Toilet Ek Prem Katha Reviews by Critics

Toilet Ek Prem Katha Reviews by Critics: Akshay Kumar's TEPK has received mixed reviews from critics. The average rating is 2.7 which is the lowest for Akshay Kumar since Housefull 3.

  • Postive: 6
  • Neutral: 2
  • Negative: 4
  • Avg Rating: 2.75/5

TEPK Review by Gulf News

Rating: 2.5/5

While the intention of this film is noble and should be lauded, the love story gets lost in the din of indoctrinating the glorious Indian government’s honourable campaign. Watch this if you are in the mood to witness earnest acting performances, but if you are looking for a propaganda-free film, then this is not it.

TEPK Review by Khaleej Times

Rating: 3/5

Overall, it is a good entertainer which leaves you with a food for thought after you exit the movie hall. Yes, you might hear the word ' toilet' multiple times throughout the film but you will soon get comfortable with it. Go for the film, if you are looking for a well-scripted film backed by power-packed performances by the actors.

TEPK Review by Masala

Rating: N/A

Toilet: Ek Prem Katha might have sounded great on paper, but loses impact in its telling. The film gets way too loopy and indulgent that I actually heard someone say ‘What crap man!’ aptly summing up a film called Toilet.

TEPK Review by Bollywood Life

Rating: 2/5

Toilet Ek Prem Katha is too long and preachy. Despite standout performances by Akshay and Bhumi the film fails to engage or connect with you largely because of its snail paced tempo and long Sunday school styled monologues.

TEPK Review by Indian Express

Rating: 2/5

This kind of film, where the s**t literally hits the fan, where you can see real turd droppings, and the dialogue is filled with such ‘sanskaari-sarkaari’ words like ‘soch’, ‘shauchalaya’ and ‘sandaas’, needs a light touch. You need the ‘khadi boli’ of Mathura, where the film is set, spoken with a great deal more authenticity. And above all, if you are going to give me a feisty heroine who is happy to throw off her ‘ghoonghat’, and rail against patriarchy, you should not make her touch anyone’s feet. If you are making a film that hoists a flag for a strong feminist ideal, then don’t waver, and confuse it with stuffing the film with too many issues. Otherwise, you dilute and confuse things, especially because your lead actors have stayed the smelly course.

TEPK Review by NDTV

Rating: 2/5

When a Bollywood filmmaker turns cheerleader for a government drive, especially when the jury is still out on its success rate, you know you've been had. Unless you believe in this kind of propagandist stuff, Toilet: Ek Prem Katha is as avoidable as what it rightly rails against - open defecation.

TEPK Review by Times of India

Rating: 4/5

Akshay is the backbone of this satire. His inner journey as an actor pays dividends and he delivers yet another topnotch performance. Half a star in the rating is rightfully his. Bhumi is perfect in her rendition of the feisty Jaya and Divyendu is a terrific comic. The presence of veterans, Pandey and Kher, is unmissable. The screenplay is peppered with loads of LOL moments balanced correctly with emotional outbursts. As bonus, you get a hummable soundtrack with Hans Mat Pagli, Bakheda and Gori Tu Lath Maar. So whether you have pressing matters to attend to or not, please take a detour to this toilet. Each of us needs to raise a stink about what our countrymen do in the open.

TEPK Review by Hindustan Times

Rating: 2.5/5

At 155 minutes, Toilet Ek Prem Katha is just short of becoming another Akshay Kumar masterclass in comedy, but it has enough to entertain you. And who knows, you might name your own toilet on some historic monument!

TEPK Review by Deccan Chronicles

Rating: 3.5/5

The film doesn't look preachy at all; rather the issue of no toilet is shown in a quirky way. The USP of the film is its dialogues, which are written well. The first half is a little slow and overstretched but manages to sail through till the interval because of its comic punches. Despite all the positives, the length of the film is an issue.

TEPK Review by KoiMoi

Rating: 3/5

This is an honest attempt to tackle something that exists but not many are aware of it. This film will make you laugh, feel and most importantly think. Watch this for Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar’s true-to-the-soul performances.

TEPK Review by Taran Adarsh

Rating: N/A

#OneWordReview... #ToiletEkPremKatha: Excellent. #ToiletEkPremKatha integrates a strong social message with entertainment wonderfully... Powerful performances by Akshay, Bhumi, Divyendu...#ToiletEkPremKatha mirrors a reality, shuns superstition, hits where it hurts through brilliant dialogue. Deft direction and skilful writing

TEPK Review by Bollywood Hungama

Rating: 3/5

On the whole, TOILET – EK PREM KATHA, despite the minuses, integrates a strong social message with entertainment wonderfully and also questions several age old practises in the society. At the box office, no competition, holidays in the next week as well as tax exemptions in certain states are bound to help the film resonate with the audience.

37 comments on “Toilet Ek Prem Katha Reviews by Critics”

    1. I HV watched movie and it is blockbuster of this year and the fact is this who gv negative reviews are hugely paid by srk

    2. It's so sad that even media is biased with the last thing on earth that's entertainment so sad state of affairs pro NDA and anti NDA it's very clear ndtv and Indian express are anti and they showed their wrath on reviews and times and rest Ve given a good review arrey yaar sacchi Khabar aur review Dona why do u want to fool ppl certain sections of khan's wud be happy who are always anti and pro wud be disheartened to see this review whts actual matters why don they publish last week I remember these reviews were exactly opposite to khan's movie and he was washed out in 3 days why do u all do like this beging every cinema thousands of ppl survive this is the worst phase Bollywood is gng thruh get the ppl together don give pro and anti at least all are Indians I've seen in BMS all ppl belonging to minority have blasted and gave shit comments ru satisfied wid all reviews given dekho na yaar ek pic Ka 100 lagra dekho agar pasand aaya teekh nahi khallas don broadcast moveon life is there outside negitivity this was last ecpected from media houses clear divide is being done....

    3. @bollywood ek khawat to suni hogi...KHISYANI BILLI KHAMBA NOCHE.....beta tera SRK ki movie to disaster ho gayi hai ab tu chahta hai sab movie flop ho jaye..........but movie is too good

  1. Sach batan to tepk utna khaas movie nahi laga .movie bhut zyada bara kar.dia .2nd half bhut bore ke deta hai entertainment nahi hai 2nd half me

    1. Sach batau tum jo v ho...tumne movie dekha hi nahi or yea v hosekta hain k tumm Akki haters me se koi ho...pehele jake movie tho dekhlo fir review dena...bdw tomare rvw se koi frk nahi podnewala.....Movie is grt

  2. Mtlb ab srf words of mouth p depend h movie
    Hope wo acha ho
    Advantage yehe h holiday bht h
    Kon bolta h akshay srf non holiday p krta h
    Holiday se movie bach jayegi wrna 100cr mushkl th or budget low k krn bach jyegi movie

  3. God i cant believe this is the guy i have been a fan of since 1993 when i saw him do the handstand in Saughand. This boot licking behaviour towards this government is getting out of hand. Love your country is a good thing but propagating things to please your leader is called phony or suckingup. Yuckie!

    1. Bhai....
      tu ek hi comment kaha kaha Copy Paste karta rahega.
      abhi kuch der pahle tu same comment Indicine pe bhi kiya tha??

    2. Give me ur mail id i send once upon a time dobara seems like u don had a chance to puke out tht time else tell there are many more like tht fro. 93 fact is he is so matured and uvnt seen rural connectivity so don give yuckees its better u keep it to ur self this is intolerent such a huge star has taken this initiative its huge risk he has taken urbans wont feel connected thts why rural its doin good...

  4. Lets see it will cross tubelight lifetime collection or not.
    TEPK some state tax free and have few holiday with 15 augest .
    M not against this film I always love to watch akshay comedy film.
    But TEPK have everything good review compare to tube light and have few holiday and also no competition from jhms .
    No big release next two week.
    Jhms screen is very less .
    My prediction it will do Max 90 to 114cr.

  5. This movie will also wrap under 110 cr....may be 90cr also.....

    Make a movie so that majority of audience whether in single screens or multiplexes like the film......Not to few only.....Bollywood directors pls make entertaining plus good script movies without over preaching....

    However I thanks Akshay Sir for helping people and government....A nice human being.....

  6. Movie Will at most will earn 10cr opening on day 1, despite tax free status in up.it is a slap to all those​ people who disrespect khans, salman's worst opening 37•5% opening in 4400screens in pre Eid, here only 2900screens mein 20% opening even lower than sachin, half girlfriend,badrinath ki dulhaniya.it is 9th highest opening day of 2017,and they said akki is bigger than khans.with wom turning out to be mixed I think it will be folded under 80cr.

  7. Yaha pe ek mahaveer Naam ka aadmi hai vo aisa jahil gawar hai ki movie ka collection brha brha ke bolta hai
    Ghajini ne overseas me 7M$ Kia lekin ye mahaveer 15M$ bol rha hahaha ..3 idiots ne overseas me 16M$ Kia lekin ye mahaveer 25M$ Bata rha hahahaha ..1st 20M$ my bane is khan hai
    Dhoom 3 overseas me 28M$ Kia lekin ye mahaveer 31M$ bol rha ..or sbse Gazab dhobi ghaat india me 14cr kamaya tha ye mahaveer 44cr bol rha

    Hahaha abe jahil gawaar mahaveer box office collection sb follow krta hai sbko pata hai Kis movie ka kitma collection hai to tu apne se bana bana ke collection Kyu batata hai taki sb aadmi usko sach maan le hahaha .doglapan ka koi jawaab nahi

  8. Gulf News reviews is 2.5 stars not 2 and the reviews of TEPK is better than rustom and just a little below jolly llb2 don't

  9. Critics rating for this movie is based on their political affiliations. Those against current Govt have given 2 stars (Anna MM Vetticad gave 1.5 stars) & those in favour of Govt have given 3.5 to 4 stars. Sad that even a social issue like abolition of open defecation is also viewed from the prism of Govt propoganda. C'mon, cleanliness is universal.

  10. After 1st half- movie is nice.
    After 2nd half- ye to tatti hai..
    Pta nhi ky hogya ajkl sbko 2nd half itna gnda bnate h

  11. This film will work it's nice and entertaining Bollywood shud understand that it's and entertainment industry So a msg with Entertainment is always good dis film deserves ur money also Bollymoviereviews have Given 9+ve and 2-ve so y don't bollyarena show complete data

  12. huge flop ye industry ko bachay ga
    lekin waqt paisa hamara barbaad hua
    akshay ko kiya jaha 50flop waha 1 aur sahi
    bakwas movie
    me janta ho zaida mujhy dislike kary Ge
    saach yahi hai aj WO akki fan santu aur Mr houseful nazar nahi rahy I'm sure name badal kr comments kr rahi hai

  13. Akshay Kumar or bhumi ne achi acting ki hae magr 2nd half bore hae 2nd half mein story track se utar gayi Songs unnecessary hae Jis tarah JHMS mein SRK ki acting achi thi isi Tarah Akshay Sir ki is movie mein acting achi hae

  14. Yeh movie Raess aur tubelight se zyada nahi Kama payegi,8 months hona ko aaye lekin abhibhi Raess is the highest grossing Bollywood film of 2017,Stardom of Srk speaks,Jo bhi ho jaye Srk King of Bollywood tha aur hamesa rahega aur @bollywood Bhai kuch gawar logo ke fake collection batane se overseas mein Srk se aage aur koi nahi nikal jayega,keep draming haters

  15. some idiots have not gone to see the movie but is replying here..... If muslims are giving poor negativities about the movies then go to hell..... if a movie is good so its good.... Tube Light and JHMS is a big disaster.... i request all the fans dont take these muslims into consideration as they love only the khans.... THE KHANS HAVE RUINED THE BOLLYWOOD BY THEIR ARROGANCE AND RELIGION MATTERS.... ITS NOT NECESSARY TO BE A KHAN TO GET HIT.... GUYS !!!!! GO AND WATCH THIS MOVIE.... IF AUDIENCE HAVE GIVEN 3 OR 4 STARS ,,,,ITS DEFINITELY A GOOD MOVIE.... YES TEPK WILL COMPETE WITH HINDI MEDIUM FOR BEST FILM OF 2017......

  16. The reason India will never be a developed country are these morons...The film is really outstanding...Watch it...It has a great message, though the movie is bit long it won't bore you...60% Indian households don't even have a toilet at their home this is a serious issue...And some idiot critics bashing this movie for this subject...And yes only an uneducated persons will say "what a crap"...For those a$$holes get lost you talentless fuck.

  17. @bollyarena Don't know why ur average rating 2.8....as i have seen everyone is praising tepk...critics as well as audience..(except krk and dubai).

  18. Just came back aftr watching TEPK.. Movie is hilarious n full of comedy.. The story catches in the 2nd half.. Must watch.. Don't miss it

  19. Not a single seat available total houseful so definetly better occupancy end of the day ....

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