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Vedalam Review:

Vedhalam is a Tamil action film directed by Siva. The film stars Ajith Kumar and Shruti Hassan in the lead role. Vedalam is releasing on 10 November.


The pre release buzz is extremely high. The makers have released a short teaser only which shattered many YouTube records. The music has also become popular. So the expectations are huge from this masala film. Let’s move on to Vedalam review to see if it lives up to the expectations.

Vedalam Movie Review

You may say that it is just another film but it is not a usual film. The story is the USP as it has many shocking turns and twists.

The film is riveting from the start. The screenplay is commonplace but entertaining in parts. Especially, the action scenes work well with the audiences. The initial portion of the drama could have been avoided. Ditto for the pre-climax and the climax. The screenplay of the latter half is such that there is ample scope for action, which has been choreographed very well. The comedy scenes will leave Thala fans in laughter.

However, the portion, where the fact that an important revelation about Ajith's character is revealed to the viewer, is not convincing at all. Moreover, the revelation is not even shocking to the audience as there already is a clue. If this aspect had been dealt with more deftly, the some scenes might have been much more explosive.

Logic and common sense has been given a short shrift at many places in the drama but this won’t necessarily prove to be an obstacle for the layperson to enjoy it. The more discerning audiences might ask several questions, which, mostly, will remain unanswered.

The latter half is fast-paced. Emotions abound the script, but at most times, they fail to touch the heart. Dialogues are outstanding at places and alright at others. All in all, the script works because of the action and Ajith's dialogue delivery. The editing is top notch as it keeps the film fast pace.

Siva's direction is good as he manages to make narrative fast-paced and interesting for the most part. Cinematography is excellent. The music is decent though does not work that well in the film. The background score is superb which lifts many scenes.

Vedalam Review: Star Performances

Ajith Kumar enlivens the character with full gusto. There is not a single frame where you find him weak. You will connect to his on screen character completely. His psycho avatar can scare you and you will feel chills in your spines when he speaks.

Shruti Hassan looks pretty and acts well. Lakshmi Menon delivers one of her best performance so far. There is one scene where she completely nailed it. You have to see it to understand true acting value.

What's Hot:

♦ Thala (Hands Down)
♦ Beatifuly choreographed action
♦ Thrill and surprises
♦ Dialogues
♦ Fast Pace


What's Not:

♦ Un-Necessary Drama
♦ No logic in some sequences
♦ Weak Story


Vedalam Movie Review: Verdict

On the whole Vedalam is a masala action thriller with loads of entertainment. It is a perfect delight for masses. The film will connect to audience despite having some flaws. Especially it will appeal to Thala fans big time. You can expect firecrackers at box office on this Diwali. Go for it and get surprised.

Vedalam Rating:


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5 comments on “Vedalam Review - Ajith Kumar”

  1. How can I write reviews of movies for your website. Is their a way by which u can check out my reviews n decide if m game for it. Do let me no thanks

  2. Awesome one liners. Thala Kanna asachalae visal satham parakuthu. Thala fans ku mattum la 150 Rs. Kuduthu theatre ku padam paaka vara ellathukum treat by director siva. There are heroes who could self-boast for their political support, and there is THALA to make a film like vedalam to show people what is acting. Hats off to Director SIVA for pin-pointing the threat to women among us. Stunts resemble a far-cry sequence. BGM was so apt and synced with screenplay. Anirudh gas done really well.Shruthi hassan song was good. Soori's originality is fantastic. Laxmi menon's role has a major stronghold in the story.

    You know what the name Thala means. So, just go watch the film, if you like it enjoy the movie, if not.....????

    People who say that this is a normal story line and there is nothing more than a bluff are prescribed to go for re-hab as they might be retards

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