We are not clashing just for the sake of it: TEPK Producer

Bollywood is set for another clash between two biggies. Akshay Kumar's Toilet: Ek Prem Katha will take on Imtiaz Ali's film starring Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma. While Akki's film was slated to release on June 2, producer Prerna Arora says decision to delay the film was technical, not spiteful.

"We had announced Akshay-starrer Crack for August 11, 2017. Due to a few production reasons, the film took longer than expected to go on floors. In the meantime, we had starting shooting Toilet. Initially, we thought of releasing the film on June 2, but the film's subject is such that taking it to theatres closer to Independence Day makes more sense. The film is a satire on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and has a nationalistic feel to it. It has to be pitched on the right day. We aren't clashing just for the sake of it," argues Prerna.

Prerna reasons both SRK and Akki's films have different target audiences. "From what I know, it (reportedly titled Rehnuma) is not a usual Imtiaz Ali fare. It has a mega star like Shah Rukh Khan to pull the audience. People can watch both and like them. I hear talk about eating into each other's business, but this is healthy competition."

Does she intend to meet Imtiaz and SRK to change their release date? "There is no point pushing either dates and we aren't looking at getting into a conversation on it [with them]. Anushka and I are already working on a project; we will announce it next week and start shoot in June. Expect news on how we are trying to run down each other, but in reality, everything is amicable. Both SRK and Akshay are marketing wizards and know how to reach out to fans."

19 comments on “We are not clashing just for the sake of it: TEPK Producer”

  1. No problem TEPK will emerge huge Blockbuster in clash and destroy Pakistani Rehnuma like Rustom did with Mohenjo-Daro

    1. Ha ha ha nice joke..First let it cross 100cr then think about 200Cr. Just think logically its not possible!!!The highest grossing Akki movie is 135cr ...Feel pity on people just bark without any logic..

        1. lol without srk deepika ka 200 club hi nhi without srk deepika blockbuster hi nhi h ye pehle smjho kiski aukat h ,aur pehle akshay ko bol 134 cross karne ko

  2. Clash nehi to aur kya kar rahe hooo...
    small bughet film bana ke ---
    high bughet film ka bussiness effect hamesha hota hai ---
    thats why golmaal even change there date from diwali
    because robot 2.0 is costly film ,,,
    akshay ne yeah naya funda apna liya hai
    movie bughet--45 crores max
    collections -90 to 105 crores
    hit hai bhai -- i am superstar

    1. To srk ko karne se kaun mana kar raha hai lol akki film hit hone ke bad paisa leta hai srk jaisa nahi ki pehle paisa le leta hai phir distributors ko loss hota hai same in case of dilwale,fan,raees etc aur rehnuma bhi max semi hit hogi

  3. Prena is right
    It has nationalistic feelings so it sud be release on independence day
    Rehnuam sud shift wahi gf bf ka pyaar nothing new

  4. first if you want to clash them come up with a strong film, not a weak film like toilet. rehnuma will have music by pritam and pritam's chartbuster music alone can give huge opening in multiplexes , so you have no chance in multiplexes. and toilet does not appeal for single screens. so where your film will take the opening. but yes if you say that winning this clash is not your target , your only target is to use the holiday and gst tax advantage and give a profitable film then there is not much problem as far as the film is good. kaabil with all the disadvantages earned 85 crore with clash , so your film with 2 holidays and gst tax effect can earn 100 crore in the domestic market despite of loosing the clash.

    srk is going to win another clash for sure as he is too lucky in these clashes. all the stars most of the time clashes their weak films with srk's strong films. he lost the clash to bajirao mastani despite of having hit music , great trailer and strong supporting cast just because bm was a content film. infact he was extremely lucky that bm starred ranveer singh. if bm would have starred salman khan dilwale would have grossed same like fan. he has also lost to films like mission kashmir and bade miya chote miya in terms of opening because they had strong trailer and music and lets not talk about asoka vs indian. the clash which would have been the most equal clash of sultan vs raees did not happened because of coward srk. when in 2013 all the festivals were blocked he choose to clash with the eid release despite of being known for releasing films on diwali. why? because krishh 3 was going to release in diwali and it had huge buzz so he was scared and decided to clash with ouatim which was a much easier competition and at the end he even fooled them and got all the advantages of eid and indipendence day.

    1. Lets See how Salman losses to clashes
      Aaa suhaag
      auzar judaai
      marigold bmg
      gtgh bachna ae haseeno
      don jaaneman
      saawan positive
      phirmilenge dhoom
      kyun ki garam masala
      mamk all the best blue
      Agni Sakshi vs Yeh Majhdars

  5. @ honest man, SRK not have copyright on diwali.HNY is his last diwali release.till 2018 he had no film on diwali.in 2013 he came on Eid , in 2015 he came on Christmas.so he has no copyright on diwali unlike Salman who have a copyright on Eid.(exception 2013).
    And what do u mean my saying SRK fooled Akshay and took advantage of both Eid and 15 august.Ouatimd turned out to be a bad film , so it can't took the advantage of independence day holiday.so what is SRK"s fault in this if Akshay made a bad film ?

    1. Again a srkian caught manipulating..!!!
      More than a bad movie did u know how many screens OUATIMD released that too when it got shifted to I-DAY ...???
      Don't know I will tell you 1400 still it did 12+ in such minimum screen count ...!!!
      Srk should thank Ekta kapoor and Jeetendra for shifting OUATIMD and to utv as well for blocking screens otherwise OUATIMD would defeated CE on first day and weekend..!!!

  6. agar akki jit jaega too maan lunga ki srk chota h akki k samne lekin ye musqil nhi namumkin h dosto,i also challnges to akkians if it also cross 134(which is highest collection of akki )then i will agree akki is equal to srk

  7. siddhi see baat hai 100% minority ke sath kuch majortiy ke log bhi SRK ke movie dekhny jayenge...
    jabki AK ke movie main bhut ho gaya to 1% minority ke log aur kareeb 50-60% majority ke log jayenge...
    ab iss hissab se collection SRK ke movie ka hee jayada hoga kyoun pahly sunny deol aur ab akshy kumar ka minority pasand nahi karti hai...

  8. Sahi bol rhi h wese v india me avi Deshbhakti k dhanda bahut acha chal rha h har era gera apne aap ko sabse bada deshbhakt aur dusre ko deshdrohi sabit kr rha h AK v wahi kr rha h Canada ki citizenship​ lekar deshbhakti ki path padha rha h

    Lekin shayd pata nhi samne SRK h..jise harana mushkil hi nhi Namumkin h

    sab royega baad me ki TEPK ko Screen nhi mili jayada Multiplex me jyada screen nhi mili etc etc...

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