Tubelight 12th Day Box Office Collection

Tubelight 12th Day Box Office Collection: Salman Khan’s latest Eid release is now about to finish its second week which can be the last week for the film as Tubelight collection has fallen to lower levels now. According to the trade figures, Tubelight 12th day collection is 1.10 crore.

The film is heading for a poor second week as it will be lowest for a Salman Khan starrer since 2010. The film has been completely rejected and is out from single screens and have limited shows in multiplexes only. Tubelight box office collection in 12 days will be 116 crore. It will manage to become the second highest grosser of 2017 but that will be all.

Day 121.15
Day 221.17
Day 322.45
Day 419.09
Day 512.0
Day 66.50
Day 74.50
Day 82.25
Day 92.75
Day 103.20
Day 111.25
Day 121.10
Day 130.95
Day 140.90
Total118. 26 cr

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78 comments on “Tubelight 12th Day Box Office Collection”

  1. BOI=Bhaitards of India has declared it a below average, god knows how.
    Producers worldwide have lost 110cr+
    By that logic FAN is a hit because noone lost money in FAN.
    I knew their footfalls of 90s films are fake, but never knew Salman would go to this limit

    Salman pays this all=Court, police station, BOI, Indicine, Shera

    They reduced ddlj ffs from 6.5cr
    they reduced oso from athg to 2nd athg
    cdi from bb to super-hit
    hahk from 6.9cr to 7.3cr
    So BOI=Bhaitards of India

    1. I will troll arwna each and every time when they publish any article on tubelight
      How they dare to block us by snatching our rights
      Remember only karma
      And remember it kitni baar bhi block karlo I will be back
      Qki Roric ko rokna muskil hi nahi namumkin hai

      1. Tu Aamir ka baap hai?! How do you know Salman and Shah Rukh are paying BOI, they don't care, because when they stand outside there house, people are screaming for them unlike Aamir Khan all he can depend on is Box office with out box office Aamir Khan is nothing, but the other two khans even if there movies stopped working they would still be remembered as the biggest superstars of these 3 decades overall!

    2. And moreover BOI didn't add Salman's fee in the cost of film. Rs 100cr is without salman fee. They always talk about the market value of the actor if he is the producer. But in the case of Tubelight they didn't find it necessary. Shame on BOI. Before I used to believe them. But I had doubt on them when the reported lower collection for kaabil. This was exposed by bollyarena. Note I don't like Hrithik. But still after analyzing their last one year behaviour I have strong feeling that BOI is not fair.

    3. tumlogoki itni jalan kuin horahi hai Bhai flop nahi hua isliye pahele Jaan to le flop kisko bolte hai aur below average kise ...
      1... flop means jo movie apna budget par nahi kar pati aur producer ka lose hota hai use flop bolte hai ...
      2.. below average means jis movie ne apna budget par kar diya ho aur producer ka faida hua ho par distributer ka lose ho ...
      pahele thik se samjho phir comment karo ....

      1. Flop means kisi b tarah ki flop. Distributors ko loss ho ya producers ko..
        Example:- tubelight,dilwale

        Below average:- kisi ko loss na ho but film didnt work..
        Example:- fan,brothers

        Average:- thikthak profit ho movies ka..
        Example:- raees,kabil,mangal pandey

        Hit:- everyone is happy including audience but in limits..

        Examples:- talaash,jollyllb,dear zindagi,kick,happynewyear

        Superhit:- good amount of profits for everyone again.

        Examaple:- bkd,hindimedium,rowdi rathore,ek tha tiger,tzp,fanaa

        Blockbuster:- very very good amount of profits..

        Example:- sultan,dhoom3,ce,ghajini,bahubali

        All time blockbuster:- osm profits nd liked by more than 80%

        Example:- pk,bb,bahubali2,gadar,hahk,rh,ddlj,3idiots

        All time blockbuster with distance:-dangal

        70cr budget:- worldwide:-1900cr

        1. chup kar pahele Jake boi ka article thik se par aur jahatak fan ka bat hai to uska budget 100 cr hai aur film ne kamaya 75-80cr to profit kahase hua isliye flop hai aur haan apna a paglapan wale article apne pass rakh jab kuchvi Pata nahi to bekar bolo mat

      2. @imran
        Tubelight budget is Rs 150cr including Salman's fee and it's distributor share is Rs 59cr. So even from producers point of view it's in fact disaster.
        Here producers earned profit by selling the distribution right at heavy price. If so then I think tubelight is not flop even if it collect Rs 1 cr onl.

        1. Fan Budget- Fan Budget is 105 Crores without the salary of srk , Production Cost: 85 Crores ,Prints & Advertising Cost 20 Crores.This is actually lower what recent movies of Shahrukh Khan cost.
          Fan Screens -4600 Worldwide. Screen Count in India is 3500 while overseas screen count is 1100.
          hit or flop - fan needs to croos 140cr to be cleen hit

      3. Abe baklol budget me star Ka market value add hota hai raaes la budget 85 hi tha lekin srk Ka market value add karne par 125 hua jolly Ka budget 30 hi tha but Akki Ka market value add karne par 83 hua according to boi aur tubelight me salman Ka market value add nahi Kia because 100 budget tha aur agar salman fees add karega to 150 ho jayega aur flop diclare Karna parega

      1. You people are kiddish and laughable haha Salman Khan stardom was never in danger and never will be, and I'm not a Salman Khan fan but I understand that his superstardom status is huge and most of his fans maybe are rickshaw walas and all but if rickshaw walas can make you over 300cr Domestic then everyone should ask the rickshaw walas to be their fans!

        Salman Khan is second on the list of people who bring in the most audience to the cinema halls after Aamir Khan and you call him a local star!

        Salman Khan has millions of fans all around the world! People love him! We can't deny it! His stardom level is much bigger than Aamir Khan!

        Why is the question always about who's a bigger star Salman or Shah Rukh?
        When everyone can see that Aamir Khan is bringing in the most audience to the cinema halls? Hmmm?

    1. @suresh *owda tu hi baar baar keh rha tha na ki pehla 400 cr movie tubelight hogi ab kya hua lol ,below average se khusi ho rha h lol bhai k fans k haal kaise hogaya

    2. Verdict will change depending on how much Rickshawala Association pays to that admin
      Start collecting money.
      3 days ago they called it flop

  2. srk...akki
    Biggest flop of the year...ha ha ha ha???????

    Dono flopbuster superstar??????

    1. @bollyarena

      es @raj_kumar ya jo bhi h , ese block kre.....

      ye meri negetivity fela rha h....shukra h aamir k bare me kuch nhi bol rha h

      1. Bhai tu meri negativity faila raha hai...

        Kon hai yaar tu...
        Aisa mt kar...
        Apne name ko change kar le..
        Real mahaveer mai hu..

        1. Areh nahin yeh dono jhoot bol rahe hain real @Mahaveer main hoon, mere bum pe Aamir Khan ka face ka tattoo bhi hai, I can prove it.

          1. Are nahi ye tino juth bol rahe hai....

            Asli mahaveer mai hu...
            I can proove it...

            Mujhe to har jgh amir nazad aata hai...

            Dharti....aasman mai bhi.....???????

  3. Congrats all salman fan tubelight got below average status not flop.
    Amir and salman not given single flop from year 2010.
    Other than salman and amir almost all actor given flop.
    Wikipedia and all follow boi verdict.
    Example dabangg blockbuster not ATB.
    Haters now blaming boi is Salman fan.
    Joke of the decade.
    Guys ye haters ko pata nahi box-office india sob se kam collection dikha raha hai tubelight ka still haters saying boi support Salman.
    Congrats all fan tubelight is not a flop film.
    Even kabil.

    1. Dude distributors loss in TL>>>Bombay velvet
      100cr + loss for distributor
      It should have been disaster

  4. @sayar they also increased the verdicts of mohabbatein, dtph and darr from superhit to blockbuster and made the count of srk's 7 bbs to 10. and god knows how much they will manipulate with baazigar and deewana. they also made koyla a record opener which is not true , it was just an excellent opener.

    the truth is salman has benifited nothing from boi.com. his blockbusters count is equal to what it was before. they increased hssh's verdict but decreased partner's verdict , so it remined the same. it's only aamir and srk who has benifited from the updated datas of boi.com.

  5. @honest man
    I can show you how they are partial towards Salman
    1. They decreased DDLJ's footfalls from 6.3cr to 4.8cr and increased HAHK from 6,9cr to 7.2cr(I can dm u screenshots if u are in twitter)
    2. They changed CDI from Blockbuster to Super Hit
    3. They had declared Om Shanti Om ATHGs(I have screenshots)
    4. They changed Mangal Pandey from Below Avg to FLOP
    5. They changed HDDS from semi-hit to hit, same for Bandhan.
    6. They changed HSSH from Hit to Blockbuster

    Salman has managed to handle both BOI and Indicine. Accept the fact.

      1. @fraud mahaveer sun

        Proove ho gaya tu sallu lallu fan hai....

        Tune abhi sallu ki tarif ki hai...

        Amir ke bare mai kuch galat mt boliyo...

        Wrna yahi dangal dangal hoga☺☺☺☺☺??????

  6. Finally Salman fan feel good that tubelight is not flop.
    This decade only belongs to Amir great and Salman the king they not given single flop from 2010 other than Salman amir all actor given flop and some of them given disaster.
    I feel sorry haters they thought tube light will be flop.
    Only 2 star in this decade 1 mr perfect Amir 2 the most entertainment heart of Bollywood Salman.
    Even sharuk also except Fan he is not given any flop film

  7. Abe aalo agr movies se producer aur distributer dono Ko loss hota hai to wo film flop Hoti hai itna bhai jante kya bhaitaad..tubelight profitable for producers so boi gives a true verdict for tubelight and jai ho also.........

  8. I would like to believe people in India have become wiser now that Bhai movies have started getting flopped. This is making me feel really really positive about the aam junta in our country.


    Aakh thoooo on BOI....

    Distributor ke lashe nahi dikh rahe faltu BOI ko.

    Bahot hi faltu site hai.

  10. BOI is biggest hater of Aamir.
    Par Aamir Aamir hai BOI ka aisa band bajaya ki kabhi Aamir ko underestimate nahi karegi Aab.

    1. According to boi salman is bigger star than ammir aur tepk jab 11 august KO release karne Ka faisla liya tha to bola tepk flop hoga ab bolta hai tepk is solid entertaining movie flop site ammir ,Akki band Baja. Diya hai iska

  11. Usually box-office verdict based on film budget .bombay volvet budget Is almost 100cr it earn 28cr.
    If any film earn more than budget its not call flop guys try to understand.
    M not against any actor its reality.
    Tubelight earn more than budget of the film.
    If u want just check all film released budget and lifetime collection in box-office india site go and check each year figur of all film.
    If any film not able to recover all its made cost that film will declare disaster.
    Means huge cost but not able to recover 30 to 40% of film budget called disaster.
    Example Bombay velvet budget 90 to 100 cr
    earn 28cr.
    So tubelight earn more than its budget.
    Try to understand the calculation.
    If distributor earn more than what they spend then film get super hit,hit blockbuster status.

    1. @HR

      kya be gochu ,

      budget budget kr ke ro rha h ??

      bhai ye movie 250 crore pe hit thi...

      mtlb 200 crore pr avrage...

      150 crore pr Flop....or esse km pr ?

      [email protected] screen pr release hone pr , distributer ko bhari loss hua h ,138 crore me bechi thi movie ko....

      bhari loss hua h....budget k equal earn krne se movie Avrage nhi ho jati....

    2. abey gochu , tubelight budget is 100cr salman fee 50 cr total 150 cr bt this nt a issue because they had sold to distributors so producers got 250 cr n distributors now facing almost a 120 cr loss nw

  12. according to BOI movie is not flop as producers didn't go loss. In this way tubelight is not flop even if it didn't collect Rs 1cr. What kind of logic is this? And why Tubelight budget is Rs 100 cr only. Why not add Salman's fee?

  13. Jolly llb 2 collected 117 CR's.how come it became 2nd highest grosser.it will become after today

  14. Guys honestly speaking m not hate akshay,amir salman sharuk all are realy good and Bollywood king.
    But I explain how a film called flop.
    Exaple Brothers budget almost 100cr but it earn something 76cr to 80cr so it fails to recover its cost.
    Fan budget also in the range of 100cr but it earn more than 85cr again this film fails to recover it budget.
    Bombay valvet budget 100cr earn very less 28 to 35cr its huge lose called disaster.
    Check each and every site including ur favorite site u will get budget and earning of film.

  15. Salman is producer and he will got his fee from setlight rights.
    Haters cannot understand they just want to hate.first of u guys chqeck all their favorite star film budget TV rights music right and calculate if it got more than film budget it will not call flop.
    Better go and check Brothers budget tv right and calculate.
    Even fan tv right budget.

    1. In that case, then Rs 100 cr cost should be covered by distributor share not nett total. Here distributor share is only Rs59cr.

  16. @ sayar they added 3 blockbusters of srk which changed his career statistics altogether. without that srk has only 8 blockbusters in his glorious career and salman has 12. they has increased hits of both salman and srk. dabangg was earlier an atbb which is now a blockbuster. koyla which was an excellent opener only is now a record opener. now tell me how many record openers of saman is increased , none. they increased hssh verdict but decreased partner's verdict so his blockbuster count remained the same. yes i know they decreased ddlj's footfall and collection and increased hahk's collection but does it change the career statistics for srk, no. it still remains an atbb and it was never an atg.
    this statistics will show who is benifited more

    old boi-12
    new boi-12
    2. all time blockbusters
    old boi-4
    new boi-3
    3. record openers
    old boi-6
    new boi-6
    4. all time grossers
    old boi-1
    new boi-1

    so where has salman benifited his bbs, atg and record opener count is same while his atbb count has decreased .

    1. blockbusters
    old boi-8
    new boi-10
    2. atbbs
    old boi-2
    new boi-2
    3. record opener
    old boi-5
    new boi-6
    4. all time grosser
    old boi-2
    new boi-1

    srk's blockbuster count has increased and record opener count has also increased , only his all time grosser count has decreased.

    so you can see clearly for salman all thing is same but atbb is decreased , for srk bb and record opener has increased while atg has decreased , so srk has benifited for salman things are same.

  17. @mahaveer idiot
    I and pk.ak used to doncomment against each other. But today, I came to know you are same.
    @idiot what I said it was true. I was fighting against @suijit. It was against those people were saying Indians actors are not global star but you are biggest dumb than @suijit. Instead of giving excuses, you should support Indian superstars against those people who are saying bad about Indian superstars. But doesn't matter what asshole like you think?
    What I like most what srk sir,
    Vo yeh hai vo haters ki pichle 25 years se maar rhe hai

  18. Really Salman khan is biggest star of india..
    Bhai k negative world of mouth k movie 100+ cr krvdi...
    Bhai k movie 100+ cr pe flop hoti h ye bhai real stardum..

    Verna kuch kutte jaise SRK aur Amir k mixed WOM k.movie 100 cr ni kr paati r buri tarah flop ho jaati h..e.g Talaash and FAN.

  19. @honest man
    They have gone onto instinct of decreasing footfalls whereas according to their earlier reports DDLJ ffs were 6.3cr and just 40lakhs lees than HAHK. OSO was called record opener but now they have called it only record weekend.

    their footfalls are fake , their verdicts are fake.
    Acc to them-Mohabbatein footfalls>>Ghajini and Dabbang. But they had called Mohabbatein Super Hit and Ghajini /Dabbang All Time Blockbuster.

  20. @honest man Also now they are showing Gaddar/BB-2 ffs>>DDLJ and kind of insulting SRK. But as per their earlier reports ddlj had 1cr more ffs than Gaddar

  21. @sayar prove their footfall datas are wrong. so take the earlier footfalls of ddlj , take oso as an all time grosser but also accept that srk has only 8 blockbusters and koyla was not a record opener. now think what is more important to you increasing footfalls of ddlj or increasing his bb count to 10.

    the point is if boi.com has not updated their datas and remained the same then aamir would have only 10-11 hits in his career and srk would have only 8 blockbusters in his career. so the things were changed and updated to safeguard them not salman. salman would still have 12 bbs which he has now and would have hits equal to srk as both the hits of salman and srk has increased.

    salman is the only khan who has a good record both in terms of hits and bbs . but the same can not be said for aamir or srk. aamir has a poor record in terms of number of hits while for srk he was lagging way behind salman in terms of blockbusters. but after the updated boi.com now aamir has quite a good record in terms of hits while srk is very close to salman in terms of blockbusters.
    so it's very simple salman has gained nothing, it's the other two khans

  22. @honest man
    They have changed nothing about Koyla
    Koyla was a record opener but not "Bumper". It broke 2 year old record of Trimurti with more ATP, screens that too by very small margin. So it should be only 'excellent'. Record opening is not bumper.

    And they have said HAHK opening 'Good' earlier. How can a 9lakhs opening be good when there was already a 50-60 lakhs opener

    And I will accept that Mohabbatein and DTPH are super hits but that will mean that their all footfalls are fake. Because superhit DTPH=ATBB Dhoom-3 in footfalls and Superhit Mohabbatein>>>Ghajini, Dabbang, Ek Tha Tiger in footfallls?

    Decreasing ffs is fine. But from 6.5cr to 4.8 cr for DDLJ and 6.9cr to 7.3cr for HAHK is absolutely ridiculous.

    And Baazigar should get a Blockbuster verdict because collections were almost same as Darr but costs were lower.

    1. @sayar it shouldn't really be about footfalls but how much profit was made from the movie, as in if a movies made with a budget of 10cr makes 40cr it should be classed as a blockbuster because it's made 4 times the amount of its budget!

      Dangal I think was made on 100cr budget and collected over 370cr it was classed as an ATBB!

      What DDLJ and HAHK did in the 90's for Bollywood they should be classed the greatest blockbusters of all time because they changed the collections chart in a unimaginable way and opened the route to overseas box office which Aamir Khan is ruling now!

  23. Also making HAHK look so much bigger hit by changing everything from ffs to collections of both hahk and ddlj is the biggest thing salman has gained. that too in free

    1. @sayar bhai dishonestman aisa h ki jaise bhainsh ko ham kuch bhi kare ,barish bhi aae kuch bhi kare fark nahin padega vese wo jiddi h chl just ignore him

  24. @Mahaveer pk.ak tu dunya ka bada ghunchu ullu ka patha hai.band baji teri tubelight flop nahi hai bolke jhute akshay k ghatiya fan Akshay b tujhe laat marega.

  25. @ sayar a film has to be called a bumper opener if it is a record opener. bumper opening means a film which is a record opener or close to a record opener. ett, dabangg, sr, ce, sultan, dhoom 3 , hny, prdp are all bumper openers but some of them are not record openers. a record opener can never be called excellent. you see the opening note of earlier boi.com. in 1997 judwaa , dil to pagal hain , koyla were all excellent openers but now see the difference between their collections for opening day. border was tagged as a bumper opener and now it is a record opener so no problem in that. in 1998 again salman's pktdk was excellent opener and dil se as far as i remember was tagged as a average opener. but now dil se is 92 lacks on openeg day while pktdk is only 80 lacks, explain me that. boi.com did it intentionaly to show that srk was ahead of salman in 90's in terms of initial because today there is no competition so all boi.com can do is to increase the boxofficenumber of srk films in 90's.

    footfalls has nothing to do with verdict. prdp's footfall was more than blockbusters like darr, oso and rnbdj. sultan's footfall is more than atbb 3 idiots.

    and not only boi.com changed verdict for srk films but shamelessly they increased the numbers also.
    collections of both dtph and mohabbatein are increased by a big margin. earlier border was 35 crore and dtph was 28 crore. so i don't think dtph was even the hgoty worldwide as the difference in domestic was too big. same goes for knph and mohabbatein it was 38 and 33. actually dil to pagal hain and mohabbatein were never the hgoty worlldwide, their also boi.com played smart game.

    @ chandra prasad abhi tere raato ka nind haram karta hoon
    raadha has 19 million views in you tube while ding dang from munna micheal has 23 million views in you tube which was just released 2 days ago. so srk is giving neck to neck competition to tiger shroff, congratulations.

  26. Aamir is biggest megastar of the world
    His non festival release talaash is semi hit so it released on cristmas then it will be superhit
    All others are local stars

  27. @Honest man
    At least SRK is giving neck-to-neck competition. Salman has lost to Varun Dhawan. See the status of dull period-exam period released BKD and see a solo Eid release Tubelight.
    Yes I am damn sure(Gut feeling) that JHMS will not work, but SRK will bounce back soon.

    Plus if they really loved SRK, wth did they decrease DDLJ ffs and collections?

  28. Plus if Salman movies didnt get good opening in 90s, its not srk's problem
    93-SRK(Baazigar, I think it had record weekend)
    Only 1 year Salman

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