Tubelight Monday Box Office Collection

Tubelight Monday Box Office Collection: According to the official figures, Tubelight has collected 19.09 crore on 4th day which was a holiday for Eid.

The film has disappointed even on Eid day as it has failed to show growth. In fact, it has dropped from the opening day which was during pre-Eid. It shows that the response from the audience is on the negative side. The total collection of the film is now 83.86 crore in 4 days.

Tubelight will struggle in next few days especially in North India which dropped on holiday. Though it will get the benefit of Eid in South and Bengal.

Day 121.15
Day 221.17
Day 322.45
Day 419.09
Day 512.0
Day 66.50
Day 74.50
Day 82.25
Day 92.75
Day 103.20
Day 111.25
Day 121.10
Day 130.95
Day 140.90
Total118. 26 cr

54 comments on “Tubelight Monday Box Office Collection”

    1. Salman:- srk ek cameo kar le. Tu b mazaa le 300cr ka..

      Srk:- bhai na 300 karuga na karne duga ..??

      1. If SRK being in the movie affected the movie then it would've been a blockbuster overseas but it clearly is a flop overseas too, but it did make me laugh so good joke @Austin lol

  1. Neutrals. Hit Like if you feel Raees collection will be more than Tubelight. Dislike if Tubelight more than Raees. Let's predict :D

  2. for a purely multiplex film.. these collections are just too good...
    if u compare with dear zindagi, peepli live or talaash, FAN.. etc..
    only because of Salmans star power!

    1. Don't compare talaash with tubelight. Tubelight is more commercial than niche movie talaash which released 5 years ago. Do you even have fucking brain? If salman did talaash in the same year with same screens then it would have done hardly 15 cr life time. Lol. Paplu ho Gaya re tera.

      1. Acha talaash was wat?? It was a suspense film yeah amir air srk K fans itne bewakoof hain
        138 core raees semihit
        Talash 85 cr semi hit
        Tubelight will be 130 + but still flop means Salman LA flop bhi inse jyaada hai ????Beta Baahubali 2 release honi hai abhi China mein and abhi Tiger Zinda Hai a sure commercial entertainment with chips of patriotism

        1. Tujhe ek baat samajh main nahin aati ke SALMAN Khan tho ghar malamal gaya hai, lekin distributors ki tho maa behen hogay na, wo sarak par agay hain samjhe, talash or raees ne kisi ko road par nahin laya tha!

        2. Tubelight nd dangal both r emotional film.

          If u want to compare talaash then do it film like main aur mrs khanna and veer. Both movies r like talaash..

          Veer 2010:- 46 cr lifetime business
          Main aur mrs khanna 2009:- 6.6 cr life time

          Talaash:- dull period.. dull buzz.. 96cr... movie was bakwas but according to budget 96 cr was too much that is the reason it is semi hit..

          Ghajini 2008:- 114 cr
          3 idiots 2009:- 202 cr

          Tere bhai ka stardom aamirkhan ki production movie peepli live se b kam tha ...

          Peepli live:- 33 cr

          Main aur mrs khanna 8crore + yuvraj
          17 cr + marie gold 1 crore = 26 cr

          1. arrey... it looks like v r talking to some wall.. simply arguing with stupids..
            i am talking about arty films.. these jerks are getting veer.. mr & mrs... :D..
            v agree they wer bad films.. what i am comparing is similar genre of films..
            and tubelight is way ahead in terms of collections as dear zindagi and others wer much better thn tubelight but still tubelight leads by big margin... and only did to salman power!!..
            samaj aaya bewakoofon?

            1. Dear zindagi is not srk movie.. it is extended cameo. Do u understand the meaning of cameo??

              Bawkoof khud he tu..

              Tubelight ko blockbuster ki tarah hi market kiya gaya he.. 100 cr budget 180-200cr me sell kar diya salman nd kabir ne... abhi distributor ko bhari nukshan hua he.. agar 250-300cr kamati movie tab jakar distributor k liye start hota profit.

              Aisa nukshan pi6le kafi saalo me nai hua:- komal nehta..

    1. Manipulation kar rahe hain ab producers .
      Apni izzat aur salman ka stardom ki izzat bacha ne ke chakar main.
      Trade figure-16 crores hain.
      Aur aaj se 10 crores se neeche with manipulation

  3. What is manipulation box-office india 18.50
    Producer figur little higher not like other actor movies producer figur atleast 3 to 4 cr difference.
    This is really appreciate to producer of the film tubelight.
    Today also it will do good business.
    Till now business is very good but it is being salman movie it look very less .but it better compare to other actor except Amir khan.
    whatever this movie is doing thats because Salman star Power lot of negativity from critics.especially Taran adarsh he still pinned tubelight review in twitter still its doing above average Business.
    Today is very crucial if it not dropped more than 50% from monday than there is hope for good business lets see how it will perform 2nd weekend and remaining weekdays.

  4. it's 18.5 crore according to boi.com. difficult to predict lifetime collections, even 100 crore is not guranteed.

    jhms, judawaa2, golmaal3 , toilet ek prem katha, padmavati will cross it's lifetime collections.
    as far as opening day is concerened jhms, golmaal 3 and judwaa 2 ( may be) will cross that.

    there will be huge negativity for his next few films and the expectations will come down but on the other hand his next film is tiger zinda hain which is the best film to deal with that.

    1. JHMS wont(Even Indicine said it wont do above 20cr as it is urban romcom and mini trails are flop). Golmaal4 will 100% cross its opening.TZH, even if u put Sohail Khan instead of Salman , will do 40cr+ opening due to brand value.

      Opening is not just about stardom. Various factors come into play.

      1. @Sayar you never told us you live in the mental hospital, kaise ho?!

        You seriously think JHMS won't cross 21cr on first day, hahaah first day be 30cr+

        1. @SRK and varun U.K. (Uganda.Kenya.?) fanbase ha ha ha. What a joke. JHMS is a rip off of another hollywood movie when Harry met sally and it won't work in today's time. Audience have grown up. Srk looks very old and doesn't suit with anushka and srk is a flop in rom com genre these days. His romantic days are over now. No one is interested in his movies anymore unless they are commercial mass entertainers. So don't expect anything from JHMS. It will open below 15 cr as so far the promos are cheap and vulgar. It's an adult movie and won't work for families, kids and mass audience. Just deal with it. Even metro city audience are now growing up and rejecting these kind of movies. It will be another befikre at box office as well as content.

          1. LoL, SRK is still sexy, fit and bette looking than all his contemporaries. He has the highest female fan following. And which romantic movie of his has ever flopped? Keep your crappy predictions to yourself. JHMS is going to rock inshallah after trailer release. There is nothing cheap and vulgar about it. He can romance as long as he wants and people will get interested.

            1. @NN honestly I don't want to argue with blind knucklehead fanatics like you. I spoke what the truth is and I don't care whether you blind fanatic believe it or not. Keep worshipping srk and do his pooja and aarti..srk looks sexy. Good joke. Thanks for making my day with such an entertaining joke. Srk had huge female following in 1990s and last decade but the low collections of JTHJ proved that he has lost his mojo in romantic genre.

  5. If Tubelight is not accepted by the audience but it is not even ignored or neglected at the same time. 83+Crs biz in four days is quite OK with the genre and attitude of the film.
    Almost 20 Crs biz for continuous 4 days.

  6. @bollyarena in south eid factor does not work ,only one national holiday yestrday from today there is no holiday here and in north india still its summer vacaction so it can only survive in north otherwise it is now finishing the running

  7. Ultra flop ..budget 100r + 60cr (Sallu fee and other expenses ) total budegt 160cr collection 130cr tak .means ultra flop ..200cr + kamana tha hit ke liye

  8. according to boi -18.50
    according to bollyarena -19.90
    according to producer n other sites-20

  9. salman should take rest.what a crap acting in tubelight.in india only one man do variety of flims .aamir khannnnnnn.he has got licence from people.no one can experiment their flims,if it can do ,that become flopped.salman can do masala movies,or do any hit movies second,third parts.srk can do typical romantic story for his age of 50.thats safe for him.dont do experiment.its for aamir khan.most proudful indian star

  10. Still this movie able to do more than raees and akshay other actor movies.
    Tiger zinda hai
    Top 3 earner of Bollywood this year.
    Any one have doubts wait and watch.
    All fan of other actor u criticise tube light but don't behave like Stupid KRK.
    don't encourage him.he's work is to abuse actor and get popularity.

  11. Tuesday morning occupancy is just 15%.....now occupancy is low as well as ticket price is also low due to weekdays....hahaha.......flop of the year.....hahaha...

  12. Chahe movie flop ho jaaye par tax wo jyada pay karega aamir ki dangal 2000cr earn kar bhi le to desh ko kya fayda wo kaha tax pay karne wala hai dangal is highly manipulated movie.tubelight is good movie ye market main negativity spread ho gayi hai na is liye ye ho raha hai remember andaz apna apna movie us time pe aamir aur salman dono ki movies achha earn kar rahi thi par andaz apna apna box office pe flop ho gayi thi par jab tv pe dekhi tab sabko bahut hi pasand aayi thi even aaj bhi wo movie one of the best comic film hai same ho raha hai tubelight k sath movie bahut hi achhi hai jab dekhoge tab samaj jaoge main kal se keh raha hu theatre main nahi jana hai mat jao mobile main dekhlo baad main decide karo how was movie

  13. @sayar the trailer is not released. those were just like dialouge promos. only 1 song is released, i found it nowhere near other chartbusters of pritam, though it's my personal opinion and the song can be a chartbuster. only after the trailer and the other songs the real prediction can be made.
    i think anything below 20 crore can not be accepted at all. at the end of the day it's a solo release not a clash and srk fans always say srk gives 20 crore plus opening with clash so this time we will get the real value of srk films opening on non holiday solo release.
    you can't say 20 crore less opening is justified because of urban treatment. even if the multiplexes opens huge 20 crore would be done. akshay kumar with an urban film rustom gave approx 14 crore opening in just 2300 screens and that too clashing with mohenjodaro which was released in equal or bigger screens. at least jhms is a solo release , how is below 20 crore opening justified for that as srk is much bigger than akshay.
    and to be honest this appeal is an excuse , a superstar should pull audience to the thatres at least initially which aamir does. despite of being a salman supporter has to accept salman failed to do that with tubelight as it should have opened at least 25 crore. now let's see what srk does. it will also be helped by gst tax so atleast 25 crore should be done unless it will be proved only aamir can give opening in any genre.
    i stll believe in heroic full commercial film salman is still initially ahead of srk , now let's see with different genre who has more initial pull, and jhms also has a big heroine with two 300 crore plus grossers which tb lacked.

    1. Didnt tubelight do just 20cr despite 4000screens and high ATP?

      Same Salman-Dulhan Hum Lejayenge did 1cr+ opening, Kahin Pyar na hojae did 47lakhs opening-Same genre, no urban treatment.

      So stardom=opening is simply a misconception in multiplex era. Plus JHMS has vulgar dialogues-will restrict family(As per Indicine)

      Plus heroines even if all deepika, anushka, katrina come together cant give initials.

      And srk fans say this or that doesnt matter.

    2. jhms will collect opening 30 cr ,aug 5 th yehi site pe aake milna ,aur srk solo release ce-31 cr opening hny -40 cr opening n only fan did bit low beacase of no chartbister songs, no heroin,n its initial was looking like srk's documentary that is the pblm with fan now compare with tubelight urself ,this is bhaijan stardum lol fuselight

  14. Jhms will hardly collect 100cr while thug of hindustan will be epic flop if aamir khan fans keep trolling good movies than thug of hindustan will be lower side flop to wo abhi se ho gayi hai disaster bhi ho jaayegi

  15. @Dishonest joker- Don't give excuse of heroine. Anushka Sharma's star power is evident from Phillauri. Tube light was a family entertainer copying Bajrangi Bhaijaan style, so it should have opened above 30 crore. Rather pray that Gangu Teli sallu's fuss light crosses Raees in domestic and Dear Zindagi in overseas. JHMS will get excellent opening inshallah after the trailer launch. Even in his worst phase SRK is the biggest crowdpuller who can give opening in any genre.

  16. The only Gangu Teli so-called superstar who gives Disasters on Festive season. Jaanemaan, Kyunki, MAMK and now fusslight. It's his 12th Disaster since 1994. He has many disasters before 1994 too. The only Gangu Teli so called superstar whose number of Disasters are bigger than his number of Blockbusters. He doesn't deserve festive solo release. He ruined Eid and made many distributors bankrupt. Now waiting for more of Dishonest Joker's jokes.

  17. @honestman okay challenge accepted! We will compare TEPK vs JHMS opening day but we will be fair and consider that TEPK will have less due to JHMS still running so if 15cr is TEPK first day collection then I will admit Akshay Kumar has some power, And Shah Rukh Khan has to do more than 20cr haha walk through the park!

    Let's worry about Akshay Kumar crossing 20cr on Friday, Sat or even Sunday? I don't think it can do 20cr on any day!


    First day: 33cr
    Second day: 36cr
    Third day: 39-40cr
    Weekend 105-110cr

    Week 1: 140-160cr depending on WOM!
    Week 2: All depends on WOM of JHMS and TEPK!

    Negative: 100cr
    Average: 140cr
    Good: 200cr
    Excellent: 250cr+
    Rare WOM: 300cr+

    Negative: 50-60cr
    Average: 80-90cr
    Good: 100cr+
    Excellent: 125cr+
    Rare WOM: 170-180cr+

    This is just my opinion!

  18. Because of SRK presence Tube light could able to do this much.....otherwise itna bhi nahi kama paati......hahahaha......

    1. Srk k wajah se to sirf itni earning huyi pata nahi kyun ab srk ka name aata hai to movie ka collection 150cr k aaspas hi rehta srk is panauti of bollywood nikalo usko industry se.agar srk ka cameo thug of hindustan main aa gaya na to movie 100cr tak bhi nahi pahuch payega

  19. vishal bhai itaa bntaa hoo salman khan k ly
    ki solo realsese ho sake
    aur apne aaj fr glt bolaa ki 10 se nichaa hogi

    bhai i think 12 core s ya use uper hogi
    kal milte hai fr

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