Veere Di Wedding 2nd Day Box Office Collection

Veere Di Wedding 2nd Day Box Office Collection: Veere Di Wedding has shown an upward trend on Saturday. The film collected 12.25 crores which is 15% higher from yesterday.

Even though the Saturday growth is on the lower side as compared to other metro films. However, the film had a high opening day and could have even dropped. It is likely to maintain the upward trend on Sunday and the opening weekend will be over 35 crores.

Veere Di Wedding is already in the safe zone thanks to the huge opening. But the film will need the normal trending to emerge hit at the box office.

Day 110.70
Day 212.25
Day 313.57
Day 46.04
Day 55.47
Day 64.87
Day 74.06
Day 83.37
Day 94.51
Day 104.84
Total69.68 cr

10 comments on “Veere Di Wedding 2nd Day Box Office Collection”

  1. so as expected allah duhai hai song has flopped on youtube, it has got only 6.4 milllion views on day1 which was only half of swag se swagat views. right now it is standing at 8.7 million views after almost more than 40 hours. they have totaly ruined a potential chartbuster song. they can't even properly remix a chartbuster song. selfish also has flopped on you tube. heeriye though started slow now has crossed 50 million views , the second fastest to achieve that feet after swag se swagat. so we can say heeriye has somehow gained some popularity.

    i honestly think race 3 will not open more than 30 crore as eid is falling on saturday. i think race 3 team should not release anything more from here, i am sure the next songs of race 3 will also not work and the kind of dialouges they have written they should not even release dialouge promos also. the more they are releasing it is only creating negativity as they are all turning out to be mediocre. so don't release anything more and release the film on 15th june. and then hope the film opens above expectations because you can only hope for this film now, you can't say anything with confidence. films like raazi and veere di wedding has opened far above expectations and let's hope race 3 also open above all expectations and surprises everyone like raazi and veere di wedding.

    1. Don't worry after seeing disastrous response to Race 3 trailer and songs SRK decided to reveal 1st look of Salman's cameo in Zero .2nd teaser will come during Eid .

      1. So what? How can that force public to watch race3 at theatre. Even a full srk film fails to touch 15 crore on day1, then how he can help other's film to open above 30 crore by just releasing teaser or look of his film.

  2. @Honest man
    LOL! According to BOI first trailer has worked big time and first song is a hit. It also has a family theme so family audiences will come! Stop preparing excuses.

    1. boi.com also said 130-140 crore net would be fair result for fan. but when it did 80 crore net they came up with excuses like thriller genre. boi.com's datas are good but their commentry is not .
      and the biggest thing is when someone asked whether it will cross 300 crore or not they said it is difficult and started giving excuses of xmas and open weeks while salman has crossed 300 crores earlier on eid twice, only his xmas release tzh has not done that so why they were bringing tzh. they should have replied if content is there it will do 300 crore like sultan and bb. but they are saying it is difficult because they know something is wrong with the hype.
      and look at the like dislike ratio of this film , the like dislike ratio of this films trailer is almost 75:25. even trailers of films like mohenjodaro, tubelight have far better like dislike ratio than this film.

  3. First time I have seen some one hamming up in a masturbation scene.

    Imagine overacting in masturbation scene ?

  4. Stop comparing everything with swag

    i liked allah duhai for its variety...some songs needs time to grow and plz check the youtube views and likes of salman's best song this decade jag ghoomeya

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