Tubelight Box Office Verdict: Hit or Flop

Tubelight Box Office Verdict: Hit or Flop: Salman Khan's latest release Tubelight has failed at the box office. The film will cause heavy losses to the distributors and exhibitors. In this report, we are going to check out the economics of the film.

Tubelight was made on the budget of 100 crores excluding Salman Khan's fee. Another 55 cores can be added as his market value. The producer sold the Indian theatrical rights at a massive amount of 132 crores. Digital rights of the film were sold at a record price too. So the pre-release recovery was phenomenal. (It can go further high as recovery from some sources is not added yet)


  • Production Cost: 80 cr
  • P&A: 20 cr
  • Total: 100 cr


  • All India Theatrical Rights: 134 cr
  • Satellite and Digital Rights: 92 cr
  • Music Rights: 20 cr
  • Overseas Rights: 38 cr
  • Total: 284 cr

Now it is clear that producers have already earned heavy profits from the film. However, distributors are going to lose a huge amount as the recovery could be less than 70 crores. Some of the individual distributors may have lost the income of their lifetime and some will have to shut down their business forever. In overseas, things are worse as the lifetime collection will not even touch $10 million.

Overall Tubelight is a flop in India and disaster in overseas. Salman Khan has earned huge profits from the film so he can compensate the distributors just like SRK did during the release of Dilwale.

Also, tell us what are your views about Tubelight verdict hit or flop in the comments section.

126 comments on “Tubelight Box Office Verdict: Hit or Flop”

    1. Tere baap se bolnaa ki Distributors ka loss ka 10% bear kar le.
      Ab to BOLLYARENA ne bhi maan liya ki TUBELIGHT is a universally flop movie.

      1. This Patriotic movie is strictly not for the sanghis/Bhakts who don't consider India independent before 2014. This movies depicts The New India in an era being guided by values of Greatest leaders like Mahatma Gandhi. When our Army were showing their First Valour on Indo-china border separated from their families. Most of the Sanghis celebrated when Om Puri Ji died. I watched 2nd day First Show. This Tubelight is such a beautiful Story.

      1. agar aisa hai to dilwale kaise semi hit hogaya ha ha ??uspe vi to distribution ko 50% lose hua tha vul gaya ha ha

        1. dilwale overseas me super hit hai..
          or uska.buisnd 408 crore hai worldwide..
          or tubelight ab tk 200 b n kr payi worldwide..

    2. What does @bollyarena mean by saying like Dilwale? The topic here is Tubelight not Dilwale, and Dilwale did not lose the distributors about 80cr which Tubelight has done!

      Dilwale time no one has as expecting it to do 400cr but this was a potential of doing 400cr, now it won't even do 150cr that's a disaster worldwide!

    3. Success of Tubelight has that Ass burn effect on Sanghi Radicals who are judging the movie in only 4 days of its run shows the desparation. The Success of *TUBELIGHT* shall be a *Lesson for Life* *The Little Boy* - How to make a movie a commercial Blockbuster at a Low Budget yet *Massive Return on Investment*.
      *Bahubali* - How to make a Movie a *Realistic Blockbuster* without Putting any fake mythology and CGI/VFX
      *Bhakts* - How to love INDIA 1st before harping about ur *Saffron Radicalism* & hating Indians. (Those didn't learn from Dangal)

      1. wow.. well said.. since the haters here are brain deads.. they won't even understand what you wrote :D

      2. There is only one religion which promotes filth, which is created on d basis of killing and maligning other faiths..sanghis are new breed but this 1400 year old religion which has not given a single innovation accept submitting oneself to evil god to kill innocent human beings

      3. Sucess of tubelight lol????
        Feeling like to puke on his face???
        Flop flop flop gand jali gand jali gand jali salman ki???

    1. Sallu bhai distributers ke paise pata ni bapis karen ya na karen i don't know but saala hmare movie tickets or popcorn ke paise bapis kar do yaar...
      Is ghatiya film ki bajha se popcorns or cold drinks ka bill bi 1000 rupees se jada ban gaya saala movie me interest hi ni ban raha tha to kha pi ke time paas karna pada ???

    1. Sajaan Radioooooo??? ????
      Meaningless song of the Century!!

      Tubelight? worst title of the century that has no meaning to the movie.

      1. bhai jab radio song aaya tha tab salman ka fans ka commment tha---wow, great amazing...song of the year....aisa meaningless song ko koi kaise like kar sakta hai..hadh ho gayi pagalpan ki.....

        1. Saab SK fans ke liye marigold & mr and mrs khanna movies bhi blockbuster movies hai.

          SK agar pade bhi to SK fans bolenge ---- wow, great amazing…paad of the year !!!

    2. tu kaun hai be?
      guess karoon???..
      Parshyaaa mere bhai :D
      sharam nahi aata, doosre acct se comments bhejte hue??? :D

  1. FLOP!!
    Eid was really wasted with this crap!!
    AJ Baadshaho or AK TEPK should have been given this Eid Slot!! Not this waste,i regretted wasting about 3hrs of my precious time watching this movie!!

    1. But still Bhaijaan Flop will be higher than both the smaller superstars Akki Ajay highest grosser. Tubelight will still cross RR 133 and Chewinggham Returns 141 at any cost!!
      TzH will shut everyone ?

        1. This FIlm is€ harmful for thos€e Bhakts€ who award certificares€ of nationali€sm to the Patriotic indian citizens

      1. Now iq dekho comparing 2012 film with 2017 film
        RR nonholiday release 2000 screens
        Still 134 Cr blockbuster
        Tubelight 4500 screen 4 days holiday
        Still chasing 140 Cr flop

        1. Ofcourse tubelight is flop movie..

          Complete this movie with only aamir nd srk movies.

          Akshay ki abhi itni aukat nai he k wo salman ki movies k sath compare ki jaye..

          Tere akshay ki highest grosser top 3 equal to bb..

          Aur tere akshay ki highest grosser top 10 or 15 worldwide still not equals to master piece "dangal"

      2. @BHAIJAAN Abe kya fayda us heigh box office collection ka jis se kisi ke ghar me chula jalna band ho jaye Business pe tale lag jayen.
        Abe jitna Akshay ki film ka budget hota hai us se jada to industry ko loss hga #Tubelight se samja

  2. Don't know much about the economics of this movie but even if it is a disaster many would be reluctant to call it the same and just call it a flop due to Salman's presence.

    If the loss of distributor is so high then why it is not being called a disaster like Bombay Velvet was given the same verdict ?

    1. abe to abhi tak collections hua hai wo tera baaap lake diya kya bhikari sale.....
      khud ki aukad nahi 100 rupaye kamane ki dusre ke bare me bina soche burayi karne chale...
      comment for all @lol chutiyes
      135(BUDGET)X2 = 260 - 267(LIFE TIME COLLECTION) = 7 CR. (EXTRA)...

    1. These Bollywood haters or khan haters are the same morons who criticize the industry for inserting see Love Story, Item songs, fight scenes. Tubelight surely has its dues left on them.
      Stunning Effort. #Blockbuster

  3. That means Shivaay was far better than Tubelight ?? despite Flop at 100 cr but At least little profit was made and many people still enjoyed the movie unlike Fusslight.
    And Shivaay distributor have not closed their business for life???

    1. Stop insultinh Shivaay. Ajay sir is a better mindset director than Kabir Khan ,Billicine saying Kabir failed as a writter??? still supporting bhaitards thats why i like Bollywood arena. Very Bold and fearless. Billicine dont have guts to declare it Flop!!

        1. Your biggest lallu indicine already declere flop before bollyarena 11 hour ago

          You lallu never will change ?

  4. Disaster in overseas.. Will be Less than 7 million.. Even Varun Dhawan is better...
    Lifetime in india will be max 140

    1. @srk warriors Ha ha ha..... To fir se teyar ho jao dilwale 4August ko distributers ke paise bapis karne ke liye.... Bhai tere hisab se to SRK rocks again ???

  5. Hahahahahahahahaha.....flop in India......hahahahahahahahhahahaha......disaster in overseas..........hahahahahahahahhahahahahaha......

  6. Distributors loss is more than Bombay velvet. Its a disaster in #INDIA

    Socho non holiday pe yaa clash me aati to?? Even hindi medium clash karti to??

    1. abey.. u srk fans are not even qualified to talk about salman :D.. i can understand aamir fans..
      just compare srk and salmans last 10 movies.. abhi bhaago.. :D

      1. Okay let's compete Salman and Shah Rukh whole career?! Huh?! Now what? Salman Khan was giving marigold and Veer! When Shah Rukh Khan was giving athg Om Shanti Om! In the recent 10 years Shah Rukh Khan has given Athg 2 times, OSO and Chennai Express! How many did Salman Give!

        And don't say Tubelight was niche film haha it had big actors not actress but that was because they thought china will make huge collection with Chinese actress!

        Niche film is Fan that was mainly focused on VFX that has never been done anywhere in the world, it was a flop but Shah Rukh Khan has said before the movie released that this movie will not make much money at the box office!

        Whereas Salman Khan was saying Tubelight is a family movie and everyone will connect to its emotions!

        1. love in the present my dear friend.. if u delve inyo past.. sunny deol was the biggest of all.. khans weren't even close.. SRK started to rule since 2000..before tht all 3 wer even Stevens..
          till 2008...thn it was salman..
          Aamir is in his own league.. v cant put him anywhr because he comes up with one in two yrs.. thts s small ratio.. but seldom he falters..

  7. This is a massive failure . This will be extremely tough to digest for Salman fans and trade . Before the release of Tubelight I said to myself the buzz of this film is pretty low, the trailer was average and the songs were average but still I thought it will do 200 CR in the worst case scenario . The failure of Tubelight proves no one is bigger than a film . The most important thing any film can fail anytime even if it releases during the EDX period . This is the 3rd film in this decade which has failed on festival period after Action Replayy and Shivaay . Maybe 4th if we include Toonpur Ka Superhero . Because of Tubelight there is extra pressure on Salman with TZH . Trade always used to say no Salman film on Eid can fail but now this perception has been shattered . Also distributors overestimated Tubelight because of Salman and Kabir Combo returning after BB . Jai Ho looks massively successful in front of Tubelight .

    1. Yaar TKS was a cartoon. It clashed with Akshay movie that had high buzz. So thats accepted it had limited audience but Tubelight was a commercial potboiler of a superstar thats disappointment. Action replaay too clashed with Ajay megafranchised so its pardoned atleast Akkians were not bragging they took it as it came. Shivaay was an experimental movie. No top heroine 1st time actor director producer was 1 person ,clash ,it had controversies , still its trend was solid for single screens and hit 100 cr Ajay carried it on his shoulder and comeon lets remove hatred Shivaay won international praise and many family audience liked it. But Tubelight?
      Day1 the trailer was fucked up! Salman was too arrong while promoting the film. Icing on the cake was WHY DID HE TAKE A DIG AT CRITICSS BEFORE TUBELIGHT RELEASE? it proved The film was wat bigger than Salman Khan. So the biggest festival disaster goes to TUBELIGHT!!

      1. Lol....... Shivaay movie won praises!!! Where in Dreamland???? It was shit... Bhagva lovers hosh mai aajao..... hahhahaha

  8. let me quickly put this across.. retards may not understand.. so can ignore..
    an art kind of film.. tubelight.. opened to 20+ on a NORMAL friday, sat and Sunday.. that too, without muslim audiences.. this is just tooo good or rate it fabbbbb!!!..
    due to negative wom, only few delved on monday after eid.. anothr close to 20..again a fab... on a HOLIDAY.. the long holiday.
    y all this happend????.. jerks and stupids wont understand..
    There was a special ingredient called Salman... the biggest star india has ever seen!!!!!
    Totally agree, the movie didnt cater to most audiences, but that special man got the earnings close to 100 just in 5 days..

      1. read properly.. u seem like one of those idiots i hinted... i said.. art kind of a film.. not art film..
        uff.. these haters are senseless searching for wierd logic and ridiculous debates and praising their own comments... phew

    1. dilwale and raees had bigger collections than your megastar's films in spite of clash,but failed to score big because of content. so according to your logic shahrukh khan is bigger crowd-puller.

  9. Those who say the distributors have lost income.. blah blah.. should also understand, they minted in crores due to salman in the last 8yrs....so its ok if they lose once in 8 successful years...

  10. It would be ridiculous to say that Salman has lost his star power………maybe we can start saying that if a film like TZH doesnt open well and sustain well……….

    However, we all know that TZH will open very well even if it is an average film due to many factors like Salman, Christmas (Falling on Monday), YRF production, sequel to a successful film etc……

    I’ve said this earlier, Tubelight was an offbeat film and the reason Salman did it is because of the super success of Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Salman is smart and experienced enough to know that he will fast lose his core audience if he doesnt cater to them for long………

    Many people including Indicine say that Salman’s stardom has made average films work. But people dont realise that those films worked because they were more than just average for Salman’s core fan base.

    Point being that a bad film can become a hit due to star power. But a bad film can never become a Blockbuster due to only star power. The content has to be appealing to certain section of the audience which in Salman’s case has been the single screen audience and the interiors market.

    For instance a film like Bodyguard wasn’t liked much by the multiplex audience in the big metros but it worked big time with the masses. Thus was a big success overall.

    Tubelight has shown that Salman films can fail if they dont cater to the masses and im sure Salman is intelligent enough to understand that.

    BTW Success of Bahubali and failure of Tubelight will once again raise the importance of festive releases. I have just one thing to say – If Tubelight released on a normal weekend, it may have struggled to cross 100 cr as well……..Whereas Bahubali may have collected the same even if it released on Eid. Thus in a nutshell, festive periods are even more important when content is disappointing !!!

  11. Comment: Tubelight : 2.3 stars still collecting 130-150 crs...
    Fan : 4.5 stars & Hollywood type actions and Good WOM but wrapped under 80 crs...
    Raees : 4 stars & out and out maslala with Sunny Leone & Positive WOM and just 120 crs
    Dilwale : 4 stars & Out and out masala with high octane actions and Good WOM still 148 crs that too on Christmas (excuse wale BM was 180 so we can call it flop)....

    Excuse of clashes... Bang Bang 180 crs with clash
    BM 180 crs with clash against the same whose film failed to do 180 crs... Excusewale se Besharamwale mat bano SRK fans... Besharmi ki bhi hadd hoti hai

    1. sala besharam toh tu hai jo itna bada failure ke badd bhi sallu ka chamchagiri kar raha hai

      1. Abe Raees ki average 2.9 stars thi or 2800 screens the..
        Fan mein sirf ek gana (anthem) koi gana nhi tha.. stil 19.5 crore 3500 screens pe kye the..
        Tubelight good trailer che sath 3-4 songs and Eid mein 4500 screens che sath only 21 ka saki .
        Tubelight je eid pe nhi relase hoti to 60-70 crore karti like besharam
        I think TIGER ZINDA HAI ka bi yehi hal hoga

  12. It's a serious! We Salman Fans should also boycott SRK & Aamir films. We mustn't watch their films in theatre. Aamir khan's fans are Naag. Who bites from back then why should we show love towards Aamir ?! SRK fans are haters and we know that still we watch his films. But from now we Salman Khan die hard & hardcore fans should take oath and promise to not watch Aamir & SRK films in theater. If we want to watch we should watch it either on mobile or TV. Pirated version should be the best choice. If we r truly a Salman fan, we should have to care... Aamir fans are Snake... now they'll say it's SRK fans who r bashing salman but it ain't true... SRK fans are born haters of Salman and we know that but Insecurity of Aamir Khan fans about Salman's MegaStardom made them Haters of Salman. So we mustn't watch his films too... Hume Aamir aur SRK ki film Theatre mein nahi dekhna chahiye...

    1. Don't watch aamir films apni intelligence ko insult Karega as he's the only actor that has good stories in his films people aren't aamir fans but fans of aamir Khan films hence not even his production house hasn't delivered a flop even when aamir is not in them other actors make films "for they fans" aamir makes films for aam jaanta weather you are skarian salmaniac akkian devgan fan bacchan hrithik varun or ranbir fan aamir makes films for all and he dosen't expect people to line up outside his house so he can wave at them he didn't even get statue at madam tussards as he said it wasn't for him he's just a normal person.

      1. You are right atleast Srkian Akkian Devgn Roshan fans have class not local fans like Salmans.

      2. @Sufisaab i disagree with you. Aamir has biggest fan following not on social media but in general population. What do you mean people aren't his fans but fans of his movies? If that's true then nobody is fan of salman or srk but they are fans of their movies. It's Aamir's choice weather to wave fans outside his residence or not. That doesn't mean he is behind anyone in fan following. He has biggest fan following worldwide. Stop joking and degrading aamir.

        1. Truth I'm not putting aamir down what I'm saying is neutral fans will watch aamir films I've spoken to aamir when he came to pictureville cinema in Bradford uk so I know what I'm talking about he's not arrogant he's down to earth kind of guy.

  13. So, Raees will remain the highest Bollywood grosser in domestic as well as overseas till the release of JHMS.

  14. Bollyarena, Why don't u block this man named 'Aamir khan ' ? He is spreading negativity against Aamir and SRK by posting nonsensical comments again and again .Why are u tolerating him ? Block this user immediately.

  15. @ aamir khan, tu pagal ho gaya h kya ? FAN and Dilwale had good word of mouth ? What a joke ! Their word of mouth was even more negative than Tubelight.Raees also had mixed word of mouth.despite solo Eid release Tubelight will not beat clashed releases Dilwale and Raees.And comparing Fan with Tubelight.Fan was a partial holiday release , screen count was 3500 .whereas Tubelight is solo Eid release , screen count is 4400 .Tubelight is universal appealing film.FAN was limited appealing film.it was only meant for die hard SRK fans.So this comparison is totally meaningless.How much excuses will u give.why don't u accept the fact that Salman disappointed the audience ? BTW, before release tubelight was expected to challenge Dangal and Bahubali 2 record and now you are comparing it with SRK clashed releases Dilwale , Raees and least performed rejected FAN .
    Excuses ki dukan !!

  16. Tubelight was always going to be flop in the box office. No conetent whatsoever! Honestly Aamir khan has left so far that no one can competitive with him at the moment.

  17. Tubelight producer ke hisab india me 132cr par hit hogi...
    But i agree distributer ka loss hoga...
    132cr hone par kisi bhibsite check karna tubelight hit likha milega.

  18. So Tubelight is a bigger disaster than Bombay Velvet as distributors will face higher losses. Now I want to see the reaction of arrogant Salman fans who always mocked Ranbir for BV. Karma is a bitch

    1. oye.. u r not even qualified to talk about anybody... forget salman.. . lets wait for dutt before u bark... kahaan kahaan se aate hai yaar

  19. lol i predicted after fuss light trailer release it's life time collections won't cross first day nett collections of Telugu film "Bahubali 2" (121 Cr) and it is the first victim of BB2.

    Anyway,Mark my words next mega flop will be Jab buddha met ulla ...it wont cross 40Cr.

  20. bhai I m Akki 's fan BT I know that salman will put slaps on every that person's face who think his stardom is finished just wait 4 TZH i.e. an out and out salman movie. stardom plays it role only when movie is right commercial . art type movies are boring.
    enjoy toh movies waakai me sirf commercial hi hoti h. its true multiplex movies are fusslight.

  21. Nt a fan of salmn bt had faith on kabir khan.. bt ek chota sa mesag k liye itni slow n bakwas movie banai hai.. total waste.. dat yakeen dialogue toh nas mea gus gaya..was irritating. Few parts wer nyc bt overal.. cudnt tolarate

  22. @jeet bus tere liya na yahi kaafi hai
    Aamir; Success ratio=49/ hit ratio=28
    Salman; Success ratio=48/ hit ratio=39
    SRK; Success ratio=59/ hit ratio=50

  23. M a Salman fan I wasn't happy with the film but 5 days mein Verdict bhi aa gaya even a flop from Salman will make it to 130 or 120 doesn't dat sounds ironical i.e,Even Salman flop earns more than or equal to hit of other superstars so it's clear Salman is biggest superstar and all haters beta abhi Tiger Zinda Hai an all n all commercial film

  24. ab bas kro tubelight ko criticise krna.. srk ka time aya tha hyn, dilwale, salman का time bhi aya, like tubelight disaster,... so stop criticise and look forward..

  25. Release se pahly TOOFAN ajayege Bhai yeh ker dega wo ker dega bhi bahubali-2 ka record tod dega oversease dangal ka record toot jayega After release masala film nahi thee, As per salmaan launde lapades ke liye nahi hai. Aby tumharee filmy launde lapade hee dekhty hai wanted reddy dabang kick bodygaurd launde lapades wali filmy hee the...

    Dangal bhi to masala film nahi thee
    Chak de bhi to masala film nahi thee
    holidy aur baby bhi to masala film nahi thee

    Acting seek lo sab teek ho jayega.. aur Eid ke chhakar main kab tab hit karwaty rahogy apni filmy

  26. No strong story
    No melodies songs
    No actress

    Salman buddhe ka achar dalenge kya? Mere saare paise brbaad main ebony private k tickets liye the.

    Unfortunately koi bhi positive point nhi hai movie mein. Bor krti hai..irritate bhi

  27. Bollyaren it is too early to predict still it running in theaters. Dont follow indicine
    Stupid site.
    Not yet declare Tuesday business.
    It did decent business in tuesday what if film crossed 150cr still you call flop or average.
    Requests to bollyarena wait one more week and give your verdict. Atleast after 2nd weekend. Please

  28. Fan of Salman Khan. Bhai I like your tubelight .according to my opinion.it was different movie and a few of people can understand.so it was good movie... ....

  29. In there is so many emotions but they keep little action in the tubelight movie....Itna kharab bhi nai hai...... In this Salman Khan acting was excellent..... I never seen this type of acting of Salman

  30. Bhai ko to laila lag gayi re ..... Tublight Fuse hot gayi .... Aur karo Pakistani Actors ka favor... !!

  31. Y do people compare his movie with da collection.....the story,songs,acting..etc...everything has been decided according to the collection ...this is not fair....people said hindi medium is a good movie....bt it did nt enter 100 cr club ....bt tubelight entered in that.......inspite of this some people say its nt good .....every time salman bhai cannot do action movies ,overall he is an actor....nt director.....the role what he got he had to play that..n he played it accordingly very well...v shud accept his talent in rvery aspect.....if really collection matters then i kindly req all the fans of salman bhai...to watch the movie once more n tell ur frnds too watch it.....i have watched the movie twice....n i can watch it as many times i want....overall im his fan....

  32. I am a fan of srk.. But I lyk Salman too... Nd m equally excited bout both of dere movies.. It's nothing to do wd d stardom of dese 2 persons.. It's bout d movie.. Stardom gives d initial kick.. Dts it.. Rest depends on d content.... Both dilwale Nd tubelight had huge hype around dm... So Dy opened quite well... But Dn content 4 both were bad.. So Dy didn't sustain.... But not to worry... Waiting eagerly for jsms Nd tzh.. Hope both of dm fair well... Nd speaking bout Aamir Khan, Dn he doesn't hv d super stardom of dese two.. But surely his choice of films Nd immaculate acting makes his films such huge hits... Srk Nd Salman r ultimate superstars Nd Aamir is d most intelligent actor... So I guess instead of fighting we must keep enjoying dere movies Nd respect dere efforts.. Dy all have something good 2 offer us.. Jst dt choice did not favour Salman ds tym... Who knows... TZH Nd JHMS might go on record breaking sprees...

  33. The film would not even cross raees (139.21 crores) which clashed with Kaabil and released on lesser amount of screens(3400) and released during republic day period which is not a very big holiday for films if compared to Eid ,Diwali etc whereas Tubelight had a solo release and released on a massive scale(4350 screens) and released during Eid which is considered to be Salman Khan's festival!!!!lol clearly tells you the tale of the film

  34. Tube light hit ho jayega but srk k baat karri ho to....o 10 saal tak Kuch jaburdus hit movie nehi Kiya....and bhaijaan is bhaijaan....is waqt only bhaijaan ki Raj chalega bolly main..

  35. srk fan movie ko 5 stars mese 4 stars mile hai but flop hogaya ab tube light. ko 2 stars mile this is disaster movie

  36. I loved tis movie tube light I really loved alott even it's too emotional bhai ka acting was too best Srk was best in tis movie I must say that for me it's a superhit movie I ll give full ratings for tis movie I dnt know y tis movie is flop but tis is wrong for me it's outstanding I loved everything in tis movie...........

  37. Guys relax movie hit ho ya flop but bhaijaan always rock the Bollywood only he is a men with golden heart yaaro ka yaar mr. Salman Khan one and only sultan of Bollywood

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