Top 10 Bollywood Actors January 2017

Top 10 Bollywood Actors January 2017: 2016 has ended and it is time to update the ranking for the top actors of the new year.

The last year saw the release of two biggest blockbusters Sultan and Dangal. Aamir Khan was on the top at the start of the year but Salman Khan came ahead for a short time when Sultan released. But with Dangal, Aamir Khan has again proved his supremacy. He has become the first actor whose average for last 3 films is more than 300 crore. There are also chances that total of his last 3 films will be over 1000 crore.

Shahrukh Khan lost his 3rd spot due to the one underperformer Dilwale and one flop Dilwale. Hrithik also faced a big failure with Mohenjo Daro but still remained on the 3rd position as his last two films Bang Bang and Krrish 3 were big grossers.

It turned out to be a great year for Akshay Kumar as he delivered three hits. But his average still remains about 120 crore. But SRK and Hrithik Roshan are struggling too and their next films are also not looking mega blockbusters. It will be an interesting battle between these three actors for the third spot.

Ranbir Kapoor finally came back in the top 10 with the success of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Ranveer who was flying high after Bajirao Mastani faced a debacle with Befikre. Varun Dhawan also could not go high though sustained his ranking. Farhan Akhtar is out from the top 15 as Tiger Shroff has made an entry with his just three films.

Top 10 Bollywood Actors January 2017

Take a look at the list of top 10 Bollywood actors January 2017.



Last 3 Films


Next release

Aamir Khan
910 Cr
Thugs of Hindustan
Salman Khan
833 Cr
Hrithik Roshan
485 Cr
Shahrukh Khan
443 Cr
Akshay Kumar
365 Cr
Jolly LLB 2
Ranveer Singh
323 Cr
Varun Dhawan
322 Cr
Badrinath Ki Dulhania
Ajay Devgn
230 Cr
Sushant Singh Rajput
206 Cr
Ranbir Kapoor
202 Cr
Jagga Jasoos


Also, check out the ranking of other actors who can make in top 10 in future.



Last 3 Films


Next Release

Sidharth Malhotra
188 Cr
Tiger Shroff
170 Cr
Munna Michael
Shahid Kapoor
160 Cr
John Abraham
128 Cr
Hera Pheri 3
Emraan Hashmi
101 Cr


January will see two big releases Kaabil and Raees which will decide that who is at the number 3. Interestingly both films will clash which will make things interesting. These films will replace Krrish 3 and Happy New Year.

Also tell us you views on the list of top 10 Bollywood actors January 2017 in the comments section.

41 comments on “Top 10 Bollywood Actors January 2017”

    1. And So called Mega stars i mean No. 1 and 2 were nowhere in 1990-2010 (except 4/5 movies )... even Hrithik far ahead then present no.1/2 in last decade... lol

      1. salman almost gave equal no. of hits as srk in 1990s...and also had record for the highest grosser of the decade...hum aapke hain kaun...aamir khan though not in the box office race then gave few cult classic films like jo jeeta wohi sikandar,andaz apna apna,rangeela,ghulam ,sarfarosh etc...

      2. 👏👏👏👏👏 100% right even Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna never lasted forever but are considered bigger than Mithun, dharmendra
        Dilip Kumar came first
        Amitabh Bachchan came second
        Shah Rukh Khan came third
        Who's next?? Any guesses
        Will it be of the current lot or will someone else walk into Bollywood and conquer it like Shah Rukh Khan did in the 90's
        A real new superstar today would be someone who would go pass the Khans in box office and stardom for which we will have to wait for a real long time
        Because Ranveer and Ranbir are nothing infront of The Khans! They should actually name these 3 decades as The Khanwood

  1. 2 minutes silence for sultan.....
    Aamir is on Top.Look at his averag per movie mind boggling....
    Hats Off to Aamir-The asli Megastar.
    Now waiting for rona-dhona by Salman fans.
    Sultan ko sirf sultan hara sakta hein....yaha to Aamir ne 12 din mein band bajaya....

    1. Bhai check the footfalls of sultan and dangak and then u will come to know the real megastar click on the link below

  2. After final collection of Dangal....
    Aamir-The real Megastar

    1. Ha ha again barking by parashya

      If one actor do one movie in two year than it's commen sense that his Avg always will be higher

      Compare to Aamir salman do three time more movie means Aamir do one movie on two year and salman do three movie minimum for two year

      It mean salman need to do every time bigger grosser which almost impossible

      It's like this root play 10 match and his avg is 55 and Kohli played 20 match and his avg is 54 so root is Better

      Salute to all dumb fan like parashy who bark here without knowing reality

      Koimoi has better ranking system who count all movie in ranking

      Too much fun

    2. Tujhe pa daya Bi Aarti hai coz u will get chance to see Aamir movie after long 2 year looks like wait for mini World Cup

      Too much fun

    3. Ha ha look at parashya

      Who talk here with no commen sense

      If one actor do less movie it's normal his Avg will be high

      Like in cricket if root play 10 match and his avg 55 and kohli avg is 54 but he played 25 match does not mean root is better
      In reality kohli will be better coz he maintain good avg with more matches

      Same like here Aamir do one movie in 2 year and salman do minimum 3 movie in two year but he maintains big grosser so salman is better

      But dumb people like you will not understand

      Too much fun

  3. if dangal crosses 400 crore,SRK ki retirement to pakki...jo actor 250 crore paar nhi kar paaya uske liye 400 crore is impossible..

    salman will again fail to break any record next year like he failed with bb and sultan..

    hrithik will keep inflating box office calculations with his takla father...

    akshay is going to give his small hits

    ajay devgan is going to give a 70-80 crore film badshaho.

    ranveer singh will definitely get padmavati as a hit..

    ranbir kapoor will sure shot have a flop with jagga jasoos

    .. SUPERSTAR aamir khan will relax and see these fools fighting with each other to break his records!!

  4. some people dont need validation , they are just beyond their so called competers & of cource there is no award in bollywood that can match perfomance of aamir khan

  5. thats called aamir khan box office king........not only indian box office but also overseas as well as...pk earned 100 cr in chaina......amazing..........

    no one compare with aamir.....

    he is the king of kinggggssssss.......

  6. It is indeed a good comparison between the actors but I think it us unfair on other actors who does 2-3 film a year therefore this ranking should be based on per year not per film coz shahrukhan would have done 4 films and akshay would have done 9 films whereas amir will take two years to make one film so it is abvious that pepole will watch his film coz of such a long time

  7. I am not a fan of any stars but I like the movie if it good for example I like darr,baazigar,yes boss,chaahat,judwaa,Maine pyar kiya,there naam, sarfarosh,lagaan,3idiots, BB but I hate this films also happy new year,raone,dilwale,dhoom3,kick,PRDP,dabangg2...I am a true Bollywood lover.....we can't compare 3 khans, they are different in every way so we should respect them..

  8. Salman is real bollywood king. No word of mouth no content no high tickets price on weekdays even no tax free no long holidays still rocking.
    Aamir needed word of mouth long holidays 2 or 3 open week high tickets price on weekdays.

  9. all these people who are actually hooting for aamir are actually SRK fans... 100%
    aamir doesn't 't have die hard fans.. but SRK and salman does..
    now the fact.. SRK films started underperforming.. and by hook or crook wants to malign salmans fan base.. alas.. these are all old tricks...
    salman was.. is.. and will be the bestest entertainer india has ever seen..
    coming to aamir.. he is loved by all.. no doubt at all.. all these.. same people will jump whn Raees will release :D

    1. Aamir's fan following is far bigger than combined of Salman and srk. So Get lost. Salman never was in any competition to megastar aamir khan.

  10. Bollyarena you are continue not publishing my comments

    I'm comments nothing is bad but if still you want to not publish with your mono ply than clear to me

    I m regularly visit to your site since site has begun

  11. The Real King of Bollywood is Salmam Khan. No word of mouth, no price hike in tickets, no extra holidays, no tax free status only stardom that drive any film to mindblowing response.
    On the other hand Aamir needs Social message drama to get tax free status special christmas package high price tickets even on weekdays watching movies with CM etc So Salman real star even people love him from heart.

  12. Chennai xpress 227cr,,,srk needs 5years to beat this ,kick krish dhoom 10 years!! Forget sultan, bb pk,, and dangal? NOO WAY!!!

  13. Agar raess ka wait kr rhe ho to bhool jao. 127 cr last h. Ek aur flop aur record maintain

  14. aamir khan 's biggest fan is the guy who has watched even mela and mann

    sallu 's biggest fan must have watched marigold

    srk's biggest fan must have watched fan,paheli,asoka etc

    hrithik 's biggest fan must have watched mohenjo daro....

    asli fan wohi jo apne star ko hamesha support kare!!

    1. srk was most consistent because he never stepped out of his comfort zone...doing shitty musicals and romcoms of dharma and yashraj....only a handful good films like darr,baazigar and chak de india.....salman is one lucky bastard...aamir was unlucky..his earlier films were great but couldnt make much money!

  15. I beleive in quality not in superstar whether it is aamir,srk,sallu or some other else.
    Baat hai box office aur grosser record toh jab bollywood stars k record aek south indian film "Bahubali 2" break kardiya toh future k baat chod dijiye.kya pataa future k bhadshah race me hai

  16. Aamir is the real king of Bollywood.
    The king Khan the perfectionist Sultan of box-office even Salman is trying to break Aamir's record from so many years hahaha Shahrukh to ginti me hi nahi hai

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