Total Dhamaal to release on 7 December 2018

Filmmaker Indra Kumar has announced the third film in the Dhamaal franchise. The film titled as Total Dhamaal will release on 7 December 2018.

The star cast has not been officially announced but the director has confirmed that the sequel will have Ajay Devgn replacing Sanjay Dutt, with Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit being the latest additions to the cast. Among the other principal cast members, Riteish Deshmukh, Javed Jaffery and Arshad Warsi have also come on board.

Earlier the director of the film Indra Kumar has wished to release Total Dhamaal during Diwali in 2018. That would have resulted in a clash with Aamir Khan's Thugs of Hindustan. But now the makers have wisely avoided the clash.

Though Total Dhamal will still face a clash with Arjun Kapoor's Namastey Canada. Apart from that, Shahrukh Khan's Dwarf, Rohit Shetty's Simbba, Sushant Singh's Kedarnath and Salman's Dabangg 3 are also releasing in December next year.

50 comments on “Total Dhamaal to release on 7 December 2018”

  1. ? ?
    Aamir the global megastar se kaun panga lega

    Total Dhamal releases on 7 dec 2018

    Note:SS is small movie with Aamirs cameo

    1. Hit like if you think TOH will tank in India and @parshya will start waiting for its China release like what happened with SS.

      1. So many films in 2018..in lst half..nt looking good...also in first half too many big films..dutt padmavati padman 2.0 avengers..then race amd gold..i dont know which movie to watch..hope i will see
        Gold(if good review)

      2. Top stars of 90s joined Total Dhamaal Anil n Madhuri to give below avg. Franchise a Boost in collections.....Good move by Makers
        Avoided Clash with TOH coz is not a Rohit Film.......

        Now Truth will unfold....

    2. Dhamaal is a Biggest Indian Franchise ever which was not even successful.....

      1. Who is OVERSEAS king ?
        Aamir or srk
        Hit like for Aamir n Dislike for SRK
        Voting starts now Hurry...

        1. Everyone knows Srk is overseas king
          Just remove the collection of china TB pata chalega Aamir Indo china star hai ..but no offence to Aamir .he is 2nd

          1. which country you will remove from Aamir's list. USA,Australia,Pak,NZ where every Aamir films scores better than Srk. Only UK is ahead for Srk. Salman is ahead in gulf from Srk and Aamir. Now you will talk about malasia,germaby etc. Will i talk about taiwan,japan,hongkong etc.
            And why remove china where srk films collected .50m$,1m$. Hahaha.
            Aamir 4 films has easily been biggest success there whenever it released. Overseas se China hata do. SRK top, India se Aamir and salman ko hata do. Srk top. Oh sorry, today's scenerio even Akshay scores over srk. Remove these three, SRK at top. Enjoy ocean.

            1. Just remove the collection of china ..kyuki china se hi Aamir ke movie ka 80% overseas collection hai ..china Ko hata ke dekh barabri ka Takkar kar ..PK $26m ..dangal $30M extremely positive review ke Baad v

        2. Akshay fans voting karake Padman ko bhi ATBB karwa denge. Voting karwake Baahubali 2 sai bhi bari blockbuster karwado aur khush raho

    3. It has amitabh, plus biggest budget plus yash raj 's, strong distribution network..... Single amit has worth but not as much as you think

    4. Ok this is my prediction
      Padman 60cr
      Aiyyary 70cr
      2.0 140cr hindi
      Gold 130cr
      Race 3 350cr
      Thugs of Hindustan 225cr
      Dwarf 200cr
      Simmba 80cr
      Total dhamaal 60cr min 100cr max
      Raid 60cr

    5. 2018 potential 200cr +
      Thugs of Hindustan
      Race 3
      Dutt biopic
      Padmavati ...saal me 2 movie Jaata hai 200cr or 2018 me 6 movie jaega
      But wait .2.0 mujhe nahi lagta jaega ..Dutt biopic bhi mujhe nahi lagta ..mujhe to samjh nahi aa rha rajkumar Hirani Aisa movie kyu Bana rha ..Sanjay Dutt ka.dost hai is liye ..Lekin Rajkumar Hirani Ko Aisa movie nahi banana chahiye tha

      Padmavati itna zyada pospone ho gayi to 150cr bhi mushkil lag rha

  2. First week of dec is a very good date
    Here is my release date prediction for dec 2018

    7 dec total dhamaal
    14 dec kedarnath
    21 dec dabang 3
    28 dec simbaa

    Namaste london will be out and Dwarf is high on vfx high chance of making it to December is very little who know there is also a chance

    1. I want dabang 3 to move to the first week of dec and take the full benefit of being the first big masala movie after thugs . Than total dhamaal moved to the Christmas week which benefit itself and simbaa as well

  3. Both Kedarnath & Namastey Canada will move to give way for solo releases of Dwarf movie & Total Dhamaal.

    Dabang 3 will not target Dec 2018 release.

    1. Wish many of your Srk mates reasoned like you... Who without holding grudges for any actor always wish them d best.
      I know I may have in retaliation to some childish talks included Srk name but trust me... Was just to smack them back talking about their IQ and grudge level. Srk respect will always be acknowledged same with the others Salman Aamir Hrithik... And the younger ones. ✌

      1. I will give a frank opinion on this matter.

        Neither am I myself a “neutral” fan which I have claimed at times to be. Nor have I seen any true neutral fan here or even at Indicine. This “neutral” fan is all a myth. Yes there can be some who are “less biased” compared to some others.

        I was myself once “close to being a neutral fan” and that was before I had joined Indicine/ bollyarena but now the fan wars around have changed me for worse.

        We all have our biases and personal likings/dis-likings. Even if we like all stars, there will be some who we will like more and some who we will like less. And that will one time or another reflect in our comments as hard as we try to be neutral ones especially when the fan wars are going on around.

        Plus the impact of external forces is always there e.g. Akkians/ SRKians generally bashing Ajay and Salmaniacs/ Aamirians/ Hrithikians generally not bashing Ajay will impact how you, as an ADian, react towards their stars also even if you may like all stars. And that impact can be seen in your comments even if you don’t want it to be shown.

        I don’t normally care what others do around me as it is each to his own. But I regret that I have myself changed for worse and have become a part of these fan wars after I started visiting Indicine/ Bollyarena. That is one reason I always wanted to quit Indicine/Bollyarena for good but keep coming back (after breaks) as it became a sort of an addiction. Hopefully I will be able to say good bye for good.

        Regarding you, I know you like and respect all stars (with some more and some less which is natural) and I do distinguish between someone bashing SRK (in response to his star being bashed) and another bashing/ hating for no reason at all.

        1. Yes spot on. Problem is no matter how I decide quoting this site, as you said the addiction is imminent.
          As for indicine I have been following them for quite sometimes but commented 2-4 times that too on
          Wow, I think I have calmed down too if not before I use to be on a high hyper mode without mercy but 85% always made sure I had my back ups and references which have helped me alot esp not looking like a fool at the end of the day with just grudges without adequate back ups.
          So for now, just chilling though for certain people its the easiest of all!!
          Though already stated I won't be the 1st unleash my bullets!! Ammunition is available always just depend who wants to be a ?. Comments of those that I know say things for fun or retaliation I do ignore but those that you know every single word displays their envyness and frustration are the ones I Skin them out.
          Your own case.. I spotted cos its hard to see one coming here and urging or telling us that when an upcoming movie of the actors you mentioned are about to release, in groups you go with your friends to support and watch them which I find very very cool ? ✊?.

  4. Dwarf ke ek week baad agar simmba movie nahi hota to dwarf se clash ya nahi to 1 week baad aata ye total dhamaal ..Kedarnath pospone ho gayi ...ab ye mat samjhna Srk se koi nahi darta ab is liye koi bhi clash kar rha ..Aisa nahi hai ..

    Srk Ko koi underestimate nahi Kia uske movie Ko SB kar rha underestimate kyuki pichla kuch movie Srk ka bekaar Laga ..to ye log clash kar skta tha ye soch ke ki Srk aaj kal maha ghatiya movie Bana rha is liye dwarf bhi kharab hua TB total dhamaal Ko fayda Hoga

    Khair dwarf achii hogi 100% dwarf ke Baad Srk se koi clash krne ka soche ga bhi nahi

  5. Non holdiay ne sbse achaa release date Dec ke 1st week hi hai ..kyuki dec ke 2nd last week bara bara movie rehta hai to uske 1 week pehle to koi krega nahi movie ..is liye 2 week pehle rleelase Kro or 2week free run lo

  6. Mtlb ab namaste Canada pospone Hoga ..dhaamal 1 kitna chaa classic comedy tha or part 2 kaise vulgarity daal ke koi Story nahi PURA dhamaal brand Ko kharab kar Dia ..part 2 agar achaa hota to ye dhaamal aaj Golmaal ke level ka brand hota

  7. Bolyarena Thora dimaag Laga ke post Kia karo kuch bhi .logic hi nahi hai
    Tumhe sach me lgta hai dabang 3 dec me aaega hahaha or Kedarnath pospone ho chuki hai

  8. Ajay well knows that Dhamaal is not huge franchise like Golmaal and there will be no Rohit Sheety this time. That's why he avoided clash against Aamir .
    Lifetime will be under 100 crore as many big films will release on Christmas and New year.

    1. @ prashanth:

      I am a huge fan of your predictions. Still remember your BO prediction of JHMS:

      Prashant abhishek
      08/04/2017 at 1:05 PM

      Even if it collects 17 crore then it will beat highest opening of Akshay’s Singh is bling which released on national holiday 2 October.

      Respect ?

    2. Exactly bro!! Ajay knew Rohit Shetty last clash result with SRK too which meant no guarantee @box office be you who!!

      On the same topic... The last massive clashes with 2 of SRK biggest Banners Yash raj and Dharma (Jthj and Adhm) were with 2 non Rohit Shetty directed movies talking about SOS and Shivaay.
      Removing sentiments away Ajay is one of the last names that don't give a damn who is clashing with him, that's an attribute(which ranges from negative, positive or neutral impressions he creates for people) of his many real Bollywood followerers knows except for blind haters like you.
      Good try though!!

      1. Also talking about TOH, most people including I would love it to release solo but if I learnt Total Dhamaal will also release that day, I would never be surprised. Reason? Ajay Devgn features in the movie. It can also turn out to be a very bad decision I have no objection but doubting it to release? Nah I won't. Its only 1 actor movie that I know Ajay will never clash with for various reasons, which we all know but anyone else... No chance to doubt.
        Anyways, all the best to all the respective movies and even if some clashes happen in 2018,hopefully let it be a healthy and Clean clash. That all for this topic. ✌

      2. Ajay ran away afraid from clash with Aamir from diwali slot ..... this ADian is making silly excuses

        1. When was he announced to feature in the movie?? When did it take Madhuri and Anil too finally agree to sign?? ?

          1. Don't know why people post stuffs when they know they have no basis nor back up!! Anytime I come and take a dig with them, they just run away or go off point!! Most cases run away except 1 particular cartoon that mixes up his already confused comment!!

    3. Srk also knows dwarf is not directed by Rohit Shetty...srk knows that it will be disaster like jhms

    1. @jams bro is movie k liye tumhe 120cr acha lag raha hai (knowing that this is a masala multistrarer movie from franchise . )
      Magar Padman k liye 130cr kam lgta hai (knowing it is niche movie without any other star and franchise . )
      This simply shows that you also know that Akki is a Big Name today and he is really successful but u only pretend to insult him because of stupid fan wars

    2. @Jams... Its a Multicast Marsala Franchise that's why its 120 cr is okay for it!! ?. Better believe it now!! And also remember any Multicast films, Franchises and masala movie will collect the amount you predicted!!! Be it a great grand maasti ??. Gosh!!!!!

  9. Any movie release with TOH is suicidal. Aamir and YRF has monopoly for screens and then you have to shed tears for less screens. I agree after that only content takes yoi ahead but first you have to start great to stand against big giants. And only failure of big giants can take you to victory against them. 2018 has lots of promising movies on cards but frankly speaking most of them will be underperformed if not releasing with needed advantage. 2.0,Dutt,Dwarf,Dabangg3,Padmawati etc finding it difficult for best release date and there scheduling definitely hurt others films timings too.

    1. Ok I accept but you forgot Ajay sir took on mighty yashraj..anil Sridevi..top stars at that time in his debut n won it...if phool aur kante released solo..it wud have been highest grosser of that year

  10. I cr per day is his charge... I wonder with Anil and Madhuri and the rest.. What the final budget will be, again the last film was just average. I think Inder kumara has to to really be ready for this movie!!

  11. I can bet you 100 million that Kedarnath will run away from December 2018. The release dates will be -
    7 December - Total Dhamaal (100-140 Crores)
    21 December - SRK-Anand L Rai(200-240 Crores)
    28 December - Simmba (150-180 Crores)
    Overall Decembers will break all-time records for a month next year.
    Approx 500 Crores will come. And if Namastey Canada comes, 550-600 Crores is a possibility. But Kedarnath will run for sure. SSR is a great actor but he doesn't yet have the potential to clash with SRK or even Ranveer.

  12. This movie will also do 200 crs like golmaal because it has the greatest superstar ajay devgan

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