Tumhari Sulu and Justice League Box Office Expectations

This weekend will see the release of Vidya Balan's Tumhari Sulu and Zareen Khan's Aksar 2. There is also a Hollywood biggie Justice League.

Tumhari Sulu had an interesting promo and received a positive response. Vidya Balan has seen some box office successes as a solo heroine. However her best days are long gone now as she is not an A-list actress anymore. Her last release was Begun Jaan which released this year and opened to 4 crores.

But at the end of the day, Tumari Sulu is one of those content oriented films which are completely dependent on word of mouth. The film might get around 2-3 crore opening and will need the crucial Saturday growth to survive. It has decent early reports but it will need more than that as female-oriented films are not working lately.

Justice League is considered to be the DC's answer to Marvel's Avengers. However, like most of DC's films, it has received mixed to negative reviews from critics. DC had a bigger fan base in India as compared to Marvel however the quality of DC films have been getting lower and as a result, Marvel has taken over.

The makers have probably missed the trick by not releasing Justice League in Hindi. The film can have an opening day of around 4 crores. Batman vs Superman collected 56 crores in India despite the poor reviews. However, Justice League is likely to fall short of that total.

There is also Aksar 2 which is the sequel to Emraan Hashmi's Aksar released in 2006. It is more like a typical erotic thriller but this genre has died lately. A couple of songs have become hits which will help the film to get some initial in masses. But overall there are very few chances that it will work.

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    1. English likhne to a nahi raha film kaha se samjho ge bhai.... Suna nahi kya Hindi mein release nahi hua hai... English samajh to ayega nahi.... Sorry bro..

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