Tubelight Box Office Collection in 5 Days

Tubelight Box Office Collection in 5 Days: Tubelight has witnessed heavy falls on first Tuesday. As per the official figures, Tubelight 5th day collection is around 12 cr.

The drop was expected as the film was coming after an Eid holiday. Also, the trend was poor on Monday with places like East Punjab witnessing drops despite the holiday. Still, it is faring better in some Muslim-dominated circuits due to Eid. However it has faced big drops in most of the circuits.

Tubelight box office collection in 5 days is 95.86 crore. The first week will be in the range of 105-110 crore. It will be interesting to see if it can beat Raees to become the highest grosser of 2017. This shows the unpredictably of box office as before release it was expected to beat Raees in 4-5 days.

Day 121.15
Day 221.17
Day 322.45
Day 419.09
Day 512.0
Day 66.50
Day 74.50
Day 82.25
Day 92.75
Day 103.20
Day 111.25
Day 121.10
Day 130.95
Day 140.90
Total118. 26 cr

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  1. As per sallu fans TUBELIGHT will be clean hit at 130cr despite having 100cr budget. Then TALAASH is ATBB that made 92cr having budget 40cr make double of budget

      1. Tubelight is Hit. Whatever BA said. DONT be jealous. Despite critics and many sites tries hard to put movie down, but its Salman Stardom which pulls average movie to Hit level. NO other actor has such potential.
        Movie is 100 crore level in 6 workind days and those saying movies will crash from tuesday pls tape ur mouth.

        1. how TL is a hit? It made on budget near 100cr. If it make 130cr then it means it is a flop. Salmaan fans bash aamir fans on talaash which made on budget of 40cr. Make double of budget 92cr.If you call talaash average. Then TL is a disaster.

      1. as per bhaitard logic H3 is biggest BB than tubelight because H3 have less screens, ticket price and non holiday release

        1. Bhai fans k logic k according Akki ki movies k verdict :-
          Airlift :- Budget-40cr
          Housefull 3:-Budget- 80cr
          Verdict-Super Hit
          Verdict - ATBB
          Jolly LLB 2 :-Budget -70cr
          Verdict -Blockbuster.
          Akki is biggest Star

  2. Tubelight is an art type film then.3 IDIOTS is a documentary film based on Mr. Wangdu and art film based on indian education

    1. illeterate bafoon get to know difference between art,documentary,classic,petic,masala,non masala

      1. You idiot, 3 idiots is no more commercial in any shape or form than tubelight. Yes it is entertaining but have you asked why.. because the direction and screenplay are very good, acting looks genuine, performances engaging. which is what is missing in tubelight..

        1. sallu fans after release saying TL is art type movie. From whcih angle it is a art type movie?

  3. It's totally a non Holiday film IT seems BHAI has a unique theory in Bollywood which one can't understand an arty film on festival anyway Now m waiting for Tiger Zinda Hai since a commercial film with Pinch of patriotism Surely will squash Records But now it's time for TEPK My very own Akki film

  4. IF Tubelight is an art type film Then PK is the biopic based documentary film of Alien went to other earth of other galaxy that is near our milkiway galaxy

  5. For raees trade figure and for tubeloght producer figure good job bollyarena ab tak kitna jyada dikhaya producer ne

  6. It doing decent business it not fall like other big flop movie.
    Till now 95cr
    Today 8cr
    Thurd 6cr
    109 to 110cr week one
    2nd weekend 18 to 20cr
    127 to 130cr
    Weekdays if we take very less collection
    Total after week2
    137 to 140
    3rd week 10cr
    147 to 150cr.
    M just considering very lowest collection.
    Bollyarena please suggest my prediction only bollyarena.
    If it did 150 cr what will be thar verdict.
    Average or flop.plz answer @bollyaren

  7. This still looks like ending the 1st week at 115 Cr. Not bad for a rejected non-typical Salman film.

  8. Box office India says 93+Crs Day5 11.75 Crs so yet its dull biz for a Salman Khan movie but based on the genre its not an outright rejection as well. The biz is just in the star power of Sally Miyan.

  9. We go only trade figur as per box office india tubelight did 93cr.
    Wen 7cr
    Thur 5cr
    Week1 105cr
    Weekend2 12cr
    Total 118cr
    Weekdays 6cr
    124cr after 2 week.
    3rd week 6cr
    Total 130cr
    Raes less than 130cr as per boi.
    M considering very lowest collection per day for each day 50% drop

      1. Chalo boi ke pass single screen Ka accurate collection nahi hota hai to 5 to 10 Cr diff is acceptable tab bhi kabbil collection 96 hi hoga producer fig se 86 hai according to boi

  10. Weekday main toh ticket price kam hota hain..phir collection itna zayda kaise ho raha hai....

    25% drop aur ticket price bhi kam phir 12cr ...mujhe logic samajme nahi aya....please explain karo....

  11. vishal kha ho bhai 12 core ho gaya aaj toa
    apke 8 core ka kya hoga

    today 10 to 11 core

  12. well.. they say 135cr is needed to declare this film a hit...
    bollyarena already declared it a flop :D..
    must admit.. there are bifurcations in bollyarena too.. i mean biased articles.. this is not good :)
    As i said earlier.. i will be mighty happy if the film reached anywhere near 150cr simply because of the content and rejection it faced.. none of the contemporary actor can make it to this level except salman.. he is in that phase where he can experiment.. but ensure be doesn't overdo or might face the problem SRK is in now...

  13. vishal bhai i dont care jolly llb
    ap tubelight ki bt kruu
    apki lgataar 3rd tym pridiction glt saabit hui

    aaj ka btao kya hai

  14. I bet top 3 movie of the year

    1. Bhai Padmavati Kahan gyi???:)
      Mentos kha , dimag ki batti jala
      Top 3 movie of 2017 will be:-
      Secret superstar

  15. First time krk gave more collections than producers ?

    Krk day 5 - 13cr
    Taran chacha - 12cr

    If the collections drop by more than 50% tommorow than tubelight will not be able to beat Raees

  16. 12 cr. on Tuesday is still not a bad figure considering holiday end and negative reports .

    I think movie will make 145-150 cr business.

    this shows salmans star power.
    if this movie was other actors result would have been as below.
    Amir - 145-150 cr same
    srk - 80-85 cr
    akshay - 65-70 cr
    rithik - 55-65
    ranbeer - 40-45
    other small actors - 25-35

    this is a real star power ...with loss also he is showing his power ...manna padega bhai ko.

  17. srk fans always say srk gives 20 crore plus opening with clash though actually they are lower than 21 crore. though sometimes they forget fan opened lesser than 20 crore net and that too on a partial holiday . oh i forget it did not have any heroine and songs. so jhms has all those things. so i am sure that it will open bigger than salman's biggest non holiday opening day bb which is at 27 crore approx and proffessor srk will give us lessons about stardom.
    tiger zinda hain is the first proper working day release of salman after long time. niether it's a holiday nor pre-eid( according to srkians pre-eid does not exist). so actually tzh will give us an idea how much salman film can do on a working day solo and i hope salman with his low stardom crosses jhms opening day which is almost sure to be more than bajrangi. if tzh clashes then the target will be the opening day of dilwale and raees.

  18. @honest man Kabhie khusie kabhie gham was also pre eid release. U know it's opening, right?
    Don opened to 90% occupancy in same pre eid(Check calendar)

    Even sohail Khan or arbaaz khan can give bumper opening to TZH as it is sequel of just 5year old mega-blockbuster. And it has winter vacation on day-1. Keep ur logic with u.
    Tubelight trailer=in lines of Bajrangi Bhaaijan
    JHMS=in lines of befikre

  19. Dats the difference collection of SRK hit will be equal to Salman's underperformer film
    Today it will collect 9-10
    Tomorrow 7-8 total week 1 110-115 it's not dat bad considering reviews but web U add lead stars name it is surely underperformer now it's time for TZH entertainment +patriotism +Salman Khan on Christmas season with most holidays It will squash records for sure anyway TEPK will kill JHMS

  20. Honest man , abe don't talk meaningless things.who is telling JHMS will take better opening than Bajrangi bhaijaan.indicine's prediction of JHMS opening is 20 crore as of now.As JHMS is looking like a very urban high society multiplex film.it didn't have universal appeal.

  21. @sayar at that time film used to take record opening even on non holidays, infact mission kashmir took record opening with clash on pre diwali which is the worst release date. infact dabangg was a record opener released 1 day before eid. but today with higher screens and shows the effect is more.
    for past 2 or 3 years salman all releases are either holiday releases or pre-eid releases . so with tzh we will get to know how much a salman film can collect on a proper working day. you people always make fun of boi.com's real value comment on salman's pre-eid releases. now you will get to know what is the real value of salman films on working day with tiger zinda hain. if it clashes then let's see if it crosses dilwale opening or not which was also a xmas release. ett can be a blockbuster but not an appreciated film. ok tell me honestly how much will chennai express sequel collect on day 1 today on a working day, it was more appreciated than ett.

    @ prashant abhishek ok so dilwale was a universal film which took 20 crore opening with clash on the same release date. tell me how much dilwale would have collected with a solo release on a working day( i think not more than 30 crore), i will set that as tiger zinda hain's opening day target. and if tzh clashes then we already know the benchmark which is 20 crore with srk.

    1. @honest man
      There is no big deal in giving record opening with brands like TZH and Dhoom, bcoj their prequels are mega-blockbusters. Even Sohail Khan can give blockbuster with TZH as it is sequel of 4-5 yr old mega blockbuster. So even Varun Dhawan or Tushaar kapoor or harsvardan will give record opening..

  22. Two minute of silence for those who said tubelight will b first bollywood 400 movie and it will break dangal record..........???

  23. Chennai Express 2 will give record opening if given solo festive release. Dishonest joker is gangu teli fan of Gangu Teli so-called superstar sallu who has more Disasters than blockbusters and more flops than success

  24. kya ho gaya aaj ka update kahan hai fusslight ka.... aaj koi nahi gaya ka buddhe ko army main join karny ke oscar winning acting dekhney ke liye

  25. @sayar that is your thought process. don 2 was also a sequel and a xmas release but nowhere near bodyguard opening.

    1. @honest man
      Don 2 was the sequel of a film which was barely hit. Ek tha tiger was 3-4 times bigger hit than don-2, so its brand value will be 3-4 more times
      Plus TZH will be for single screen audience too.

  26. @ Honest man, tu pehle ache se Search kar liya kar.Bodyguard was released on Eid day itself in 2011.Don 2 was released on normal working friday and collected 14.6 crore.and at that time it was the highest opening on non holiday working friday.

  27. All the sites has stopped updating on occupancy report for tubelight.....I think manipulation has started in collection.....hahahahahaha......

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