Toilet Ek Prem Katha Box Office Collection Update: Official Figures

Toilet Ek Prem Katha Box Office Collection Update: As per the official figures, Akshay Kumar starrer Toilet Ek Prem Katha has collected around 133.60 crores after the four weeks. The film has managed to collect a decent 2.20 cr in its 4th week.

TEPK has now become Akshay Kumar's highest grosser beating Rowdy Rathore which collected 133.25 crores back in 2012. Though Rowdy Rathore still leads in terms of gross and distributor share. TEPK is still running in a very limited number of screens and we can expect another 0.50 crore before it finally wraps up. SUPER HIT

Day 113.10
Day 217.10
Day 321.25
Day 412.0
Day 520.0
Day 66.50
Day 76.10
Day 84.0
Day 96.25
Day 108.25
Day 112.60
Day 122.50
Day 132.25
Day 142.0
Day 151.0
Day 161.50
Day 172.0
Day 180.60
Day 190.55
Day 200.75
Day 210.50
4th Week2.20
Total133.60 cr

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  1. Thank you bollyarena for this article. And sorry for what I said . Now I can say that Bollyarena cares for its readers. An we will never loose trust in you . Thank you once again.

    1. Indians don't have a clue what stardom is, they think stardom is aamir Khan in that case Michael Jackson was not even a local star because his albums made no records! Yet he was called the king of pop! Indians think money is everything! Whoever collects the most at box office is the biggest maybe that's why they are still in a gutter!

      1. Dude you have any idea what are you saying? MJ's albums didn't make any records?
        Go check your facts buddy. Claiming yourself to be a UK based fan club and know no shit about MJ or pop music.
        ROFL, I don't think you have ever been to UK or outside of your home country whatsoever.

      2. And whom are calling a part of gutter? I anyone or anything is still stuck in gutter then that is your cheap thinking.
        It's 2017, look around and don't insult your own country just to look cool. I know you are not UK based. the cat is already out of the bad, admit it, move on and think thrice before insulting India

        1. @sachin tomar firstly I can prove it I'm from UK yet I don't have to prove it to someone like you! Secondly I was born and raised in the U.K. But I'd still name any bloody dirt that is in the country without hesitations something Indians should accept otherwise they wouldn't have attacked SRK and AAMIR Khan when they spoke the bloody truth, just keep cheering and listening to your lying politicians and muderer PM! You think the west doesn't know what goes on between you and your neighbouring countries all are to be blamed but who suffers KASHMIR!

          Now listen all records made by MJ were in his prime 80-90's, and then during his death! He was not ruling the charts when other musicians were rising yet he was more famous! The difference between SRK and AAMIR Khan!

          I know exactly what hurt you, you are no less than I then why does me being from what country hurt your ego so much!

          Isn't box office everything for you guys?
          SRK has given so much name to your country yet he's insulted by some of you guys all the times!

          Cat is already out of the bag hahaha think of something new than these old sayings lol!

          I admit I went wrong with saying MJ made no records what I meant was in his later years he made none other than after his death!

          Now you answer my question is box office not stardom for you guys?

          Because if it is then since them black and white days with no sound till this date PRABHAS is the biggest bloody superstar Indian cinema has ever seen!

          Open your eyes India, LOOK AND LISTEN!

  2. Wow .. Bollyarena baadshaoo ke liye trade figures and toilet ke liye producer achi baat hai..

    1. Difference between trade and producer fig of tepk is just 2 crores but ajay sir manipulated opening day collections by 2 crores.
      Here you are, still complaining?

  3. finally BOI and bollyarena made this film highest grosser of akshay film .
    still it fail to beat net gross of rowdy rathod whatever congrats akshay TEPK being a highest grosser of your career still you stick within 135cr.
    move onward from 135cr to 150cr.
    hope coming films will do 150cr+.
    not yet get producer figur
    boi figur 2.20cr.
    producer already stopped the collection.

    1. next film 2.0 will surely do that coz rajnikant is also there toh south India ka bhi support milega... There might be chances for it to cross 200 crores also

    1. Yes it has. TEPK is ahead of raees.
      raees 134.04(acording bollyarena)
      TEPK 133.60 + 0.50 (week 5)
      total 134.10.
      so tepk has passed raees

  4. Look at the differnce between super stars salman and aamir's flop movie collect 130cr while akki's highest grosser movie collect 130cr.i am salman fan but aamir is ahead of salman in terms of collection while salman and srk have better stardom then aamir.

    1. No aamir is light years ahead of both salman and srk in terms of superstardom. Get a life. Aamir is not little ahead he is far ahead of salman in collections. Don't you blind fool see that? And how dare you to even bring flop actor like srk in comparison? He is out of competition. He doesn't have even 1% of stardom which aamir or salman has. And no one can beat aamir in stardom. Collections speak louder than words on comment section.

      1. It's only because Aamir brings 1 movie in 2 years... If he brings one to two movies in a year, his movies will not collect much... And if he starts bringing 3 movies in a year like Akshay Kumar, his movies will not even cross 100 crore...

  5. Wow! Only 2 cr difference between producer figure and trade figure. Isko bolte hai real figure. Raees 10cr, Kabil around 25cr, Badshahoo 10cr itna manipulation. Agar 10cr Toilet bhi karta to 142cr hota

    1. It's because Akshay Kumar pays proper taxes... If he will show higher manipulated figures, he will have to pay higher taxes which he can't afford... He is not like others who show inflated collections and then also show inflated costs to avoid taxes...

  6. ranbir kapoor set to beat overall superhit count of srk

    yes you have heard it right ranbir kapoor is set to beat the superhit count of srk in overall career.
    after ranbir kapoor’s debut with saawariya srk has 4 superhits( oso, rnbdj, ce and hny) while ranbir kapoor has also 4 ( apkgk, barfi, rajneeti and yjhd). and ranbir kapoor is now set to take his count to 5 with dutt- the biopic and he will beat srk in number of superhits.
    shame on those people who call srk a superstar. statistics prove he cannot even compete with ranbir kapoor.

  7. Same Ranbir kapoor had showed aukaat to your gangu teli. 1 year and 1 film old Ranbir defeated him very badly in GTGH vs Bachna ae haseeno clash. Shame on those people who call gangu teli a superstar.he can't even win a clash with Ranbir kapoor.

  8. Kabbil 49 CR manipulation
    Trade fig 87 CR boi
    Producer fig 126 CR

    Maniplation 49 CR

    1. Oh bhai yeh taklu and son to manipulation k baap hai . Krishh 3 k time to hadd krdi thi roshans ne .
      Krishh 3 :-
      Actual Fig = 170cr
      Producer Fig = 245cr
      Manipulation = 75cr
      Itne mein to 3 small movies hit ho jaae.

  9. sorry to say arena but according to boi toilet ek prem katha is highest grosser of the year in Bollywood till now raees collection 131.65cr but he is father of manipulation and TEPK 131.88 cr so according to boi TEPK is hgoty till now thanks

    1. Everyone in trade knows it but manipulation king wins.
      Manipulated collection by more than 10 crores.

  10. Pakaoo Movie ......

    It was Holiday factor and RSS whatsup which was spreaded to watch movie so could manage this figure or else don't deserve even 100 cr. common.

    1st days collection was 12 cr and 2nd jumped .in our whole colony many got whatsup to support this movie and we saw sudden rise on Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday and then again dip. due such bhakti agenda many visited to just support - yane akshay ko dakshina dekar aa gaye...


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