Top 5 Biggest Bollywood Superstars Today

This is my list of who I feel are currently the 5 biggest Bollywood box office stars in India. This list takes into consideration the recent years only. It does not take into consideration decades of work.... only recent years!

So here we go.

5. Varun Dhawan:

Honestly, this was a tough choice between him, Hrithik, Ranbir, and Ranveer. But Varun gets the spot due to his consistency. His Dishoom, a film which had poor pre-release buzz, still managed an 11 crore opening. His recent release, Badrinath Ki Dulhania, also got a double-digit opening, and it crossed the 100 crore mark, making it the highest March grosser of all time. Consistently strong opening day collections and overall successful films at the box office give Varun the #5 spot. With that being said, this could change with any star's next film. In particular, he needs to be careful of his imitation of Govinda's acting, something that many pointed out he was doing in BKD.

Ranbir did 178 crore with YJHD at a time when only Salman and Aamir were getting similar collections, and he still manages to give double-digit opening day collections. The biggest example of this is Roy, which did have chartbuster music, but wouldn't have gone above 3 crore opening day if it was only an Arjun/Jacqueline starrer. Too many flop films, including probably the biggest of all time (Bombay Velvet), kept Ranbir down. Hrithik is capable of huge grossers (Krrish 3 and Bang Bang in recent times), but his last two films Mohenjo Daro and Kaabil got single-digit openings, didn't perform too well a the box office (MD in particular), and lost in clashes to both Akshay/SRK. Ranveer Singh had a huge grosser with Bajirao Mastani, defeating SRK's Dilwale, gets consistently good openings, but his films as a whole aren't successful when he's not working with SLB/Deepika. Befikre, with one of the biggest directors of all time (Aditya Chopra), was a box office dud.

4. Akshay Kumar:

Consistency is the name of the game. The man who at one point was consistently delivering flop films, is now doing the opposite. Come to think of it, Kumar's career graph has been full of ups and downs. After several flop films in the 90s and early 2000s, he reached his peak point in 2007, the best year of his career by far, when he had four back-to-back major hits with Namaste London, Heyy Babyy, Bhool Bhulaiyaa, and Welcome. Welcome was one of the all-time highest grossers upon its release. He never reached his peak year again, but he's getting close. What he's severely missing right now though, is a film that can be counted as being amongst one of the all-time highest

What he's severely missing right now though, is a film that can be counted as being amongst one of the all-time highest grossers. Films like Rustom and Airlift are Super Hits, sure, but they haven't gone anywhere near the 200 crore mark, let alone the 300 crore mark that Aamir and Salman have crossed many times now. His highest grosser remains Rowdy Rathore (130+ crore mark), which released 5 years ago. Akshay needs to do less films so that there is more anticipation when his one or two films in the year do come, and he needs to try to get them on a festival release date (Eid/Dilwai/Christmas) which would work wonders for him given the positive audience WOM (Word of Mouth) his films usually get. Robot 2, a Diwali release, is a step in the right direction, and although it's a South film, it will give a further boost to his Bollywood career, as he will enjoy a stronger fan following in South India along with his North India fan following.

3. Shah Rukh Khan:

The man who used to the biggest star in India, now settles at third place. Consistent under-performers bring SRK down, as he doesn't have even one film yet in the 300 crore club, whereas Aamir and Salman have many. His last Blockbuster was 4 years ago (Chennai Express). However, as I've said before, if you clash with SRK, you're not going to get a better opening day than him. It's been proven over and over in the last 10 years.

Also, at his most washed-up, old looking self on screen, he still manages to get opening day collections around the 20 crore mark. Raees getting a 19-20 crore opening on a non-holiday against a Hrithik starrer was an amazing feat. His weak films, such as Dilwale and Raees, still get to the 130-140 crore mark, a mark that at the moment would be considered a huge achievement for every non-Khan in the industry.

2. Aamir Khan:

This was a tough one between him and the man at #1. Since 2008, he has been delivering a film that would become the biggest grosser of all time: Ghajini (opened the 100 crore club), 3 Idiots (opened the 200 crore club), Dhoom 3 (opened the 250 crore club), PK (opened the 300 crore club), Dangal (opened the 350 crore club). Incredible achievements, but not as incredible as the fan following the man at #1 owns....

1.Salman Khan:

The biggest star in India. Since Dabangg, the megastar has been on a phenomenal run, with 8 of his films becoming huge Blockbusters, and the other 2 films (Jai Ho and PRDP) still managing Semi-Hit and Hit verdict, respectively. He and Aamir are the only two stars to have films in the 300 crore club.

He has a fan following in every nook and corner of India, as proven by the fantastic opening day collections his films get. His two films this year, Tubelight and Tiger Zinda Hai, are threatening to shatter some box office records to pieces.

The article has been written by Bobby Sidhu. You can follow him on Twitter here https://twitter.com/BobbyS_BO. If you also want to write for us, send your articles on [email protected]

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    1. @bollyarena you should make another article with the biggest pullers of box office and biggest superstars worldwide.. biggest superstar India would be Salman Khan, biggest puller of box office would be Aamir Khan and Biggest superstar worldwide would be Shah Rukh Khan! Akshay Kumar gives the most contribution to box office every year and Varun Dhawan is growing better than any other actor in his generation!

    2. Salman is the biggest superstar of india ... because his underperformed movie also crossed 200 cr in box office .. there is no doubt he has biggest stardom and fan base in india and all over the world

  1. take out eid from Non Actor .you will get the real one. In this decade with one eid srk delivered atg with breaking every record.

  2. By God jab kesi ko mushkil hoti h wo gir jata amir aur srk ko koi mushkil n aye phir bhi salman se pechhe h us vood action h phir bhi salman se kam h salman ko bara manna pare ga trurh is truth

  3. Faltu article...
    Megastar still chasing Aamirs record..
    Here boby called him no.1 star.
    Sallu will never beat Aamir Even if sallu takes 7 birth.
    What a bakwas article.

      1. @singh
        Absolutely correct bro..
        But media cant understand..
        Then live in dream..
        Chahe kuch bhi karlo Aamir haat nahi anewala..
        I will badly expose sallu after fusslight n BZH.

      2. Ha ha fan srk ka but talking aamir coz know truth of srk standing position

        Too much fun

    1. how can you rank aamir on no. 2..... salman never brought more business then aamir for the last 7 year. . . would you( bollyarena) like to explain on which bases you ranked salman no.1. there is no logic in this article n i am not agree with you at all.

    2. Vai tumhare comment se lagta bahut bada sadma me ho tum lekin koi bat nahi hum savi vaijaan fan k taraf tumhare liye sympathy hai. Aur ek salah hai sachai ko jitni jaldi swikar karloge dukh utna hi kam hona

      1. hahahaa
        dukh to tumlogoko hoga jab tumara bhai royega...usko BB cross to karne de phle..
        baad mein PK n Dangal se niptle..

  4. Since 1994 sallu could not give a single ATHG
    N this boby called him no.1..
    R u mad bobby..
    Definitely u r a sallu fan..
    What a shame!!!
    No.1 my foot

    1. nopes he is an SRK fan but he has a great analytical mind and correct most of the times.

  5. Ha ha look at Salman haters comment

    Where truth they also know aamir not get blockbuster without Christmas and in fact without contact he don't get hit also and where Salman gave blockbuster with no contant movie also

    Truth is truth which is burning more to Salman haters

    Too much fun

    1. If content was king then the biggest stars would be irrfan manoj bajpai nawaz etc samjha?? Aamir doesnt need any genre like srk or lallu like romantic nri patao films or bhaigiri films to make them hits!! Even a social issue film tzp with huge clash becomes superhit coz of aamir!! Small films like peepli live became hits just coz of his name attached.... and of course the recordbreakers are all to his name and noone has been able to break records 5 times like aamir with mass or class movie!! Founder of all 100 200 300 350cr clubs!! Even a biopic nonmasala film released during demonetisation became the biggest grosser of all time.... lallu is eid star and before 2010 was delivering flops after flops....

  6. I openely challenge bollyarena user n sallu fans..
    If sallu manages to beat Aamir in next two chance then i will be sallus fan forever..
    But i know this sallu cant...
    Only survive coz of eid
    What a shame!!!!

    1. Paid critics highest ticket rates and Christmas time best time to go out eat happened to Talash actually Akki deserves No. 2 and No doubt Salman is Demi God for Bollywood

      1. meine akki ke khilaf kuch nahi bola....
        aur sallu ke aad mein mat ro...
        nahi to tu samaj raha hein na mein kya bol raha hoon..

      2. tu actually sallu fan hein aur aaki ki help le raha hein ...
        chota star nees aakki to beat Aamir.....

    2. Th dekhna secret flop star bahut bada disaster hone bala hai aur jise tum fuslight Kahte o stronglight banke aaega

  7. Rehnuma it will be change and Anand L rai....SRK will be no1....

    this is all are useless hopeless...

  8. Ye article fan following ke base PE hai .I know aamir also number 1 but fan following ke base PE wo salman SE piche hai .aamir ki movie me content,aur 4 open week hoti hai isliye wo athg ho jata hai wo kafi choosi hai but salman content SE upar hai without content bhi uski movie hit ho jati hai

    1. Aamir se koi clash karne ki himmat nahi karta toh aamir ki kya galti ??? Nonmasala biopic jaise dangal ko kabhi atbb recordbreaker bana payega sallu!! No!! Sallu sirf eid me bhaigiri films karke aamir k records chase karta hai lekin kabhi touch nahi kar pata.... xmas me dabangg 2 aayi thi 150cr me simat gayi jo ki dangal ka pehla 5 day collection hai!! Aur saare 100 200 300 350cr clubs sab aamir k naam aur biggest blockbusters in india or overseas aamir k naam.... dhoom3 ghajini fanaa rajahindustani yeh sab me koi content nahi tha sab masala films sab blockbusters!! Aur content sabse zyada matter karta toh irrfan nawaz manoj sabse bade star hote!!
      Aamir koi bhi genre me sucess de sakta hai sirf masala me nahi lyk salu or srk...

  9. 3 khans are the best..chaiye kuch bhii ho jaye inke movies solid opening lete h..!!!!aur abhi hr top 5 me hona chaiye eek do movie nhi chale to iska mtlb yeh nhi ki usko top 5 se nikal do..!!!!

  10. Koina bhai srk ne bahut rule kiya h..aab doosro ko bhii rule karne do.aur phir bhii srk ki movie bad phase me ache opening le rhii h aur kya chaiye..aur srk bhii comeback kar skta bss eek sola aur badiya movie chaiye..

  11. (1-Salman Khan:

    The biggest star in India. Since Dabangg,)i don't know where's the funny thing her..but i can't stop smiling XDD may be the last part...but rlly guys ? No. 1 salman...My ass...

  12. Parshya kitna bhadak Raha hai yar tu....but truth is truth Parshya...Ek kam kar tu bollyarena ko bhi follow krna chhod de kyu ki tujhse sachhayi bardasht nahi Hoti..Parshya lolllll...Stupid sirf bakwas pe bakwas karta raheta hai tu.....

    1. Hahaaha..
      Aur tum log badi hoshiyari dikahte ho..
      I will be here to destroy sallu..

  13. With clashes
    Arey koi inke dimag ka ilaaj karado..
    Now almost 3yrs,Sallu still chasing PK forget Dangal
    What a shame!!!

  14. Everytime Aamir thrashes sallu n everytime sallu chases Aamir..
    N what a irony people called him no.1
    Kya jamana agaya..
    But tuth is always truth..
    No one can beat Aamir whether it is india,overseas,china or WW.
    Tell me sallus one movie name that it is on top.

  15. Read few comments and was lmao . I am a big fan of all the 3 khans . While I started reading the article , was shocked to see varun dhavan over Hrithik and ranbir then 4th and 3rd position were as expected . Was anticipated to see the 1st position and it was #Bhai . I feel this article greatly defines the current postion and rankings in the industry . Just wanted to see Parshya's ( Salman's biggest hater ) reaction and it was as usual full of negativity . Eventhough he is a big hater of salman still he thinks about salman the whole day which reminds me of 1 thing - love him or hate him but you cannot stop talking about him . Wish 3 khans rule bollywood for atleast 5-10 years more <3

  16. Sallus highest grosser
    Aamirs highest n 2nd highest
    Almost 275cr diference in sallus highest n Aamirs highest..
    Still people called him no.1
    I cant believe.. Dub maro sallu fans

    1. Parashya U r continue commenting proving how jaulous and insecure you are

      And now u will say bollyarena also sallu lover

      Abe dumb can't you understand 2-3 blockbuster are better than 1 all time for movie lover and trade

      Except truth coz of low movie aamir has low fan following and less interest by trade

      But you always argue aur apni udvata hai

      Keep continue

    2. Salman's 1994 hahk gross 100cr ww amir beat this record after 2008 almost 12 long years with gajini, boi said 2-3 blockbuster better then 1 atbb in 2-3 years picture clear who is no 1

      1. N for salman tooks 16yrs to break his own record..
        Kam se kam madhuri starer ka record Aamir ne sallu se pahle toda..
        Lekin sallu abhi tak Aamir ke piche bhag raha hein..
        What a shame..dub maro sallu fans

    3. Salman has fan following in every nooks and corners bcoj india has gawars and criminals in every nook and corners

  17. Agree with the list completely. Being a Aamir fan though I wish to see Aamir at the top, but you can't changed the truth by argument. Salman has enjoying bigger fan following and he also releases more films than Aamir. He is ruling this decade with blockbuster after blockbusters. He is considered no. 1_ by every trade analyst, media and Bollywood related websites.
    But but.. For me Aamir is always been above Salman just because of the way Aamir has been consistent to delivered All time grossers, His last 3 films became all time grosser in domestic & overseas simultaneously (Dangal need 15 million to cross pk, which will achieve after China release). You are witnessing back to back blockbusters and HGOTY. But industry never seen hatrick of ATBB,HGOAT. And won't be repeat in future. Last but not the least every year one movie has to be HGOTY but you can't witness HGOTA each year unless Aamir releases his movie on the festive period he created and dominated like no one. He taken Ghajini and Dangal single handedly for all time grossers.

  18. Parshya bb me 2 nd phase me China me release nahi Hui aur bb ko bahubali SE tough competition tha phir bhi usne 321 crore ka business kya aur uska footfall PK SE jyada hai .agar Xmas me bb release hoti to 400+ crore ho jata.so bakwaas mat kar.number 2 PE rah kar khus rah

    1. 3 idiots aaj release hoti to 1000cr kama ti india mein?
      are sapne se bahar aaja....BB china mein tere sapne mein release hogi..
      hogi to bhi kya ukhad legi koi janta hein sallu ko udhar?
      thank god munni ne bacha liya sallu ko...nahi to 215 pe atka rahta...

    Please Explain me
    What Decides Stardom ??
    What is Fan Following??
    Salman's Sultan Collected 72Cr After Festive Week.
    While Dangal collected 148Cr in Jan when 6+ Movies had released.
    Fan Following is
    Even Without Any Chartbuster Songs,TopActress,No Full Holiday,At the Time of Demonetisation
    Without Any Promotion
    He smashed all The Box Office Records.
    Brought 4CR.Audience to theaters.
    Except Sultan 1st Week
    He has All Existing BoxOffice Records.
    He can even Gather Crowd without releasing a Trailer or Cartbuster Songs.
    He Commands Highest ticket Price.
    People Spend 2000/3000 for Aamir Only
    They have Blind Faith in
    Aamir Khan.
    With Promotion,Songs,Masala
    His Dhoom3 did 36Cr Biz on 1st Day(on NonHoliday)
    & 108Cr Weekend,
    When Salman didnt even touch 60Cr

  20. Media,taran aadarsh ,the Hindu,indicine,bollyarena,koimoi ke according salman have huge fan following fan base PE salman number 1.aur acting aur content movie ke base PE aamir.ye truth hai hater sirf hate karna jante hai truth SE unka koi Lena Dena nahi

    1. to sallu ne chudiya pahan rakhi hein kya?
      kaun usko rokto hain acchi script wali filme banane se...
      tu sabko ullu banata hein bakwaas movies se aur kamake jata hein...
      excuses excuse....
      Gajini,Dhoom3 ki kaunsi script achi thi bey...fir bhi ATHG...

    1. agar mein manoo sallu no.1 hein to muze dimag hein nahi to nahi...waah
      kya logic hein....tum logonko sallu no1 hein to hein par hum Aamir fan nahi mananewale..
      hamare liye sallu child hein Aamir ke samne....

    2. @[email protected]
      Being aamir fan
      Main manta goin ki abhi Salman ki fan following aamir se jayada Hai india mein
      Mgr ye article abhi me bo collection pr based hai..
      Fan following pr based hoti to Hrithik no5 or hota
      So I think aamir is at no.1 position...

    3. Hahahaha totally agree with you . Hate these illiterate people like parshya who only spread negativity

      1. Wow sallu ke khilaf bolo to negativity n Aamir ke khilaf bolo to positivity..
        Sallu fan ganvar hi rahenge..

  21. Aamir:dekh sallu tere pass 2 chance hein fusslight aur BZH
    Sallu:ha Aamir lekin mein tera record tod paunga?
    Aamir:kam se kam BB ka to tod de..
    sallu:bahot mushik se ek achi film banai thi kya mere se uska record tut payega?
    Aamir:fir tu ganga mein snan karke aaja...
    Aamir:kyunki baad mein meri TOH aa rahi hein aur tera patta top3 se cut ho jayega..
    sallu:ohh no meri aukat muze aur mere fans ko tabhi samaj mein ayegi..
    Aamir:hahahaah...pagle ro mat....tune to rula diya muze..
    Aamir:par teri izzat to utarnewali hein fir....

  22. If aamir is number 2 than usain bolt, Michael phelps are also number 2. Parshya do you agree with me?

  23. if you say who is the biggest star today with the biggest potential and whose film is the most awaited then it has to be aamir khan, because i think he has the biggest following in the big cities and most collections come from there. salman was number 1 from 2010-12 when his films like dabangg, bodyguard and ett were setting initial benchmarks one after another. but when dhoom 3 on non holiday took the biggest opening ever aamir according to me took the number 1 spot and from there salman films may be because of ramzan has not taken the opening you expect from this megastar. prdp made opening day record on national holiday but the margin of ett and bg was missing. tubelight will not also open to salman's standard because of ramzan. so if salman has to take the number 1 spot tzh is the film . highest business on non holiday xmas release with solo release is d3 with 32 crore and with clash is dilwale 20 crore. tzh has to beat those two numbers by a big margin depending on the situation if tzh gets a solo release or it clashes. with a solo release tzh has to beat opening day records on non holiday just like d3 and become the first film to take 40 crore opening on non holiday. with a clash it has to open above 25 crore atleast and if possible then get close or touch the 30 crore mark for salman to be called number 1. let's see what happens.
    but yes if you ask who is the biggest star this decade then it's salman because this decade has benifited the most from him. 8 blockbusters, 4 hgoty, 4 record breaking opening day, 6 record breaking weekend , 7 single day records, 8 two crore plus footfall films, two 3 crore plus footfall films with still three years to go is enough to declare him number 1 because no one ever has seen that kind of decade.

  24. Gadar was biggest hit of 2000s so it mean sunny was no 1 lol srk was no 1 in that decade because he did more movies and gave solid hits continuously. Where sunny was never seen again in any big hit list after Gadar, jo jyada hits deta hai saal mein 2 blockbuster de and top 2 highest grosser how can he becomes no 2 , 2015 mein Aamir kaha tha jab highest grosser 150 se upar ho hi nahi rahi thee, jungle book ran in theatres for 20 weeks is mogli beat aamir lol. I request to bollyarena please clarify it on the basis of honest

    1. Poor logic, In that decade Sunny didn't have any highest grosser of the year apart from Gadar, Srk has 3 in that decade. Aamir in that decade has 2 and both were atbb (all time grosser as well). Where was Salman that time?
      In 2009 3i collected 202 cr while the second best was 65-66cr love aaj kal.
      Even in this decade Salman won't able to beat Aamir when Aamir has universal movies on festival.
      In 2014 - Kick+Jai Ho < PK
      Aamir has 3 atbb/athg as well. Salman also failed to give two bb in one year after 2012. Jai Ho & PRDP were not bbs.
      So your logic is bullshit.

  25. Dhaakad anup dhoom ka naam hi kafi hai opening ke liye aur Xmas period partial holiday hota hai school college sab band hote haiin .to non holiday release kaise hua.20 December SE hi school college me holiday ho jati hai .tumhara according bade bade trade expert wrong hain.haan Bhai aamir number 1 hain salman fan mante hai kyunki aamir fan ki tarah wo brainless nahi hai par fan following ke mamle me piche hain

  26. Everyone knows bajrangi bhaijan had almost broken the record of PK, but due to following factors it could not .
    1. Bahubali- 1st 100cr Movie, both the movie have got huge appreciation. And screened parallel in cinamas. Till 5-8 weeks..
    2. Drishyam - ajay devgan movie, released 2 week later got very positive reviews.
    3. Rainy season..
    Still BB touched 320 cr, so in real position BB was ATGH ...

    1. So in real positin Dangal collects 450cr
      2.no masala
      3.no top heroin
      4.no national holiday
      5.no lead role
      6.no chartbuster song
      7.no famous director.
      Aur kuch....chale ate hein BB ka rona leke..excuse excuse..dub maro sallu fans.

  27. i ammmm just lovinggggg thisssss!!!!
    not because salman is ranked no. 1.. but because of the way my dear dumb friend parshya and others are fluttering like thier wings cut.. :D :D :D...
    its quite simple why salman is ranked No. 1..
    its not only the business taken into account here.. if it was.. i would admit it would be aamir coz he sets milestones.. no denying that fact.. BUT.. its the power, fanatic fans never seen before, his choice of movies, his screen presence, his aura...etc etc... tht makes him the No. 1...that too by miles...

    Hope this answers all who have virtually collapsed after this news :D

  28. Parshya tera hero number 2 PE hai ye main nahi trade,media,bollyarena ,DNA,koimoi,indicine,taran aadarsh,the Hindu ke according hai.ab tu bolega ki ye sab wrong hai .to tu khush rah brainless parshya

  29. Parshya 3 idiot ka footfall PK SE kam hai to .jab PK NE 340 crore ka business kya hai to 3 idot kaise 1000 crorekl ka business karti kya average ticket price 310 rupee hai bewkoof .3 idiot ka average ticket price 100 rupee thi.aur PK ka average ticket price 140 tha aur dangal aur sultan ka ticket price 150 rupee thi .agar aaj 3 idiot release hoti to 480 crore gross aur 300 crore nett business karti.bewkoof mat ban reality me rah .sabse jyada footfall hahk ka hai 7.34 crore,gaddar-5.34 crore hai to 1000 crore 3 idiot kis base me karti tere ko brainless parshya isliye kehta hoon

  30. @ mykey srk was not the biggest star in 2000-09 decade. hritik roshan was the star who had dominated that decade, so stop giving srk the credit which he don't deserve.
    here is the comparison between srk and hritik last decade
    1. blockbuster
    hritik -4
    2. all time grosser
    3. highest grosser of the year
    4. record opening day
    5. record opening weekend
    6. 2 crore plus footfal films
    7. 3 crore plus footfall films

    so out of the 7 major achievements hritik is ahead in 4 and in the next 3 srk and hritik were tied , while srk was not ahead in anything and this was despite hr was absent in 05,07 and 09 and srk had a release every year. even aamir was ahead of srk in last decade as he had 4 record breaking opening day , 2 atbbs and 2 atgs while srks count in those things were 1, 0 and 0 and aamir was also absent from 2002-04.
    hritik and aamir had dominated last decade and srk was at third position and again this decade is dominated by salman and aamir . so srk was always the gangu teli and will always remain there. he has born with a looser tag on his head

  31. 1990 to 1999 Solo films only between srk and sallu
    1990 srk absent
    1991 srk absent
    1992 srk ahead in opening plus lifetime rbgg
    1993 srk ahead with baaxigar
    1994 sallu in lifetime but srk in opening
    1995 srk in both
    1996 srk in both (jeet was not solo)
    1997 srk
    1998 srk in opening with dilse and lifetime with kkhh
    1999 sallu
    @honest man

  32. In bollyarena we are seeing for so many days that aamir ranked #1 with 1003 points. Is it fake?

  33. The after-effect of giving attention to Dishonest Joker’s jokes–plentiful laughs..!! Let’s see 2000-2009’s analysis between SRK and Hrithik( SRK’s extended cameos in Hey Ram and Billu not included). Total films, SRK-20, Hrithik-15:

    Success Ratio:
    Hrithik-53.3%( even after doing less number of films)

    Hit Ratio:
    Hrithik-33.3%(almost half of SRK’s, even after doing less films than SRK)

    Blockbuster Ratio:
    SRK 20%
    Hrithik-26.7% ( including K3G where SRK was the lead)

    So Hrithik wasn’t even in competition. SRK’s hits=2*Hrithiks Hits, SRK’s success=almost 2*Hrithik’s success. That too after doing only 5 movies more than Hrithik. Blockbusters were same.

    Aamir had the highest Success Ratio, Hit Ratio and Blockbuster Ratio in 2000-2009. Now let’s compare SRK and Aamir’s (9 films) films:

    Aamir’s Hits-6
    SRK’s Hits-12 (2*Aamir’s hits)

    Aamir’s Success-7
    SRK’s Success-14( 2*Aamir’s success)

    And all of SRK’s films were big films with big earnings, not small films and small hits. Let’s not even talk about Overseas where SRK molested each and every actor. Record openings, record weekends and 6 Highest Grosser of the year of India worldwide, 5 of them were back to back( A record which is unbroken till now). So even Aamir wasn’t any competition. Hrithik had a transient stardom right after Kaho Na Pyar Hai craze but that didn’t implement into successful films and he was no competition. That’s why all trade sites agree that SRK was No.1 from 1992-2009. Case Closed.

    Oh no, we forgot another competitor, Sallu the Gangu Teli who delivered record number of Flops, Disasters and Clash Defeats and he had the prestigious achievement of lagging behind “Great stars” like Saif Ali Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Tushshar Kapoor, Rakhi Sawant etc. We shouldn’t forget him and should also include him in our consideration…!!

    1. My friend srk films were big with big earnings?? During 200-2009 aamir gave 2 unprecedented mega blockbuster like ghajini and 3 idiots!! And rdb or fanaa made more than kank don main hoon na etc!! Tzp a social issue film was one of the biggest grossers with a huge clash!! Mangal pandey took a bumper opening and did the same business of lallu akkis so called hit mujhse shaadi karogi!! 2000-2009 if u take success and hgoty then hrithik aamir srk were almost on par!! But srk always stuck to safe choices else flops like swades asoka billu paheli etc... aamir did a landmark called lagaan dch rising rdb tzp fanaa and ofcourse the boxoffice monsters ghajini n 3 idiots!! I consider aamir the biggest star coz the audience is watching his films irrespective of genres look at talaash dark depressing movie it did 95cr in 2012 and fan which was more commercial double role n action did 85cr in 2016!! Look at sallus phir milenge or heithiks guzaarish or akkis tasveer 8*10 stks paheli swades asoka all huge flops but aamir still brings much much more collection to different kind of films n genres

  34. @ sayar if solo releases are only considered then how can deewana be considered as a srk film .
    the point is can srk be considered for the number 1 spot in 90's decade , no. he was behind sunny deol.
    let's have a comparison between sunny and srk in the 90's in terms of opening.( only solo films considered)
    93- sunny > srk( darr > baazigar)
    94- srk> sunny( anjaam> imtihaan)
    95- sunny > srk( angrakshak> any srk film)
    96- sunny> srk ( jeet and ghayal> any srk film)
    97- sunny> srk( border> any srk film)
    98- sunny > srk( zor> any srk film)
    99- srk > sunny( baadshah> any sunny film)

    so it's 5-2 in sunny's favour. infact many stars will be ahead of him . so srk had again missed the top star's position in the 90's. so the final outcome is
    90's - sunny deol and many stars ahead of him
    2000-09- hritik and aamir ahead of him
    2010-16- he is an ant infront of salman and aamir

    so srk remains the all time gangu teli.

    1. Honest man
      Not deewana I m considering rbgg
      As per imdb rbgg was more than all sallu films

  35. @ sayar but the point is both sunny and ajay was ahead of srk in initial pull in 90's and i have given that proof so srk is again not the contender for top spot in 90's just like in 2000-09 and 2010-16.

  36. Hey Bobby Sidhu Tum Kaise Akshay Kumar Ko 3 Khans Se Low Keh Sakte Ho?

    Jabki Akki Sir Ne 1992-1996 Se 40 Film Ki thi Usme Se 28 Hit Thi Aur 12 Film Unsuccessful.... Uske Baad 1997-1999 Very Bad Phase......... (14 Flops Back to Back)

    Phir 2000 Se Hera Pheri Se Comeback..........

    Uske Baad 2004 -2009 Se Full Peak Time Started Overshawdoing The KhansRuling The Industry Along With Srk........

    Titled As 2nd Biggest Star ( Most No. Of Super Hit Movies, Records, )At That Time After

    Srk & Before Hrithik........

    Phir 2010-2011 Bad Time......

    Phir 2016 Se Back In The Race..........

    To Aap Kaise Keh Bol Sakte Ho He Is Not Much As Khans......

    90's & 2000 Mein Salman Kuch Bhi Nahi Tha

    2010 Se uska Luck Change Hua Hai...........

    if He WAs Not Much As Khans To Hamesha Akki Ko 3 Khans Ke Saath Compare Kyu Karte Hai........

    Aur Aisa Bhi Ka Ha Hai AkshayKumar Is The Biggest Superstar Along With Khans........ AkshayKumar Is One Of The BiggestSuperstars Of All Time.......

    Aur Agar Belive Nahi Hota Toh Toh Tv Pe Akki Sir Ka Biography Stories You TubePe Great Succes Achievements In Indian Cinema & Whole World Dekh Lena........

    Aur Jo Tune Fan Following Ki Baat Ki Hai Akshay Kumar Has Bigger Popularity Than Salman Im 160% Sure......

    And Jo Fan Following Hai Akki Sir Ki Akshay As Same Fan Following As Much As Sallu..........

    Srk Is The Most PopularStar In Overseas...... Fan Following In Every Overseas Country

    And Then Akki Is The 2nd Most Most Popular Star In Overseas.......

    Fan Following In Every Overseas Country......

    And At Last Salman He Was Not Much As Popular In Overseas As Much Srk Akki Hrithik Aamir...........

    And Whole World Only 4 Indian Actors Have Most Popular Stars: Srk Akki Aamir Hrithik Amitabh.............

    Dear Bobby Sidhu Biggest Superstars usko hi Bolte Hai Jo Hamesha Se Consistency Rahe Hai...........

    Akshay Kumar: King Of Consistency.........

    If Bollywood Is Known By Some Actors Then They Are Kumar Khans Hrithik..........

    IRespect Khans But Anything About False About Akki Sir Strom Will Come From Me......

    Akshay Kumar Is The Same Level Of Khans


    Akshay Kumar Has Dominated Of Indian Cinema Along With Khans.........

    He Has Biggest Popularity Biggest Fan Following Biggest Success........


  37. @honest man
    So what about salman??
    In 90s he was behind sunny and srk
    In 2000s he was out
    In this decade he is behind aamir .

  38. Ha ha, Dishonest Joker has gone mad ?? Any limit to his dishonesty..?? He has gone mad seeing the list of Gangu Teli sallu's clash defeat list and Flop/disaster list. Sunny Deol and Ajay Devgn who were giving one after another flops and disasters were bigger stars than SRK....?? Let BOI update the early 90's. SRK has been no. 1 since 1993, after update he will take total lead in all time list. Sunny Deol was good competition. But in no way Ajay Devgn and Gangu Teli sallu ?? All the BOI data are rejectable if one doesn't accept BOI's analysis. My honest sympathy to Dishonest [email protected] stop giving him attention. Who does he think he is? He got spanked by BOI badly that's why he is releasing his frustration here ??. Gangu Teli sallu was the Teesra Khan(4th Khan will be more accurate) for two back to back decades and that's enough to prove that he was the Biggest Gangu Teli of all time.

  39. @ sayar i know srk fans are dishonest . is aamir ahead of salman in initial pull this decade according to the comparison i have made between ajay and sunny to srk. this is for you
    2010- aamir absent
    2011- aamir absent
    2012- salman> aamir( ett and dabangg 2 opened better than talaash)
    2013- salman absent
    2014- aamir> salman( pk opened better than kick)
    2015- aamir absent
    2016- salman> aamir( sultan opened better than dangal)
    so it's 2-1 in favour of salman.

    and you have made another comparison between salman and aamir in the 90's where again you have shown your dishonesty. in 1991 how can be aamir ahead of salman even if i consider solo starrer. in 1991 his solo starrer sanam bewafa was a superhit and was the 6th highest grosser of the year after saajan, hum, saudagar, phool aur kaante and sadak and i think none of these are aamir films. his solo starrer dil hai ke manta nahin is standing at 16th spot. here is the link

    if you have to compare compare it in a right way.
    i have nothing against srk but i am here to prove the point wrong that srk has ruled two decades before 2010 started and i have valid proofs for that.

  40. SRK has ruled two back to back decades from 1992 to 2009, from BOI to Indicine (sallu PR) agrees to each. So a Tom, Dick and Harry like Dishonest jokers jokes wouldn't matter. The whole world knows the truth. And @Sayar-please don't address this dishonest joker, just post your stats. That will be enough.

  41. @sayar gawar then when boi.com has updated datas of 1990, 91 and 92. then why are you including datas of 90,91 and 92 . are they from your imaginations? those are datas from old boi.com. hahk and ddlj had been updated but 90, 91 and 92 are yet to be updated. to apni ye bakwas band kar.

    srk is far behind salman in overall career whether it is blockbusters, atbbs, hgoty, record openers, number of 2 crore 3 crore 4 crore footfall films, highest grosser of the decade everything and the gap will widen in future as srk career has become stagnant. the world has not finished in 2009 that i have to talk what used to happen before that. for me two things matter
    1. what is happening currently
    2. what has happened in overall career
    and in those two things salman is way ahead of srk.
    who cares what happened unce upon in 1992 and 93.

  42. The stat I posted is only about Domestic. I don't want to sadden the Gangu Teli sallu fans by telling them his achievements(!!!) in the overseas...!!

  43. Let's see overall career:
    1993— SRK> sallu
    1994- sallu> SRK (due to Madhuri's favour)
    1995-SRK> sallu
    1996—SRK> sallu( Jeet isn't Gangu Teli's film. Chahat>Khamoshi)
    1997—SRK> sallu
    1998—SRK> sallu
    2000—SRK> sallu
    2001—SRK> sallu
    2002—SRK> sallu
    2003—SRK> sallu
    2004—-SRK> sallu
    2005—sallu> SRK(Maine Pyar kyu kia> paheli. No Entry isn't Gangu teli's film)
    2006—-SRK> sallu
    2007—-SRK> sallu
    2008—-SRK> sallu
    2009—-Gangu Teli sallu 1 superhit and 2 Disasters>SRK absent
    2010—-sallu >SRK
    2011—-sallu> SRK
    2012—sallu> SRK
    2013—SRK> sallu(absent)
    2017- sallu> SRK
    So in 26 years 15 times SRK>>>11 times Gangu Teli sallu.

    This is THE OPENING.
    1992----KING KHAN> sallu
    1993----KING KHAN> sallu
    1994----KING KHAN> sallu
    1995----KING KHAN> sallu
    1996----SRK> sallu (Jeet isn't Gangu Teli's film. Chahat opening> other Gangu Teli's film)
    1997----KING KHAN> sallu
    1998----KING KHAN> sallu
    1999---- sallu>KING KHAN
    2000----KING KHAN> sallu
    2001----KING KHAN> sallu
    2002----KING KHAN> sallu
    2003----KING KHAN> sallu
    2004----KING KHAN> sallu
    2005---- sallu> KING KHAN
    2006----KING KHAN> sallu
    2007----KING KHAN> sallu
    2008----KING KHAN> sallu
    2009---- sallu> King Khan(absent)
    2010---- sallu>KING KHAN
    2011---- sallu>KING KHAN
    2012---- sallu>KING KHAN
    2013----SRK> sallu (absent)
    2014---- sallu>King Khan
    2015---- sallu> KING KHAN
    2016-- sallu>SRK
    2017- sallu>SRK(as he has Christmas and Eid)
    So in 26 years SRK 16 times >>>> sallu 10 times.
    Let's look at other achievments of Gangu Teli:

    Number of flops sallu =2* SRK's flops
    Number of Disasters of sallu= 3* SRK's Disasters( Let BOI update whole 90's, the number of flops and Disasters will increase for sallu)
    According to BOI: Success Ratio of SRK>>>>>success ratio of sallu(huge difference)
    HIt Ratio of SRK>>>>> Hit ratio of sallu(Huge difference)
    Blockbuster Ratio of SRK>Blockbuster Ratio of sallu(small difference)
    Sallu's achievement in Clash:

    In 1990s sallu lost these clashes
    -Biwi ho to aisi vs sone pe suhaaga(madhuri)
    -Kurbaan vs 100 days-Suryabanshi vs Panaah(nasserudheen shah)
    -Nischai vs Julm ki Hukumat(govinda)
    -Dil tera aashiq vs ek hi raasta
    -Chandramukhi vs Ek hi Raasta(Ajay)
    -Chand ka tukdaa vs Naaraj
    -Sangdil sanam vs HHB(akki)
    -Andaaz apna apna vs suhaag
    -Agni sakshi vs Yeh Majhdar(nan patekar)
    -Auzaar vs Juddai(anil kapoor)

    In last decade
    -Phir milenge vs Dhoom(uday chopra)
    -SKPGY vs Anthony kaun hai(arshad warsi)
    -Don vs Jaaneman(SRK)
    -Saawan vs Positive(Akshay Khanna)
    -MAMK vs Blue vs All the best
    -Andaaz apna apna vs suhaag
    -marigold vs buddha margaya(Rakhi sawant,)
    -God tussi great ho vs bachna ae haseeno(Ranbir kapoor)

    Indeed SRK in his lifetime can't surpass this achievements and records. That's the fate of SRK, cause sallu has indeed contributed in the history of Flops, Disasters and Clash Defeats. ??
    And I have only included the Domestic stats here. I don't want to embarrass sallu fans by posting his ahievements(!!!) in the overseas...!!??

  44. those list proves salman has ups nad downs in his career , it does not prove srk is ahead of salman because in major boxoffice achievements salman is way ahead of srk in overall caeer.
    and even in that list you have shown dishonesty. if jeet is not a salman film then how can bw k3g be a srk film. k3g opened due to hririk. srk's other two releases asoka and 1 2 ka 4 opened lower than salman's chori chori chupke chupke. so 2001 belongs to salman. in 2000 also salman's dulhan hum le jaayenge opened better than any film of srk released that year . so even in 2000 salman was ahead.

  45. Honest mqn
    Salman had 45 min role in jeet lesser than srk in dear zindagi Its called cameo

  46. @sayar from boxoffice point of view those things does not matter. srk can be in the whole film of k3g but hritik was the bigger star than him just like in jeet sunny was a much bigger star than salman. in no way either salman or srk can be credited for the initials of those films.
    and salman has also many flops also in his career where he has smaller roles like salaam e ishq, baabul and many more but they are counted as his flops.

  47. I have mistakenly written that in 2014's opening sallu>SRK. It would be SRK>sallu. So the mistake of 2000 won't matter. From boxoffice point of view lead roles always matter. Otherwise Dear Zindagi would have the same kind of opening as Fan, if it was given wider release. But Dear Zindagi was a female centric film, audiende understood it. Audience aren't that much foolish. Hrithik Roshan was never a major star, he had a transient craze or fan-mania after KNPH which gave his films great opening put he failed to carry a film through on his own. The truth is neither SRK nor Hrithik alone could give the opening of K3G of India alone that time and the presence of both of them contributed to huge opening. The Lifetime of K3G and its overseas' unprecedented success goes to SRK alone as he was the lead. And if you say sallu has more "major" boxoffice success, he also has more "Major" boxoffice failures. Let BOI update, you will see his Disasters(Even after HAHK he has 10 Disasters. Just imagine what will be the case before HAHK).The number of his Disasters>>>>His blockbusters and HGOTYs. His failures>>>his success. His record openers>>>The number of his films opening under 5% occupancy. The most important fact is that in his worst phase even Abhishek Bachchan was considered a bigger star than sallu(and he wasn't even in the top 5) and in his worst phases SRK is still considered among the top 3 Superstars.. And another fact is, A superstar has to have contribution in every espect. Be it Success Ratio, Hit Ratio, Blockbuster Ratio, Success Count, Hit Count, Blockbuster count, Record Opening, overseas Blockbusters etc etc, SRK has excellence in all the departments. But sallu is lagging behind in spite of doing some 75 films. That's why when publishing results it is given in Cumulative Grade Point Average where a student has to excell in all subjects. Students who give record highest marks in some subjects and record lowest marks in others aren't considered even "Passed". So even now Gangu Teli sallu isn't a superstar in the true sense whereas SRK has retained his Superstardom for three decades

  48. Sorry it would be the number of sallu's films that opened below 5% occupancy >>>> His record openers. Bollyarena please post the correction.

  49. Rank Actor Points
    1 Aamir Khan 1003
    2 Salman Khan 819
    3 Shahrukh Khan 368
    4 Akshay Kumar 353
    5 Varun Dhawan 334
    6 Ranveer Singh 323
    7 Hrithik Roshan 306
    8 Ajay Devgn 230
    9 Sushant Singh 206
    10 Ranbir Kapoor

    Is it fake? Bollyarena pls reply on it.

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