Tubelight exposes the double standards of critics in India

It is said that critics are irrelevant for a Salman Khan starrer or ant other massy films. However, this does not apply to films like Tubelight which is a more of a multiplex-friendly film.

Tubelight has received mixed to negative reviews from most of the Indian critics. But it is not as bad film as it is being made. In fact, most of the reviews focused on bashing Salman Khan's performance rather than criticising plot or direction.

Salman Khan delivers a pretty good performance as a mentally challenged person. Overall the film is not perfect but definitely watchable. Tubelight touched upon some very sensitive issues like Nationalism which is relevant today. But we don't see any critic praising or even mentioning it.

If it was any other actor's film, all the critics and media would have gone gaga over it thanks to their PR machinery. But here it was Salman Khan who does not care about critics. Before release, he said that critics can give his film minus 100 stars as he does not care at all. This statement definitely did not go well with critics and looks like they did personal bashing of Salman deliberately.

A famous reviewer said that he will not watch any Salman Khan starrer during Sultan controversy. Yet, he watched Tubelight and reviewed it just to mock Salman's performance. Also, they have to write controversial stuff about big stars to remain in the news. Apparently, his best films of 2016 were from production houses which are known to bribe critics. Not surprising.

One the one hand, if we have so-called intellectual critics, then there are some analyst-cum critics. It is a known fact that big stars and producer pay critics to write biased reviews. But this is not the case with Salman Khan. So even the most "Honest" critics were talking about screenplay and logic as if their 4 and 4.5 stars rated films were masterpieces. Tubelight was never going to do well in single screens. But it could have done better if the response from critics was better. Nowadays most of the multiplex audience decides to watch the film after reading reviews.

Critics have probably managed to sabotage Tubelight. But one has to admire the guts of Salman Khan who still does not give a damn about them. The megastar will return to his comfort zone in Tiger Zinda Hai which is releasing in December 2017. One wonders how critics are going to deal with it.

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  1. Comment:This article is pitch perfect but u missed one point Salman should not have shown this much arrogance particularily when he was doing a multiplex film...

    1. @arena or bobby deol
      Plz ek article ho jaaye
      Srk the biggest panuti for Bollywood
      1)fan flop
      2)dilwale flop
      3)raees flop
      4) India lost match due to his presence
      5)tubelight flop due to his guest appearance
      6) jhsm will be flop

      1. Tubelight flop hone se roric ka dimaag kharap ho chuka hai...dilwale flop?raees flop?mast joke mara....and yeah an article on the god of panauti lallu bhai banta hai...tubelight mein srk tha isliye flop hua hai nah?achha iss filmon mein srk tha kya?:Lucky,Marigold,Saawan,Phir milenge,Kyon ki,Yuvraj,jai ho,Veer,Main aur mrs khanna,veergati,auzaar,hello brother,jaanam samjha karo,kahin pyar na ho jaye,chori chori chupke chupke,yeh hain jalwa,dil ne jise apna kaha,baabul,jaaneman,salaam e ishq,london dreams etc etc etc...lallu bhai back to form

      2. oho....ek panauti has done movies like baazigar,darr,dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge,kuch kuch hota hai,veer zaara,dil toh pagal hai,my name is khan,main hoon na,devdas,om shanti om,chak de india,mohabbatein,kabhi khushi kabhi gham etc.?wah kaash aisa panauti lallu agle janam mein ho jaye toh shayad kuch karle.....

  2. Epic article bollyarena... Hats off to u guys to tell d world true side of critics in India... Even I know it's not one of those action Salman films but it's definitely worth a watch and I loved his performance personally... The movie was definitely a risk bt it had good message.. plz don't pull a film down...

  3. Best article ever on Your site which is this article...... you are absolutely correct bollyarena

  4. but admin you must agree that salman cant act in his whole life...only his fans saves his carrier...he was ok on sultan n BB bt that doesnt mean he is good actor...more than 25years in bollywood n he dont know how to act....last 6/7 box office success doesent mean he is everything....

  5. Salman ka movie 1st collection low hone ke baad SRK fans Facebook ur Bollywood sits pr aake puch rha hai "baap kon hai" "baap kon hai" "baap kon hai"

    Are bhai mujhe nhi pta tumhara baap kon hai.....
    jake apni ammi se pucho...
    mai to abhi tk Virgin hu??

    1. same thing as salman fans do after srk's film gets low opening....pehle salman ka baap ka pata laga le baad mein srk ka baap dhund lena ....tu virgin rahega puri zindagi kyun ki tere baap ki tarah tu bhi gay hai....actually tu apna neighbour ka aulaad hai...yeh nahi para facebook mein?

      1. @Sallu beta tu bhul raha h ki tera baap kon h apni mom ko puch na tere peda hone ke 9 months se pelhe tara mom ke pass gazra or jalebi leke kon geya tha abe sidha bol raha hu tu mera nazaez aulad h

  6. Comment:tubelight is good movie with good message..
    But every one wants salman's movie as masala entertainer specially on Eid...
    That's the actual reason why tubelight not perform very well..and critics gives bad reviews for tubelight..
    But actually tubelight is good movie.

  7. Critics?? who bashed 3 idiots and pk.. I am salman fan still i was in very anger at that time when they did to 3 idiots.. It was one of the best film of bollywood and aamir performance is too good but they ignored Aamir because he do what his mind and heart say thats why his movies are memorable.... Why people took critics and reviews so seriously... I agree tubelight is not so good but neither its a bad..

    I know there is fan war but we should take it seriously

  8. Abe tu basa salman ka fan dikhra hai..but ek bolu..public review bhi negative aye...IMDb ratings dekh aur bookmyshow ke reviews dekh Jo user ratings sete..salman ka fan hai bolke kuch bhi bol mat ja...ok..user ke reviews bhi gande are hai..bahot.. Vaise toh srk bhi fan me bhari acting Kara but movie direct achese nai Hui so nai chali wahi hal tubelight ka hua...

  9. May be you are partially right in saying that critics have expressed their personal warfare by panning the movie. However even Salman has been flying on cloud 9 due to series of blockbusters. If tubelight is the wake up call then tiger Zinda hain is going to be a realisation that he can do good only during ID. Mind you he is playing a 70 year old character in TZH so again that will be an experimentation.

  10. I think only Aamir rules
    JHMS will open to 13-14crore. Nothing more than that
    Salman is nothing without masala\

  11. abey pagla gaya h kya..
    movie ekdum bakwass thee maan kyun nhi lete..chaiye to audience ka reaction dekhlo bms par

  12. actually bollyarena i never gave a damn what critics say.. and m a big salman fan .. today i went to watch tubelight along with my family.. everyone was reluctant to watch bcoz of critics but still i took everyone as no one has the right to manipulate my thoughts.. but really i was disappointed with the movie.. it was tiring one.. and i want to warn sallu ( i know m no one to do that but ) one bad film can ruin the whole good run .. just like CC2C ruined akkis superstardom.. it then took him 2-3 years to re-establish that... in tubelight i never felt it reaching my heart ... never felt connected with anyone in the movie.. and moreover lakshman( sallu) really did nthng to bring his brother back .. disappointing movie

  13. Bollyarena why u always supporting salman khan tum jaise logon ne hi salman ki akad bdha di hai warna usski acting main hai kya being human ka natak karke aur media se promotipn krake aage bdha hai

  14. Today I watch tubelight.Before giving any rating for the movie,I would like to say that I was very much excited for the movie when it was announced because of Kabir-Salman combo of actor & director.later when trailer released many felt it is not typical Salman film,But that was dare decision from Salman to do different kind of cinema at this level of stardom.Still I was looking forward for the movie.Generally I read reviews of the movie on release date & same I did but critics started bashing the movie.i was little disappointed.With low expectations I went to movie today.I found film very honest & good one time watch.Its all bout personal choices.People can like the movie or they can dislike the movie.But I still think this film deserve 3 star if not more.Its very difficult to do 300 cr business now but atleast this can gross PRDP.

  15. Appreciated Dats the reality it's very honest performance from Salman and the collection is low as per Salman Standards not as per critics standards who gave ratings too flop disaster films Do these guys know Wat film is all about and Wat about the audience to go watch film on other person advice if a film appears to u watch but after reading so many reviews and then go and watch looks as good f dis is the reason we are still far behind

  16. Highly disagree. First of all you can't questions critics when Salman himself said don't give them to critics. First Salman challenged them. Second none of his previous movies were praised by critics before Bajrangi Bhaijaan as they were massy and mass oriented movies always gets less ratings. Critics rated BB & Sultan positively. My question is timing of Salman, if he said this during Sultan that the impact was less but now it more. I haven't seen tube light yet so I Can't comment about how the movie & Salman performance is. But when a big star insult a profession then they will definitely come together to show them their worth. All & All this is the time where critics definitely matter, less or more is debatable. 3I was rated less than 2 by renowned critics but wom decides. In tubelight case wom is negative which your wom predicting showing. That's it.

    1. Too good , public reviews are negative , salman think he is bigger than critics . @ bollyarena u must give reply to @ sky he nailed it

  17. If won is good then nobody can stop any film to become hit or super hit. Plz accept the reality that won is not good for Tubelight. Movie gonna crash Tuesday onwards.

  18. You are just trying to please Salman Khan and his fans . Tubelight is not the first film to receive negative reviews from critics and definitely not the last . Critics have their own taste and they give stars according to their preference and knowledge of cinema . I have not seen Tubelight so I can't say whether it is good or bad . First of all if people believe critics blindly then they are fools . People should understand to watch a film or not by watching trailer, teaser, songs and dialogue promos . Maybe Tubelight is better than Ready, Bodyguard, Jai Ho and PRDP but it is boring according to audience and critics . Yes Tubelight is a War Drama film and such kind of films don't get massive opening . But if you are a megastar you have to give numbers . It is to difficult to believe but the opening day collections of Bodyguard released in 2011 is more than Tubelight . This tells the complete story . On the other hand Salman is not a great actor so expecting Critics to praise Salman for his performances is asking for too much . Honestly Salman and Kabir tried to repeat the same of Bajrangi Bhaijaan with Tubelight . In both films Salman is playing innocent characters, both Laxman and Pavan are emotional . In BB Pavan has only one mission to take Shahida back to Pakistan . In Tubelight Laxman has only one mission to bring his back brother Bharat . People watching BB felt emotional naturally while in Tubelight according to response they are trying to hard to make people emotional . It is disappointing to see Salman and Kabir making use of the same formula instead of doing something new . Whenever you are playing a mentally challenged character it is always difficult because if you try to do too much than it looks like a caricature . Hrithik in KMG, Priyanka in Barfi, SRK in MNIK and Sridevi in Sadma were just brilliant . From whatever I have seen Salman was trying too hard to prove himself mentally challenged . @ Bollyarena it is your duty to stay neutral while writing articles . You should appreciate someone when they succeed but when someone fails you have to criticize them . Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @saksham if I read it right, u haven't watched the movie Yeah? Still able to write up a review here!
      8-10 saal se wait kar raha hoga tu iss chance ka, u got it today! Have seen ur comments on another popular site too, u consider urself a 'critic'!
      And the whole criticising personality of yours comes out during a Salman Khan movie! Continue, who cares! Cheers

  19. @ roric , abe chindichor in which world Dilwale and Raees flopped ? Both were semi hits.And what is this nonsense india lost due to SRK ? India lost due to poor performance on field.And Same SRK also did cameo in ADHM which was a hit.
    Excuses ki dukaan !!

    1. Adhm producer bribed the Critics. Not a new story. Karan Johar respect that very day vanished. Shivaay was a good movie but seriously bashed by paid critics

  20. bollyarena ur site sucks....bashing critics for writing against salman?where r his fans now?tell them to push this crap film past 300 crore mark....where is the opening?reviews matter after the weekend but here on the very first day his fans have thrashed the movie....the movie is not good...by the way how much team salman paid you to post this article bollyarena....or shall i say salman arena

  21. Tubelight flop hone se roric ka dimaag kharap ho chuka hai…dilwale flop?raees flop?mast joke mara….and yeah an article on the god of panauti lallu bhai banta hai…tubelight mein srk tha isliye flop hua hai nah?achha iss filmon mein srk tha kya?:Lucky,Marigold,Saawan,Phir milenge,Kyon ki,Yuvraj,jai ho,Veer,Main aur mrs khanna,veergati,auzaar,hello brother,jaanam samjha karo,kahin pyar na ho jaye,chori chori chupke chupke,yeh hain jalwa,dil ne jise apna kaha,baabul,jaaneman,salaam e ishq,london dreams etc etc etc…lallu bhai back to form

  22. Jolly LLB 2 had beaten sultan's highest TRP record to become the highest....most of the other websites had published this big news...but bollyarena the pakao website is posting articles like this shit bashing critics....bollyarena its written on the wall already TUBELIGHT flop hai

    1. Highest trp record still belongs to PRDP! Jab pata na ho toh muh nhi kholna chahiye beizzati karvaane k liye

  23. Sab logo ne ek hawa bana rakhi hai ki salman acting nahi kar sakta... Beshak wo sab bewakoof acting ki abc nahi jaante ho....
    .he is indias biggest star at the time but according to hutiya's nor he is a superstar neither he is a good actor then why he has most blockbusters in history of bollywood....
    Aur sabse bada hutiyapa bolenge ki eid ki wajah se chalti hai movie salman ki to salman se pahle kisi aur ki movies kyu blockbuster nahi hui eid par

  24. Sultan movie mein salman khan ne SRK ka naam use kia wo film blockbuster hui Dangal movie mein SRK ki movie DDLJ dikhayi gayi wo movie blockbuster Badrinath ki dulhania mein SRK ka naam use hua wo Hit ADHM mein SRK ka cameo us movie ne shivaay ko beat kia Tubelight 1 weak story ki movie thi isi liye kabir khan ne SRK ko cameo ke liya taa ke SRK ke fans bhi Tubelight dekhege Salman Khan ki tubelight mein performance theik hae Plot weak hai

  25. It's a serious! We Salman Fans should also boycott SRK & Aamir films. We mustn't watch their films in theatre. Aamir khan's fans are Naag. Who bites from back then why should we show love towards Aamir ?! SRK fans are haters and we know that still we watch his films. But from now we Salman Khan die hard & hardcore fans should take oath and promise to not watch Aamir & SRK films in theater. If we want to watch we should watch it either on mobile or TV. Pirated version should be the best choice. If we r truly a Salman fan, we should have to care... Aamir fans are Snake... now they'll say it's SRK fans who r bashing salman but it ain't true... SRK fans are born haters of Salman and we know that but Insecurity of Aamir Khan fans about Salman's MegaStardom made them Haters of Salman. So we mustn't watch his films too... Hume Aamir aur SRK ki film Theatre mein nahi dekhna chahiye.....!!!!

  26. SRK Fans - Dilwale & Raees Failed to collect 150 & 140 respectively coz of clash.... Lolllll

    Neutral audience : - abey besharam, Dilwale against kid Ranveer failed to cross 150 but that same kid's film crossed 180 against ur so called biggest star on the planet (Pluto), Sharam naam ki cheez hi nahi, feel shame before making excuses..... "if kid can cross 180 against srk why srk can't cross 200 crs against the KID (Oooooops 150) ?! lol....

  27. What idea i get from ur article clarifies that u are too biased. U say the critics bashed his film and it flopped, but i have watched the film and i can say that its one of the most poorly acted movie of salman in recent times equally bundled with poor writing. Salman is not on prime form which is clearly visible in the movie. Critics ratings were infact bit good. Its not worth a watch especially in festive period.

  28. salman is not a good actor, critics issue, personal issues, his arrogance etc etc....
    v dont care.. the fact is.. he is biggest of the best in business.. period!..
    aamir did a similar film.. called peepli live.. extended cameo... like SRK in luv u jindagi.. nobody did really bother and salman fans wer least interested too...
    but come the man himself.. and all wait to haunt the wounded tiger... thts how salman is apart.... he is the kinggg!!

  29. Chillax All Salman Fans abhi Tiger Zinda Hai
    But very honest article from Bollyarena also This film could have collected more but it was not carrying The BHAI image of Salman
    But this Film did not had a global appeal too anyhow it still watchable and yes it's still getting highest weekend for Bollywood in 2017 So a flop at 150 core shows the stature of India's Biggest star

  30. agar reviews ,crictics ka effect hota too 2 nd day se hona chaiye kyu opening hi kharab gaya ?beacuase movie buzz is less than salmns other movies trailor is already had average and no extra promo creativity that is the pblm with tubelight

  31. It's very ironic of bollyarena of how far they are going to save this movie.
    Blocking fans who comment, usually against any movie which doesn't have their fans and writing a whole article how critics are sabotaging the movie. But can't you'll see how the general public has reacted to the movie as well? Critics trash many movies but many of them tend to make money. But even public haven't like this movie. Ratings on book my show and IMDB are very low so how is it sabotage? Bollyarena is clearly taking sides here and trying to shield this films failure. ☺

  32. Critics akshy kee movie ko the bahut pasand nahi karty haan sahrukh me worst movie ki bhi 3 star mil jaaty hain

  33. v all know raja sen and his equation with salman.. salman didnt even bother him and continued to ignore like the way modi ignores kejri.. lol

  34. Bollyarena, being a movie based website you have shown such ignorance and biasedness that its nauseating.. A movie is a cumulative product of story or mplot, screen play, editing, how the whole process is directed, music(where it fits in seamlessly) and most importantly performances. If one of this goes wrong , it will be criticised. In this Salman was just not good enough an actor for a role this challenging. Pls admit it.. Salman hasnt become famous because he is a great actor but he has always played himself on screen. Its his attitude that people love. In this he is playing some whom he is not or probably there is very less of him. Plus the character is a more challenging to portray. So if he has not done a good job, why wont critics or people criticise him. Pls come back to the real world. Salman is famous for being Salman. He never was a real mainstream actor like aamir khan, ranbir kapoor or ranveer singh.

  35. Take it as an example?

    Raja Sen of Rediff gave the film two out of five stars and states: "Rajkumar Hirani's one of the directors of the decade, a man with immense talent and a knack for storytelling. On his debut, he hit a hundred. With his second, he hit a triple century. This time, he fishes outside the offstump, tries to play shots borrowed from other batters, and hits and misses to provide a patchy, 32*-type innings. It's okay, boss, *chalta hai*. Even Sachin has an off day, and we still have great hope."

    thats why we shouldn't trus such critics...

    Even i found Tubelight as an average flick but it was not that bad what they are projecting it to be.

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