Veere Di Wedding 5th Day Box Office Collection

Veere Di Wedding is sustaining well on weekdays. After a good hold on Monday, the film collected 5.47 crores on Tuesday which has taken the total collection to 48.03 crores.

It will finish its first week at around 57 crores which will be in the same range as Raazi. However, Alia Bhatt starter opened to lower collections but managed to sustain pretty well on weekdays. On the other hand, Veere Di Wedding has only found appreciation among the metro audience. Thus it is unlikely to go anywhere close to Raazi. In fact, the film is targetting for a lifetime gross of 75-80 crores.

Day 110.70
Day 212.25
Day 313.57
Day 46.04
Day 55.47
Day 64.87
Day 74.06
Day 83.37
Day 94.51
Day 104.84
Total69.68 cr

11 comments on “Veere Di Wedding 5th Day Box Office Collection”

    1. At least in trailer Bobby 's acting & expression looks better than Salman Khan.

      Neutral Fan

  1. Nice hold again , if this movie earns 5cr tomorrow than this wont be just a hit its going to be very big hit

    1. But honestly tell me modest fan ki parmanu achi h ki veer de wedding,,,,,, isi se pata chal jayega ki collection sirf ek no hota hhh....

      Example: dhoom3 vs hichki

      Dabangg2 vs paan Singh tomar
      HNY vs the lunch box
      Kick vs raazi
      PRDP vs special 26 & OMG
      Bang bang vs the ghazi attack
      Dilwale vs talwar

      Ek tarah highest collection and dushri tarah lowest h ,,,friends decide karo

      1. Honestly i wont be able to say @dean because i havent seen any of the two i m waiting to watch sanju. But if i m given a choose between the two than i would choose parmanu because that movie is more crater to me as i liked madras cafe. Now saying this does not proof my choice is better than other people choice i may like chicken sandwich but its not necessary everyone will like and appreciate chicken sandwich like me , they may like other sandwiches .

        Now coming to second piont boxoffice dont matter lol when it comes to quality of movies instead of dabaang 2 , bang bang , hny why dont you put mother india, mughlai azam and 3 idiots, actually there wont be any arguments if you compare all the hit movies with all the flop and disaster than the answer will be boxoffice does get it right when comes to quality of movies.

        Lastly most of your movies you liked are performance driven movie especially paan singh tomer which is 90% irfan khans brilliant acting rest of technical aspect of movie is mediocre even below that. Wherelse dhoom 3 was technically the most superior movie of its time , its chase scene with birds eye view is still the best chase scene done by bollywood. Hny and bang bang technically tried to be dhoom 3 but they failed miserably . Only bahubali series is technically superior to dhoom 3 . Movies has many more aspect than just performance of an actor . There is a vast differance between a sketch painting and a real good oil canvas painting . They both tell a story but the oil canvas gets more and interesting but sketch one gets duller

          1. May kehna chahta ho jay every audience has different taste , one can love a movie another can hate that movie

            Secondly He is giving bizarre comparison like prdp vs omg claiming that one has the highest boxoffice other has the lowest and saying boxoffice doesnt matter when it comes to quality of movies . This is lie because omg is superhit movie even made more profits than prdp definitely not the lowest earner. Same goes for his other comparisons. The actual comparison if you put size and scale would be dangal vs Bombay velvet and this comparison show boxoffice dont lie

            And lastly watching a dhoom 3 in a large hall with good sound system , the screen that justifies its hd quality, packed of crowds is far more entertaining to watch than sparsly crowded low quality paan singh tomer. If you watch the movies on computer screen alone than its a different thing

  2. Race3 ke ab tak ke teeno gaane maha bakwas and faltu h and sanju ka trailer jitna acha tha usse bhi bura uska 1st song hh...race3 ka buzz bhi kaafi low h and film ke dialogues bhi kaafi irritating hh...and sabse faltu dono sunny Leone ki sisters hh,,,,story lagta h ki kick aur dhoom3 ka mixture hhh...kash ye film TOH ke saath clash hota

  3. Frndss hit like button if u think ki race3 ke gaane is saal ke sabse ghatia gaane h with worse lyrics...

  4. Frndss reality yeh h ki ab Bollywood khatm ho chuka h even south ki filme bhi kaafi achi hoti h and Hollywood ka to 10% bhi nhi h ab Bollywood ,,,here are 3 main reason..,

    1) no story and same old plot
    2) ghatia music with worst lyrics
    3) 0% Jo acting karti h wo actress bn jaati h and ghatia gaane with bold dress

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