Tubelight 2nd Week Box Office Collection

Tubelight 2nd Week Box Office Collection: As expected Salman Khan starrer Tubelight has dropped in the second week as it has grossed around 12.40 crore. It is a poor number as the drop is more than 85% from the first week.

After 14 days, Tubelight box office collection stands at 118 crore. In the third week, Tubelight has lost most of the screens and will have limited shows only. It might add 2 crores more in its kitty before wrapping up finally.

Day 121.15
Day 221.17
Day 322.45
Day 419.09
Day 512.0
Day 66.50
Day 74.50
Day 82.25
Day 92.75
Day 103.20
Day 111.25
Day 121.10
Day 130.95
Day 140.90
Total118. 26 cr

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42 comments on “Tubelight 2nd Week Box Office Collection”

    1. agreed.. for the kind of movie it was.. it left salman fans also dissapointed.. so in that case.. 116 is far far from what it actually deserves... this figure is super good fr a normal romcom or a ajay.. ranveer or ranbhir film... but isnt half as good fr a salman

    2. I am sorry but movie has not survived. It has been suicidal for the distributors. Whatever collection it has made ( going beyond 100 cr which you are calling survival) is due to Eid Holiday. Otherwise the movie would have been well short of 100 crores.

    1. its a below average go and check boxofficeindia or addatoday or koimoi ha ha ha tere jaiso ka band bajgaya .....

      1. koimoi,bollywood hungama bolly arena indicine all gave flop verdict..boi gave flop verdict and then changed to below average so stop spreading lies

  1. tubelight will beat bahubali 2 sirf 14 din me 118cr
    I hope 2027 tak agar cinema lagi rahi tu bb2 ko beat kr jaye gi

  2. ghanta..abey eid ne bacha liya nhi toh fan ka lifetime bhii cross nhi hota..ghanta stardom h bhai ka

    1. fan critics review - 3.5* plus aur collection - 75 cr , verdict- flop
      tubelight critics review - 1.5* aur a salman ki sabse faltu movie hai phirvi collection - 120cr plus , verdict - below average ... itni ghatiya movie phirvi 120cr se Jada kamai a hai star power...

      1. Are you an idiot? You are comparing a movie with songs, star cast, Chinese heroine, blockbuster director duo, and Eid release with maximum amount of screens in India and overseas with Fan, which was a movie with no songs in the movie, not a huge star cast, no Eid release, no heroine as at all.

        You want to compare than compare

        Tubelight Vs Dilwale

        Both rejected by audience
        Blockbuster director duo
        Big Holiday Release

        But both the movies were totally rejected by the audience let's see what we get:


        Domestic: 125cr predicted
        Overseas: less than 8-9million


        Domestic: 149.20cr
        Overseas: 27.5million+

        And also remember Dilwale had clash with another huge movie Bajirao Mastani, if Tubelight clashed with Bajirao mastani! I can't even think of the numbers it would've collected!

        Comparing Fan with Tubelight how pathetic, and don't even compare it with Talaash!

        Fan and Talaash can be compared because they both were small movies but not with Tubelight!

      2. @imran tu apne dil ko tassali de la.... tubelight is flopped movie...no salman power...second week english medium se bhi kam kamai.....disaster for distributors

    1. Not a Aamir Khan fan, but Aamir Khan script
      Sense it too good man he wouldn't even make a movie like that, he knows what works and what doesn't, you can't just get lucky with 4 All time highest grossers in a row one after another!

      But I agree with you people would have been shocked if he gave the audience Tubelight considering he's giving the best cinematic experience to India today!

      I think the real reason behind the failure of this movie was Salman Khans acting I mean if the script is bad then something has to be good in the movie for people to see it, so if Shah Rukh Khan or Aamir Khan did the movie atleast we can expect a out of the league performance but Salman Khan was just intolerable as a mentally disabled man and he looked really old in the movie!

    2. Agr aamir isme hota na toh aisi movie bilkul nhi hoti .
      Wo jrur script ko change krwata aur movie ko achhi kr deta

      Aur haan

      Ye movie atbb jrur hoti.
      Megastar rocking star aamir khan
      Kohinoor????of bollywood AAMIR KHAN

    3. @aamir abe logical baat kiya kar agar aisa hota agar ya hota .....Tubelight is disaster samjha

  3. Dangal grow up by 70% on its 105th day while Baahubali 2 face 4.3% drop in its 7th day in Taipei BO. Wait for 4-5 days dangal will crush bb2 in non tradational market.

  4. tubelight(1200 screens OS 2017) >>>>> taalash(500 screens OS 2012) and taalash(10m$) >>>>>tubelight(7m$) STARDOM SPEAKS. [NOte tubelight is a family film with commerical elements while taalash is a dark thriller film non commerical and non univesal]

  5. as per reports aamir have highest real followers on twitter. Aamir=69% Salmaan=60% Srk= 58% real followers on twitter

      1. sometimes fans make other fake account. So real followers of aamir has high. But i can say srk has crazy fans who make so much fake account

    1. @prince

      Bas yehi dekhna baaki reh gaya thaa ab

      Nothing left to see, leaving earth,

      Bc kya hutiyapa hai, ab tum aamir ko ucha dikhane keliye kuch bhi bologe kya? ??? Grow up tingu fans

      Sorry @bollyarena

  6. Agar is tarah se baat kerein to dhoom 3 was also rejected by audience i has heard people saying it is bad movie(i has not seen movie)
    If aamir choose script then is dhoom 3 a good script ?

  7. Rather accepting the failure gangu teli Salman fans are giving excuses and doing stupid comparisons.comparing with SRK's least performer film FAN.I will not surprised if tomorrow they will tell It collected double than SRK's biggest hit of career DDLJ.

  8. Congratulations Salman for beating Aamir. A match was very tough & went to the Super Over, Finally #Tubelight118cr beat #Ghajini116cr

  9. @prince.... Jaahil, I don't think that u live in this world. u r living in same world as srk lives in I mean on pluto... BTW don't hide behind aamir khan name u moron srk fans... Tubelight is Commercial film hahahaha this shows that how much u know abt films and bollywood go get a life bro... u r here only coz of salman but in a different way (for hating).

  10. According to indicine Bollywood hungama bollyarena.Sultan all time blockbuster.
    Boi sultan blockbuster.
    Tubelight below average.
    If tubelight flop as per Bollywood hungama
    Sultan is all time blockbuster.
    Haters agreed with either boi or other site

  11. ???
    Sallu fans khud ka mazak mat Karo. ?

    Fusslight a mega disaster film of Sallu bhau joining the club of Marigold ??

  12. This is a fact that dimlight is flop salman on achieving his 50th flop "1 bar jo maine commitment kardi uske bad to main apne ap ki bhi nahi sunta

  13. Will end with around 121 cr.
    121 x 3 = 363 ... still more than 20 cr less than Dangal.
    121 x 4 = 484 ... still more than 20 cr less than Baahubali2 (Hindi).

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