Toilet Ek Prem Katha trailer to release on 11 June

Akshay Kumar starrer Toilet Ek Prem Katha is set to release during Independence Day weekend. Now it has been revealed that the trailer of the film will be out on 11 June 2017.

The makers have already shown the promo and parts of the film to some of the people in the industry and the response is excellent. The pre-release reports of the film are good and Akshay Kumar is making sure to raise the expectations.

Earlier Akshay also talked about the film in an interview. "I’m doing a film called Toilet. I feel very strongly about it, about women. Because I met few of the women in India, who have no other choice than to go to fields for open defecation. They go there and so much of problems happen. 54% India doesn’t have toilets.”

"I was reading somewhere, if open defecation stops completely in India, 30% of rape cases would come down. Because when they go in the fields and all, men are waiting there. This is what happens. It’s a very serious offence.”

Directed by Shree Narayan Singh, Toilet Ek Prem Katha will clash with Shahrukh Khan's yet to be untitled film with Imtiaz Ali.

41 comments on “Toilet Ek Prem Katha trailer to release on 11 June”

  1. It will be a money spinner with a great social message national award winning actor is back with his film

    1. @abhijit


      koi or b h , jo kh rha h

      "Aa rha hu me" "Aa rha hu me"???????????????????????

      pr Akshay koi Raham nhi krega??????

    2. Akshay Kumar doesn't knows what he's going against, Shah Rukh Khan is no Hrithik roshan, even his bad movie will do better than Akshay Kumars good movie,
      Akshay will never win the clash! Anyone wanna bet, Akshay will lose the clash on worldwide collections?!

      1. See mr kings of bollywood here you are talking about worldwide why are you not talking about domestic coz you only not confident enuf on yo actor every1 knows srk has good overseas market so its obvious world wide would be more....domestic ka even you are not sure kyun akshay can beat srk thats why you are talking about worldwide.....jab apna desh mein kuch bhi nahin kar paya tho videsh ka kisko chahiye

  2. This movie will create new records in indian cinema. The storyline is looking very different . This movie will give great message to all. So every indian should ho and watch TEPK this independence day weekend.

  3. Yes.. positive reviews from the Bollywood industry.. ahhaa according to the Early response: MIRZYA = classic (disaster)
    Kaabil = Average Begum Jaan = flop
    Cant trust on Early response..
    The movie will collect max 80 crores.. the name already looks booring

    1. Abe dangal ka pree release response yaad hai... Negative log negative thinking ke sath hi jeete hain or sabke bare me negativity felata rehte hain.
      Akshay kumar is one of the best person in Bollywood. He is truly a hard working light hearted and honest man. #AkkiTheKingOfHearts

        1. @xman agar Saal mein 4 movies krne ko hardwork nahi kehte to phir kya tere jaise vele baith k faltu comment krne ko hardwork kehte hai. Tu mujhe thoda abnormal lagta hai. Tu nahi samajh paye ga akki ko.

          1. house full jesi gatiya movie bnane me mehnat h .

            greedy acter h Akshay . india ka pesa kanada le jata h .

            1. Oh bhai xman tu housefull ko ghatiya kehta hai. Shame on u. Tu ghatiya hai Teri soch ghatiya hai . Housefull was a complete entertainer . It helped us to get relieve from our daily boring life and spend 3 hrs of laughter.

              1. 30 MAR KHAN

                Kesi movie thi????

                salo akki lover , tum kina bore rhte ho ,

                Rahnuma tumhari band bajayega .

                Clash king SRK.

                1. Sahin hai xmas jab haply new year gatiya feel hosakta hai tho housefull bhi hosakta hai and btw yo talking about canada thats a honour from the govt of canada so he accepted may be you are jealous which yo khan didn't get it i can understand bro its ok and more over he is doing many social welfare things like donations to farmers,indian army,flood victims in crores on rupees he didnt sit ideal just like yo so called king 1 morething insaan ko lalaz rehna chahiye wohi apne ko upar leke ayega yearly 4 films phukat mein nahin araha hai he is working hard for that its his work tu bhi hardwork kia tho paise miltha hai use lalz nahin bolthe na and bcoz of that 4 movies he is giving life to many poor ppl in industry from spot boy to directors he is giving them job with that 4 movies not like yo so called khan ek picture mein 200 crore apne banner mein bas mujhe paise milgaya type nai hai so before commenting on someone apne star aukat dekne chahiye na baat karna bahut easy hai yaar

            2. Leave it guys . This xman is totally mad.
              I think he has ran away from mental hospital. We know akki is our hero . So why are we arguing with this idiot.

  4. Beta tiger bhi bill reh chuka hai thik hai na yad Dilaon marigold se classic filmo ka period Aukat me reh

  5. Beta abhijeet tu Kiya marigold karian ga pehle tu tu yad kar le like mr bond, sainik, dil ki baazi and ike pe eka etc aukat main re

    1. Mr salman king akki and akshay are good friends they both admire each other and both are good human beings isiliya salman khud akshay ke saath movie produce kar raha hai when yo star supports him why the hell did u comment negatively shame on u to say a salman fan uska izzat nahin dero ho tum jaise log ki vaje se salman ka naam karab hora hai i have a doubt on u are u seriously a salman fan or uska izzat nikal ne keliye negativity lane keliye usak naam raka hoga i guess ur Srk fan ho not bhai ka

  6. To all salman fans I am not against him magar agar tum log negativity felaoge tu sunoge bhi yad rakhna from an akkians all are not bad some good are also there like ramiz raja karan arjuna but if you will blubber against akki we will not keep quiet

  7. Good to see akshay is doing this kind of movie which will change thinking of people and will transform India but the bad thing is it is clashing with srk movie and it is very bad for akshay that it is clashing by his own choice....
    May be he is doing this to get extra profit in publicity....

  8. Akshay doing good films lately & consistently entertaining people.looking forward to the movie but can't expect it to be huge grosser.looking at the release date film looking safe & can open good even though it is clashing with another biggie.
    First day 10 crores (11th august)
    Upto 15th Aug 75 crores
    Lifetime 125-140 crores
    As this film lookin to be medium budget it will be super duper hit.

    1. These akkians knows there limits end at 100cr, so they can only insult hahahaha Salman Khan baap hai akki ka aur shah Rukh ki saath clash karke bahut bari galti kar raha hai akki!!!!

      1. Yeah king of bollywood we know non holiday releases 100 cr not like srk only holiday all he need tu bhul gaya hoga srk ka startdom non holiday movie last year mein yaad karun kya fan 85 cr aukat non holiday ka yeh hai btw if you are comparing akki and srk and u have ti compare srk to salman bhai and aamir 2 300 crores movies hai and srk ka 250 bhi nai hai aukat kya hai srk ka mushkil mein 150 cross nahi hora hai woh bhi holiday release not even hits semi hits akki ka back to back hits so even know our aukats

  9. TEPK is an offbeat Subject small budget mv... Rehnuma.. Is a Big Budget Rom Com starring Srk.. (His best Genre) still.. I see some asses burning...

    Cmnnnn Yaaar If Ur Fav. Stars Movie is good let it do on its Merit.. Have faith. On ur Star.. Dont try to Degrade others inorder to show Ur Fav. Star Up..

    But i am quite happy and rather lil surprised by the kind of Superb response TEPK is getting.. Getting a feel if promoted well can bcum a Household Subject and Bring back Masses+Classes Back together united on a Important Topic prevalent in India. All the best.

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