Tubelight Budget, Screen Count, Economics

Tubelight Budget, Screen Count, Economics

One of the most anticipated projects of this year Tubelight is releasing this Friday. The film stars Salman Khan and Sohail Khan in the lead roles. It has been directed by Kabir Khan and produced by SKF.

Tubelight Budget:

As per the sources close to the film, Tubelight has been made on a budget of 95 cr (excluding Salman’s fee). The market value of Salman is around 55-60 crore so the actual value of the budget will be 150-155 crores.

Tubelight Screen Count:

It is releasing in approx 4400 screens in India. While in overseas it is likely to be the be the widest Bollywood release ever. The filmmakers are targeting to release it in 50 plus overseas territories and it is already the biggest release in some markets.

Tubelight Budget, Screen Count, Economics

Tubelight Economics:

The makers are in the safe zone by selling the film at a record price. The non-theatrical recovery was also pretty good. Now it will up to NH Studioz to recover the high price. Tubelight will be a successful film for all parties involved after crossing 250 crores only.

  • Satellite Rights: 55 Cr
  • Music rights: 20 Cr
  • Digital Rights: N/A
  • Other: 8 Cr
  • Distributor Price: 132 Cr
  • Overseas Rights: 38 Cr
  • Recover Costs: 250 Cr


Last year when we reported about Sultan, only sky was the limit as far the buzz was concerned. This is not the case with Tubelight which is probably due to the average promos. Though the buzz has increased after the release of couple of new tracks which hint at strong emotional content. It will be a good start if the film crosses 25 crore on opening day considering the pre-Eid release period.

Round Up:



Salman, Sohail
Kabir Khan
Release Date
23 June 2017
Run Time
137 min
155 Cr


Also, tell us what do you think about Tubelight budget and screen count in the comments section.

71 comments on “Tubelight Budget, Screen Count, Economics”

  1. Why dont you guys add Akshay Kumar fees to his movies Salman khan is the producer of the movie so its very stupid of you guys
    To add his fees and unnecessarily show the increased budget .

      1. Srk will share profit in raees ...budget 92 Cr because he is co-producer...on the other hand salman will take renumeration since he is producer so budget 155 Cr.
        Thank you so much

      2. It baffles all logic. As a producer himself, he is not taking a rupee, then why should you add market fee to the budget. Budget means how much you spend for production cost with marketing and if that comes to 95 crores that's it, so why should you add nonexisting market fee into it ? Please get your arithmetic right, it is making no sense.

        In Akshay's case, if he is not the producer, it is a different case to add market fee, but still that is not fair as at the time of release he wouldn't have charged a rupee and only gains or gets his fee when the producer is making profit. So, finally stop your own assumptions about economics. Please are well educated to understand the difference and manipulations.

        1. Completely agree with Max... How can you add a hypothetical fees in the budget? When did last time Salman Khan acted in a movie not produced by him by charging a fees? Charging a fees in a movie produced by someone else and acting in your own movie are completely different things... Noone calculates your own fees in the budget when you are producing something... Adding Akshay's fees hypothetically for Jolly LLB 2 was also wrong...

  2. As an SRK fan I really feel jealous of Salman Fans
    Salman has universally appealing movies, family movies, big scale films and grip on festivals
    All the best for tubelight

    1. Beta yeh movie toh gayi
      First flop of salman is coming
      Impossible to reach 250
      Max 200 karegi so flop

  3. i have some expectations from this film that it can beat bb1 ,pk ww but TZH dabang3 kick2 and remo dance movie have no potential to beat record.

    1. @Prince
      Arey kya baat kar raha hai PK ww tutega aur wo bhi fusslight todegi...

      PK WW sirf robot 2.0 tod sakti hai...

      1. Bahubali 2 ne Kab ka Tod Diya aur bajrangi bhaijaan 2nd phase K Baad aaram se Tod dega.tu Pehle bahubali se apne Dangal ko bacha tube light will 3rd highest grosser of Indian cinema

        1. @Kk
          arey bhai mai Dangal ki baat nahi kar raha Dangal to kisiko bhi nahi tutnewali
          chahe kitna bhi zor lagao..

          Aamir no.1 hi rahega no.2 pe koi bhi rahe...

        2. salmaan khan is not good actor ,he is totaly dipended on eid.bcz then only miya bhai goes seen this cheap actor movie.

  4. why u are calling avg promos dangal have not any songs which is massy but it did phenomenal bcz of its content nd same wid happening wid tubelight and the promo trailor are looking much better than bb or dangal the audience is very curious about the movie and salman acting not saying as a salman fan admin sir but movie looking amazingly solid now

    1. bro before release hanikark bapu cross 45m views, dhakkad song 30 view , dangal 10m view, and one dialogue cross 2m view and other 1.5m view.

      1. TZH hai aya rahi h phir songs view dekhna.
        Is time ramzan chal raha h isliye view tubelight ki baat chodo kisi bhi movie ka songs dekh view kam hi milege

        1. @Mohd Rashid
          sultan trailer kay eid pe release kiya tha?

          arey excuses dena band kardo..
          aur Akshay ke TEPK ne fusslight ko beat kiya uska kya..
          TEPK ko ramjan nahi hai...

  5. All time blockbuster
    I think beat aamir khan pk
    1st 30 cr.
    2nd 34 cr.
    3Rd 38 cr.
    4th 40 cr. ( eid)
    5th 30 cr.
    6th 21 cr
    7th 18 cr.
    First week total 211 cr
    Final run 350 cr

      1. not required.. he has wise fan following.. adding u will impact others :D

        btw.. YouTube declared it has great advance collections.. so b prepared for a juggernaut!

      2. Pk ka ww collection tutne ke liye 640cr ki hi zaroorat h... Becoz tubelight not release in china.
        Pk 100cr earn in china.
        Toh tubelight ko only 640cr ki zarooat h.

        1. @Mohd Rashid
          arey re re loac star ke kya din aagaye..
          china collection skip karna pad raha hai...

          rote raho bhailog..tumse na ho payega..
          chalo hava ane do..

      3. @parshya tu Salman ka fan banne ke laayak Nahi hai movie aaram se 1000cr WW cross karegi par tu Pls Aamir ka hi fan re Salman ko tere jaise chotti soch vale fan Nahi chahiye

    1. chinta mat karo first day 35cr plus hogahi bookmyshow se check kar Pata chal jayega thorisi advance booking khuli hai par dhamake dar ...
      Mumbai --- puri week me 1vi ticket nahi hai
      delhi----- 70% ticket sold out
      Hyderabad - 90% ticket sold out ( puri week)
      chennai - 50 % ticket sold out
      Bangalore - 70% ticket sold out...
      sirf advance booking me hi a movie 27cr se Jada kamayegi

      1. @imran bhai am from hyderabad so as u said booking abhi bhi bahut khula hai tkts 90% kya 45% bhi nahin hua aap poore week ka baat kar raha ho pehle din khula pada hai yaha pe allu arjun ka movie dj release hora hai woh 90% book hogaya not tube light theek se deklo

  6. lagta Salman ka bi bura waqt a gaya hai
    chalo dekhty hain kon box office ka king ho ga is saal

  7. Tubelight t is Remake of Hollywood movie Little Boy with Bajrangi Bhaijaan kind Of Emotion.
    Little Boy+BB=Tubelight.
    BB was Written by Vijendra Prasad Father of Rajamouli.
    And Tubelight is Written by Kabir Khan previously He wrote Scripts of
    Kaabul Express & ETT.
    So 1 thing is 100% guaranteed
    TL wont Match Standard of BB

  8. agar virat kohli jesa player Pakistan Jessi team ke khalaaf 3run PR out ho sakta hai tu Salman bi apni position se down ho sakta hai

  9. Arey bhai ye movie wednesday tak chalegi bad me fusssssssssss

    till wednesday-160cr


    aab ye mat bolna Sallu ki filme 250cr kamne par bhi average...
    wo isliye kyunki selling price utani hai...

    chillane se pahle ...get u facts clear
    aab sallu fans and sallu bhau in tension..

    kaise karenge recover intna cost...

    maza agaya...

  10. top movie 2017
    bahubali 2 510cr
    tiger zinda hai 310cr
    tubelight 260-280cr
    padmavi 201cr
    jhms srk 180cr
    tepk 160cr
    golmaal 4 155cr
    judwa 2 140cr
    raees 134cr
    kaabil 126cr
    jolly llb 2 116cr
    bkd 115cr
    padman 110cr
    reloaded 85cr

    1. You are mad! You think Padmavati will do over 200cr and TEPK will hit 160cr well then it's not happening, all other predictions are reasonabl!

    2. Brother.akki ki aukat 130cr tak ki hi hai toilet ek Prem Katha Max 120cr while srk ki aukat 150cr tak ki hi hai so jhms Max 140cr

  11. Bollyarena dont include Salman Khan fee.. he is producer. .
    Because if you include than the movie will be a hit at 250 crore.. are you mad?
    If fail to cRoss 230 will be flop

  12. Bollyarena tean tubelight WW release 9.500-10000screen(not include china) .
    Only hindi me 5200screen par release ho rahi h.

  13. Bollyarena team plz apna sourse se pata lagaye...tubelight ka china right already 75cr me sold ho chuka h

  14. I just hope this movie doesnt release in pak and china..movie ki aur hamare jawaanon ki beizzati hogi..collections in these terrotories shudnt b taken into consideration..

  15. Doston bycoat tubeliht taki producer ke pass strong message jaye aur unki pak artist ko lene ki bimari door ho jaye.bharat mata ki jai

  16. My prediction

    Life time India nett 122 Cr (BB2 day1 collection lol)

    Verdict:Average due to festival release.

  17. Jaise hr 2 kaudi ka hai usse to bhut age hai bete tu abhi bhi frustrated hai rustom ne kaise dhoya mj ko dekhke koi nhi munna jake soja bap bethe hai tere chal futh yha se nhi to aisi bajaunga ki bachega nhi

  18. Obviously it doesn't make any sense addind producer fees in his own production. As we all knkw produces takea a share drom profit not a fixed fee. Juat a non sense

  19. Could you explain why it needs 250 cr and explain how much is needed fir average, hit and blockbuster status please Bollyarena ?

    1. 250 cr+ will be required for distributors recovery. A film is called a clean hit only if it makes profit for both producers and distributors. Though it does not mean that it will be a flop under 250 cr as non-theatrical recovery is very high. More about this will be updated later.

  20. Tubelight new song Tittle "Tere bina main kuch bhi nhi "coming soon sung by Javed Ali.

  21. Jo pak aur china ke supporter honge aur india ke dushman honge wahi tubelight film dekhenge

  22. Honestly, don't think this will have the emotiona connect like BB or PK......to recover, 260 cores is required and at the moment it seems the max it can do....YRF is distributing overseas so it will be a hit there but overall Semi-Hit like Raees or Dilwale..

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