Tubelight has a poor show in Overseas

Tubelight Overseas Box Office Collection: Salman Khan starrer has disappointed in overseas too. The numbers are much less that recent releases like Dangal and Raees.

Tubelight is struggling in the USA as the film even debuted lower than Telugu film DJ. Allu Arjun starrer has comfortably beaten it even with half number of screens. In New Zealand, it has recorded second highest opening day of 2017 behind Badrinath Ki Dulhania.

  • USA: $217037
  • Canada: $50417
  • UK: $65559
  • Australia: $91016
  • New Zealand: $42337

Here is the comparison of Raees and Tubelight. Do remember that Raees was a mid-week release and had less screens as compared to Tubelight.




New Zealand


53 comments on “Tubelight has a poor show in Overseas”

    1. that means Raees will remain on top on Overseas till JHMS .
      SRK rocked -
      actually i lile salman alsoo- it should cross atleast 150 crores -- average hit ---
      Amir to 100 crores tak nehi kar sakta without holidays - festival session

        1. Isse pehle jab aapne 6:27 pm pe bollyarena mein mujhe dangal ke barey mein bataya hai us webpage ko phir se dekh lo

      1. Jhand, Talaash overseas weekend was greater than Jthj first 3 days on diwali. Your srk is still struggling to get past 20m$ without Kajol and Aamir has surpassed 30m$ thrice. Lol. If Aamir doesn't matter than why you take Aamir name every time. Phat ti h na Aamir k naam se chuje.
        BTW Dangal - 225m$ is way $200 more than srk highest Diwale. No comparison at all.

        1. Don't compare your 5 overseas blockbuster wala Christmas star with 23 overseas blockbusters and 16 overseas blocbuster wala SRK. SRK never had a bad phase in overseas whereas Aamir was born in overseas after 2009's 3 idiots

          1. bhai jake , RDB or fanna ka OS collection dekh?

            or aamir os 2009 born hokar ek movie se hi 230 million kma liya....srk 26 million b par nhi kr paya

            aamir se 50 more country me release kr bhi , dhul kha rha h ....srk

      2. @vishal Abe ghonchu, megastar aamir khan's talaash kicked the ass of your gangu teli' s pankha badly even though pankha released 4 years after talaash with more ticket price, more screens and commercial genre still failed to beat talaash. Aamir's megastardom is light years bigger than your tiny star srk. Aukaat me reh. Tell srk to cross 150 cr without deepika. Lol.

        1. Tell bhikhari Aamir to release 2 films a year without christmas, his aukaat will be like a bhikhari

          1. @NN Abe bhikhari ki aulaad your gangu teli hakla is yet to debut in 150 cr club sans deepika mom and you are blabbering against raja bhoj aamir khan? By the way non holiday pankha failed to beat non holiday talaash? What about that moron? And blabbering on Christmas? Tere hakle ne kya ukhad liya christmas pe? 107 cr aur 140 cr ke flops puen 2 aur meal waale se? Get a life. Chrustmas is big because of aamir you fool. Aamir made Christmas big and only he can reign on Christmas.

            1. I don't belong to bhojpuri race and don't speak bhojpuri either. If your bhikhari aamir is such a big star then why does he come once in 2 year? why does he have less hits than Toilet Kumar? Why did he chase DDLJ for 13 years? Where was he in the overseas before 3 Idiots? Why does he have only 5 overseas blockbusters? Why is he lesser paid than Toilet Kumar? (forget competing with SRK) And why couldn't Deepika mom cross 100 crore with Finding Fanny, Tamasha and Hollywood project Xxx? Any answers? Answer in correct language, not in bhojpuri.

              1. @NN as if you don't even know your own country's language and still replied? By the way why did your bhikhari shahrukh chased YRF/Kajol' s DDLJ himself for 13 years? Why his own CDI and swadesh underperformed in overseas if he was really such big star? Remember it was because of yrf and dharma he got benefit and aamir was taking risks that's why he was not up there not because of srk stardom. And who is toilet kumar? He doesn't even stand near the toe of aamir in net worth. I don't believe in Forbes as it is no longer reliable and looks fake and paid. So don't give me any shit about Forbes. Aamir doesn't pay Forbes unlike toilet khans and toilet kumar who pay Forbes, cnn, bbc, and so on to hype them. Box office numbers prove who is where so shut up and keep begging.

                1. I don't understand bhojpuri because I'm not Indian, but Asian. Now again YRF Dharma excuse. Then what about befikre, merit pyari bindu, ok jaanu etc? They are also YRF dharma romantic films..!!! And CDI was at least a clean hit overseas.!!! Even SRK ' s flop film Dil Se was a blockbuster overseas.Bhikhari aamir didn't have any aukat before 3 idiots in overseas. And Forbes, BBC, CNN are paid...??? Then your Aamir is a bhikhari in the truest sense..!!

                  1. You don't understand this language still using words like bhikhari, gangu teli and many more? You think we are that fools? By the way the way you are so busy here doesn't make me believe that you are not indian. To me you are just wannabe foreigner but nothing but a jobless Indian illiterate fanatic. CDI underperformed in overseas and so did swadesh. Who told you they were hits? And paying Forbes, BBC, CNN is depending on their choice. Aamir is not childish like srk to pay Forbes, CNN, BBC to hype him as he is probing himself biggest star by box office numbers. It doesn't mean he can't pay them. It's his choice that he doesn't pay them. If he wants he can easily pay them. So get something called brain. And aamir had given blockbusters like Lagaan, fanaa before 2009 in overseas even though mosy of his other films were risky and non NRI friendly unlike bhikhari srk who was hiding behind NRI friendly movies that's why he was hyped in overseas. Is waqt to koi aukaat hi nahi hai. Aamir's dangal in china alone doing $200 million plus 30 millions from first phase. Zameen aasman ka fark hai bete.

                    1. LOL, Lagaaan wasn't a blockbuster in overses. Faana was and I have included Faana in the 5 overseas blockbusters of bhikhari Aamir. If you have any doubt that CDI was a Clean Hit in overseas then go check BOI. It wasn't a blockbuster like SRK's other releases that's why it's called an underperformer. And what was NRI about KKHH, DIl SE, Veer Zaara, Main Hoona Na, OSO, CHennai Express etc? They are all either Blockbusters or ATBB in overseas. Don't give excuses. Just accept that Aamir was born in overseas after 2009 3 Idiots. And Forbes, BBC and CNN are paid..?? THat too by Indian celebrities...?? THen what happened to Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt etc...?? Don't tell me jokes. Forbes, CNN, BBC knows about SRK's international popularity which Aamir doesn't have except in China. And SRK won't take 13 years to cross Dangal like Aamir took 13 years to cross DDLJ. ANd I know "Bhikhari" because I can speak Bengali. I don't need to be a bhojpuri Indian for that...!! Aamir's Hits and payments are below Toilet Kumar so better compare him with him...!!

            2. Hahaha

              swadesh or trimurty Xmas release hokar b flop ho gyi???

              or 100 crore par krne me Srk ko 15 saal lg gye....or 200 crore k liye 19 saal????

        1. @Parshya you will troll SRK?! Lmaooo hahahah I think you have forgotten that when one Pakistani said SRK who?! On twitter wth sarafarz picture, do you know what the world Fans did to him?!

          Tum Aamir Khan kya troll karoge tum hai hee kitne!

          Troll karne ke baat karta hai!

          1. @NN because hollywood stars like tom cruise, brad pitt, johnny depp and RDJ are not desperate attention seeker like srk. It's their own choice weather to pay Forbes and others if they want or not. Srk is nothing in front of aamir in overseas. Even if megastar aamir is born in 2009 in overseas still he is the official baap of bhikhari srk in overseas and dominating his entire career with just dangal. Isse kehte hai stardom. Aukaat nahi hai srk ki aamir ko chune ki. And now you will decide the verdict of aamir movies? Who are you? Lagaan was a blockbuster in overseas and that fact will never change no matter how much you bark. Aamir's international popularity is light years ahead of srk. Period. Accept it or get lost. The movies like KKHH, DDLJ, K3G, and many others were overseas friendly because they loved romantic movies madly that time. They were crazy for romantic movies not srk. Srk in other genre failed to give hits in overseas except very few. And I am talking about only pre 2009 period so don't nark about his films post 2009. The fact is he was lucky to be associated with 2 Biggest banners YRF and dharma nothing else. Aamir has established his global stardom on his own without backing of yrf and dharma unlike bhikhari srk. And let toilet kumar cross 130 cr first. His highest fluke grosser is 132 cr and his hits are so tiny that the same collections for aamir look disaster. Are those the ones you are talking about as toilet kumar's hits. How many ATBB, ATHG, HGOTY, HGOD has toilet kumar given in his career? Ans is 0. And toilet kumar has 80 flops while aamir has half number of films. So it speaks a lot about toilet kumar' s destateful and cringeworthy flop career which is very small in terms of success as compare to aamir. Now kindly get yourself admired to a doctor and get some consult as you badly need it. Your blabbering won't make any difference to Aamir's unparalleled global megastardom and popularity and mother his billions of fans worldwide.

            1. LoL if forbes, cnn, bbc are paid then we can also say bhikhari aamir paid all the box office sites to manipulate his last five movies number. at least cnn, bbc, forbes are much more dependable than box office sites. and SRK's first blockbuster overseas was a non-romantic film-Darr. He has Don, Don 2 , MHN , MNIK etc blockbusters in overseas which are not romantic. Also bhikhari aamir did many romantic films in the 90's. what happened to them? and what happened to YRF-Dharma's so many recent romantic films. SRK is the biggest movie star in the world, no need to compare him with aamir whose films run because of content and christmas. with only 5 blockbusters overseas.

              1. @NN whatever you cry tera bhagoda Christmas aur eid chodke bhaag gaya 2016 se ????. Right now your bhikhari srk doesn't have aukaat to get solo festive release and dwarf will also face clash on Christmas. While megastar aamir khan gets solo release. Fuck Forbes and other shits, tell me why your bhikhari hakla not able to cross 450 cr worldwide while global megastar aamir khan is easily crossing 2000 cr worldwide? Keep barking, keep farting. Lol. Aamir has made Christmas and your bhikhari srk doesn't have aukaat to do content movies. And when does your bhikhari srk became big star on his own? It was yrf and dharma magic no matter how much you cry baby cry. Box office proves the aukaat of global megastar aamir khan and local bhikhari shahthuk..

                1. Your bhojpuri language, yukk thoo. I pity you gawar, nobody in the world calls bhikhari aamir a global megastar where as SRK is internationally called and honoured as Global Megastar by CNN. Keep begging like your bhikhari aamir.

                  1. @NN your bhikhari logic sucks even more. Yukk. Thu. Keep begging like your bakra. First answer my question only. Why your bhikhari hakla is not able to cross 150 cr in India and 450 cr worldwide? Global Megastar Aamir Khan is easily crossing 300 cr in India and 2000 cr worldwide. Bhikhari hakla international star my foot? First let your bakri cross this record and only then blabber. But leave it as he won't even come close to it.

                    1. LOL SRK already crossed 200 crore and 130 crore on Non Holiday Non EDX whereas bhikhari aamir is yet to cross 100 crore without EDX. don't give excuse of Deepika as her stardom was evident from Finding Fanny, Tamasha and XXX. It's SRK's worst period still he is the biggest crowdpuller now. And bhikhari aamir in his worst period in the 90's was giving disasters after disasters and chasing DDLj for 13 years. SRK never had to pass such shameful career like 5 overseas blockbuster wala bhikhari aamir.

                  2. @NN buhaaaaa. Biggest joke ever. Bhikhari Srk is biggest crowd puller in worst phase? No joke made me laugh as much as this one
                    ???????. Surely he is currently the biggest crowd puller in Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, Pluto and so on except for earth. Even in his best phase bhikhari srk wasn't biggest crowd puller as many others like sunny, hrithik, aamir and lallu were able to beat him and give ATHG and HGOTY. In overseas no doubt he was luckiest as he had backing of yrf and dharma and I will stick to that. Everyone knows that bhikhari srk was popular only among NRIs. International star my foot? In USA airport no one recognized him and he was detained for 2 hours. Ha ha ha. What international popularity? Only NRI audience watched his films in overseas. Currently aamir is biggest crowd puller with right film. Dangal opening occupancy was far better and more than commercial films like fan, raees and so on. And did you forget that deepika thrashed your bhikhari srk's flopwaale on christmas? And tamasha, finding fanny, XXX still earned more than billu, yeh lamhein judaai ke and so on. What about that? If your bakri was doing risky movies like aamir in 1990s then his career would have been over and out and he would have given much bigger disasters. Don't compare your tiny 140 cr club actor with international global megastar for whom even 300 cr collections are considered very less.

                    1. LOL, Dangal opening occupancy was bigger than Raees?, on which planet do you live..?? Raees(60%) opening occupancy was bigger than Dangal(55%)'s opening occupancy. and 300 crore is smaller for bhikhari aamir because he comes once in two years, so his films should earn twice of other superstars. And what airport detaining are you talking about..?? He has a "Namesake"(wish you know the meaning) and it's mandatory so they have to do their job. Even US ambassador apologised for it and CNN, BBC made headlines with it. If your bhikhar aamir was there, nobody would have bothered. SRK has been honoured in one of the oldest Film Festival of USA, something your bhikhari aamir can only dream of. And if YRF Dharma could make anyone then Ranveer Singh would have been the next SRK. And why Billu(extended cameo) and YLJK (11 years delayed film where SRK didn't dub) is being compared with Deepika mommy's new films..?? Deepika mommy can't even give 6 crore opening solo. And what experiments were bhikhari aamir doing..?? Love, Love, Love?? Aatank Hi Aatank..?? These are called experiments..?? Yuck thoo. Don't compare your 2008 born bhikhari aamir with ekka dukka 5 overseas blockbusters with SRK who has been on the top consistently for 25 years.

                  3. @NN ha ha ha..bighrst joke Gareeb opening occupancy better than dangal? Ha ha ha. More and more jokes. Dangal with non commercial genre, no item song, no masala, no action, no commercial dialogues opened to 30 cr and gareeb with so many commercial elements, item songs, action failed to cross 20 cr without manipulation. If bakri did dangal then it would have opened to less than 15 cr. The fact is no one recognized bhikhari srk in USA and that's the fact. The so called apology was again done by bakri's PR team. Bakri is noehwrr close to aamir in overseas. Whatever you blabber your bakri was big only among NRIs and that's because of yrf and dharma banners. Yes for megastar aamir khan 300 cr is very tiny figure while it's extremely big mount Everest figure for aukaatless tiny star hakla. At least even you had to accept that. Whatever you cry, give me a simple answer why bhikhari srk is not able to cross 150 cr without deepika? Deepika still has baajirav mastani above 150 cr without bhikhari srk. Billy wasn't cameo. It was promoted as bhikhari srk's film and he was in all promotions, 3 major songs which were chartbusters, he had screen time of 70% or even more in billu. The fact is hakla's career is over since 2007 and only his gawaar fans and media hypes him as big star but we all know his aukaat. Cross 150 cr first forget 200 cr, 250 cr and 300 cr which is still mount Everest for him. Even lallu couldn't drag him to 300 cr club and he is proven panauti for lallu's fusslight. Lol .

                    1. LOL, if Deepika was responsible for Bajirao's above 150 crore collection then why couldn't Deepika drag finding Fanny and XXX to at least 50 crore..??? Why did Piku open to 5 crore..? And you don't even know Raees's opening occupancy was 65% and collection 20.4 crore(BOI figure), then what do you know about boxoffice...?? ANd Dangal had no action..?? :-O :-O the whole film was based on Wrestiling i.e. action. Even it got Filmfare for Best Action. Doing item song(for billu) make it an actor's film..?? THen Dhoom 3 was ATG due to Katrina, LOL. When did I say that for bhikhari aamir 300 crore is easy. Bhikhari aamir doesn't even have the 'aukat' to do one film each year..!! Then answer me a question, since when will bhikhari aamir start doing 1 or 2 film each year..?? And US ambassador's apology was due to PR..??CNN, BBC's news was due to PR..?? THen you will start saying Barak Obama mention SRK and his dialogue because SRK's PR asked or bribed him to....!! You don't even have simple common sense. YOur bhikhari aamir brought Yash Chopra on road by Parampara and you give excuse of YRF-Dharma. YRF-DHarma are still making loads of films. THen which Global Megastar did they produce after SRK..?? Bhikhari aamir didn't have the guts to play a negative role in Darr because he has to get beaten and you show excuses of experiments....!! Bhikhari aamir was a beggar on the street in the 90's giving disasters after disasters and was chasing DDLJ's domestic collection for 13 years, forget overseas. SRK doesn't have a shameful career like that. and you better keep barking that your bhikhari aamir is bla bla bla, nobody cares. THe world, even Google recognises SRK as the Biggest Moviestar in the WOrld. Your crying wouldn't change that. THis is my last comment in this post. I'm not going to answer anymore to an imbecile like you...!!

                    2. @NN ha ha ha. Whatever you cry fact won't change. Aamir is baap of bhikhari srk in overseas. And you gawaar dangal was based on wrestling which is a sport but it doesn't have mass apeal and whistleworthy dialogues. Do you gawaar understand this difference? Gareeb on the other hand had those mass appealing dialogues and larger than life action still it's opening was very low compared to non commercial dangal. Aamir does 1 movie in 2 years because he believes in class and quality and doesn't want to disapppint his billions of educated class fans who love him in unique never seen before avatar and doing different each time. So shut the crap up. Deepika might have finding fanny, XXX, and other flops but which actor doesn't? Every top actress have flops. Bhikhari srk also had billu, YLJK, paheli, swadesh, koyla, dushman duniya ka and many other flops. So get this simple thing in your head. If deepika is nothing then why srk is not able to cross 150 cr without her? Why deepika thrashed srk's commercial hyped film on Christmas with lesser star like ranveer who wasn't even a star at that time? Why deepika entered 150 cr club before bhikhari srk with yeh jawaani hai deewani that too on non holiday in 2013? The fact is deepika was top at that time and even more popular than bhikhari srk during 2013 to 2015. May be right now she is not on top because of no release but don't try to steal credits. I don't give a shit about Forbes, BBC, CNN. I stick to box office collections and only box office collections give the clear picture of who is where? And you brainless butthurt parampara wasn't yrf banner. It was only directed by yashji. So don't blabber much. Even in his bad phase aamir was as rich as srk and right now srk is a bhikhari on the streets. First think before blabbering anything bullshit that comes to your shit head. Barak Obama also knows aamir and he personally invited him years ago even before he spoke about srk's dialogue. It's queen also personally invited aamir years ago. So don't try to make bakra of yourself. Bakri is just NRI made star thanks to yrf and dharma. No doubt srk is the biggest movie star on all other planets except for earth. Lol.

    2. Salman Khan is right! He said one bad movie and everything will be against you, everyone a liar! If Aamir or Shah Rukh gave Tubelight they would also face a similar state so it's not Salman Khan stardom that has dropped!

      Tiger Zinda Hai! Tiger ? !!!!

      1. @Servants of Bollywood stop giving bullshit excuses. The fact is tubelight had similar buzz to dangal and still it failed to break dangal opening by big margin. So Aamir's stardom is much bigger than both srk and salman. If aamir was in tubelight then also it would have opened as much as dangal did. See the difference and shut up. If aamir was in commercial films like sultan, Prem ratan dhan payo,ETT, then they would have opened more than 40 cr easily. Aamir movies have all released on non holiday in this decade unlike salman and srk who mostly prefer holiday or partial holiday. Wait for thugs of hindostan and you will see what's called real bumper opening on holiday. Till than shut up.

  1. Srk with clash 2800 screen 20.42
    Salman on Eid with 4350 screen 21
    Salman in overseas Less than srk..
    Tubelight need 160 to recover (for producer) and 250 tu be a hit.. looks like the movie will Finish under 150 and will be flop for Salman..

    1. Movie needs to cross 150cr to be called a hit and 260cr worldwide to be called a hit! Anything above that is bonus! But much more was expected from audience so if the movie doesn't cross 200cr it will be a flop in the eyes of fans audience no matter what box office says! This was a shock to Salman Khan fans!

  2. Flop on 150 core shows stature of The superstar anyway may be Coz even little boy did not worked in USA may be dats y it's not working global star srk was made to strip in US airport lol Koi ni abhi Tiger Zinda Hai

  3. Dekh lo salman ne fusslight mai srk ko liya tha taaki overseas mai collection jyada ho par dekh lo overseas mai sallu pit gaya
    Sallu ko ab ghunghat maarne ka time aa gaya ,kahin muh dikhane nahi layak nahi raha

  4. Utsaav Rajput sun Abe tere abba ne kaha Clash me 3400 Bawa dene aayge tere gouchu Raeees ko 2800 screen mila tha nd Kabil 2500screens samja be Lallu samj ni pade to Bol mat bakwassssss na kar tu

  5. Jaisi karni vaisi bharni
    Isiliye tubelight achcha nahi kama pa rahi
    IIFA awards 2016 mein hrithik ne salman ke sath dance nahi kiya to salman ne hrithik ka itna bada nuksan kar diya
    Mohenjo daro ko banne mein 2 saal lagey the aur jab vo release hui thi to uska clash rustom ke saath tha
    Salman ne hrithik se badla lene ke liye rustom ko support kiya lekin mohenjo daro ko nahi aur sab bollywood actors salman se darte the to un sabne bhi dar se support kiya aur salman mohenjo daro ke barey mein negativity spread karta gaya aur mohenjo daro disaster ho gayi aur bechaare hrithik ko zhor ka jhatka zhor se laga uski 2 saal ki mehnat barbad chali gayi
    As a result tubelight is not doing good as bajrangi bhaijaan or sultan
    Salman act in bajrangi bhaijaan is extraordinary and not one can do it and kabir khan was saying salman act in tube light is 5 times better than bajrangi bhaijaan to salman ko vaisi(tubelight) acting karna na munkin ke barabar tha to 5 saal man lo aur salman ki movie chal to rahi hai lekin bb aur sultan se bahut peechey hai
    To yeh film salman ke liye disaster se zyaada nahi hai

    Jo usne hrithik ke saath kiya uske saath bhi vahi hua

    Conclusion - kar bura to ho bura

    1. Bakwas mat kar! Mohenjo daro is a bawaas movie thee aur rustom ke achi movie this! Is me Salman kaha se ahaha?!

  6. Oh!!! Common !!
    Don't compare a local sallu (criminal) with the mega stars like aamir , shahrukh!!

  7. Abhi tiger zinda hain jo december me collection dekhke mar jayega.Phir wapas aayega undertaker ki tarah Tiger ka Bhut aaya movie leke.

  8. "Barack obama personally invited bhikharii aamir" and " it's queen also" ROFL,biggest joke on earth. this guy Mr.Bollywood is a mental psycho. Bhaagooo yahase.. LOL

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