Toilet Ek Prem Katha 6th Day Box Office Collection

Toilet Ek Prem Katha 6th Day Box Office Collection: Toilet Ek Prem Katha collection has been steady on Wednesday. The single screens had a fall however the multiplexes were solid in the evening shows. According to the early estimates, Toilet Ek Prem Katha 6th day box office collection will be in the range of 7 crore.

Akshay Kumar starrer has a huge Tuesday thanks to the National Holiday. So the more than usual drop could be expected but here it has maintained a solid pace. The start was slow but once again the evening shows had a good turnaround. As it is a multiplex oriented film which tends to perform better in the evening. North India continues to do terrific and it will soon become the highest grosser of 2017 in Delhi/UP and East Punjab.

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Toilet Ek Prem Katha 6th Day Box Office Collection

Toilet Ek Prem Katha box office collection in 6 days will be 90 crores. The film has already set the record for the highest first week collection of Akshay Kumar. Despite it receiving mixed reviews and being a small film, it has emerged a major grosser of 2017. This has again proved that content is the ultimate king at the box office.

The film was made on budget of 32 crores excluding Akshay Kumar's fee. Thus it has already recovered all of its investment and distributors will also start to generate profits after the first week. It is a super hit at the box office and it is yet to be seen if it can manage a blockbuster tag. Though that seems a bit stretched right now but anything is possible if word of mouth is solid.



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90.45 Cr


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82 comments on “Toilet Ek Prem Katha 6th Day Box Office Collection”

      1. @shaker khan :
        Lipstick under my Burkha will be superhit if collected 22 crore and ATBB if collected 25 crore.. this is the aukat of Akshay in front of salman and amir Khan...
        Salman and amir movie flop if collected 150 crore and Akshay movie blockbuster if collected 150 crore.

        1. Budget matters beta...
          Salman and amir's movie always have a high budget, so first they need to recover and than he can to the section of hit and super hit and etc...
          Sahrukh's last movie JHMS didn't collect even production cost, so u can say it is flop but Akshay's movie budget didn't get high that much so it is easy to recover the over all cost...
          That's why, toilet is super hit because it collected the cost in two days only...

        2. Beta Salman or amir ki movies 150 crore me to banti he...fir vo 150 crore kamaliye to bhi flop ya average hi kehlati he... Akshay ki movies 30 ya 40 ki Hoti he...apne Salman amir se bol ke esi ek movie karke dekhe...amir to fir bhi Kar lega lekin Salman ka to sandaas nikal Jayega...thik he...

        3. Tubelight has revealed that the film has been made at a budget of Rs 170 crore, and Salman Khan has taken a signing amount of Rs 60 crore
          And total collection of tublight is ~116 caror
          That is why this movi is flop
          Shahrukh khan movi "jab herry met sejal" made with a budget of 90 caror but the collection of movi is ~64 caror
          That is why this movi is also flop
          But Akshay movi "Toilet" made with a budget of 40 caror and this movi crossed 2 × 40 caror that is why this is super hit

        4. Bro it depends on the budget of the movie....amir is the best we have...bt salman is tatti.... without his moron fans.. he's even worse than tushar kapoor

        5. bhai mere !! movie ka hit hona uske making or earning ke ratio pe hota hai..
          Agar salman khan 10 cr ki movie banaye or 60 cr kamaye to movie ratio k hisab se hit hai..or bhai akki saal me 4 filme lata hai 450-500 cr kamata hai nikal leta hai... simple logic hai itna load kyu le raha??

        6. julious ....hit depends on the budget of the movie....and the big budget movies tend to have an advantage...aukaat ki baat mat kar....watch for next 1-2 years....the pendulam is swinging...akshay will have the highest and the biggest hits of all...

          1. Bilkul sahi bole Bhai 1-2saal kyu next year hi to Akki ka sabse bada budget ka movie as raha hh robot 2 aur wo kamai me bhi Naya record banaega

        7. He is the most profitable actor for distributor....distributor don't see megastar but the person who can give them huge profit....
          Some of the distributor has shut ther business bcoz of jhms n tubelight

    1. It has already marked hit tag but it needs 110cr+ for super hit and 150cr+ for blockbuster nd 250cr+ for all time blockbuster

  1. Just one word. Fantastic!!

    The title sounded pathetic, no big heroine, no big director and no big holidays. Just one name and that is Akshay Kumar.

    1. No holidays? 14-Aug was a partial (Janmastami) and 15-Aug is a big holiday. You can check the collections on these days. But who cares for holidays to see movies :-). If you have heard of Bahubali or Kabali - you will understand. Only Bollywood stars need holidays

  2. Akki SRK se aage nikalne laga hai. lekin aukaat iski abhi bhi 1% nahi hai Salman ke aage. Jitna business Toilet lifetime mai karega, TZH utna 3 din mai minimum karega(excluding noon shows of 3rd day)

    Aukkat aukaat ki baat hai

      1. In pagal salmanfans ne to yeh bhi kaha tha ki fusslight bahubali ko beat kregi.
        Usse to raees beat nahi hui . Ab TZH JHMS ko bhi beat nahi kr paegi. TEPK to door ki baat hai. TEPK year ki highest grosser hogi. Aur TEPK ko mara hua tiger 7 janamo mein bhi beat nahi kr paaega.

      1. @salman :

    1. Yrrr salmanic suraj tu please mental help lele . Mujhe pata hai ki fusslight ka sadma tujh se bardasht nahi hua. Par yrr dil pe mat le . Iski aadat daal le. Christams pe bhi yahi hona hai. Be prepared , warna TZH ka jhatka teri jaan bhi le skta hai.

    2. Don't u think u r expecting too much frm TZH.....kung fu yoga
      Audience r king here n they have learnt that ther queen is content so if the content is bad it won't even survive two weeks

    3. 2.0 se milana tiger zinda ko..dekhlenge
      ...kon...hai king...tubllight to jali nhii...tigrr dekhe zinda hoga bhi ki nhii.wo to waqt btayega akshay sir ki film .tepk.ka sandesh ko..samjho..aur samjhdar bno...

    4. Ha...jese Tubelight ne bahubali ka record ek din me tod diya tha vese hi Na..!! ???...

      Tiger zinda he ka maximum lifetime collection will be : 77 crore...in India...chote Bhai ne 60 crore kamaye, bada Bhai 77 karega...

    5. Bhai srk or salman ki film ka production cost hi 150 crore hota h to 150 crore par to flop hogi hi

    6. Sir it means Prabhash is the better actor than Salman , Hrithik and Amir. Bhai Salman saal me ek movie total collection 200 cr .Akshay saal me 4 movie total collection 450 cr. Who is better actor.

    7. Ye wahi salaman hai jisme tere nam ke partner tk koi hit nhi diya ...yad ahi aukat bhai ??

    8. Akki releases 3 to 4 movie in a year all of them does more than hundred cr business with no big heroine and no prominent director and salman has only on realse in year and that with A list heroine if he has gut let com up with 4 movie every year then we will see who is biggest star

  3. Ek baar akki-salman ka clash dekhna hai mereko
    Salman-SRK ka clash hote hote raha. Akki-SRK ka pehlevi bahut clashes huyahi kiye, but salman-akki clash nahi hua hai...hoga to majja aega. solo mai 11 cr ki opening lagti hai if clash will not touched 7cr opening..rofl

    1. Lol hater akki and Salman are the best friends duniya ghum jayegi par ye log kabhi clash nhi karega toh apna aukat aur ghamand pocket Mein rakh

      1. Akshay k fans ktna uchal rh. Mt uchalo itna Salman or srk bht agee h akshay se. Srk k kc movie nh chli to uspe negative comment or wohi akshay k flop 50+ uska kya.. Ek atbb nh ek atg itne sal m fr b itna akkad bata rh bapre... AKSHAY KO PHELE 150 KRNE DO FR AKE BAT KRO. RHI TZH K BAT. TUBELIGHT OR TZH M FRAQ H. Akshay ko 150 krne do fr akee compara ak sk srk se smjhe. .. Srk 2 200 sk 2-200 2-300.. Amir 2-200 2-300.. Akshay 134 highest. Pta nh ks bat ka ghamnd h tmko. Ghmand jb kro jb wah tk phochne k takkt ho... Low budget movie bana k hit krta h fr b blockbuster nh de pata. Deta..

        1. Look here comes an idiot #shail
          Before u troll anyone here let me make it clear
          Akki sir has released 5 movies within a span of just 18months n every movie has Crossed 100+ n all of them r hit
          N ur so called king Khan h given one above average raees n one disaster jhms... One the other hand Salman bhai has released one movie which was just an average.....
          We don't care about we live in present ....

          I guess IRFAN Khan is bigger star than srk n Salman

          1. @maahi. RAEES WAS SEMI HIT with clash opining with 20+ cr with 2800screen.. 2nd jhms was rom com fr b 15cr opining... Akshay solo release tax free 3000screen 13cr. ..
            Tepk solo release tax free 3000 screen fr b 200 nh. Abh tk...
            Ekk tha tiger 3200screen 199cr 2012 mai.. Eid bht din bad thi n holiday nh thi kc state mai. Youe tube mai ja komal nahat ka interview dkh. Wo exhibitors se bat krta h theatre wlo se wohi bata dege.
            Or rahi present ki bat to tmlog 100+ se he khsub rho isse age150+ ko or ek sal lage ga jane ko shyd wo b gold krle.. .
            K low budget bana k kya movie hit krte.. 18cr m movie banayega to koi b ake hit krke jara h..
            Low budget movie banae m kya tym lgrh h. High budget banane m tym lgta h qki utna paisa kahrch hota h smjhe sb dkhe k banna pdta h smjha... 100cr m he khush rho tm isse agee mt aao.. Abhi he itna uchnd rahe h pta nh kb 200cr krega jb ktna uch lege.
            Irfan 70cr i thnk akshay or irfan h compare krne lyak. Ek atbb nh diya uchal na dkho.. Low budget movie bana k b ek blockbuster nh de pate or uchal na dekho.

            1. Ise kehte hai...samjhdari low budget ko 100 cr...pahuchana..but...akahay sir is a good star...hmare kanpur mai sabse jyada fan..akshay sir ke hai
              ..yaha nhi..srk..and slman.chalte chalte hai to khiladi kumar only......

          2. @mahi
            Do u know ATBB movie ?? Overseas more than 10 million kuch pata hai ???
            25 years in Bollywood and total overseas collection will be less than 10 million.. this is the aukat of Akshay ??
            Dnt compare Akshay with any khan...

        2. Aur srk ka 25 flop vo bhi bas 50 film me uska kya jhms ka verdict dekh ke bhi akad nahi gaya aur srk ka 2 film kab 200 kamaya Pluto me uska ek film 200 kia hai ce 207 cr Hny 178 cr hai samjha aur tepk 160+ karega gold ka wait kar Akki 200 cr ki movie bhi de dega

          1. SRK ke 18 flops hai 25 nahi
            BOI check karr
            Usse pehle Maya Memsaab, Dil ashna hai aur king uncle hi flop huye. Uske baad 15 flop. total 18.
            And total films 60
            Chamatkar-Average hoga

        3. Ham sab es liye uchal rhe hai kyoki aapka salaman bhai or aamir bhai year me ek movie karte hai aur esme mi kabhi kabhi flop ho jati hai
          Aur ek side hmara akki to sal me 3-4 movie karta hai aur sab hit jati hai esliye hm sab itna uchal rhe hai brother.........

      1. Jb sallu bhi saal Mein 4-5 films nikalta tha kya hota tha? Maine Pyar kyu kiya veer saawan god tussi great ho all flop. Ask srk sallu to release more than 3 films a year and that on non holidays. Wo log Pehle aesa karte the and we all know results. It's next to toughest to come so many times in a year at a risk because no holidays available and still give 100cr plus.

        1. @shohan. Maine pyar kyu kiya hit hthi veer below average thi check krle jb nh pata h kc to nh bolne ka..
          Akshay konsa non holiday p release krrta movie ha 15aug holiday 26aug nh h. Holiday. Eid se bada holiday h. 15aug all over india holiday bt eid p nh smjha... NH PTA HO KC TO NH KRNA COMMENT PHLE ACHSE INFO LIKL KE YHA ANA. 150 TO KRE NH. ARE YHA KHANS SE COMPARE KRNE. JAKE RANVER N RANBIR SE COMPARE KRO UN K PSS PHOCHNE WLA H SHYD KR LE GIR PAD K YE MOVIE 150..

          1. Pepole salute ...rising star...they can.t rimmember past..they .cheres current..uske hisab se to akshay sir 1 no..hai buzsines krne mai...sallu...srk ..they Are not a star....ab boloo..sahid...

    2. Singh is kinng or god tussi great ho 1 week aage piche release hui thi un dono ka collection compare krke dekh lo

    3. Bhai kyuki or garam masala yaad hai..
      Kyuki was a big flop and u know garam masala....?????

    4. hua to tha clash in 2005... kyoki vs garam masala... blue vs mai aur mrs khanna... blue was the highest opening of that tym... and garam masala was superhit

  4. I predicted 6.5 cr it did little more.
    Just ok collection 2marrow is need to hold with not much reduced
    It is good if it collect atleast 6cr.
    Week one 96cr .
    Akshay biggest week grosser.
    But still it less than tubelight Wednesday collection but tubelight is bad review fill .
    It got good review and appriciation hope it will do good business and complete the wish of all akshay fans I.e 150cr.

  5. It Will touch 8 crores weekend will be 98 to 99 crores than again real game will start from Friday onwards


  7. @ Salmanic,We have seen how much tube light earned even though it was holiday release.Tell your non actor lallu to release on non holiday and start do multiple films then he will understand his aukat.Yad hai na marigold, heroes,even didn't cross 1crore.

    1. @kannaiga. Phele tera loe budget wala hero konsa non holiday p release krta h. . 15aug national holoday. Or eid tmhre liye h national holiday pr bht se state m nh rhti h....
      Or rahi multiple film.
      Akshay ye sal 2movie..
      Jolly llb 2.110+ Tepk 120+
      Salman 2017 2 movie
      Jai ho 110+ kick 200+
      Aukat k bat krra h ab tu... Tees mar khan xmas release kya kr liya usne.. Or ek bat
      To akshay k aukat nh h high budget movie bana k movie hit kre smjha. 3khans jaisi high budget movie banye na to ek movie hit nh kr skkta wo chlng h mera. . Pta nh ks bat ka akkad bata rh tm sb. Movie hit hogyi iski ya salman srk k movie flop hogyi uski.. Jtne k akshay movie collection krti hna utna k to khans k movie ka budget rhta h to yehe aukat h tmhri smjha. Isly aukat k bat nh krna aukat dekhana ata h fr... Abh tepk achse 100 nh krii h khans se compare krrh jo salo phele he ye sb kr k chhod diye . Aksahy ko bolo phele ranbir n ranveer ka record tode dono 150+ h dono abh abh aye or akshay inse bhi peche yehe aukat h. Isly zyda aukat k bat nh krna. Apne he aukat m rhna.

      1. Eid diwali Mein lambi weekend milti hai. Christmas khud ek vacation hai all schools closed. Don't compare with independence day ye beech Mein Ek holiday mila bas. And jai ho ki content commercial nhi thi islie 115 pe ruk gayi. Same with all movies of akshay in recent times. It's the appeal and glamour that sells. Tees Mar khan was a poor film but if u remember us saal ki second highest opening thi wo bas 2 cr lesser than dabang. Toh aukat mat sikhao. 2000s Mein sallu ki movies 1cr bhi nhi kamati thi and he came regularly 5 times a year almosst

        1. @shohan bhai mt kr comment.eid p b ek holiday rhta h smjha koi weekend nh rjta wo b bs muslim k liye rhta h smjhe. Eid p kuch state m holiday nh rhti h got it nh pata nh bolna. Or ek Kuxh nh h pata..tujhe Tees mar khan 2cr less thi dabangg se wah re wah yr kya joke kiya 140+ kiya th dabangg ne smjhe.. Iskha mtlb tees mar khan ne 139 kiya th wht a joke yr.. Ja bhai tu ghr ja.
          Or ek bat kya bola tu 2000 m salman k movie 1cr b nh kamati thi bewquf h kbh bolta 15aug 1holiday milta h eid p weekend mlta h naya naya lara h tu. Tees mar khan 2cr km thi dabangg se wah yr wah...
          Akshay ne phele br 20+cr 2004 m cross kiya th.
          Yehe salman ne 1994 60+ cross kiya smjha. 1995 mai 30+ 1998 20+ biwi no. 1.hssh 20+.
          Akshay 2004 mai phela 20+.
          AChse info likal ake comment kt

          1. Maine kaha Tees Maar khan ki opening day 2cr kam thi dabang ki opening day se. Baat samjh liya kar. Aur Eid diwali Christmas se bada koi holiday nhi hai. Sabhi Muslim people ek mahine Baad Eid Mein film dekhne aate hai full family k sath. Tere school Mein nhi deta hoga holiday. Har jagah holiday rehta hai. Salman ki peechli 7 film dkhle maximum Mein weekend 5 din wali mili. If u dont believe go and check. Festival weekend vacation Matlab samjhta hai? Aur Salman ki sab se buri phase chal rahi thi wanted se Pehle. Ab tu dkh Aa fir compare kar

            1. @shohan us k bure phase m bh usne akshay se zyda collection kiya h. ...
              Ek br aur eid se bada holiday 15aug h.
              Ha to xmas m ake konsa usne teer mar liya tbbh 61cr kiya th... Dabangg se km.
              Eid m koi hindu nh jata khi smjha. Na ghumne jata h.
              15aug all over holiday. Smjha hrr koi Holiday manata h ..
              Compare k bat h. Toh fr b wo khans se neche h

          2. Abe gawaar wo opening ki baat kra..12cr opening mila tha tmk ko..but fyn not ur mistak u r salman fan na..so we can understand..these r just salman fan things..iykwim

  8. Clash between stars is just no of screen share and any actor in Bollywood including amir can't take more screen share when clashing with Akshay . Because Akshay is giving more profit to distributor's than any actor including amir and his credibility at box office is no less than amir .akki gives profit to distributor's even in 80 crores and amir Salman sells their movies in mega prizes so they need to collect 200 or more just for cost recovery

  9. I just remind one of the bollyarena artical.
    140cr for super hit.
    170cr+ for blockbuster(not sure 170cr or 150+cr)
    250cr for all time blockbuster(got from other sources)
    As per bollyarena 140cr for super hit.

  10. Yaar Salman Aor Aki la Clash 2005 Marín guapa tha garam masala vs Kyun ki And the rest is history

  11. Yar tum sab ko pata h bollyarena walon ko samajh a gaye h content is king of box office.amir hamesha content ke sath ata h srk bhi good content ke sath ata h jab good content film kamyab hite h w bhi acting bhi good h phir kamyam karwane w ka kanal n hota h content ka kamal hota h adita chopra n amir ke bare m y kaha tha story is king of box office na k amir salman low story low content ke sath blockbusters deta h is ko kehte. H mega star2000 s m salman ya us se pehle salman 3 4 fulm deta tha 1 year m w bhi low story low cast. Aur 3 film 1 year m firq to par na h truth is truth tubelight content people ke like n hua phir bhi 120 crore 1 holiday w sare india m n hota h sirf ziyada tar Muslim state m hota h independence day all india holiday karta h. Phir bhi akki 20 y to ajay se bhi kam h singham 2 32 crore agar tzh ki content acha hua to All time blockbuster warna srk akki se to ziyada ho gi

  12. Poor collections. BA is behaving like chaploos. In northern india many school has holiday on wednesday. I think today collection will shows more actual position. 100 cr plus movie. Good but not like extraordinary which shown by BA. These words used only for movies like bahubali 2, sultaan and dangal.

  13. Pta hai akshay vo pahele abhineta hain jinhone box office ko 2000 crore kamake diye hain.. Khano se compare mt kr bhai.. Khiladi kumar is a patriot...jai hind..

  14. Bollyarena I just cant understand how come Akshay Kumar movies PRODUCTION cost is so less however other movies like Phillauri,Meri pyaari bindu,Sarkar 3,Noor,Raees,Kaabil production cost is probably more or equal to Akshay movies where as mentioned movies are also shoot in India only please illuminate.

  15. In 2005, Garam Masala(Akshay starrer)clashed with Kyon Ki(Salman starrer)....what happened? Sallu's movie sank without a trace, while Akshay's was one of the biggest hits of that year!! Maniac Sallu fans never dare to mention it. Drunk-Killer, women-abuser, rude midget PaiKhan is a farce!!

  16. Comment:
    Salman agr suprstar h to fir apna movie id ko chhodkr koi date me release kr k dekhe,to usko uska aukat ka pta chal jayega.

  17. Salman ka flop or average movie bhi 100 cr. Krta hai.. jabse usne 1st 100 cr. Movie diya hai.. but baaki stars back to back 100cr nahi de paaye.. chahe Aamir sir ki hit movie Talaash hi kyu na ho.. baaki srk sir ka to tym hi bura chal raha hai.. but akki sir is doing gudd..

  18. Waise robot 2.0 tere aur kisi actor ki aukaat nhi hai banane ki wo sirf akki aur rajni hi hai .Rhi baat kamane ki toh wo toh koi v kama leta hai magar har tarah ki movie sirf akki kr skta hai . Ek v acchi comedy movie nhi ho skta sallu aur srk se , abhi tak jitne tarah ki movie wo de chuka hai waisi v auro ke liye bas dream hai

  19. @ Radhe Radhe sir... Akki sir se jyada versatility ( yaani ki alag alag roll ) to johny lever sir ne bhi kiye hai but star power power mai johny lever sir akki se aage nahi.... star power salman sir ka hi hai.. ki flop tubelight or avrg jai ho bhi 100 cr k paar lag gayi..

  20. Do you know James007 ticket price of salman movies and akshay movies
    due to high budget ticket price of salman Movie Rs 250-2000
    and Akshay kumar low budget movie Rs. 75-500
    Koi Galti se bi salman, amir, srk ki movie dekhega itni menhgi to 100cr to hoga hi

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