Tubelight 3rd Day Box Office Collection

Tubelight 3rd Day Box Office Collection: Salman Khan's latest Eid release has not lived up to the expectations at the box office. After an average opening day, the film remained flat on Saturday. Meanwhile, the film has shown a decent growth on its third day. Here is the Tubelight collection report for Sunday.

As per the early trade trends, Tubelight 3rd day collection will be in the range of 23.5-24 crore. Though night shows are expected to go strong so actuals can be slightly high.

Again it has an average start in the morning with around 40% occupancy. Things remained the same in the noon shows with limited growth. Once again the trend was varying across all circuits with some places going up and some going down. Places like Mumbai/Gujarat posted very low occupancy in the earlier half of the day while Delhi/NCR and Punjab was doing pretty good. From afternoon onwards things changed again as it started to pick up in Mumbai and South India. Overall the film fared well in the evening shows too.

Tubelight 3rd Day Box Office Collection

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Tubelight box office collection in 3 days will be in the range of 65 crores. This is a good number if we compare it to the other releases. In fac, it has recorded the highest opening weekend of 2017 for Bollywood films beating Raees. However, the expectations were much higher from a Salman Khan starrer.

For the first time places like South has picked up which can be a positive sign as these places are generally most affected by pre-Eid. Now it will be interesting to see how much it will gross on Monday which is an Eid holiday. Ideally, it needs 30 crore plus Monday which can help the film to get a reasonable total in the lifetime.

Day 121.15
Day 221.17
Day 322.45
Day 419.09
Day 512.0
Day 66.50
Day 74.50
Day 82.25
Day 92.75
Day 103.20
Day 111.25
Day 121.10
Day 130.95
Day 140.90
Total118. 26 cr

Also, tell us what are your thoughts on Tubelight 3rd day box office collection in the comments section.

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      1. i have only told aggar tubelight ka clash hota jasse dilwale ya Raees ka hoya -
        yeah 100 crores nehi kar pate --
        aur opening 14 crores reh jati--
        Srk stardom

    1. not fair to curb freedom of expression,as long as someone dsnt abuse,should be allowed to say positive or negative things about anything in world

        1. Bollyarena not a good decision....some are haters and some are supporter..they are not abusing..you tube also does not block such any user why you?

        2. @Bollyarena you hypocrite admin did you block salman fans when they were spreading negativity against dangal and aamir? Why not? Dangal was much better film than tubelight. Why such double standard like @chindicine? Have an answer?

    2. u never did it for akshay sir movie... at last u prove again u r not bollyarena u r Khan arena...

    3. Lagta hai last time jab sultan release hui thi to aapne shuru se tariff start iss baar thoda late kar di lagta hai ki salman se late se paisa mila yahi karan hai ki negative bolnewale ko block kar diya ye galat hai pehle to aapne aisa kabhi nahi kiya.

      1. U always wrote in all article that
        Give your thoughts about the movie and it's collection...
        So they only give their views related to movie....
        They also not use any abusive words
        And I agree with u that they troll actor
        But this is done by 60% of users of your website...
        So you should also block them??

        1. Off course we like interaction and feedback from the users. We have stated it many times that Bollyarena will always be an open platform where the users can discuss. But targetted hatred and spamming same comments or bashing a film just for the sake of it is not okay.

          That is why we have given this update. We could have done so and no one would have known. Anyway, these users will be unblocked in a few days.

          1. Good step taken by bollyarena although I was thinking bollyarena doing monopoly as before few days you have blocked some more user which I know also but now you have blocked spl parasya who is biggest negative person here

            And for that I appreciated that your fair site

          2. Iekin dilwale aur raees ke samay jab khud negatibitu fela rahe the tab kya hua tha paid site abhi producer figure aur srk ki film ke samay distribtor figure ye kya double standard hai

          3. Trying to justify and take sides of some perticular star is not gud, and if u guys want to block people on commenting and expressing thier views on movies then shut the website down, and anyway tubelight has just got 22 cr on sunday check ur facts and then publish the figures

          4. Omg...where is freedom of expression ??? I only came to this site to enjoy fan wars.. Actual boxoffice figures can be checked on boxofficeindia.com
            You guys never blocked anyone before despite thousands of hate speech and negative comments against other stars movies. Well it seems Bhai ki dadagiri waqi chalti hai Bollywood ho ya media.. Farewell Bollywood arena.. I like salman khan but you did a very pathetic job here..

    4. good .???..... kisi film me bare me bura bolna dekhne me bad galat nahi hai par kisi star me movie aaneke pahela galat bolna a galat hai

      1. Cant believe it. A good film nd buzz never fail at box office.

        Fans war is always gonna be there. But sad to seen step like this from u.

        V like to follow bollyarena but now u can block us as well anytime. So now do u want to us to keep away from the discussions nd what we think?

        Just bcoz these guys v found new nd unique comments. If v just want to read the news then there r number of website there. I vl still visit bollyarena. But if u did again same thing only with salman's film then sorry to say i wont visit here.

        Thank you.

    5. I m from Bangladesh n check ur website regularly. This something nonsense u have done with them .

    6. Hehe.. well they deserved it.. :D
      and i believe both ids are created by one person and using it against salman and his fans... anyways.. nobody ever took them seriously

    7. Good decision bollyarena. This type decision was really needed because some users are were always supporting to a particular hero and spreading negativity for all others, that's not good. Give respect if you want respect. I like it

    8. Don't u think, u r trying to be too generous on SALMAN KHAN's movie not working to the false hype created by U. Aura of SALMAN KHAN not working on his false fans. Really disgusting when an actor starts to act as if he is bigger than the industry and hippocrats like u support him. He doesn't care about anybody and keeps his arrogance on top of everything else.
      BOLLYARENA has also been shaken by the failure of SALMAN KHAN that's u r doing all these things. Hope u r not threatened by BHAI to do positve publicity and that too

    9. R u gone mad by blocking them ???
      I strongly support them because salman is criminal and even u can't change this fact
      And its their choice to troll salman or other actors
      Who r u to stop them???
      I think u know about freedom of speech ....
      Unblock them in just 3-4 days

    10. @bollyarena
      This is really not fare. They were just giving their view according to the collection update you have given and which is not upto the mark. They said the truth and speaking truth is not a crime. There are some people who are saying dangal china collection is fake continously. This can be negativity. But you didn't block them. It seems you don't want to hear anything against Salman and not happy that tubelight is not collecting well.

    11. This is the most stupid decision by this website so far..Its just ridiculous. All die hard fans here troll other stars who they don't follow....there were so many trolling aamir during dangal release and even now during china collections, during raees release everyone was trolling SRK....WHY THIS SPECIAL PREEFENCE FOR SALMAN...yesterday u posted an article abt double standards of critics, what double standards, there were clearly positive reviews during Salman's good movies like Bb. Its very clear u have an hidden agenda...SALMAN cannot act and is very miscast in that role, so people should still be positive ? And as if all people watching movies r going to come to to ur website read the comments and then not go...People know what they want to watch and what they don't want to ...This is ur worst decision for this website....the most biased one!!!

    12. It is the one ofe worst site who cares for sallu not for it's users
      Miss u parshya and roric
      I will always be with u

    13. Well done @bollyarena these people are always calling good films bad films! I watched Tubelight today and I must say that the storyline was all over the place but overall the movie was good!

    14. My name is Sayan. I am from Kolkata, West Bengal. I am engineer by profession and film enthusiast & critic by passion. In search of movie review & Box office regarding Bollywood, i came to know regarding Bollyarena last year. Firstly, i love this site for detail Box office report. But my doubt started when i saw bollyarena is hyping some of very average Akhshay Kumar film as Good films. Then, this tube light thing happened, banning few aamir fans. Same thing they did during raees, did u ban them then?Same thing sallu fans did with raees & fan and dangal, did u ban them then?
      I am sorry to say bollyarena, i am sure now about two things:
      a) U are paid by AK PR team
      b) U r afraid of the wrath of salman

      If you realy want to be the best film site in india, try to rise above these n b 100% honest.


  1. Actual figures without Manipulation
    1st day 20.75
    2nd day 19.75
    3rd day 23.5
    Weekend 64
    But account to Salman Khan will be 21+21+26 = 68
    But I think Tomorrow the movie will collect 20 and will be 84 after 4 days

      1. No the budget is 100 crores but the distribution rights have been sold for 132 Crores so the break even amount is 265 Crores in India......A major flop is confirmed....

  2. Watching Tubelight.. Interval tym.. Yes it exposed the double stds of critics... Loving all the way.. Not disappointed... Hat's off salman bhai for giving us an beautiful movie..

  3. maine aaj evening show dekha tubelight ka....it is a good movie indeed...yes it is not exceptional but Tubelight is nowhere close to the negativity that it is getting unfortunately...

  4. It's a serious! We Salman Fans should also boycott SRK & Aamir films. We mustn't watch their films in theatre. Aamir khan's fans are Naag. Who bites from back then why should we show love towards Aamir ?! SRK fans are haters and we know that still we watch his films. But from now we Salman Khan die hard & hardcore fans should take oath and promise to not watch Aamir & SRK films in theater. If we want to watch we should watch it either on mobile or TV. Pirated version should be the best choice. If we r truly a Salman fan, we should have to care... Aamir fans are Snake... now they'll say it's SRK fans who r bashing salman but it ain't true... SRK fans are born haters of Salman and we know that but Insecurity of Aamir Khan fans about Salman's MegaStardom made them Haters of Salman. So we mustn't watch his films too... Hume Aamir aur SRK ki film Theatre mein nahi dekhna chahiye...

    1. Kaha kisne tmse dekho jaake
      Waise bhi tumhre standard ki film Sallu he bna skta hai like dabang,wanted ,jaiho,ett,prdp, tubelight ,and marigold...

    2. ha Bhai aaajse maivi nahi dekhunga a amir ki film main kiya humlog ka jo salman fan club hai hame kul 1175 log hai kohi nahi dekhega ..... bahut hua ranbir & srk ab next target amir????☺☺ ab tera kiya hoga kalia wait toh ??

    3. tum 10% gnde log k liye pura fans ko bura kehna sahi nahin h bhai,maine ek pic dekha tha jisme salman khan fan dilwale time me ,dilwale k poster pr srk k pic pr pair se chute jaise laat maar rha h vese pic khinwaya tha itna hate kyHu salmanians? fir bhi mai janta hu sab aise nhi h bt ye ek incidents se pura srkians ko salmn ss hate shuru hoti h ,bhai ek baat bata srkians kyu born haters h ,srk starting se sucess hua tha too sallu se hate krke kya fayda tha kisi ko vese sallu fans ko srk se hate tha ki salu se jada famous h (before 2009) ,bhai ek baat batata hu sach me mujhe sallu pasand nhi h ,bt use hate nhi h mujhe ,pasand isiliye nahi j ki pehla criminal h ,dusra ghamnd ,teesra natak bht krta h ,no acting ,only gimick ,aamirians kitna bhi bole srk k bare maine kv aamir ko troll nhi krta hu because he deserves more ,agar self made star ngi h to papa k laadla h bhi aamir talented h bt sallu is only gimick ,talent is not at all

    4. bhaijaaaaaan you're talking as if the world will end if you don't watch SRK or Salman's movies, lol

    5. @Fake Aamir khan still keeping your ID name Aamir khan. Shameless double standard. Anyways don't watch aamir films. When did we aamir fans ask you to watch it. We are more than enough to make his films ATBB and ATHG. Dont watch his films. It won't make any difference to box office collections. May be few thousands difference but then who cares? Lol.

    6. You dumb people can think this much only and your capacity is limited may be. Instead of supporting good movie, you want to support an Actor. First let Salman make exceptional mother like Aamir does then everybody start watching his movie. Otherwise you can't force anybody. I also like Salman for his last some of the movies but he is nowhere close to Aamir.

    1. ha ha ha Abe tu movie dekhne hi nahi gaya bacharaha paisa and star ke liye paisa nahi hai to aajana humare salmanking fun club me ticket de dega tujhe sayad☺ main boldunga Na isliye

      1. abe sooryavansham in set max tubelight se 1000 guna achi hai.....uncle salman se bol dena mera 300 rupyee vapas kar do

        1. bhai teri choice pata lag gayi tabhi tujhe tubelight pasand nahi ayi tu sooryavansham hi dekh

    1. Me too. How can bollyarena do this. Some Salman fans are talking nonsense all through and according to bollyarena others cannot reply to this nonsense. Does bollyarena think Salman as God of bollywood?. I know now they will block me as well. But I don't care. I used to visit BOI before. Once I came to bollyarena accidentally and found it interesting and unbiased. But seems they are nomore unbiased. Bollyarena please unblock them within today otherwise me and other aamir fans should boycott bollyarena. In fact I am not only Aamir fan, I also like Salman. But yes Aamir is more special due to his special movies. Parshya, Roric and Mahaveer were not spreading negative but replying to nonsense comments made by salman fans.

      1. Lallu rajendra If you think parashya is good and not talking nonsense better you go with him in another planet


  5. Hi..i am from mauritius.doc in profession.
    We are a small country of indian origin.n like most ppl we like to watch indian movies n wait impatiently for z big stars movies to come out n we throng to theatres.salman khan is the biggest star here.its true z movie is not of the same level of bajrangi bhaijaan bt its definitely a one time watch with family.its much better zan many movies of salman khans like prdp for eg.spreading negativity out of jealousy or personal enmity makes no difference to salman khan bt it does to many who made the movie..fr spot boy to theatre owners.dont spit in their plates.sorry if hurt any.shubratri..

    1. Hi ,
      Will u say same thing for srk movie if some one bashes his any good movie ?? Or u r fan of salman and any want any one to bash his movies ??

      1. Ofcourse coz srk is one of z four big stars we know.i wrote my point only coz as i hv read many distributors wil suffer heavy losses if z movie fails.anyway as such nobody can save a bad movie bt zis one isnt as bad as ppl are saying.this is wat i meant.
        Eid Mubarak to everybody celebrating in india

  6. This is shameful bollyarena... paid site...how much salman pay you?? If the movie is not good...anyone has the right to say their views...even salman himself says review doesnt matter...n the last thing Tubelight is shit movie...i waste my rs500...n so others

  7. movie ach6i hai a hogaya salman vs critics salman vs amir fans negativity salman vs srk fans negativity ...
    amir & srk fans ka 6oro oto harbar ko bat hai but sabse bari bat hai tubelight release se o pahele salman ne jo critics ke bare me bolatha o sab bato se critics ko mircha laggaya ... asab bolne ke liyevi dam hona chahiye ... but dekhte hai flop to hogi nahi !!100%

  8. Great step bolly arena, so we should say you bye bye. As if anyone show their opinion who knows when will they block by you.
    Anyways this is my last day on this site. Need to take a big break. Hope join you all Golmaal again & secret superstar time

  9. Dilwale (150) + Fan (85) + Tubelight (150) = 385 = Dangal
    Dangal (385) + Badri Ki Dulhaniya (120) = 505 = Baahubali 2

  10. I have been seeing that you are talking about positive side of TubeLight in few days. I Think you are paid a handsome amount by lallu.

  11. ye sab negativity spread har movies k sath hoti h ,hoti thi bolly arena sirf ye movie k liye itna serious lene ki baat kuch nahi tha ,khud bolte ho share ur openion fir aise block karne se aapke site ko shobhe nahin h bilkul aise ,negative spread nahin chahiye too boi jaise bina commentwala bo site bana de boi ka fallowers koi kam nhi h fir bhi wahan aisa haal nahin h

  12. check here tubelight budget and economics uske bad bhokna...film is on a track for becoming a hit....sure shot clean hit...some stupid says tubelight ke rights 138cr me bike hai..ha bike to hai but worldwide bike hai thulluo ..India me hit ke liye 135cr chahiye aur worldwide hit ke liye worldwide collection 265cr chahiye ...check at my given link...stupids....well done bollyarena, your site is a truly Bollywood real site ....best of luck....

  13. srk kaha se acha actor hai action usse hota nahi comedy usko karni ati nahi bus romance mai hi ghusa raheta hai bhai 90's ka time chala gaya jab srk hath uhata tha toh movie bb hoti thi. salman khan har tarah ki acting kar leta hai aur baat tubelight ki hai toh movie toh hit hokar rahegi jitni bhi negative comments dedo.salman phele bhi critics ko galat sabit kar chuka hai

    1. bas action karne se star bnjate h? sallu fans sallu jaise hi bewkoof h ,emotional scene accha krnewale ko hmesa accha actor kehte h bhai ,vese salman k muh pe kuch expression nahin h bas jhuthi action karta h kabhi akki jaise real stunt bhi nhi kiya tm use action hero mante h ,srk ne comedy ,sentiment ,action sab kiya h tm bakwas logo ka certificate nhi chaiye srk ko ,aur tm salmanians kabhi acting k bare me mat bolo acting se sallu bht dur bs gimick me sab hit hui h movie uska

  14. I don't know why all the website alrady deacide that it a flop movie . But I think it can cross 130 crore first week .
    170 crore lifetime even 200 is possiple .
    So it a success

  15. After today I'm feeling a bit more positive about tubelight if today is 24cr+ than tmrw can definitely be over 30-35 cr and Tuesday can do 18-20cr which can be super.

    1. bhai aaj sunday hai aaj to 25 cr hone hi tha..logo ne booking jo karwai hui thi..kal eid hai kal bhi 25 cr honge.. tuesday ko movie crash ho jayegi

  16. Salman bhai awesome movie aise movie to kabhi hamne dekhe nahi superhit movie mast hai bhai eid me movie dekhlo sare tention door ho jayei dil karta hai roz Jakar dekhu or jisne tubelight nahi dekhe to samjho life me kabhi movie nahi dekhe.!

  17. @bollyarena, well done! but we also want to see same kind of reaction when JHMS releases. Because the same bhaitards who are appreciating your step will bark and spread negativity at the time when JHMS releases in theatres.

  18. I think Salman Khan starrer Movie Tubelight lifetime collection will be 150+ Cr. Because this is Tubelight"!!! start from slow and then shining bright.

  19. The pity of these Khan supporters is they are fighting for 2nd position to say who is best. The best is already Bahubali 2 by a distance. What a bunch of jokers these 3 khan supporters are. Until some other film crosses Bahubali 2 collections of Hindi ( 510+ Cr) and India Net collections ( 1070+ Cr) no body is better than Bahubali 2 and Prabhas. Period.

  20. Today is the last day for Tubelight to collect big amount . Film has already started replacing by regional movie in west Bengal & Mumbai.....hahaha

  21. parshya also had fan following?? :D
    kya haal ho gaya hai hamaara desh ka??
    looks like he has created another IDs again to speak for him... yeah bandha kuch bhi kar sakta hai.. :D

  22. Koi bhi director bhai k saath film release nahi karta hai. I m lucky to b sallu bhai's fan. He is baap of bollywood.

  23. Salman Ki movie hamesa hit tha hit hai or hit rahega, tubelight is a great film in the world.
    Only he can do a heart winning film...being Salman Khan fan

  24. Tubelight is a movie only for tubelight s . No wise person can never tolerate that kind of nonsense movie.

  25. Sureshot 30cr today because of bumper booking in mumbai kolkata and delhi just checked bookmyshow

  26. I watched Baahubali 2 with my mother couple of days ago. Having watched part 1 i knew what to expect. But the opening visuals and the strong drama that was the heart of the film along with the amazing never before seen action ensured that i didnt feel bored all throuh the 170 mins. Salute to Baahubali team for raising the bar. BOLLYWOOD feels manipulative insincere and abusive to my senses now. And leading this onslaught are the likes of Kabir Khan, Farah Khan and Sajid khan and their coterie.

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