Tubelight fails to beat Dilwale, struggling to cross Raees

Tubelight vs Raees vs Dilwale Day Wise Box Office Collection Comparison: Now it is confirmed that Tubelight is not going to be a big grosser. Instead, it is going to compete with other underperformers.

The trend on the national holiday of Eid has suggested that the lifetime total might not touch 150 crores. In fact, it will be interesting to see if it can even become the highest grosser of 2017, the record which is held by Shahrukh Khan starrer Raees.

Dilwale and Raees both faced a box office clash with big films like Bajirao Mastani and Kaabil. Both these competitor films turned out to be better in terms of content and had positive word of mouth. So other than lesser screens, the overall impact of the clash was higher. On the other hand, Tubelight was a solo release on Eid.

Tubelight vs Raees vs Dilwale Box Office Collection Comparison:

It is a foregone conclusion that Tubelight will fall short of Raees and Dilwale in worldwide numbers thanks to the superb overseas business of SRK starrers. But the biggest challenge for Tubelight will be to beat these films in the domestic market.

Update 2 July 2017:

Salman Khan's Tubelight continues to face heavy drops in the second week too. It will now fall short of Dilwale and is also struggling to cross Raees which is the highest grosser of 2017. Raees faced a clash with Kaabil which offered a strong competition in the second week. Yet Tubelight is collecting lower than Raees.

Day 121.1520.4221.0
Day 221.1726.3020.09
Day 322.4513.1124.0
1st Weekend64.77 cr59.83 cr65.09 cr
Day 419.0915.6110.09
Day 512.017.809.42
Day 66.506.208.79
Day 74.505.709.26
1st Week106.86 cr105.14 cr102.65 cr
Day 82.255.308.11
Day 92.754.206.0
Day 130.951.503.13
Day 140.901.352.38
2 Weeks118.26 cr129.94 cr135.21 cr
3rd Week3.9511.47
4th Week0.172.04
Total118.26 cr134.04 cr148.72 cr
Worldwide210.10 cr280.85 cr388.86 cr
VerdictFlopSemi HitSemi Hit

Will Tubelight beat Raees and Dilwale in India? Let us know in the comments section.

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    1. Bollyarena what was so arty and offbeat about tubelight I've just seen it now it's just an emotional drama set in 1962 calling tubelight offbeat is like saying baaghban was an arthouse film honestly if I had choice of which film to watch again bodyguard ek tha tiger jai ho and tubelight I'd watch tubelight again it's a 3/5 film not bad at all only reason film is struggling is they over did it with the emotional parts.

  1. Great Article BollyArena! Just 1 request. I am an SRKian and yet I have never bashed Salman in any of my comments even in this disastrous Tubelight phase. So I request Salman fans also to respect SRK. Everyone will have bad phases, that's the way industry works. Sometimes SRK will be ahead, sometimes Salman will be ahead. So just respect the 2 Legendary Superstars and enjoy Indian Cinema. Thanks

    1. I like ur thinking and totally agree with u. If SRK N SK can be so good friendz, why cannot the fans.

  2. Yr salman sharukh ki movie masala or songs pe depend rehti hai. Aamir ki trah nai h ye log jo apne acting or telant pe film sperhit kra de. Tzh ka music Bakwas hua to Uska bhi yhi haal hoga.

        1. Chakke de india title song massive hit tha guru. Jab tak inko ache song ni milta inko hit film ni milegi

  3. Let's see what happen this weekend! If Tubelight does. It cross 20-25cr this weekend it has not chance of beating raees and worldwide it has not chance anyways!

    What a massive disappointment, not a Salman Khan fan but I expected better of him and Kabir Khan after bajrangi Bhaijaan!

    @Bollyarena can we have an update of overseas collections and what would you guys predict as Tubelights overseas lifetime collections?

  4. TUBELIGHT is way better than Craps like Raees and Dilwale.
    TUBELIGHT will collect beyond 150 Crores.

    1. fir to akki all time Disasters crap actor hai..joker movie hahahah ...all time highest crap and disaster movie dene vala actoer akki ...

        1. Ye lamhe judai k release nhi hui thi ...leak kr di gyi thi qki wo movie 1994 se bnti aa rhi thi....baki Srk ki chod tu akki ko dekh 2 saal se hi hit de rha h wrna always crap hero akki.....or bhai ye dekh tu akkk 50 cr. Pe hit ho jati h..or SRK ki 150 cr.pe b average mani jati bhale hi wo hit ho....ise khte h stardom...50-100 cr. Wale ko nhi...or fir b fan to 85 kr gyi thi...but akki ka ka record utha k dekh...usko kbhi bde budget ki movie nhi milti q.....qki sbko pta h flop ho jayegi...isliye 30-40cr. K budget ki movie milti h jo aaj k time m 100 cr. Tk phuch jaye....wrna airlift k sath kya cool h hm release hui thi uske samne 100 cr. Hi cross kr paya.. jbki kya cool h hm 30 cr. Tk phuch gyi thi...or raees dilwale ko dekh uske samne big budget ki movie thi fir or clash m b jyada kmakr average rhi....
          Or ha gold ka or padman ka budget b 50 k aas b rhega.....
          Tucha star....2 saal se kya chl sir pe chd gye...usko dekho jo 25 saal se superstar h

      1. Bus karo yaar kya 'apne Muh miya mitthu ban rahe ho'.
        Akki jaisa bhi hai wo producer, distributer,ko favourite hai aur toh aur Aj kal akki decide karta hai ki wo kis director k ander kam karega..
        example mogul

      2. Bus karo yaar kya 'apne Muh miya mitthu ban rahe ho'.
        Akki jaisa bhi hai wo producer, distributer,ko favourite hai aur toh aur Aj kal akki decide karta hai ki wo kis director k ander kam karega..
        example mogul .
        Tumhare srk ki tarah nahi jo 3 sal or more se struggling kar raha haii 1 simple hit pane k liye...haaaa?????

  5. The only Gangu Teli so called superstar who gives Disasters on festivals-- jaameman, kyunki, MAMK and fuss light. Till now Gangu Teli sally has 12 Disasters since 1994 (according to BOI). Even before 1994 he gave Disasters which are yet to be updated. The Gangu Teli so called superstar who has given more Disasters than Blockbusters. He ruined Eid and made many distributors bankrupt in spite of the Biggest release with highest ticket price. He doesn't deserve solo festive release.

  6. Dilwale with clash 388crww
    Rustom with clash 218cr ww
    Airlift with clash 232 Cr we

    Raees 280 Cr ww with clash
    Lallu the flop actor 5700 screens ww
    4days holiday coming after one year still chasing 200 Cr ww

    1. Aagar tere flop actor mai himmat hai to bol Akki ko bhai se clash karke dikhae!!!
      TL>>>Khiladi 786, brothers

      1. Kya chahta hai for se history batau
        Lallu lost 4 times clash with Akki
        Lost 5 times clash with srk
        Lost 2 times clash with Ajay

        Only actor who has lost clash with nana patekar,John Abraham, abhishek bacchan ,rakhi sawant
        Lallu the flop actor of all time

    2. Abe lallu you forgot ww collection of sultan , bb which is out of reach of your both lallu srk and akki

      Akki and srk cannot get 300 Cr net in India

      Future don't call robot 2 akki Starr ???

      Bechera ka ideal top list main nahi hai not even top 5 to jealous ho Raha hai

      Wait till Christmas will show you another big grosserfrom Salman

      Tza will shatter many record

      Too much fun

      1. Bas Eid aur Christmas ke dam pe kiddo

        Sallu in non holiday 180 Cr ww
        Akshay on nonholiday​ 206 Cr ww (rowdy rathore)
        Srk on nonholiday​ 203 Cr(my name is khan)
        So stop comparing festival made star with superstars

  7. This is called MegaStardom... 2.3 average Rating. Negative WOM but still getting compared with average rating of 4 stars and Positive WOM film and one of the biggest films of SRK.... Aukat of SRK is defined.

  8. It's a serious! We Salman Fans should also boycott SRK & Aamir films. We mustn't watch their films in theatre. Aamir khan's fans are Naag. Who bites from back then why should we show love towards Aamir ?! SRK fans are haters and we know that still we watch his films. But from now we Salman Khan die hard & hardcore fans should take oath and promise to not watch Aamir & SRK films in theater. If we want to watch we should watch it either on mobile or TV. Pirated version should be the best choice. If we r truly a Salman fan, we should have to care... Aamir fans are Snake... now they'll say it's SRK fans who r bashing salman but it ain't true... SRK fans are born haters of Salman and we know that but Insecurity of Aamir Khan fans about Salman's MegaStardom made them Haters of Salman. So we mustn't watch his films too... Hume Aamir aur SRK ki film Theatre mein nahi dekhna chahiye...

    1. naam aamir khana rakhkr aamir ko hi troll karta h fake id koi tere baat ko manna chl dekhenge bhi nahin

    2. @Aamir Khan: Bhai.. aisi nafrat spread karne mein koi fayda nahi hoga.. Sallu bhai vi isse khush nahi hoga.. In fact, koi star itne vi choti mind ka nahi hoga ki dusre star ka film dekhne mein mana karengi..

      I'm a die-hard Aamir-fan bt I was in tears (Aamir sir ki tarah) after watching Bajrangi.... I also liked Tubelight & it is of couse not that bad as everyone is trying to claim..

  9. Salman Khan and the history of flops in festivals in 90s
    1994-Andaaz apna apna (Deewali)
    1994-Sangdil sanam(X-Mas)=Lost clash with akki film hum hai bemishaal
    more to be updated
    @NN Salman had back to back 8 flops before HAHK. BOI will update all soon.

    50 flops, wow. CONGRATS DISASTER KHAN.

  10. megastar ki film ko clashed films se compare karna pad rha hai kya din aa gaye megastar ke hahaha
    now we can say that akki is bigger star than our beloved sallu bhau kyuki dono hi festival par flop de sakte hain only hahaha lekin akki non holiday par hit deta hai jo bhau ke bas ki bat nahi

  11. i cant understand why Bollyarena doing such comparison with Tubelight when Dilwale , Raees both were clashed with other movies .

  12. @Honest man
    U were trolling srk for not crossing IPL release ready in 2011 in Xmas/Deewali

    Ur Salman wont cross 2012's post IPL release Rowdy Rathore, 2015 clashed dilwale, 2017's clashed crime thriller raees

    Any shame left? Milana eit ka jawaf patthar se.

    Atleast in this decade srk didnt give flop outright

    TL ww collection<<<Jab tak hai jaan(2012) that clashed

  13. bollywood biggies like ,sallu ,srk,hritik,akshay total collection of this year srk=140,hritik=84,akki=118,sallu's tubelight will be close to much 120 so total is 482 , but bahubali dubbed telugu movies hindi collection is -505 this is very serious matter for bollywood now

  14. End of its lifetime collection tubelight easily cross raes and dilwale still it get average staus because Salman stardom

  15. look what this site has revealed.....In fact this is the truth,,,, Bajirao and kaabil are better than SRK movies in spite SRK wins in terms of collection.... JHMS will be a big flop or semi hit.... this year only Kaabil will win in terms of acting and performance....

  16. why are we comparing action films with arty films????.. both these SRK movies wer directed toward class and mass.. whereas tubelight was for classes alone... zameen aasman ka fark hai..
    Its only salmans stardom which has kept the movie alive.. warna kab ka pittha

  17. @sayar do you know why salman is bigger than srk , let's make you understand that.

    on the release date of tubelight boxofficeindia gave a list of top ten advance of all time. look at that you will understand what i am saying
    kick vs chennai express advance comparison
    according to boi.com kick has an advance of 13.25 crore net which is only below dhoom 3 at the time of release. that means kick at the time of release has the second biggest advance of all time beating chennai express. both kick and ce had advance of 3 day weekend. now chennai express had a holiday weekend with all the 3 days being holidays from friday to sunday. kick was released on a working day weekend before eid came. in the first three days there were no holidays for kick except normal sunday holiday. infact it was a pre-eid release which is even worser than a working day. but you will say pre-eid is an excuse but you have to accept kick was a non holiday weekend release while ce was a holiday weekend release. despite of that kick's advance was better, now what will you say about that. ce's total collections was better because of spot booking being more because of holidays.

    now compare happy new year vs kick. happy new year has 13.75 crore advance which is only 50 lacks more than kick with hiked prices and hny was another holiday weekend release and kick being non holiday.
    so you can see salman films advance on non holiday is better than srk films on holidays. advance booking relies most on stardom and it proves stardom more even than opening day collections.

    that's salman for you, rest things does not matter. in masala potboilers his initial pull is bigger than srk. if i ask srk to release a film on non holiday weekend and beat the advances of salman's holiday release sultan( which is currently bollywood's biggest) can he do that? no, hawa nikal jayegi, but salman did it.

    and srk has given many festival releases this decade which has grossed lower than non holiday releases while salman has done it only once.

    1. @dishonest man itna bolta h par logic too kuch bhi nahin hota h tere baat me ,2009 k pehle tere lallu top 5 v tha ? aur jab srk bad phase chal rha jab sallu ka 2009 se shuru hua acccha haal use compare kar rha h ,srk bad phase me bhi competition too de raha h yehi tera lallu ne kiya before 2009 ? nw enjoy ur lallu's 50th flop movie tubelight ,

    2. success of sultan,men in form sallu ko good opening too milna chaiye tha kyu nhi mila ? srk bad phase with clash opening 20 cr
      sallu men inform giving jusr over raees colletion with eid solo release dont give excuse man sallu k aukat sbko pata h

  18. @honest man Now Masala has become important to you. U were trolling SRK for giving 2cr opening of Paheli when multiplex era hadnt even started and it was a non-masala niche art film
    Let me make it very simple for you!
    The distributors loss of tubelight is more than that of Bombay Velvet
    I know JHMS will flop but it wont be that big a flop for sure.

    And dont give me excuses. There are times when Salman couldnt beat non-holiday releases. Wanted couldnt beat Love Aaj Kal and APKGK. MAMK, KyunKi, Jaaneman and so many others

  19. And unless SRK has got a solo festive release except for 2011 he has never given lower clctns than non holiday film.

  20. Amir vs Salman
    Srk vs Salman
    Akshay vs Salman
    Every where is Salman khan
    Hahaha love you bhai
    Today my predection is 11+ to 12+

  21. @ Dishonest Joker - again you have started posting jokes..??? Do have some shame. On which planet did SRK give Disaster on Festival? Gangu Teli sallu is making one after another shameful records and you are giving excuse of advance booking LMAO. Ra-one, HNY, Dilwale had worse WOM compared to fuss light still they were respectively hit, super hit and semi hit with record opening in his worst phase. This Gangu Teli so-called superstar sallu's rickshawala fans will remain forever ga war.

  22. @sayar i think i have made a valid comparison. flops, disasters these things don't matter at the end of the day. stardom is proved by initial hype a star generates for a film.
    kick , chennai express and happy new year were all masala potboilers and results show that a non holiday film's advance of salman is bigger than a holiday release film of srk. now tell me what advantage kick had over chennai express, nothing. then why the advance was better despite of having no holiday in the weekend. if kick would have been a holiday weekend release like ce just think where the advance would have reached . it proves today salman generates much initial craze than srk with the same kind of film. be unbiased you will understand it.

    go and watch the top ten advance of all time posted by boi.com you will easily understand who is bigger, but you have to see it unbiasedly . you will see salman films on non holidays have equal or better advances than srk's holiday releases and when salman films are getting holiday releases he is taking the advance to a different level.
    @nn answer to my comments if you have any logic don't say illogical things that ra one and dilwale are record openers. those advance numbers are not mine they are by boi.com .

    1. mera q ko answer nahin mila mr dishonest man ,jab bad phase me itni comeptition de rha h srk tera lallu ne ye kabhi kiya ? bad phase me aur kick kon sa non holiday tha gochu

    2. ce -2013 kick -2014 there is diffrence of one year man so ur comparison is meaningless

  23. the collection of Dilwale is right but Raees collection was 174 crores so please change and include the raees official box office collection. and raees is clean hit movie

  24. @chandra prasad kick was a non holiday release as the holiday of eid fell on tuesday for ce the holiday of eid fell on friday( opening day). despite of that kick was ahead in advance by a good distance. bulk of advance are normaly done till sunday and till sunday ce had 3 holidays and kick has only 1 which is the normal sunday which every film gets.
    last decade salman has beaten srk more than 20 times in terms of opening day collections which was salman's worst phase while in this decade srk has beaten salman only 5 times in terms of opening day collections and if jhms beats tubelight it will be 6 times. so salman was competing better with srk in terms of initial in the last decade .

    1. @dishonest last decade more than 20 times opening jit liya tha srk se sallu ne? kis galaxy me jita h bhai tu ,2000= sallu highest opening 'dhlj'-1.29 cr,srk 'josh' -1.25cr just (just 4 lacs deff) sallu beat srk
      2001=sallu c4-1.14cr ,srk k3g-2.38cr srk beat sallu
      2002=sallu hths-1.42cr,srk devdas-2.90cr, srk beat sallu
      2003=sallu tn -1.85cr,srk khnh-2.17
      2004-sallu msk-1.92cr ,srk- mhn-2.72cr(hatric win against sallu for srk),
      2005=sallu kk-2.40 cr,srk paheli-2.02 cr
      sallu beat srk
      2006=sallu j-e-m-2.43cr(but cameo in akki's movie) ,srk kank-5.18 cr ,srk beat sallu
      2007=sallu partner-5.38cr, srk oso-5.53cr ,srk beat sallu
      2008=sallu yuvraj-2.88cr ,srk rnbj-6.76 cr,srk beat sallu (again hatric for srk)
      2009=sallu wanted-5.10cr,srk billu(cameo)-3.78 crsallu beat srk
      2010= sallu daband (sallu's dob)-14.55cr,srk mnk-8.16 cr,sallu beat srk
      total srk had won 6 times and sallu 4 times so srk is the clear winner ,boycott this dishonestman nothing true in his words

  25. @chandra prasad in that way salman has also beaten srk in this decade in all the years except 2014 . still your list shows salman was ahead in 2000, 05, and 09. infact even in 01 he was ahead as k3g never opened due to srk. yes he has beaten 20 times or more . here goes the list( comparison is made according to film released in the same year)
    1. dhlj> mb
    2. dhlj> mb
    3. dhlj> pbdhh
    4. dhlj> hey ram
    5. dhlj> josh
    6. hdjpk > pbdhh
    7. hdjpk> hey ram
    8. cmb> pbdhh
    9. cmb> hey ram
    10. cccc> 12 ka4
    11. cccc> asoka
    12. tere naam > chalte chalte
    13. msk> swades
    14. msk> ylhjk
    15. garv> swades
    16. garv> ylhjk
    17. dnjak> ylhjk
    18. phir milenge> ylhjk
    19. mpkk> paheli
    20. no entry > paheli
    21. lucky no time for love > paheli
    22. partner > chak de india
    23. salaam e ishq > chak de india
    24. wanted > billu barber
    25. london dreams > billu barber
    ( its 24 times as i have counted the first one 2 times)
    so salman has beaten srk 24 times last decade in terms of opening day. yes srk was ahead but not the way you people think.

    and now let's come to this decade and let's see how many times srk has beaten salman in terms of opening day

    1. my name is khan > veer
    2. ra one > ready
    3. don2 > ready
    4. happy new year > jai ho
    5. happy new year > kick

    so it's only 5 times. i can challenge you will not find more.

    so salman in his worst phase has beaten srk 24 times in opening while srk in his worst phase has beaten salman 5 times in terms of opening.

  26. tiger zinda hai bahut badi flop hogi
    Uss time 100% clash hoga salman ka fir collection
    Hoga 150 cr lifetime..... Hahajajjajaajaj

    Public bhi bor ho chuki hai
    Salman bhai Buddha ho gya hai
    Ab shaadi kr lo bhai
    Kitne action emotions movie nikaloge

    Salman bhai ka time ab khatam hi ho chuka hai

    Ab toh srk ka time hai

    Raees 2nd highest grosser hai 2017 ki...

  27. One of the worst film of Salman in last 8 years getting compare with SRK's 3rd and 4th highest grosser & masala films. LMAO. Difference b/w real megaStar & media created Star.

  28. So a major solo Eid release with a director that gave him two blockbusters can't beat a postponed film that clashed Kaabil (a film that got better reviews and WOM) and that suffered from controversy around pakistani actress. SRK rules, period. And even though JHMS doesn't look promising at the box-office, Christmas 2018 will be the real test for King Khan.

  29. Tubelight beshak weak movie thi magar is movie Ko kamazkam 170 se 180 crore ka business India mein krna chahiye tha kiun ke Salman Khan ki fan following bohat hae Tubelight flop hone se Salman Khan ke attitude mein kami ayegi kiun ke Salman Khan ne do blockbuster movie de ke khud ko Aamir Khan or SRK se bada actor samjhna shuru kr dia tha Aaj Salman Khan ki yeh oqaat hai ke wo Raees ko beat nahi kr sakke

  30. Shame on you Dishonest joker. How much more will you stoop in morality to prove your Gangu Teli superior..??What type of Moronic stat is this..?? You are even comparing Hey Ram(small cameo), YLJK(11 years delayed without SRK's dubbing), billu barbar(SRK's extended cameo) with full fledged Gangu Teli sallu films.
    Let's see overall career:
    1993— SRK> sallu
    1994- sallu> SRK (due to Madhuri's favour)
    1995-SRK> sallu
    1996—SRK> sallu( Jeet isn't Gangu Teli's film. Chahat>Khamoshi)
    1997—SRK> sallu
    1998—SRK> sallu
    2000—sallu> SRK
    2001—SRK> sallu
    2002—SRK> sallu
    2003—SRK> sallu
    2004—-SRK> sallu
    2005—sallu> SRK(Maine Pyar kyu kia> paheli. No Entry isn't Gangu teli's film)
    2006—-SRK> sallu
    2007—-SRK> sallu
    2008—-SRK> sallu
    2009—-Gangu Teli sallu 1 superhit and 2 Disasters>SRK absent
    2010—-sallu >SRK
    2011—-sallu> SRK
    2012—sallu> SRK
    2013—SRK> sallu(absent)
    2017- sallu> SRK
    So in 26 years 15 times SRK>>>11 times Gangu Teli sallu.

    This is THE OPENING.
    1992----KING KHAN> sallu
    1993----KING KHAN> sallu
    1994----KING KHAN> sallu
    1995----KING KHAN> sallu
    1996----SRK> sallu (Jeet isn't Gangu Teli's film. Chahat opening> other Gangu Teli's film)
    1997----KING KHAN> sallu
    1998----KING KHAN> sallu
    1999---- sallu>KING KHAN
    2000----sallu>King Khan
    2001----KING KHAN> sallu
    2002----KING KHAN> sallu
    2003----KING KHAN> sallu
    2004----KING KHAN> sallu
    2005---- sallu> KING KHAN
    2006----KING KHAN> sallu
    2007----KING KHAN> sallu
    2008----KING KHAN> sallu
    2009---- sallu> King Khan(absent)
    2010---- sallu>KING KHAN
    2011---- sallu>KING KHAN
    2012---- sallu>KING KHAN
    2013----SRK> sallu (absent)
    2014---- King Khan>sallu.
    2015---- sallu> KING KHAN
    2016-- sallu>SRK
    2017- sallu>SRK(as he has Christmas and Eid)
    So in 26 years SRK 16 times >>>> sallu 10 times.
    Let's look at other achievments of Gangu Teli:

    Number of flops sallu =2* SRK's flops
    Number of Disasters of sallu= 3* SRK's Disasters( Let BOI update whole 90's, the number of flops and Disasters will increase for sallu)
    According to BOI: Success Ratio of SRK>>>>>success ratio of sallu(huge difference)
    HIt Ratio of SRK>>>>> Hit ratio of sallu(Huge difference)
    Blockbuster Ratio of SRK>Blockbuster Ratio of sallu(small difference)
    Sallu's achievement in Clash:

    In 1990s sallu lost these clashes
    -Biwi ho to aisi vs sone pe suhaaga(madhuri)
    -Kurbaan vs 100 days-Suryabanshi vs Panaah(nasserudheen shah)
    -Nischai vs Julm ki Hukumat(govinda)
    -Dil tera aashiq vs ek hi raasta
    -Chandramukhi vs Ek hi Raasta(Ajay)
    -Chand ka tukdaa vs Naaraj
    -Sangdil sanam vs HHB(akki)
    -Andaaz apna apna vs suhaag
    -Agni sakshi vs Yeh Majhdar(nan patekar)
    -Auzaar vs Juddai(anil kapoor)
    -Probably Chamatkar vs Jaagruti(Though not updated but as per IBOS) in 90s clash-1992

    In last decade
    -Phir milenge vs Dhoom(uday chopra)
    -SKPGY vs Anthony kaun hai(arshad warsi)
    -Don vs Jaaneman(SRK)
    -Saawan vs Positive(Akshay Khanna)
    -MAMK vs Blue vs All the best
    -Andaaz apna apna vs suhaag
    -marigold vs buddha margaya(Rakhi sawant,)
    -God tussi great ho vs bachna ae haseeno(Ranbir kapoor)

    The stats clearly show that Gangu Teli sallu wasn't even a star before 2010.

    Indeed SRK in his lifetime can't surpass this achievements and records. That's the fate of SRK, cause sallu has indeed contributed in the history of Flops, Disasters and Clash Defeats. ??

  31. Bhaiyo aaj k time m india ki population world m 2nd no. Pe h or 1st pe chin ki....or 35million k aas pas area.. jo ki bhut jyada h.... fir b india ki film industry ki phuch bhut km h...or aaj b hmari film industry 380 cr. Se 500 cr. Tk hi jaa ski h (dangal nd bahubali) .....jo ki minimum sirf india m ab tk 2000 cr. Tk honu chahiye thi...or worldwide 7000 cr. ....jo ki nhi phuch ski h...or aisa isliye h qki bollywood m sbi actors k apne apne fans(amir akki srk sallu) or inke fans kisi dusre star ki movies nhi dekhte....or aaj b bollywood m sirf 3-4 crore log hi movies dekhte h ...(dangal 3 cr. 80 lack) jbki india ki population 121cr.8 lac h...or jo log movies dekhte h ve kisi na kisi star k fan h...or vhi log apne fav. Star ki best btate h or dusre ko bura jiski vjh se hmari film industry itni piche h...so guyzz....plzzz yar sbi heroes ki movie dekhe or indian film industry ko aage bdhaye... or ha ek dusre ki compartment naa kre....

  32. Kyun ladre Salman fan tension mat lo ek film se kuch nahi hoga agla 5 se 6 saal tak salman fir blockbuster dega.
    Salman fan TZH year biggest grosser sabit hogi. Ye sharuk akshay amir k fan bhi jaante.
    Enjoy karne do TUBELIGHT k flop se kuch samay k liye.

  33. Exposing fans
    @Honest man srk fan
    @parshaya akshay fan
    @roric akshay fan
    @mn sharuk fan
    No one is Amir fan here just taking Amir Khan advt to abuse sharuk Salman called akshay die hard fan
    @hr dilse rithik Salman fan

  34. Bhai tum kisi ka bhi fan ho if u understand acting u will be always admire Aamir. And the records speaks for itself Aamir is the ruler of Bollywood.

    1. I know Aamir has broken records.nd Aamir acting is very well But all is not the same as acting and not make the same movies...lekin veer ji kisi ek ko nhi sbhi ko support krna chahiye....naa ki kisi ek ko ..

    2. I know Aamir has broken records.nd Aamir acting is very well But all is not the same as acting and not make the same movies...lekin veer ji kisi ek ko nhi sbhi ko support krna chahiye....naa ki kisi ek ko ..like Hollywood.. nd south

      1. Bhai I do support good movies. I supported Chak De India I supported Bajrangi Bhaijaan however when Aamir and Akki releases films we always knew it will be good, but in case of others often turns out to be bad movies with Item song and Masala.

        1. I agree with u bro but talaash and fan was very good.movies They did not support anyone...
          Than Which is also the trailer was not released some people also says the movie will be not a good and is spread too much negativity...so u tell me that is wrong ya right.

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