Wajah Tum Ho 2nd Day Box Office Collection

Wajah Tum Ho 2nd Day Box Office Collection

Wajah Tum Ho has dropped on Saturday which has probably sealed its fate. The film needed a  good jump over the weekend as the collections were low. Wajah Tum 2nd day collection is crore.

The erotic film has only one week to score so it should have opened better and shown a solid trend over the weekend. Though it is normal for single screen films to drop on Saturday however here the collections are too low and it could not afford a drop.

  • Day 1: 2.86
  • Day 2: 2.68
  • Total: 5.54 Cr

4 comments on “Wajah Tum Ho 2nd Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Who is bigger star of this genration (3 decade)
    1-Lets start this discussion with HGTY (WW) from 1991
    91-saajan, 92-beta, 93- ankhen,94-HAHK,95-DDLJ, 96-RH, 97-DTPH, 98- KKHH,99-HSSH,2000-Mohabbanttein,01-KKKG,02- Devdas, 03- KHNH,04-Veer zara, 05- No entry, 06- Dhoom 2, 07-OSO,08-Ghajni,09- 3 idiots, 10- dabangg, 11- Bodyguard, 12-ETT, 13-dhoom3, 14- pk, 15-BB,16- sultan
    Salman - 9, SRK-9, AK-5, Anil K-1, Hrithik-1, Govinda-1
    I will put salman ahead in this list as if we consider domestic gross then SRK's 4 film will come 2nd HGTY(DTPH,Mohabbatein,KKKG,KHNH). But SRK also have many movies which become 2nd, 3rd or 4th HGTY (WW) like MNIK, Chak de, deewana, Main hoon na, pardes, karan arjun, Darr, Baazigar and many more.
    So conclusion is that as per this list SRK is bigger star if we consider WW gross and Salman is bigger star if we consider domestic gross. Aamir will come 3rd followed by hrithik at 4.

    2. Now lets consider based on no1 star in 5 year basis.
    1991-1995- In this SRK and SK are top 2 star . It is difficult to say who is no.1. Salman has 2 HGTY and SRK has many hits likes Darr, bazigar, deewana and HGTY - DDLJ. For 3rd spot many stars will fight. It is very dificult to give 3rd spot.
    1996-2000 - SRK will clearly takes 1st spot over salman in this period with 3 HGTY. For 3rd spot there is battle between sunny deol and aamir khan. Both have given 4-5 hits movie in this period.
    2001-2005- Again in this period SRK dominates and takes 1st spot. salman lost 2nd spot hrithik. In this period salman gave many flops and some hits but still takes 3rd spot. aamir had lagaan and dil chahta hai and will loose 4th spot to sunny deol who had gaddar which is HGTY (domestic) and hits like The hero, indian.
    2006-2010 - very interesting phase in indian cinema as multiplexes came in this period and business increased. At the start of this period it was SRK and hrithik at top2 but aamir overtakes SRK in the later phase with ghajni and 3 idiots. All the movies of SRK and aamir's are super hits. Aamir for the first time not only enters TOP-3 but also takes 1st spot in this period over SRK. for third spot there is a battle between hrithik, akshay and salman. I will give 3rd spot to Akshay due to his consistent hits in this period. For 4th spot hrithik has little edge as salman has given many flops. So for the first time salman comes down to 5th spot. However from 2010 it is totally different story.
    2011-2015 - The period of stardom. We have many stars who has worked for more than 20 years and very talented youngsters. The first spot was undoubtedly salman and aamir will takes 2nd spot. SRK for the first time lost his 1st spot and takes 3rd spot. For 4th spot it is battle between akshay, hrithik, ajay.
    2016- 2020- For now it looks like salman will takes this period as no.1 and aamir will give top competition to him. SRK may loose his 3rd spot to someone if he can't give some superhit movies.

    So Until 2010, SRK was undoubtedly no.1 star of bollywood with no one matching his consistency. But in recent years salman gain huge popularity and it looks like by the end of their carrier will become no.1 star of the generation. But for now it is still SRK who is no. 1 star of this generation with aamir taking 3rd spot.

  2. Haha Srk have only 5 HGTY
    1DDLJ 1995
    2 kKHH 1998
    3 Devdas 2002
    4veer Jara 2004
    5 OSO 2007
    Kon anpad hai jo 9 bol ra

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