Udta Punjab 3rd Day Box Office Collection

Udta Punjab 3rd Day Box Office Collection: Shahid Kapoor film have dominated the box office after its release. There is also a jump on Sunday however it is a little low than expectations. The Monday collections of the film will play an important role in determining the lifetime collection.

Udta Punjab 3rd Day Box Office Collection

Udta Punjab was good on Sunday. As per official figures, Udta Punjab 3rd day collection will be in the range of 12.5 crore. It has an excellent start in the morning and noon shows. The film showed huge growth in the metro cities Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata. East Punjab in particular was strong where it was running to packed houses. It will have the fifth highest weekend grosser of this year behind Housefull 3 and Fan. Udta Punjab collection has been best on its Sunday. However, it has also faced considerable drops in single screens where it got the opening due to the controversy. But as the content was not for them so it has witnessed drops. The afternoon and evening shows were not that strong.

Udta Punjab box office collection in 3 days will be over 33 crore. Udta Punjab 1st weekend collection is the 5th highest of 2016.

Highest Opening Weekend 2016

  1. Housefull 3 - 53.31 Cr
  2. Fan – 52.35 Cr
  3. Airlift – 44.30 Cr
  4. Baaghi - 38.58
  5. Udta Punjab – 33.80 Cr

Despite the growth, there have been some concerns for the film as the trend was not that strong on Sunday. It is also rejected in mass centers. Now it will rely on the multiplexes of the metros. The film should collect more than 5 crores on Monday which will ensure a good run.

Udta Punjab Sunday Collection (3rd Day)

12.5 Cr

Udta Punjab Weekend Collection

33.80 Cr

Day 110.05
Day 211.25
Day 312.5
Day 44.5
Day 54.0
Day 63.4
Day 72.8
Day 81.45
Day 92.2
Day 102.4
Day 110.80
Day 120.75
Day 130.71
Day 140.66
3rd Week2.71
Remaining Weeks0.07
Total60.34 Cr

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32 comments on “Udta Punjab 3rd Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Very good I think. No A+-star in the film, with very much respect for Shahid. Just shows content matters. This film also profits from the buzz created in the past weeks. Now we will see if weekdays can hold up or this one will go down with no trend.

  2. All in all good collection.Looks like 60 cr is minimum guaranteed.Hope it will reach above 70cr.

  3. Excellent collections! Considering that it leaked on Internet two days earlier of its theatrical release and boycott campaign of nihlani's chamchas!!!

  4. Weekend collections are 33+cr. That’s mean it will be a superhit for sure. Big slap on the face of those idiots who have been continuously blabbering nonsenses on UP & Anurag Kashyap!!!

  5. I think alia bhhat this year will comeback with 3 big hits(k&s.udta punjap.shahruk khan film) and this strong after 2015 bad year with shandaar

  6. Akshy kumar is the best his last 6 movies have five success and one averge so he is the big star ever.
    And he and alia bhhat will have big year 2016 with 3 hits every one of thim
    Akshy( airlift,H3, rustom)
    Alia( K&S, UDTA BUNJAP, with shahrkhan film)

  7. Movies like House full 3 should be banned. It has simply no content and is totally waste of time.

    1. Dude..... Your an intellectual there is no problem with that but common people sometimes also want entertainment with family which films like hf3 give, Do you think up can give us entertainment with whole family? So how can you say hf3 had no content?

  8. I think Anurag and Ekta like people they are making money by making punjab shemful making this type of movie,but in there profits they are not doing any charity work for drug addict people, drug is all India problem but they are making foul to punjab People play in the hand of some pol party. They nothing to concern with punjab people. Shame sheme Anurag . Anurag and Ekta Pl do something for drug addict people like rehabilitation.

    1. Abe *** tujhe pata bhi hai Punjab ki halat
      Agar pata hoti toh yeh baat Na karta.
      Whole Punjab's youth is trapped in the circle of drugs.

  9. Anurag and Ekta they are noting to do with Punjab Drug addict problem but to play in hand of some political party to earn the profits out of movie. Drug is All India problem but they are targeting punjab because of political party shame shame . They are making punjabis shameful. Anurag and do something for drug addict rehabilitation. Out of your profit which you are making Punjab and punjabis shameful.

  10. Anurag and Ekta should make movies subject like Bihar education problem, Bihar rangdari problem, Bihar uneducated minister, up Mathura problem, up Gundaraj problem, Carana up problem , Bangal pol violance, Delhi one pol party making foul of Delhi people doing nothing but create Drama daily in news.

  11. Udta Punjab surpassed all expectations at the Box Office.It brought in 10 crore at the Box Office being the talk of town as the weekend started and got bigger

  12. Nearly 34cr in India in its first weekend despite online leak ,2 days before release....that's awesome....
    Hope it will collect more than 70cr and declare as hit....

  13. Guys
    If collection are less than Baaghi, Udta Punjob should be treated as flop because Shahid and Alia are bigger stars as well as the movie got unprecedented promotion thanks to censor board.

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