Toilet Ek Prem Katha Verdict: Hit or Flop

Toilet Ek Prem Katha Box Office Verdict: Hit or Flop: Akshay Kumar’s latest release has slowed down at the box office in its third week. Nonetheless, it has already emerged super hit.

TEPK was made on the budget of 68 crores including P & A and Akshay Kumar’s fee. Like most of his other releases, Akshay has taken a lesser fee and will have profit sharing formula (approx 25 crore). But his market value is added to the costs to make it fair.


  • Production Cost: 18 cr
  • P&A: 15 cr
  • Total: 33 cr


  • Satellite Rights: 25 Cr*
  • Music, video, overseas and other rights: 20 Cr
  • Distributor Share: 62 Cr* (expected)
  • Total: 108 cr

TEPK Verdict: Super Hit

*The price may go higher now after the success of the film as there was a box office performance incentive in the deal.

Toilet Ek Prem Kayha has managed to recover all the costs and is a profitable venture for everyone involved in the project. The film is an average fare in the overseas markets and can collect $4 million in its lifetime.

Overall Akshay Kumar has finally managed to end the dull phase at the box office. It is the first clean hit from Bollywood since Hindi Medium. Akshay Kumar has now delivered five back to back hits in a span of one and a half year which is an incredible achievement.

Also, tell us what are your views about Toilet Ek Prem Katha verdict hit or flop in the comments section.

45 comments on “Toilet Ek Prem Katha Verdict: Hit or Flop”

  1. Hihihi srk ki movie itne pe semi hit rhty aur akshay ki superhit hihihi
    Aur uske tache fans srk se comperision karte hai
    Pahle King khan ki tarah big budget movue banana fiir ana compare karne lolly?

    1. Big budget me hi kaun sa it de diya
      Dilwale semihit
      Raees semihit
      Fan flop
      Jhms disaster
      150 cr lagake 60/ 70 cr kamata hai
      Akki ka low budget movie bhi 100+ karta hai vo bhi kam screens aur low tickets price pe????

      1. @utsav... Dilwale clash.with best wom movie Bm.fr b 140+ Raees clash fr b 130+ .. .
        Tepk solo best wom fr b 120+
        Fraq star h m..
        Or fr itna rhne k bad b 150+

        1. Dilwale 3200 screens bajirao 2700 screens
          Dilwale masala movie blockbuster jodi of kajol and srk chart buster song high ticket price well received trailer still semihit aur tepk 135+ karega with only 2900 screens low tickets price limited appeal movie

        2. One thing to be noticed generally south Indian films do very well compared to Bollywood reasons,the realest are planned in such a way that seniors releases most of his films on non holidays thus making way for juniors to survive the industry look at Bollywood sorry to say always fight for holiday releases,seniors should release their films on non holidays and juniors shd be given a holiday release to survive else bollywood would extinct pretty soon transition shd be planned like south Indian so well planned and united they are Bollywood they fight and not at all united thts why u see there is no creativity in Bollywood left accha creative movies nikaalo public ko dekhne par majboor Karo like in south look at baraielly ki barfi,lipstick under the burqa....like tht many movies are good but went unnoticed by max due to poor planning hope Bollywood industry takes a cue and do something for survival else dubbed movies dekhne ki Sadat daalo.....

    2. It doesn't matter what Shah Rukh Khan movie does at what stage!

      This movie should be classed as a blockbuster! It has made 3 times more money than its budget! Outstanding!

      Not superhit This is BLOCKBUSTER!

    3. This is like a batsman scoring a double century but still they lost the match SRK zyaada screem letha hai pehle pehle collections kartha hai ek week main budda takhke rone lagta hai ....kya faida uske films off late dekho kitne bakwaas hai previously even i used to like his movies now big budgets movies he goes for and burns his hands take a leaf out of Akshay so smart he is small budgets even if it collects 70-80 crs everyone makes money and they are all good scripts most of them are non holidays only past one year he is releasing on holidays else he doesn't need any holidays...I challange the top 3 to release on non holidays make these type of collections like Bahubali then thts stardom ...

  2. Bhai kuch to sharam karo. SRK ki JHMS sirf 62cr kama paayi.Akshay ki last movie 62 cr se kam kamaane waali BOSS thi jo 2013 me release hui thi.

  3. SRK ki film 60 crore kare ya 600 crore.1 baat yaad rakhna -
    Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.

  4. Some morons are blabbering about ikka dukka disasters of SRK , lets see
    Number of Successes -
    Akshay - 45 / 102 , % - 44
    SRK - 36 / 54 , % - 66
    Number of disasters
    Akshay - 13 , SRK - 2
    Number of flops
    Akshay - 36 , SRK - 15
    Akshay have completed half century in flops and disasters as BOI don't have record before November 1993.
    Kaha raja bhoj SRK and kaha gangu teli Akshay .

    1. Akki ka 46 success hai 45 nahi
      Aur srk ka 4 disaster 12 ka 4,oh darling ye hai india, jhms and guddu
      Haters Akki has completed half century in flops they said Akki has completed half century in success they never said
      Akki vs srk HIt's since 1994 boi
      Srk ~ 25
      Akki >> srk
      Akki ~46
      Srk~ 36
      Akki >> srk
      100 cr ww
      Akki 20
      Srk 15
      100 cr domestic
      Akki 8
      Srk 7
      Akki >>>srk
      National award
      Akki 1
      Srk o
      Akki >> srk
      100 cr on nonholiday
      Akki ~5
      Akki >>>>srk
      Akki vs srk this decade (2011 to 2017)
      Akki 10
      Srk 5
      Akki 14
      Srk 7
      Akki >>>srk
      Superhit /bb
      Akki 6
      Srk 2
      Akki >>> srk
      And srk has lost clash with Ran veer , mogli , Akki this decade
      Akki haven't lost clash with any one this decade
      Kaha raja bhoj kaha gandu teli

    2. Srk has 25 hits in his whole career and Akki has 27 hits now check boi...hits means not success only clean hits....

    3. Even in your stats, Akshay kumar has 45 success while SRK has only 36... Shows who is a bigger star...

    4. SRK always had a support of big production houses..Akshay always used to movies new director and low profile directors.. Still he has emerged to such a stage where aamir himself saying that akshay is star with big fan base..

    5. Bhai koi v 1 saal ya 2 saal me 1 movie banayega na to fans jyada excited rehte he dekhne k liye to obisialy le de k movie hit ho jati he, vese v akki 3000 crore kamane wala first hero he, socho agar 1 saal me 1 movie banata akki to may be his success ratio is around 80 % hoti.... Think it

  5. Srk ko bolo Akki se business sikhne ko. Big budget big budget laga rakha hai aur distributors ko kangal karta hai kuch to sharam karo. Foreign shoot karke movie ka budget badate hai 6 months lagate hai. Akki 40 days me khatam. Fir bhi semi hit, folp ahi milta hai

  6. Great super hit film akki saves Bollywood ends dull period that's what is stardom when the chips are down than delivering the goods

  7. akshay kumar the great man of Bollywood Toilet beat jhms & tublight all time super hit

  8. dear bollyarena team
    akshay kumar delivered 6 back to back hits not 5 back to back.correct ur state ment .singh is bling including 6 back to back hits. as per trade analyst singh is bling is semi hit .

  9. Well done Akshay Sir ??? now the next big films like Robot 2 and Gold will be blockbuster.Padman seems risky bt still it will do ? cr business after all you're a real Khiladi.

  10. This kind of collections would be considered disaster for Megastar AAMIR KHAN. but hey wait,since this is gobar chakki kumar so we can expect these collections to be super hit/ blockbuster. That's the difference between megastar aamir khan and actor Akshay kumar.

    1. Haha, your logic. Aamir does one film in 2 years (usually with Big Banners and superhit directors). Akshay does 7-8 films in 2 years with new directors, new banners and still manage to give clean hits. Aamir and Akshay are only two big superstars who make content based films. Both are very dedicated to their films. But it is impossible for Aamir to do even 1 film a year since long time. Akshay releases 7-8 films when Aamir releases only 1 and even on Big Holidays (Christmas and New Year combined holidays plus there is no any new releases for few weeks) without clash. If Aamir starts doing 3-4 films a year, I don't think he would be able to surpass Akshay's collection.
      FYI, both are my favorite actors.

      1. For your kind information there is nothing impossible for Aamir. It's just the way he works and he doesn't want to do multiple films at a time. If aamir will do more films like akshay then also he will cross 200 cr minimum as that's minimum expected from him. I also like akshay and I agrre that Aamir are the only 2 superstars who are saving Bollywood with good quality films and I like both of them but the truth is Aamir is way bigger crowd puller and bigger star than akshay Kumar. #Fact.

        1. How big director was Victor? How big director was nitesh towari? None of them were big directors so don't blabber without knowing anything. FYI Dangal was aamir Khan production so yeah it's a big banner that way itself.:) Aamir can give ATBB with any director or banner so next time think before saying anything.

          1. Dagal was also produced by UTV motion pictures and Walt Disney picture s along with Aamir. Victor was not big directors but Dhoom 3 was a super hit franchise already with YRF. You should have checked your daxts as well. That's not my main point trying to compare banners and directors. I am not trying to troll Aamir, like I said he is my favorite, but I am only trying to say that Aamir Khan and Akshay both have unique identity. Aamir USUALLY chooses a script that requires him a body transformation recently. His scripts are different than Akshay's. Their way of working are different. Akshah makes film in budget of $24 cr. Aamir makes in $80cr. The main picture of my above comment is that, Releasing 3-4 films a year takes lots of risk because fans could skip the film to watch for next one to release. That way the collection is affected. You can use some logic here if you could.

            1. I agree. It's impossible for any actors to cross 150cr if they release 3-4 low budget films a year. Not only Akshay. Aamir is no exception. Mohit said 200cr is minimum expect from Aamir. I kinda agree, but not if he releases 3-4 films a year. Only if he releases 1 film. FYI, Aamir's Talaash only did collection of about 90cr with just 1 film that year. Akshay released 5 films that year and earned 2 100cr club (115 crs and 131 crs) films and two 75+ cr films. I meant to say that it's not always possible for Aamir Khan to give hug collection. It's depends on scripts of the film. Budget of the films and lot more. Dangal has very good story which is very inspiring for all people around the world and it had huge budget and big banners, PK was very good story with superhit director. Dhoom 3 was a big franchise film with big banner. 3 idiots(my fav film) had the wonderful story. So there are lots of things to consider for a Blockbuster film. Not only actor.

  11. do you guys think we public are fool? what is the fee of the leading hero? why wasn't it included in the budget?

    1. You are fool, indeed. Akshay only charges certain percent the from profit. He is trying to revolutionize Bollywood by letting producers and distributors earn profit by making low budget films. That way distributors and producers don't go bankrupt. For example, FAN, Jagga Jasoos, Bombey Velvet, JHMS and Tubelight were high budget movies, but they did not earn much. Producers and distributors lost 50+ crs.
      Akshay is a wise man. Other actors should learn from him.

  12. Dangal is earth shattering in Hong kong.Saturday is double of friday.Shows wld be increasing.WOM is like China/Taiwan only as expected.1M$ should be done in 1 week.It’s not a 3-4 week market but rather 20-25 weeks market plus released on only 46 screens and 1.3cr collns on saturday is nothing short of a miracle.Highest Indian grosser 3I there wld be beaten by a margin.2.95cr in only 3 days.Report this Arena and updated WW collns of Dangal.


  13. Why are you guys even dragging SRK in the conversation whose last clean hit was CE. He is not a bankable actor anymore. Please do not compare a actor who has given 5 Super Hits\Hits back to back with a Actor who himself does not remember the last time he has given a hit movie.

  14. Srk fans yaha pe comment karke iski trp na badao. ....plz inko khus hone so kuch hit dekar .....kaise koi srk ar akki ko compare kar skta h ......I m fan of aamir sir....me kabhi comment nahi krta par kuch ESE jahil h ki cmnt krna padta h.....I said jahil especially for utsav

  15. Ek to 200cr likh ke ghum RHA h ....forehead pe tepk200cr likh ke mat ghum RHA ho.....LOL

  16. Utsav, abe pagal SRK have only 2 disasters.Guddu was a flop and JHMS verdict not given by BOI till now.
    SRK have 1 100 crore in non holiday , Raees.
    Akshay have more success than SRK but he has done more than 100 films compared to SRK who done around 60 films.
    HGOTY : SRK - 5 , Akshay - 0, SRK > Akshay
    Blockbuster - SRK - 10 , Akshay - 2 SRK > Akshay
    200 crore - SRK - 1 , Akshay - 0 SRK > Akshay
    150 crore+ : SRK - 2 , Akshay - 0, SRK > Akshay
    ATBB : SRK - 2 , Akshay - 0 SRK > Akshay

  17. Akshay ka collection kam bolna vohi baat ho gyi
    Example youtube ki
    Ki pewdipie ko bb se compare karna h
    Bb ki ek video me 10 millions views
    Pewdiepie ki 3-4 millions views
    But the fact pewdiepie big youtuber hai kyuki vo zaada videos daalta h...

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