Tubelight 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection

Tubelight 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection: Salman Khan starrer Tubelight has faced heavy drops after the first weeks. As per the trade figures, Tubelight 10th day collection is 3.20 crore. It has taken the total of Tubelight 2nd weekend collection to 8.20 crore which is lower than Raees (12.40 cr).

There is growth over the weekend but the collections were on the lower side. After 10 days, Tubelight box office collection stands at 114 crore. It will be out of theatres after the second week and the lifetime gross can be in the range of 120-125 crores.

Tubelight 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection

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Now it is clear that Tubelight will fall short of Raees which is the highest grosser of 2017. The film is a huge failure for distributors and distributors as they will lose a heavy amount of their investment. It has also disappointed in overseas and is likely to collect under $10 million in the lifetime.

Day 121.15
Day 221.17
Day 322.45
Day 419.09
Day 512.0
Day 66.50
Day 74.50
Day 82.25
Day 92.75
Day 103.20
Day 111.25
Day 121.10
Day 130.95
Day 140.90
Total118. 26 cr

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50 comments on “Tubelight 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection”

    1. Mink yeh soch ki arena waale apna muh chipane layak nahi baache hai itni buried tarah pitne ke baad
      Socha tha negativity door karke fusslight ko attb bana lenge par yeh kya yeh toh all time disaster ho gayi
      Karma works always ,u hurt us by blocking Us and u got ur reward

  1. Q. sallu apne ghar mein tubelight ko dekhkar kya sochte hoga?
    ans. wahi jo srk fan ko dekh sochta hoga

  2. Tubelight nahi re fusslight hona chahiye iska title..
    Bhai bollywood ka ek hi king hain
    Jo quality ke quantity lekar ata hain
    Bcoz boss is always right☺

  3. Bollywood arena pagal ho Gaya tha tubelight KO blockbuster predict Kia tha nikla disaster
    4 days holiday 4500 screens 2 open weeks
    Le ke bhi lallu airlift ka record break nahi Kar paya joki sirf 2200 screen only one holiday aur clash me aai thi laalu the flop actor

    1. One movie Kya flop hui everyone barking like dog but not to worry after tza this all c and dog will become biggi billi

      And all fools eid also have only one holiday and font forget first weekend is pre eid lower than normal but it's Salman who make eid big

      Logic is simple if movie is good it will earn if not it not whatever is normal day or festival

      Bb2 is best example

      Anyway continue to bark it's your duty ???

      1. summer vacation 23-30june for school and some college. 2 week free run. Sultan pre eid above 30cr. Just giving excuses.

  4. boi.com said while giving the second weekend collections of tubelight that the film flopped because salman went against his image. and that's the most problematic part of his stardom. your stardom cannot depend on ifs and buts. this is the place where aamir is going ahead of him or may be even shahrukh. though srk has also not done very well when he has gone against his image . according to me this decade and last decade srk has 5 films where he has played roles which were not typical herotype or what people expects from him. those were paheli, swades, my name is khan, chak de india and fan. among all these films only my name is khan opened very well the others did not. chak de india did well later but that's due to word of mouth. but salman has not even 1.

    have to say this but the fact is salman's stardom is like south africa in international cricket. they have mathwinners like devillers, miller, dumini and plays very will in bilateral tournaments or triseries but whenever they play worldcup's knock out matches all their match winning ability vanishes. same way salman is a superstar in heroic image films but when he comes outside that image he is very ordinary. it does not mean salman is not a big star or south africa is not a great team but it stops them from reaching the number 1 position.

    1. Then how did HAHK,HSSH,Bajrangi Bhaijaan worked? there was no actions in those films also.

    2. Bhai south Africa nahi bangladesh bolo. Bangladesh apne ghar per Badi Badi tram ko hra deti h kbhi kbhi. Lekin bahar fissadi. Same salman masala film pe to thik thak lekin masala kam hua to star se bekar ho jata h hahaha

    3. @honest man

      kya baat khi sir ji....????....

      bina masaale ki content movie me "0" h..............

      salman or srk bhai .....sirf content se kuch nhi hota....usme perfection b hona chahiye....

      or fan log content ka rona rote h?....

      swadesh paheli ....good content...but flop....

  5. In 1994 deewali Salman and Aamir came with a dhamakedaar masala comedy film Andaaz Apna Apna. It had 2 big heroines-Karishma and raveena, it had shakti kapoor and paresh rawal also.

    Same day Ajay and Akki came with Suhaag. Apart from them only karishma was the recognizable face. Nagma was flop heroine

    And >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Suhaag opened 55% more than AAA

    Mind u, Suhaag was a delayed film

    Such was our Salman Bhai's megastardom then

    1. Ajay and akki have been fools..never made films for family audiences in the 90s ..This is why they are still competing with bachchas like ranveer, varun instead of their contemporaries!

  6. Sucha great festival went in vain.Raees could have easily collected 250cr+ if it had got this solo eid release.

  7. Maza agaya

    Now Sallu fans start promotion for BZH.

    This will be d last hope for u after that Sallu will be out of top 3 in india.

    Only Aamir-the biggest global megastar rules. ?

    No chance for local star.

  8. SAD NEWS FOR BAHUBALI FANS: JACKIE CHAN movie releasing in the month of bahubali sep. BB2 17 SEP and JACKIE movie 30 SEP. Just 13 days for bb2 to collect. After arrival of jackie movie it will suck all screens and shows. The Foreigner is releasing

    1. @prince bhai....kese sad news...

      aamir ki movie ne 7 hollywood biggies....25 china movie se clash kiya......

      kaiyo ko to pura dho diya???

      par BB2 ko to.....vese b koi nhi dekhne wala???

    1. In its opening weekend, Baahubali 2 has collected around 1 million New Taiwan Dollars, which amount to around INR 21.27 lacs. These are fair numbers to bring in from Taiwan box office. One can hope it gets more screen count in coming days to mint more money.

      True dangal collection jyada hai.....but reason screens bhi hai jo dangal se 1/4th hai....toh result bhi kam hi milega ......

      1. @Arjun

        bhai screen ka kyo rota h....logo me craze b to hona chahiye....

        Dangal ne total 42 crore kma liye.....etna kma payegi kya BB2....???...

        1. @mahaveer

          Craze bhi hai tabhi resposne aa raha hai.....abhi screens kam the tabhi dangal south me 12.5 cr ....craze kaha dikhae jab audience ko hi na screens mile

          Rona nahi sachai bta rahe....

  9. Tubelight Fails To Beat Hindi Medium Record In Second Weekend . Irfaan>>>>>>>salmaan. Irfaan the international star. Sallu the local star.

  10. No body is near to Salman in this decade with 6 to 7 years he given 11 consecutive 100 cr out of which 8 blockbuster and one all-time blockbuster.one flop does not matter .
    Again he will come back with tiger Zonda hai .
    Toilet Kumar is nothing infront of Salman Salman flop tubelight earn better than toilet Kumar film toilet.
    Still year biggest grosser will be TZH.
    Except Amir khan no body is near to Salman Khan.
    Wait and watch TZH box-office collection.
    Don't underestimate the power of Salman khan.
    One flop doesn't matter.
    Salman fan soon u ppl enjoy the success of TZH and all barking haters shut their mouth.

  11. 13 days bhi bahut hai china mein hit hone ke liye


    5 days bhi bahut se bhi zyada hai ATBB hone ke liye

    1. LOL!!! YEH India aur Mahismati nahi hai. China world 2nd bigges market hai. Local and some small holly movie release with bb2. Biggest franshcise TRANSFORMES go down in 2nd week while having no major competition. BB2 ka kya hoga soch lo.

  12. Flop tube light worldwide box-office collection same in the same range of hit airlift holiday release
    Jab tak hai jaan.
    Salman flop tubelight film equals to other actor hit film with better collection.
    As per box office india.
    With tubelight collection other actor get hit status .
    Think Salman stardom.
    Still Salman is delight of distributors.
    Distributors still want TZH with huge amount that's the power of Salman khan.

  13. @Dishonest JOker-- All of SRK's roles are common man roles except for Raees, Don etc. He even started the trend of dialogue -"Don't underestimate the power of a common man". He never had a macho man image. He has a romantic and anti-hero image but how many superstars have been successful to this extent as a romantic hero and anti hero..?? None. And Romantic and Anti-hero roles don't represent macho man image to single screen audience. So your estimation of SRK's image is nothing but a joke.

  14. Only 3 indian movies will be biggest blockbuster in 2018
    Thugs of hindustan , Robot 2 and Krrish 4

  15. @Parshya

    In 2001,your megastar was defeated by a person in clash i will not tell the person untill you are not able to think his name
    HINT - aamir khan was defeated by a person who gives voice to
    1 Jack in oggy and the cockroaches
    2 Colonel in pakdam pakdai
    3 Boxer in motu patlu
    4 Sharko in zig and sharko
    Whose ?? is 2.5 kg

    1. @Don of Dictators

      Yes bro...
      Par lagaan n gadar aaj release hoti to lagaan gadar ko dho deti..

      Gadar ka hi nahi Dangal ka bhi 2000cr ka record tod deti.

      Lagaan sabse best movie hai... Samje.

      1. Now Srk fans would also say that ki asoka aaj release hoti to blockbuster hoti...ye sab if and buts koi mayne nhi rkhte dost...I am a huge fan of aamir..I have even watched his movies like awwal number, mela, mann ,mangal pandey, parampara..But I am not andha bhakt to always defend him...
        But entertainment value of gadar>>>>>lagaan(very long film)

        1. Gadar is a great movie.. bt Lagaan is more special (rememmber it went to last round of OSCARS & could have won it had it not been anti-ENGLAND).. & the greatest part of "Laggan": even Tendulkar became very nervous while watching the final match of the film.. no compliment can be bigger than this for a cricket-movie

        2. Gaddar was unrealistic movie..... Only the dialogues were good and very patriotic movie...... Lagaan was well made classic film which went to Oscars narrowly missed though..... Gaadar earned money..... Lagaan earned fame

      2. Mere veer ji...uss time pe sunny deol ka stardom hi alg tha...unke samne kon amir...kon srk..kon...sallu...kon akki...kuch frk nhi pdta tha...unka kisi se comparison mt kro....
        Wrna agr comparison hi krna h to..uss time pe amir...amir hi tha...sunny b sunny hi tha...to veer ji toda q nhi record...
        Or socho agr Lagaan release nhi hui hoti to 2000 m bollywood ki phli 100 cr. Kmane vali movie hoti gaddar..|
        Sunny k sath kisi ka comparison mt kro...yhi acha h..|

  16. Bahubali 2 grossed 114 crore in america without being dubbed into english and with english subtitles
    Bahubali will be dubbed in chinese
    Bahubali 2 realeased in less screens in america than will be china
    Hollywood make more big budget action thrillers than china so they know that there will be nothing new in bahubali 2
    Jackie chan and Jet li become fan of bahubali 2
    Agar in sab ke baad bhi bahubali 2 china mein 10 crore se zyada nahi karegi to dhikkaar hoga chinese par agar itna hi ghamand hai ki bahubali 2 is not new to them to hollywood se badi film banake dikhayein

    1. mermaid highest grossing film of china release in india and make just 5-10cr. That will happen with bb2. Because in june chinese war film GOD OF WAR like bb2 release with their local stars and promotion and make just 65cr. Now you imagine for bb2. Because many screens will have subtitle version.

  17. Salman is a superstar but he should stick to his usual stuff of taking out his shirt and doing masala movies..He doesnt have aamir 's acting skills or srk 's charm

  18. @nn i am not talking about macho image only. then i can also add prdp where salman was not presented as a macho hero but was a record opener. i am talking about films where hero does things which a normal hero does not do. just like aamir did dangal where he was playing 55 years old man which don't go well with the masses or srk in films like swades or chak de india . when you do those kind of films it's very difficult to give them initials, but aamir has done the best with those films. atleast srk has a romantic hero image but aamir has no image at all, he can play any role , he can put him in any image a huge opening is always there because he has a huge loyal following in the multiplexes which no other star commands. put aamir in fan it will take a 30 crore opening.

    who told you romantic films does not take initial. look at the opening of ye jawaani hain deewani which had a record all time weekend, was it a srk starrer. and ranbir kapoor has already replaced srk as a romantic hero in people's mind.

  19. @don

    bhai , dangal ne b america me 112 crore kma liye......bhai vha sirf NRI dekhte h hindi bolly movie.....

    or BB2 , dangal se jyada screen par....hindi , malyayam , telgu me america me release hui thi

  20. @Dishonest joker- Aamir in Fan will never take a 30 crore opening. Fan and Superstar are niche ideas. Romantic films taking record opening is very rare, at the time of YJHD Ranbir was at the peak of his career, and YJHD had extra-ordinary massy songs. SRK has most of the time played a common man. WHat was heroic in what he did in Koyla...??There was never a romantic hero and anti-hero like SRK and there never will be. Action heros come and go, all the superstars had been successful in action roles, at least given a Hit, like from Amitabh to Akshay, Ajay, Sallu etc. But the huge popularity that SRK gave to romantic films is extraordinary. Nowadays rom-coms are being rejected left, right and centre from the very opening day whether it has Ranbir or not.

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