Tubelight Total Box Office Collection & Verdict

Tubelight Total Box Office Collection and Verdict: Salman Khan starrer has completed its box office run after two weeks. The film is a failure at the box office.

Tubelight has a below average opening and the growth was missing over the weekend. This almost sealed the box office fate of the film. Yet there was some hope that Eid will provide the boost however that did not happen either. The word of mouth was on the negative side and the film crashed in the second week. Tubelight has even failed to cross Raees which was the highest grosser of the year. This is Salman Khan's first failure since Veer.

Now coming to the economics, Tubelight is heavily profitable for producers. Yes, the distributors also face heavy losses but the producers will make profits even if they compensate the whole losses. Thus it is not a big failure as it is being made in the media. The worldwide gross is higher than films like Housefull 3, Airlift etc.


  • Production Cost: 80 cr
  • P&A: 20 cr
  • Total: 100 cr


  • All India Theatrical Rights: 134 cr
  • Satellite and Digital Rights: 92 cr
  • Music Rights: 20 cr
  • Overseas Rights: 38 cr
  • Total: 284 cr



India Collection
118.26 Cr
Overseas Collection
45.50 Cr
Worldwide Collection
210.10 Cr

*Salman's market value added

Also, check out Tubelight day wise box office collection.

Day 121.15
Day 221.17
Day 322.45
Day 419.09
Day 512.0
Day 66.50
Day 74.50
Day 82.25
Day 92.75
Day 103.20
Day 111.25
Day 121.10
Day 130.95
Day 140.90
Total118. 26 cr

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47 comments on “Tubelight Total Box Office Collection & Verdict”

  1. Bollyarena it is a failure that is it but 1 thing well done by sallu was to compensate the distributors kyoki nuksan kiya hai to bharpai bhi karni hi padegi

    1. Only one Failure and distributors cnt manage?? When Salman gave sooo many hits and distributors earned millions, Does they share extra money earned with Salman ??

      1. Haramkhor hain Sab... Bajrangi Bhaijaan k waqt 200 crs ka faida hua tha tab kisi ne ye nahi kaha tha k hame bahut faida hua hai aur hum Salman khan ko kuchh paise gift dena chahte hain par, ye log ko 50 crs ka nuksaan kya hua k bheek mangne k liye haath faila diye...

    1. Same as akshay Kumar as he is also of same age as the other khans!!!If Khans are buddha's then Akshay is also a buddha. All started at the same time one-two years gap between them...Appreciate that they are still their and ruling the BO since 25 years..Facts are really hard to digest...

        1. Tooh har jagah tapak jaara Canadian star ke pankhey,akki ka gatarchap walein,uska tekha lekein rakha hai toon,atleast tere akki se bahuth great sallu distributors ko pay karra tera chutiyapa akki ne aj tak Ek paisa bi nahi diya jab uski film flop hoti

  2. Lifetime collection is 121 cr producers figure declares soon

    We know this totally ignored movie by critic & Public

    But the movie cross 120 cr mark by pro fig

    This shows what stardom of bhaijan

    Till #ToH it's hard to beat bhai #Sultan 5 days long weekend Bollywood highest opening 180+ cr

    It's hard to beat
    #Golmal again #SecreatSuperstar #JHMS#TZH #2point0 #Super30 even #Dabangg 3 &Reno's Dance film (bhai)

    I hate Salman acting but I know today what stardom of sallubhai

    According to stardom
    #Aamir ?
    #Salman just a point less (For stardom)?

    #srk ? sorry bhai but reality is reality


    2018 will be crucial for Bollywood #Phabhas dubeted in the industry


  3. Solo Eid release ,widest release of 4350 screens still collection is not even 120 crore .Very very disappointing.Even non Salman fans not expected this type of performance.

  4. some laalu fans were saying before the release it will break dangal record lol an intresting fact rakhi sawant budha marr gaya opening was better than so called fake pan india star salmans marigold haha.

  5. Hehe.. 210cr flop film...
    for an akshay or ajay hrithik or ranbhir.. this figures wud have been superhit status :D
    Salmans superstardom hit him hard.. but tbh.. movie was a drag and bore.. so it deserves the so called Flop status..

  6. Indicine n Sallu fans ka Megastar ?

    Are re Aab Sallu fans kisiko moo dikhane ke kaabil nahi rahe.

    Sallu fans shayad bhag Gaye..
    Aab Khali ekke dukke fans dikhate hai Sallu ke @haar @bakwas ?

  7. Till now 2017 proved bad year for Bollywood.in first half we have releases of 4 top actors but no one could cross even 150 crore.Raees faced a clash but it should atleast do 150 crore.Kaabil had less chance against big film Raees.Jolly LLB 2 despite a good film collected in the same range as most Akshay's films.Finally Tubelight comes which was expected to beat Raees in 4- 5 days turned out to be biggest disappointment.JHMS is also not certain to beat Raees .if JHMS failed to cross Raees then probably we have to wait till Diwali for 1st 150 crore film of this year when Golmaal 3 will release.Judwaa 2 can surprise and can collect 150 crore.

    1. Don't worry peasant. ?.akshay never disappointed the producers and distributors for many years ?and this will be carry on...by giving 1st BLOCKBUSTER of this year through "TOILET EK PREM KATHA "??

  8. @ utsav, just checked BOI.Airlift worldwide gross is 209, 97,25,000.So bollyarena is right.

    1. @prashant according to boi airlift domestic collection is 124 crore according to Bollywood 128 Cr so and according to boi tubelight collection is 115 Cr not 119 Cr
      So according to Bollywood arena airlift ww collection is 215 not 210 cr

  9. @bollyarena please reply boi and koi gave below average and average verdict respectively but you gave flop and why you added salman market value here if he didn't paid

    1. From 2017, we have started to give a verdict on the basis of distributors recovery. Also, we don't give above average/below average verdict, just to make things simpler. A film is a flop, success or average.

      1. OK so change the verdict raone & dilwale agar karna hai to thik se kam karo na apna man Mani kuin karrahe ho

  10. This flop will just make Salman stronger and wiser (overall and esp in choosing scripts). He will come back even more stronger. He has given way too many hits in fact blockbusters to be impacted by just one movie.

    A bumper opening by TZH and everything will be forgotten.

    Dabang 3 will also be huge next Eid. But frankly him coming up with Prabhu in Dabang 3 doesn't excite me. I would rather want him to do another biggie with Kabir or any other movie with a top director. But we know that masses will be lapping up his "Chulbul Panday" role in dabang 3 so it is understandable that he is doing it.

  11. @Jeet because your local actor has made the film in 150cr budget and got 4350 sreens plus eid release still 210cr worldwide even shahid kapoor can make his 100cr entry with these advantages this is the stardom of your so called megastar???.

  12. 2014
    Jai ho - Average
    Kick-blockbuster.. Thanks to South

    PRDP-Hit.. thanks to Diwali


    Above analysis shows that Sallu can't give two clean hits in a year but Akshay gives 4 that too on non holiday

  13. @bollyarena u should be shame of u for taking example of airlift n housfull 3 collections ,those are diffrent audiences diffrent kind of movies,if akki do a worldwide movie he can earn more than 400 that is his problem whatever he will give bo record with robot2 bt as a bollywood analysis or review site u taliking like stupid u could compare the movie with big movie s which are have failures like veer shivay

    1. And airlift clashed with another movie
      And airlift has only 2200 screens and in case
      Of Houseful 3 it is non holiday release negative review by critics still 195 Cr ww
      Give him universal appeal movie and Eid weekend he will cross tubelight we collection in 5 days

  14. Ha ha look to bollyarena to all movie he give budget without actor fee but Salman he add actor fee where tube light also Salman is producer ???

  15. Cost is recovered mainly because of satellite right. The question is will the buyers of satellite right make profit or will they lose just like distributers.

  16. Ahha everyday Bollyarena is giving the budget and increasing it but a flop at 12. Core only Salman can give proves his stardom which is skyhigh and if he has compensated distributor than how is anybody in loss
    Abhi Tiger Zinda Hai beta records will be squashed

  17. It's a stardom frnds... Salman's flop movie
    (tube light) 120 cr.. and global star Aamir hit movie talaash 96cr.. aamir was unable to give 100cr movies back to back ... But salman's flop movie bhi 100 cr krti hai....

    1. @James007 Abe lallu talaash was a flop for aamir. That's his stardom. It's only aamir stardom that made talaash cross 90 cr at that time and how dare you compare 2012 film with 2017 film? Are you fucking out of your mind? If salman was in talaash then it wouldn't have crossed even 10 cr life time. That's salman stardom for you. He is nothing without eid and masala scripts. Remember in last decade his movies used to fuse on day 1 itself and they used to be out of theaters by first weekend itself. What a stardom? Stardom ho to aisa. LOL.

  18. Global star Aamir khan ka carrier bhi south ki hi copy kr shuru hua ghajni the 1st cr movie...Ab ye mat bolna ki south walo ne copy ki thi ghajni ki....

  19. Indian movies ka domestic collection hi matter karta hai overseas nahi aur is time highest domestic collection bahubali 2 ka hai
    Mughal e azam,Sholay and Mother India are called as highest grossing indian movies when adjusted for inflation
    Mother India - 1957 - 4 crore
    Mughal e azam - 1960 - 11 crore
    Sholay - 1975 - 15 crore
    But if overseas collection the same collection will be for all 3 movies that is 0 crore i.e 0
    Agar worldwide collection matter karta then highest grossing movie if adjusted for inflation is DISCO DANCER which collected 100 crores in 1982 while 6 crores from india and 94 crore from overseas
    Why these 3 movies are called highest grossers these collected not even 20 crores
    Mughal e azam + Sholay + Mother India <<<<<<<<<<<< Disco Dancer
    Why disco dancer is not called highest grossing indian movie that means only domestic collection matters

  20. @Parshya
    Tum mere fan ho
    Tum meri badhai kerne ke liye kisi aur ki burai kyon karte ho
    Main apne kisi bhi fan se yeh umeed nahi karta
    Agar mere fan aise hote hain to mujhe nahi chahiye koi fans

  21. How SRK and Madhuri saved a drowning career

    Salman Khan(From November 1991 to March 1998)-Excluding extended cameos like Jeet(Where role was lesser than SRK in DZ)
    1. Love-FLOP
    3. EK ladka Ek ladki-Disaster
    4. Jaagruti-DISASTER
    5. Nischayii-DISASTER
    6. Chandramukhi-DISASTER
    7. DIL tera aashiq-DISASTER

    Then ::::::::::::::came MADHURI
    8. Chand ka tukra-DISASTER
    9. Andaaz Apna apna-FLOP
    10. Sangdil sanam-DISASTER

    Then came King Khan
    Karan Arjun-SRK

    Again Salman back to track
    11.Veer Gati-FLOP
    12.Yeh Majhdar-FLOP

    Hits: 2(with SRK, Madhuri)+1(Fluke)
    Total flops=14

    After that he had 2 flops. Before that he had 2 flops

    Altogether Salman had 18 flops in 90s. A record in itself

  22. Disappointed with bollywood.. Today am going to watch Odia movie. Sister Sri Devi starring Babhshaan..
    @arena.. Can u give odia movie collections..
    Sister Sri devi vs Abhay... Both are big hits of our Ollywood industry..

  23. Total budget was 100 crore and it crosses 210 crores then how this is flop movie.
    Media is just getting jealous of Salman's​ stardom and given bad critics to make it flop but still crosses 200 crores mark and got benefit of 110 crores .
    Media is just trying to make him infamous.

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