BREAKING: Udta Punjab leaked online

This is probably the worst thing that could have happened to Udta Punjab. In a big attempt to sabotage Udta Punjab by those who are opposing its release, the complete movie has already leaked online. At some places a 40 minutes DVD print is available. Meanwhile, the full movie is available on certain websites. (Confirmed by our team)

The Central Board of Film Certification has not submitted the certificate to Udta Punjab yet. However, shockingly, the leaked copy bears the ‘For Censor’ stamp, which indicates that it’s the same copy that’s with the CBFC. Shahid's urinating scene (which is cut by Bombay High Court) is also in the leaked copy. It is a shame for CBFC who has leaked the film online just for their personal egos.

Screen Shots:





The battle between Udta Punjab makers and CBFC has been raging over the past few days, with the Censor Board demanding as many as 89 cuts in the Abhishek Chaubey-directorial.

Stay tuned with us for more updates.

24 comments on “BREAKING: Udta Punjab leaked online”

  1. @Bollyarea, how can you claim "CBFC who has leaked the film online just for their personal egos"?
    Don't be a Judge here... It can very well be Producers themselves to gain more publicity by leaking it online & removing it within minutes... It may not be so but you cannot declare a Judgement without knowing facts...

  2. Copy with ‘For Censor’ stamp is available with both Parties. U cannot be a Judge to decide who has leaked it.

    When Manjhi was leaked it remained available whereas Udta Punjab has disappeared within minutes. Don't u sense conspiracy here? I may be wrong but atleast I m not passing Judgement.

    Shame @bollyarena

  3. shame on you cbfc and f*c* you palhaj....
    The people in cbfc is the only reason for the failure of bollywood movies in bo as the things which directors wants to reflect were cut by cbfc and they always gives crap jokes......
    same on you cbfc.... ??

  4. Your admin seems to be a child. You people dont have a sense of what to publish and what not. By publishing this article you are only spreading this bad news so that more n more people will try to get the leaked copy. No other site, indicine, bollywoodhungama, addatoday, boxofficeindia, koimoi etc have published such news. So please do a homework before u publish any article you idiots. Earlier also you did same to spread negativity for HOUSEFULL 3 by publishing bad reviews before the release of the movie n published bad articles like trade reaction n all. Along with CBFC shame on you also.

    1. Dear Theskb, through the news producers got to know about leaking of the film. Thus they took legal actions and the movie was removed from all websites. Our responsibility is to report

      1. Yes and it is only you who got the news and no body else. There are many more popular sites than you, who work sensibly. Like you, they also report the news to public. But the difference is they share proper news at proper time. I have not found this news on any other site except you.

      2. If its that way, you could have informed them (if only u knew about it)...
        They are unapproachable for you? But they will read article on your website...
        Lame excuses...

        1. In fact they may have asked some more reputed sites (I loved your site till today but not anymore) not to highlight it. U dint get attention so indirectly trying to spoil it?

  5. Pehlaj Nehlani - if he has really done this -- shame on him... This is choro ki toli....last 2 years this type of political thinks are happening....amit shah and company after Gujrat politics whole india seems to be in political trap.... then it be all not BJP rulling states (they target them), film industry, food industry (maggy episode - done for patanjali) ..kissi ko bhechne nahi chodenge yeh log...& still Bakhtts eyes r closed....JAGOO..abhi nahi thoo kabhi nahi...

  6. hmm i am confused why censor board do this yaa aap ho kisi xyz ke khaas fin thts your personal lif but thts does not mean u kill art nd film lik this shame on you censor board

  7. rahi bat punjab ki to har maa ki mang he drugs mukt punjab thik he aap hi sahi means aam aadmi party bas hmare punjab ko is abhishap se bacha lo har maa ro ri he uske aashu chikh chikh ke kah rhe he koi bcha le mere bacho ko is zahernuma drugs se,bas bahut hui drugs ki maar abki bar punjab me kejriwal

  8. @Bollyareana. As per your msg in Comments section "through the news producers got to know about leaking of the film. Thus they took legal actions and the movie was removed from all websites."

    Wonderful. Now that Udta Punjab Producers have read your article and have come to know about it, why don't you remove it? How many people you want to know about it and download it (if still available)?

      1. Then bollyarena should remove this article no? Why do they want more people to know about it and download it?

        1. Bollyarena if removes article then it is not a big deal..... Many people are aware of this leakage as almost all news channels are giving this report bro...

  9. "The ‘censor copy’ of the film leaked onto the internet on Wednesday evening. Our mainstream media, renowned for its lack of ethics, jumped onto this too and gave publicity to piracy."

    How sensible this post from Indicine as a part of Prediction. Not highlighting it at all.

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