Top 10 Best Bollywood Films of 2016

Top 10 Best Bollywood Films of 2016

Just like last year, we are updating the list of top 10 best Bollywood films of 2016.

This year was not path breaking but there were some films which broke the stereotypes. Thus such films have been preferred over regular masala films.

Here are top 10 Bollywood films of 2016 in the order of preference.

10. Sultan

Sultan television rating

Salman Khan gave one of his career best performance in wrestling drama Sultan. He danced and sung Baby Ko Base Pasand Ha but at the end, he submitted to the plot by gaining a lot of weight and played an underdog which is rare. The character of Sultan Ali Khan was inspiring.


9. Nil Battey Santa

A small film but made with a big heart. Swara Bhaskar was too good.


8. Fan

Fan Saturday box office collection

The most hyped film of 2016, Fan did not live up to the expectations. But it was Shahrukh Khan's best film in last few years. We also saw the actor SRK which was missing in his recent masala films. If only the ending could have changed, it would have been a better experience.


7. Pink

Pink 3rd Weekend Box Office Collection

An important film which gave an important message that when a girl says no, it means no. Though it had Amitabh in the lead but it were the three girls which stole the show.


6. Airlift

Airlift 19th Day Box Office Collection

Akshay Kumar gave a top notch performance in this real life-based film. The production design and cinematography were excellent too as they created the environment of war in such a low budget. The flag scene gave too many goosebumps and the tight editing kept you on the edge of the seat.

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5. Neerja

Neerja 5th weekend Box Office Collection

Another biopic based on the tale of Neerja Bhanot was an inspirational one. Sonam Kapoor acted for the first time and made many to cry.


4. Aligarh

Based on the another real-life story of a gay professor, the film saw the best performance of 2016 by Manoj Bajpayee. The ending was heartbreaking too.


3. Udta Punjab

Udta Punjab box office collection

After a lot of controversies, Udta Punjab released and received a lot of attention. It was shocking, brutal but honest. Alia Bhatt, Diljit Dosanjh, Shahid Kapoor and Kareena were brilliant throughout the film. It was a brave attempt which only few will dare to do.


2. Dangal

Dangal Day 1 Box Office Collection

Only Aamir Khan can show such a dedication for a film. Based on the real life Mahavir Phogat, who trained his daughters to become champions, Dangal was full of inspiration and patriotism. Aamir sidelined him and let the girls do the talking especially in the climax. No doubt only Aamir can do that.

  1. Kapoor and Sons

Kapoor and Sons 4th day box office collection

Kapoor and Sons had all the commercial elements of Bollywood yet it dealt with some sensitive family issues. Rajat Kapoor, Ratna Pathak and Fawad Khan gave memorable performances. It made you smile, laugh and cry at the same time. The climax scene was one of the most dramatic ever.

Apart from these films, we would also like to mention Kahaani 2, Saala Khadoos, Mohenjo Daro, Dhanak, Dear Zindagi and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

Also tell us what is your top 10 best Bollywood movies of 2016 list in the comments section.

28 comments on “Top 10 Best Bollywood Films of 2016”

  1. 1. Dangal
    2. AirLift
    3. Dear Zindagi
    4. Neerja
    5. Rustom
    6. Fan
    7. Pink
    8. Kapoor & Sons
    9. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
    10. Sultan

  2. sarbjit is another good film of this year.
    randip hooda acting is very out standing.

  3. why the hell is kapoor and sons on the top..?
    it was just good and not great..sid malhotra was horrible as usual

  4. 5 Best films of 2016 :
    1. Neerja
    2. Pink
    3. Airlift
    4. Dangal
    5. Udta Punjab
    Honourable mention : The Jungle Book

  5. classics of 2016

    2.mohenjo daro.
    3.flying jatt
    9.raaz 3
    10.sanam re

  6. Airlift should top d list.kapoor n sons don't deserve to be in top 5 too.airlift,neerja,pink should be top 3 along with dangal n sultan.

  7. 1 Airlift
    2 Pink
    3 Neerja
    4 ADHM
    5 Rustom
    (Haven't watched Fan / Sultan / Dangal)

  8. That's the difference between Salman and Amir. Sultan is10th and Dangal is 2nd. So all credit goes to WOM.

  9. Sultan Movie ko itna end pe kiun rakha hae usko kamazkam no 3 pe rakhte Airlift ko no 8 pe rakhte Fan ko no 6 pey rakhte SRK ne bhi FAN movie mein baddi mehnat ki hai Dangal movie ko no 1 hona chahiye tha DEAR ZINDAGI no 4 pey hoti

  10. ha ha ha n=...what a joke bollywood arena....kapoor and sons 1 and dangal 2....in fact dangal is the best movie of last decade but u mention 2016 best movie kapoor and sons.........best joke of the yearr...kapoor and sons seariously.............ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa

  11. All Time Classics 0f 2016
    1. Airlift
    2. Rustom
    3. Housefull 3
    4. kapoor & sons
    5. udta punjab
    6. Neerja
    7. Ae dil hai mushkil
    8. Kahaani 2
    9. sultan
    10. Dangal

  12. Hi all,

    The Top 10 Bollywood films are:
    1. Dangal
    2. Dangal
    3. Dangal
    4. Dangal
    5. Dangal
    6. Dangal
    7. Dangal
    8. Dangal
    9. Dangal
    10 Dangal

    Happy New Year to Amer Khan
    Happy New Year to you Al

  13. Not fair
    Are you a PR for Alia Bhatt ?!!
    Trying to convince us it was the best performance for this year
    And now it made her best film
    Do you think we Sncefq you on this arrangement?!
    These articles are no longer change our outlook towards the best and the worst

  14. 10. ADHM
    09. Kahani2
    08. Udta Punjab
    07. Kapoor and sons
    06. Dear Zindagi
    05. Neerja
    04. Airlift
    03. Dangal
    02. Pink
    01. Aligarh

  15. Kuch bhi pele rahoge kya admin.....shit list

    Kapoor & Sons no 1??? Bhai its better to make poll instead of forcing ur this shit to us..

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