna hai to aamne samne lad back mein kya chura bhokta hai......
      And about Pakistani actors they should be stay in the country.....

  8. Kisi ke baap mein bhi dum nhi hai jo raees ke release ko roke......chahe MNS ho ya shiv shena......
    Raees will get solo release on 26th Jan because Srk and riteish made a private visit to hrithik house midnight on Monday and after that Srk said only one thing the problem is solved......

  9. What happens in Jammu and Kashmir’s Uri on Sunday is very disheartening, I am a common Indian man but after listening this news I was full of anger and wants to kill all those terrorist who did this......But blaming each and every Pakistani for that incidence is not right.....What MNS is doing with Pakistani actors is wrong, they have not done anything wrong, just because they are Pakistani, treating them as a terrorist is wrong.......Just like every finger of hand is not equal, similarly every Pakistani and every Muslim is also not terrorist......I am Hindu and I believe in equality......

    We should work together and fight together against these Terrorist.....

  10. Now after this news Srk fans are more happy then any one else, because now they have a new excuse ready for them, now after the debacle of Raees they can easily put the blame on MNS......LOL

    1. Dekh lo ek suru hogaya....
      Esko country ke 17 soldiers ke death ki nhi paid hai else Srk aur salman mein bigger kaun hai iski paid hai.....

        1. @Rajat, bro what else we can expect from these highly intelligent stupid Srk fans......Well I seriously don't want that MNS will protest against Raees, otherwise when Raees will FLOP (which is 100% confirm that it will FLOP), they will get this excuse of protest, just like they get at the time of Dilwale, which was actually not faced any protest....

          1. Bhai tu koi baba hai kya
            Sabka fate tu hi decide kar raha hai
            Mere future ke baare mai kuch batana plzz

          2. One thing is confirm kisi ke baap ke pass bhi aukaat nhi ki raees ko flop Kr de....to tu prediction krne waala kaun hota hai.....

  11. Arts culture n business does not have boundaries.... I love human irrespective of their caste race creed or colours...
    Our Brave patriots at border are getting killed but its not Fawad Atif Zafar Mahira... etc who shot. They are human like u n me but talented more than few of us..
    They truly are unmatchable to our legends but hey they are learners n we can help them as human beings...

    Grow up guys.. If I kill ur people then arrest me hang me n kill me, its Justice. But if u kill my family caste race religion region country for my deeds then its insane....
    Mazhab nahi sikhata apas mein bair rakhna... Hindi hain hum watan hai Hindustan hamara... Na sirf tera na sirf mera balki Humara.. Let us decide what to do n what not.
    Pakistan ke un haathon ko kaato jinhone humare peeth pe waar kiya hai naki un masoomon ka Jo hunar par zinda hain aur naam kamana chahte hain..
    We are human n global citizens please allow us to choose what's good n what's bad for us.

  12. @ salman fan, let release Raees first.then we see how it would performs at box office.and I am not happy because I don't want raees to face protest like dilwale.Raees is very important film of SRK's career.

  13. Arey yeh politicians ko abcd bhi nhi aati aur raees ko release nhi hone denge.

  14. Its very bad. Protecting films is not the solution.. Another foolish act by mns. Kuch aisa karo ki is Pakistan ko muh tod javab mile aur agli vaar aisa kuch krne se pahli iski rooh kaap jaye

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