Tubelight Reviews by Critics

Tubelight Reviews by Critics: Tubelight is released in UAE today and a screening was also held yesterday in India. Some of the reviews are out and more will be updated tomorrow.

  • Postive: 6
  • Neutral: 1
  • Negative: 6
  • Avg Rating: 2.3/5

Tubelight Review by Firstpost

Rating: N/A

It takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride. You expect such an emotional film to have a bittersweet ending, one that hammers home the point. But Tubelight does succumb to a cliched ending, pandering to the good old feel good factor. Tubelight does have a great message: hope pulls us through in any situation we may find ourselves in. A worthwhile watch.

Tubelight Review by Gulf News

Rating: 2.5/5

While Salman has to be appreciated for attempting a glorious simpleton role, it doesn’t mean that he is consistently spot on. Some of his cheeky scenes are funny, but many fall flat and seem impossibly orchestrated. Watch this film if you love Salman enough to ignore the flaws in his film.

Tubelight Review by Khaleeja Times

Rating: N/A

The movie has good intentions but hardly any plot. With the running time of 150 minutes, the movie stretches too much. I felt manipulated by the director in making me cry. Tears hardly came organically like they did in 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan', where our eyes would become moist every time the child actor would cry. Many times emotions are forced upon us. At one point, I even felt cheated by the director...I will save you from the spoiler and avoid discussing that important scene. However, it is nice to see Salman associating himself with different kinds of scripts with movies like 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan', 'Sultan' and now 'Tubelight'.

Tubelight Review by Masala

Rating: N/A

The film packs some heart-warming performances. My eyes welled up every time I saw Om Puri on screen. We will miss such an honest, endearing actor. The scene where he calls Laxman different and not retarded is a reminder of how everyone is unique and should be accepted as is. Writing a review for a Salman Khan film is like having an opinion on Arnab Goswami’s show. Like, really? Is anyone even listening? Minus the melodrama and manipulation, the film effectively deals with the theme of faith, love and tolerance and it means so much, especially when it comes from the most loved star in the country.

Tubelight Review by DNA

Rating: 3.5/5

Kabir Khan gets most things right. Tubelight is about love, trust, magic and belief. It's like a tonic for weary souls. You will find yourself interacting with the film and characters. Watch it for the love of your brother. Or Bhai.

Tubelight Review by Bollywood Life

Rating: 3.5/5

So much will be talked about how good Salman is in playing the role of Laxman who’s a cross between Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump and Hrithik Roshan in Koi Mil Gaya. The tears are real, the ones you see in Salman’s eyes. His breakdown moment on realising his brother’s fate or even the epic cameo scene with Shah Rukh show how far he’s come and evolved as an actor.

Tubelight Review by Indian Express

Rating: 1.5/5

Some of the film’s more likeable moments are shared between Laxman and the little boy, who’s completely edible, and an absolute natural. But when the main act isn’t convincing, the film becomes just like the title: mostly flicker with a little late glow. The one word that’s used almost in every other line in the film is ‘yakeen’. The film should have been infused with it. Here we just don’t buy it.

Tubelight Review by NDTV

Rating: 1/5

Kabir has always been good with war sequences, but while the ones in this film are mounted on an impressive scale and efficiently shot, the choreography is baffling. Everyone besides Salman is good here, which is again a new thing to write about a star whose screen-presence and spontaneous charisma has carried him through many a horrid film. Faith may indeed move mountains. It's a taller ask to make the mountain act.

Tubelight Review by Times of India

Rating: 3/5

The film that propagates the values of family, faith and patriotism doesn’t manage to take a complete leap of faith because somewhere someone couldn't pull this one off convincingly. In fact, everything is so cloyingly sweet that you start feeling you’ve strolled into a sermon rather than a Salman movie. When it comes to performances--Salman laughs and cries unselfconsciously, unraveling the lesser-seen side of his macho image. He cannot move mountains with his performance but he manages to keep the faith alive.

Tubelight Review by Hindustan Times

Rating: 3/5

The fight against war starts when Bharat Singh Bisht (Sohail Khan) doesn’t return from a war, and Laxman takes the onus on him to bring his brother back. It’s a roller-coaster journey that introduces him to difficulties of mammoth sizes. Salman’s man-child act is slightly over the top, but his fans will like it.

Tubelight Review by Deccan Chronicles

Rating: 1/5

Writing a review for a Salman Khan film is a sheer waste of time. He is worshiped by zillions of his fans across the globe who are certainly ignorant towards criticism. Overall, Tubelight is a major disappointment. It is unlike any Kabir Khan film, and not in a good way. Watch Tubelight since you have no other film to watch over this long weekend as Salman has managed to block 4000 screens for his film.

Tubelight Review by KoiMoi

Rating: 2/5

Salman puts up a nice performance but this is surely not one of his best. This Tubelight flickers; fails to shine brightly. The film fails to leave an impact. Surely, a little more was expected from the actor-director duo who has delivered a film like Bajrangi Bhaijaan in the past! 2 stars for this.

Tubelight Review by Taran Adarsh

Rating: 2/5

On the whole, TUBELIGHT come across as a colossal disappointment as it fails to engross the audiences due to its wafer thin plot. At the Box-Office, the movie will take a jumpstart due to Salman Khan’s star power and accelerate over the weekend and the extended weekend [due to the Eid festivities], post which, the business will see a sizeable drop.

55 comments on “Tubelight Reviews by Critics”

  1. Being a non typical commercial film, Tubelight will need good reviews and WOM. Let's see what happens...

    1. great story or content film Hindi medium ne 65 crore LT kmaye....

      so content jyada se jyada 100crore hi de skta h....?????

      So aamir ki biggest hit me 100crore nikal de to vo Aamir ka stardom hoga....... .

      Dangal :- 388 crore--100 crore =288 crore

      mtlb 288 crore ka stardom????????

      Salman content movie...or biggest hit.......

      BB :- 320 crore --100 crore = 220 crore ka stardom?????

      SRK stardom...

      Fan...good content movie....

      84crore--100 crore == --16 crore stardom????????

      sorry srk ka 100 crore ka stardom h??

    2. Just finished the early morning show of TUBELIGHT. Must confess being a BOLLYWOOD movie fan that this one doesn't have its heart at the right place. SALMAN KHAN really doesn't know how to act. Infact ZEESHAN AYYUB has overshadowed him in some scenes. LATE MR. OM PURI is typically brilliant but the movie drags and gets really boring in the second half. U really feel taking a LOO BREAK from this one. SALMAN KHAN's acting is the worst ever in this one.

      1. Sallu fans before tubelight release
        Welcome srk into 300cr club.

        After fusslight released srk have another flop.

      1. hahaha?????

        #Tubelightis the lowest opener for Salman Khan in recent times. The occupancy is even lower than#Raees.

        kya ye h☝☝☝☝☝

        sallu bhai ka stardom???.....

        non masala or content me b flop....???

        bhai sallu....tu content to le aayega....

        par Aamir ka "perfection " kha se layega???????

        sultan me bkwas haryanvi bolne vala.......tuje content chahiye?

  2. 'Tubelight' Is Getting Mixed Reviews
    Nowhere Close to Bajrangi BhaiJaan.
    But Yes Even
    D3 had Mixed to Negative &
    Pk Mixed to Positive WOM.
    Lets see if Salman can beat Aamir's PK with Tubelight or not.

    1. bhai pk ka mixed to positive tha kya ,fully positive wom tha bas un log ko negative lga jo religiousm karte hai

      1. @chandra prasad
        u r right bro...PK bahot hi acchi movie thi..very entertaining specially first half.

      1. lol.. Sr* ka collection 150 per hi rukh jata hey. Yaad hey "Fan" ka collection. :D lol
        baat karte hay.
        Sr*'s 1st 300 cr film "tubelight"

  3. This is not good. . The movie need good wom to go over 27 crores..
    If the wom will be mixed than will do no more than 220 and will performe like kick.
    But the movie need 250 to be a hit..

  4. Wonder which version of tubelight has khaleeja times seen? 136 mins film has been converted to 150 mins film. Kudos to khaleeja times

  5. Whats the source of it ? Movie running time is 136min.and you biased this time salman ki tubelight ko support karo

  6. Trade analyst Ramesh Bala tweeted, “Dangal is the highest grossing sports movie of 2017 in the world. Dangal is the 4th biggest hit for #Disney in 2017 after Beauty And The Beast , Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2 and Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 WW BO.” What is more, it is ready to create yet another club, the unbelievable Rs 2000-crore club, soon.
    kal hi ho jayega..... dekh liyo..... likh liyo... sallu fan

  7. ok but l think collection will be 160-200 crores an average film.16-20crore opening

  8. WOM is very much positive Any way it's Salman Khan critics can't do anything Sure shot hit

  9. The ultimate review is audience review so I wouldn't worry about this journalistic critics who push they own agendas against stars with there harsh reviews.

  10. Haha even bollywood hungama give 2/5 stars. I think this means a lot. They normally give salman movie 4 to 4.5 everytime since dabangg

  11. stop jumping the gun people....especially KRKs new found child.. :D
    i will give an honest review.. but mine is night show.. irrespective of whether i am salmans fan or not, wait for my review..
    Any genuine reviews also welcomed.. i repeat.. genuine!!

  12. Hmm....all I wanna sae didn't watched it yet.
    But saw all the critic reviews some at this site and other as well its like its an average movie for them.
    But when I went through some of the audience who have already watched their movies...they hav tweet about it anc according to them its a well balnced movie with funatic moments and emotional drama which will keep u remember it in ur mind for a longer time with strong message.
    Anywaez crutics doesn't matter at all for Bhai fans like me and other die hard fand of him as well.
    That aidience response has kept the hope alive will watch it on monday Eid day in Kuwait or may be on Sunday..
    Finger crossed? hope for the best

  13. You have to update the reviews of KoiMoi and Times of India.....One is negative and one is positive (only slightly) and other reviews also which gave negative reviews......Most of the reviews are negative only praising Salman's acting and nowhere close to BB or even Sultan....as to Dhoom 3 which also got mixed reviews, first these have got more negative reviews and second that was a commercial mass entertainer whjc doesn't need much legs only decent WOM gets it Blockbuster status after record openings which will not happen in this film.
    Maximum 230-250 Crores which will be a disaster for Distributors but because it is a profit for producers it will be labeled 'semi-hit' as the recent SRK films gave been....

  14. Sharukh or salman bollywood pe shrap hai. Inke review yahi hoga ki masala hai salman fans k liye hai. Kisi me dum nai hota ki sidha bole ki Bakwas film hai. Fuss hogi ye tubelight

  15. Thursday collection of UAE is 1.48m which is very good number and public response is terrefic and extremly positive

  16. Seems like with 'Tubelight' Salman has had his Simple Jack moment. He would do better by remember Robert Downey Jr's line from Tropic Thunder 'You went full retard, man. Never go full retard.'

  17. Deshbhakt log tubelight ka bycoat krenge aur gaddar honge o log jo tubelight dekhenge.jai hind jai bharat

    1. film flop hone ki wajh srk kaise ho skta h bakwas @ankit j ,all movies failure only because of content mainly,srk ka acting salman se far betrer h too bas sallu ki acting se hi flop samjho bakwas kahi k

      1. Prasadji I know that film mainly work on its merit but people or so call haters will blame each other's favourite actors.so I said that in light heartedly.If srk cameo is there or not tubelight will reach its destination.

    2. Ok guys ,Salman fans has officially declared Tubelight as SRK movie.So if the movie collects more than 200cr all credits will go solely to SRK.

  18. salman khan acting better than hritik in koi mil gaya ? never it is worst against hritik forget matching with aamir srk

  19. As much as I love Salman he's really stupid!! Why trash the critics 3 days before a big release ?
    Anyway, I hope the movie is good I'll see it sunday.

  20. Well, as promised.. my review below..
    First of all, this isnt a movie with any real message.. or fight scenes nor romance..
    salman has delved into an unknown territory like 'kyon ki', but must admit, i really like the later due to kareena and salmans act and the ending of course..
    here we get neither.. salman shows his brilliance only in few places, mostly its a tedious act trying to be good... now thats not salman..
    this movie is less on entertainment quotient whic means u get a little bored by the time u finish first half.. sec half is a little better.. but it is not even remotely as good as a salman film..this movie is mostly for ladies and emotional people..
    but being a man.. i like real emotional films.. but tubelight gives me only few moments of those...
    i will be pleasantly surprised if this movie closes on 150cr...it is mostly a 80-110cr movie..

  21. Salman aaj 27 saal baad bhi acting nahi kar sakta. Ha Ha ! Worst actor really. Stall ke first two row wala actor hai aur usake fans bhi bina dimagke . Shahrukh ke najdik bhi nahi ja sakta acting me.

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