Udta Punjab Movie Review

Udta Punjab Movie Review

Udta Punjab is a crime thriller film directed by Abhishek Chaubey. The film stars Shahid Kapoor, Diljit Dosanjh, Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor Khan the lead roles. It is being produced by Balaji Motion Pictures and Phantom Films.


The film is based on the drug abuse in the state of Punjab. It tells the story of a rockstar Tommy Singh (Shahid Kapoor), a cop Sartaj Singh (Diljit Dosanjh), a migrant laborer (Alia Bhatt) and a doctor (Kareena Kapoor). Tommy Singh is a drug addict and slowly loses his passion in singing. Sartaj's younger brother is also a victim of drugs and once he was brought to Kareena's clinic for treatment. Soon they both join hands to eradicate the drug issue. In the meantime, Alia Bhatt finds out a packet of Heroine and try to sell. However in doing so she was caught in a mess and was kidnapped. She tried to escape and struck with Tommy Singh. He seems to like her but soon she was taken back by the kidnappers. Will Sartaj and Kareena be able to eradicate drug issue? Will Tommy Singh be able to free Alia from kidnappers? Watch the film to find out.

What works the best for Udta Punjab is its power packed performances and superb writing. The film's story is fast paced from the first scene itself. The writers have done an excellent job in enmeshing all key ingredients of a great film and lucidly written this fast paced thriller. The story of Alia Bhatt and Diljit Dosanjh has been well rendered.

However, the film has many cliches, especially in the second half. The climax is a rushed one. It is also very abusive and at sometimes it looks like that the director has deliberately done so to offend the audience. We don't think ordinary Punjabis talk like that. That may not go well with the audience. Shahid's backdrop and story is uninteresting and his character is also not bulit well. The interaction between Shahid and Alia is great however the chemistry between Diljit and Kareena is gonna melt your heart.

Udta Punjab Review: Direction, Editing, Screenplay

Abhishek Chaubey’s direction is rightly effective and knows the right chords to hit with his films. There are so many perfect scenes which just exhibits Chaubey’s imaginative vein so well. There is a powerful scene when Shahid was in lockup and Diljit interrogated him. The body language, dialogues, and backdrop were so perfect. The best thing about the film is that you see these kinds of characters every day in real life.

The dialogues are well written. The music was terrific to say the least, however, it was not picturized well as there are only two full songs played in the film. A missed opportunity indeed. The cinematography is picturesque. The film is fast paced and editing has been done well.

Udta Punjab Movie Review: Star Performances

♦ Shahid Kapoor is a terrific actor and he has shown his potential many times. He excelled big time as Tommy Singh. He is wild, crazy, passionate and at the same time weak, caring and emotionally broken. His portrayal of Tommy Singh will be remembered for a long time.

♦ Alia Bhatt is gorgeous however she does not fear to experiment and that is her biggest USP. She is brilliant and pitch perfect in a de glamor role. That is probably her best performance along with Highway. It will definitely put Alia much higher than her contemporaries actresses.

♦ Diljit Dosanjh is a powerhouse of talent and manages to score every time he is on screen. He shows his anger and frustration through his face expression and actions. It is the best debut performance of this year. Though he needs to work on his Hindi.

♦ Kareena Kapoor Khan had a very natural act. Her performance was mainly single linear however she still manages to leave a chord. She is confident as a doctor and looks natural.

♦ A special mention will be for Prabhjyot Singh as Bali which is a victim of drugs.

What’s Good:

  • All the lead star give one of their best performances
  • The film is fast paced having a relatable plot
  • The screenplay is fiery
  • Powerful dialogues


What’s Not

  • Second half has some dull moments
  • Climax is rushed and cliched
  • Too offensive at times


Udta Punjab Review: Verdict

Udta Punjab is a must must watch film. It’s not every day that you stumble upon issue based films which entertain you also. That is probably the most honest take on drug issues. Having said so it is not everyone's cup of tea especially if you get easily offended. The climax can also be a disappointing and meaningless for you. I am going with a 3.5/5.



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18 comments on “Udta Punjab Movie Review”

  1. Considering the focus of the movie and performance of actors, it's a one time watch. A drag at various times and pointless climax were disappointing though.

  2. Whatever said now and will be told later or whatever happened earlier and will hapown now its a movie of appx 70-80 Crs only..!!

  3. I think UDTA PUNJAB will also do well at the box office like AIRLIFT,NEERJA kapoors & sonS,bcuz these years belongs to this content films And it will collects around 80 to 90cr and become hit or superhit, it will be one of the best performance of SHAHID kapur after HAIDER.

  4. full review
    like a view of film
    punjab is full of drug addict people in every home 1 person is drug addict
    all the police r corrupt all the mla r selleng drug in there farm house
    & supply to the common people
    instead of money they give drugs to people to give vote

    wahan ki aamlog mahila purush girl boy children sabhi gaaliyan de kr baat karte hai

    kheton me drugs smuggling karte hai
    har ek bachha drug addict hai

    in last main toh ab kabhi punjab nhi jaane wala or apne doston ko bhi nhi jaane dunga yar
    wahan k log me mannar nhi hai gaali dete hai sabke saamne pura punjab drug addict hai

    thanks udta punjab for showing the truth itna ganda hai punjab
    kabhi na jaana punjab

  5. Don't waste time on 712 MB pure crap.... No question of watching in theaters :P
    1* star from me

  6. Devak sahab tumhe bulaya kisne hai pubjab ja ja apne bihar main reh chipak ke...punjab is known for hospatality and respect ok..

  7. Dear bollyarena i visit ur site everyday 7-8 times great work...selute to u...

  8. Because of diljit dosanjh
    Movie will earn
    60-70 crore extra. So dont be shocked when it cross 100 crore

  9. @proud to be punjabi
    bro main delhi ka hoon samaga
    muje garv hai punjab par samja mere kahne ka matlab tune nhi samjha
    is film ne bahut galat tarah se punjab ko dikhaya hai

  10. @devk But bro if u proud on pubjab than dont spread negtivity about pubjab.....movies are nt comletly based on true..punjab is a safe and rich state...i agree from past couple of year drug is main issue...but punjab always known for rich culture and happinesd.

  11. Fuddu Bande Fuddu baat hi karenge....
    Tum saalo gandu ho or gaandu hi rhoge.... Badi badi baate but Bas yahi par...

    Kal first show Udta Punjab K naam..... Pakka Dekhni He Ye film.....

  12. bollywood erena you gave 1.5 to housefull 3 it was ok but today i watched udta punjab how can you give 3.5 this is the booriest movie i ever watched it in my life sir i think you r a fan of any actor in that film

  13. Udta Punjab - Movie Review

    Udta Punjab is a historical film in many ways. In spite of being an out and out commercial film, not only does Udta Punjab succeed in tackling a controversial subject like cross border drug trafficking with great conviction, but it also serves as a new benchmark as far as the redundancy of the colonial censorship norms in modern India are concerned, perhaps ushering in a new era of filmmaking. Here is a film that needs to be watched.

  14. shaandar jaandar jindabad hit ni blockbuster he yahi sab chahte he na sab but imp ye he ek state jo kbhi harit kranti ke liye jana jata ta kabhi army jawano ke liye jana jata ta nd in 2016 thts know for drugs addict bas ye kamaye na kamaye but is issue ko pehli bar is tarah uthane ke liye salute he udta punjab to har punjab ki maa ki dua ap ke sath he udta punjab jaroor kamyab hoge

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