Was never dying to work with Aamir, haven't seen any of his films: Zaira Wasim

Zaira Wasim who made her debut with Aamir Khan's Dangal says she has not seen any of the films of the superstar. The actress however, says the acting was something she never aimed for.

"I was never so inclined to this profession. It isn't like I wanted to be an actress. I am still the kind of a person who doesn't watch films. I cannot sit through a whole film. The last film I saw was 'Dangal'. In fact, I've not seen much AK (Aamir Khan) film's. I don't think I've seen any of it," Zaira told PTI.

She has again teamed up again with Aamir in Secret Superstar

"The equation has changed and obviously grown. Even before 'Dangal', I was very close to him, all the girls were, now he has become (like a) family. He is intimidating as a person. But it wasn't that I would die to work with him because I never wanted to be an actress. I never had something to be driven to (referring to acting as a profession). I am still exploring myself," she said about Aamir.

Zaira said post her successful debut, things have not changed much for her and she still lives a normal life.

"People back home look at me exactly in the same way they used to a year back. Those are the people who helped me come this far. I can't throw tantrums in front of them. They are very proud of me for sure. Not much has changed, but there's so much love. Every time I am out, people come and click pictures, they talk to me, they want to know what's going on (referring to her upcoming projects), but apart from that life is the same."

Zaira said she is aware that she can't afford to take the success to her head.

"I know for a fact how important being humble is. There is no definition of success, it isn't that I've achieved everything. If I take this to my head, I could fall. I know that this could be a phase and there's a lot I need to see."

Written and directed by Advait Chandan, Secret Superstar is scheduled to release on October 19.

33 comments on “Was never dying to work with Aamir, haven't seen any of his films: Zaira Wasim”

  1. Zaira plz watch "Tubelight"

    U will love this movie.
    What a fantastic story and acting by Salman

      1. Kal aamir sir isko industry ka sabse badi superstar kah rahe the aur aaj isne aamir sir ki bezzati kar di
        Kabhi maaf nahi karoonga isko
        Now I am not going to watch SS for this 2 rupee zara

      2. What the hell is wrong with this Zarina? And what else would change after doing just 1 film? Contradicting herself and her future in a non professional manner.

        1. It's ok man.. She is just behaving in a frank way.. Even Anushka said in an interview that when she first met SRK during RNBDJ, she doesn't find anything special in SRK.. But that's NOT ARROGANCE of course, its just frank comments (not those so-called boring politically corect answers)

      3. @mnik

        Bhai Dhobhi ghat mast movie h...or aamir ki acting b best h...

        Kisi dusre SuperStar me esi himmat h jo dhobi ghat jesi movie bnaye ??

        Srk ko to National award winner directer , dhoom 4 or raaju hiraani chahiye???

        Kya kisi or acter me etni himmat h...jo TZP jesi movie bnaaye ??

        Fir ye star or enke fan screept k liye kyo rote h ??

    1. Lol devgun...creating negativity before anu superstar's release have 0 impact...not only for akki bt for all khans ajay and hr...lot of people abused ajay for sos...saying bad things...bt it managed to gross 100 crore..even if any ajay hater spreads negativity before ajay's film it wont work...what matters most is the public review after watching the movie..so any movie can sail through if it has good wom

    2. Secret Superstar vs Shetty Again

      How can this(Shitty Again) Ludicrous movie stand against Aamir Starrer????
      I will give u Analysis about shetty again..
      1.It has to work due to Franchise factor to some extent
      2. Due to Shetty style of making
      3. Vimal Calculator

      1. No big star to pull the crowd to theatres
      2. Few gags of Arshad, Tushar n Shreyaskar are passable but can't pull through the movie
      3. Clash with Aamir

      I pray to God...
      Ab ki baar toh 100 cr Grosser de Vimal Calculator se sahi
      Ajay ka 5th 100 cr Grosser ho jaayega
      According to BOI
      4th crore Grosser?????

  2. you are going to rock this time also zaira and all the best wishes to the genius sexy baliye

  3. Now the countdown has really begun... HIT like AAMIRIANS for 1st day 1st show on 19th October!

  4. :D :D.. aamir ke muh pe thappad maardi.. phataakkkkk.... :D..
    Such an insult.. baap re baap
    Parshyaaa.. suna ki ye khabar sunne ke baad tingu bahubali doob ke marne jaa raha hai.. tu bhi tag kar.. waisa bhi tu ek bhoj hi hai :D

    1. R e bhai.. She said she DOES NOT WATCH ANY MOVIE! She is no way insultung Aamir but giving a frank statement..

    2. Don't worry local star fan, she never said she watches our tinge midget salman here. She doesn't watch any film that means she has not watched a single film of your local star Lallu either. So it's a kick on salman'@ss and his fans. Phataaaaakkkkkk. :D :D

  5. I have never seen Salman Aamir fans claiming that their respective favourite are bigger than Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise Brad Pitt Johny Depp.
    Similarly I have never claimed superstar Ajay to be as big a superstar as Khans(excluding srk whose stardom is less than Irrfan and is a blot at the khan trinity)
    Similarly Akki fans should not compare him with legend like Ajay.
    It would be so much fun for them to fight with Sid or Sushant fans.Because that would be a close contest.And there’s nothing wrong in accepting the truth.But all I am asking is just understand your favourite star’s standing in your industry.His maximum limit is 130 even if he’s part of James Cameron film provided he’s the solo hero.
    Just give a good script to Ajay and 200 is a cakewalk for him.Yes akki’s movies have done well due to patriotic theme but whom would you prefer in your team someone who scores 20 in every innings or someone like Ajay who maybe inconsistent but can score 300 if it’s his day.
    So please Akki fans this is my last attempt to make you understand the truth which is Akki has never ever been a superstar except for 1.5 years when there was a perception that he’s a bankable star due to multi star cast.
    And next time when you take any actor’s name be it Aamir Salman Ajay Hrithik please use the word sir because they are baap of Akshay at the BO.

  6. Akshay only actor to give back to back three hits 4 times in his career
    Only actor to give 3 time back to back 5 successful films in less than 1 year
    Only actor to give three 100 cr movie movie in a year but according to 2rs devgn fan his disaster actor is bigger star than Akshay who has never given 3 hits in a year and back to back 5 successful films in less than 1 year
    Ajay last 9 movies 1 hit and only 2 success
    Akshay last 9 films 6 hits and 7 success ??????

  7. Akshay vs Ajay last 18 years box office analysis
    Hera pheri, dharkhan>>>>>Ajay whole movie of 2000
    Ek rishta >>>>Ajay whole movies of 2001
    Aankhen >>> Ajay whole movies of 2002
    Andaz >>>Ajay whole movies of 2003
    Msk >>>Ajay whole movies of 2004
    Garam masala >>>ajay whole movies of 2005
    PHP >>>Ajay whole movies of 2006
    Welcome >>>>>>>>>>>Ajay whole movies of 2007
    Sik>>>>Ajay whole movies of 2008
    Kambakt ishq >>>Ajay whole movies of 2009
    Rr >>>Ajay whole movies of 2012
    S26>>>ajay whole movies of 2013
    Gib >>>>Ajay whole movies of 2015
    Rustom >>>>Ajay whole movies of 2017
    Tepk >>>badshaoo in 2017
    So in last 18 years only three times Ajay movies collects more than Akshay that too because of Rohit sheety 15 times Akshay movies collects more than Ajay still his 2rs fans compares his star with superstar Akshay Kumar ?????

    1. Cant you start from 90s to date why 2000?

      91 Pak
      92 jigar
      93 bedaardi
      97 ishq
      98 pthht
      99 kaache dhaage
      03 Qayamat
      10 rajneeti
      11 Singham
      14 SR

      10 total (including 2000s decision to stick with non commercial films)

      94 Mohra
      95 Kkk
      96 sbk
      00 Herapheri
      01 ek rishta
      02 Aankhn
      04 MSK
      05 garam masala
      06 Php
      07 Welcm
      08 Sik
      09 KI
      12 RR
      13 S26
      15 Gib
      16. Rustm

      Akki 16


      Career Analysis in 25 years

      Akshay 16 movies Vs Ajay 10 movies...!!!

      @Chamiya 2.0? USTAAV!

      Why do you like giving Lies after Lies!! To much exxageration ? Are you nuts?

      15 movies? 18 years?
      2000+ 18 years _= 2018!!
      Are we in 2018??

      Why did you start with 2000?

      Boi starts from 1993. Any personal selfish reason?

      Why Tepk for 2017? Is 2017 over??
      GA is yet to release.

      WHY LYING THAT ANDAAZ >all Ajay movie?

      What did Qayamat gross 2003 Ghanta???

      Last warning Englishman...you gave fake quotes of Megan fox and Al pacino,its not enough you are selecting your own statistic with very wrong numbers and telling lies again.

      Akki is Ahead of Ajay in terms of collection no doubts, He has done more movies and not upto 2013 started doing niche genres but does not mean you lie and choose 2000 and ignore Qayamat!!! Understood now be a good boy and dont rush and give figures you create give a more Universal analysis like this

      1991- Date

      Yearly Highest collection between Akshay and Ajay as follows....?

      Akshay Kumar 16 movies in total.
      Ajay Devgn 10 movies in total.

      2017 awaits!!!

      Simple as that!!!

      1. Because Akshay is self-starter not papa made star Ajay got films in 90s just because of his father name aur superstar Khan's aur Akshay 2000ke bad bana aur Ajay kabhi superstar nahi ban paya 1999 me fuss aur andazz collection is more than Qayamat boi pe dekh le

        1. 8. Qayamat
          Release Date: 11 Jul 2003
          Nett Gross: 17,46,00,000
          Verdict: Average

          10. Andaaz
          Release Date: 23 May 2003
          Nett Gross: 15,93,50,000
          Verdict: Hit

          Any shame remain in you i hope it turns you in future to be very straight forward and grip knowledge well. Knowledge is a special gift from God,try not to make a fool out of yourself just because you Hate Ajay.

          Nothing personal just a free tip too help you in future so that you dont go about lying and lying and shamelessly still telling me to check boi?? Are you on drugs.?

          You want everyone to believe Ajay never superstar? What gain decieving yourself and others @Ustaav? Chalo if that will make you happy okay Ajay is just a good actor, never a superstar Akshay is 3rd Biggest Superstar? Okay? Itn naafrt?

          I read an article on Ajay Akshay coming together 2days ago on Akki programme. The maturity and love those 2 superstars displayed(oops sorry Vimal small actor) all the media and digital online news carried it, after seeing their picture together Akshay, even following Ajay to know how his back pain is plus Ajay maturity over Kesaria topic, changed my mindset. You and @2.0 continue i will still respect both of them forever. Trolling is normal ,different but respect always!!

  8. Is news ko negatively dikha rhi h ye website jbki zaira ka mtlb ye h ki WO acting ya kisi star ki fan nhi h

  9. After giving RRB PO RRB CLERK IBPS PO and many other insurance exam.. I need a break.. Hope GOLMAL won't disappoint as I badly need entertainment to cool my jammed mind.

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