VFX team starts working on Shahrukh Khan’s G.One

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A few months back we reported that Shahrukh Khan was planning a sequel to his 2011 superhero flick, Ra.One.While the film got a lot of negative feedback, the opening was impressive and also set new benchmarks for VFX, which was done by SRK’s own company.

Recently SRK had argued that in spite of the negativity, a lot had worked for the film. “It wasn’t bad business-wise. We did huge numbers — including the biggest weekend, if I’m not wrong. The release was also fantastic. I was a little taken aback by the negativity that ensued. It was strange. But I don’t think it was the audience’s doing. Rather, it was the industry that was trying to pull the film down.”

SRK had even confirmed that he was one hundred per cent sure that he will be making a sequel. Now as per a report in Deccan Chronicles his VFX team, headed by Harry Hingorani and Keitan Yadav, have already started work on it.

“The team has started making sketches of SRK’s character G.One and are working on how to make it better. They are exploring many options and are trying out new things.” The team is apparently also making an initial 10-minute pilot footage to show it to SRK. A source reveals, “They will make a short show reel to show how the character walks, talks and reacts. It will also focus on facial expressions and highlight his superpowers. Once it is ready they will show it to Shah Rukh Khan to get his feedback on the same.”

10 comments on “VFX team starts working on Shahrukh Khan’s G.One”

  1. Hope this one will be good

    Dear Zindagi
    Raees 2017
    Imtiaz next 2017
    Dwarf Movie 2018
    Adithya Chopra next 2018
    Don 3 2019
    Ra One 2

    More to come in these period bcz Srk promised 3 films per Year.

  2. After the super success of Enthiran a lot expected from Ra One.. Nd even Srk nd team promoted it as the biggest film in Indian film history nd the maketing was also very big( even though the cost was below Enthiran).

    My Friends nd even most of people who were at that time expected a Good "Superhero Action Movie with good Songs nd Story" bcz of the pre release hype nd marketing(also my self)..

    But sad to say Ra one action was not so good like Srk nd Sanjay dutth sequence, G One Intro Action, Climax nd even the first half was full of lagging... (except the chase scenes,train seaquence, nd G one action with local goons)..
    The intro of G One was one of best but many expected a good action at the same time but didnt happened. ( the same happened in Happy New Year- Great Intro but bad action).
    Also the story was just avg.

    I know that a Film will not be good by Vfx heavy Action... But in Ra One case is it would have been helped to get much more collection...( Just like Hrithik Baang Baang. No story but what helped the movie was the never seen before high octane Vfx heavy stylish action)bcz Ra One is considered as one of the biggest disappointing movie from Srk critically nd commercially.

    My Personal opinion is if it had good action scenes then it would have been a success at least at the boxoffice.

    Good- Vfx, Acting by lead actress nd supporting actress, Cinematography, Songs, BGM,
    Bad- Story, Many Unwanted scenes, Avg silly action ( even though it had some good action moments),Bad effected by creating huge hype nd marketing,Screen time was alloted 95 percent to Srk, Kareena, nd the kid.....i had a feeling that all others was doing silly cameos.

  3. @bolly arena can you get any updates abt Atharva the Origin graphic novel??? Hope you will contact with the maker and get update..

  4. Another Flop and crap movie is coming...Please do us a favor Srk and don't make this torturous movie please....cannot handle your superhero overacting one more time...You don't look like a superhero either, don't no who suggest you to become a superhero....LOL

    1. Yar ek ko kaise support kar saktey ho aap bro, agar aap ki family ke sath aisa kuch hit and run jaisa ho, ya aap ke pet ko koi marde, toh bhi Salman ko support karogey bhul gaye he supported yakub menon who is responsible for more than 100 lives. We u support him than wo 100 pariwaro ke gunehgar ho aap

    2. Hahaha... No body suggest him.he himself only try to do these diff diff things...probably he wanna show people that his brain is not empty....pitega salla aur ek baar.

  5. Don't need this another crap G.One.
    Waiting for Imtiaz Ali's next.I'm very hopeful that his upcoming movie with Imtiaz Ali will be superb.

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