We preponed Raees to January 25 to avoid clash: Farhan Akhtar

In a recent interview, Kaabil producer Rakesh Roshan had claimed that Raees makers acted unethically by preponing the film a day prior despite knowing that Kaabil will be releasing the same day.

However in a reply, producer Farhan Akhtar had said they preponed Raees to avoid the clash but had no clue that the makers of Kaabil will also decide to do the same date.

Responding to the criticism, Farhan said, “We had no idea that they were planning to release on January 25. As far as we knew it was 26th of January. We had met him and we met Hrithik as well. These are the discussions that had happened. To avoid the first-day clash we said we would release on January 25."

“And after this was announced, this news came that even they are releasing on January 25. So, there’s nothing that I can really say about that apart from this that it is an unfortunate coincidence. We haven’t been in touch after this announcement,” he added.

Farhan's statement has given a new turn to the speculations going around the clash between Raees and Kaabil.

9 comments on “We preponed Raees to January 25 to avoid clash: Farhan Akhtar”

  1. Well for this clash...seems both movie makers are scared and both think that this is only chance to prove their metal.
    Will be fun to track further developments

    1. It is obvious that Farhan is being Hypocrite by replying such bullshits.They run away from Salman then come to a date which was already announced by Rakesh Roshan, now as soon asa he moved to 25 they do same and heis saying to prepone to aviod clash. Its Shameful and the results will show finally

  2. Kaabil has announced first that they will release on 25 but Farhan saying he don't know they also coming same day

    Totally childish comment as everyone knows reality

    1. Read what has been written Farhan had said that they discussed with Roshans and after that they changed the date before the Raees team can announce, BTW don't worry let the public decide who is the winner. Until then just wait and watch!! dont talk childish..The better film only will work... Time will only say whose product was better...

  3. As Srk has said they decided it much before. I think rakesh roshan is playing very dirty games. Anyway waiting for raees.

  4. @ archie - ha ha

    Good joke you are saying better movie by srk nowadays

    That time gone long ago when srk was doing good movie I remember when last he did good film that was Cham de

    Come out from dream

    Just wait another useless movie from srk

    Too much fun

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