Toilet Ek Prem Katha 5th Day Box Office Collection

Toilet Ek Prem Katha 5th Day Box Office Collection: Akshay Kumar’s latest release continues to roar big at the box office. The National holiday of Independence Day gave a huge boost to Toilet Ek Prem Katha collection especially in the first half of the day. As per the early estimates, Toilet Ek Prem Katha 5th day collection will be in the range of 20 crore.

TEPK has managed to tickle the bone of the audience and is faring excellently at the box office. After the opening weekend, it had an excellent hold on Monday and then got the benefit of the holiday on its first Tuesday. It has made it one of the best trending films of 2017. The trend is better than another Akshay starrer Rustom which released during Independence Day weekend last year.

The morning shows were higher as compared to yesterday and it literally went houseful in the noon shows. The North India rocked big time again where all shows were sold out even at the single screens. Later on, there were drops reported in the evening shows. Toilet Ek Prem Katha collection can fall further in the night as tomorrow is a working day.

Toilet Ek Prem Katha 5th Day Box Office Collection

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Toilet Ek Prem Katha 5th day collection will be among the top 6 highest Tuesday collection ever in the history of Bollywood. Akshay Kumar has once again come to the rescue of Bollywood as TEPK is set to emerge a bit hit. The credit has to go the actor as TEPK was a small film, had no big director or heroine and music was average. Yet it has managed to end the dull phase at the box office.

Toilet Ek Prem Katha box office collection in 5 days will be over 83 crores. The first week is looking to be the highest ever for any Akshay Kumar starrer. It will be an extraordinary result overall. TEPK Tuesday collection is also the highest of this year but that would be unfair to compare as it was a holiday.

The drop on Wednesday will give us a clear picture that where this film will land in the final run. But the super strong trend has suggested that it will be highest grosser of Akshay Kumar and highest grosser of 2017 from Bollywood.



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
83.45 Cr


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71 comments on “Toilet Ek Prem Katha 5th Day Box Office Collection”

    1. Raj kumar bhai aapko jyada achi aati ha to aap kr lo jake acting........ Mehnat kri ha to reward to milega hi

    2. He acted very well in this movie, unlike SRK boring us in JHMS. Don't even mention Salman as I still don't understand why people like such a non-actor.

      1. hey stay out of salman stardom just shut ur mouth off everybody knows who is salman khan you dont even have to proof his stardom he is king of bollywood so dont show your hateness here over salman

    3. Oh gareebo k raj kumar . Saale aanken band krk movie dekhi hai kya tune. Movie ki best thing is Akahay ki acting hai. Bewakoof to tu hai tujhe banane ki zarurat nahi hai . Jaa negativity spread mat kr . Mujhe pata hai ki Akki ki success k tera pichwada jal raha hai.
      Kuch nahi hota beta Iski aadat daal le kyuki ab Akki baar - baar Aise hi hits dega.

      1. @rustom
        Aacha kisi ki success as pichwada jal ta Kya ??
        Phir to tera pichwada black hoga..
        Srk jo 20 years success se...
        S I know happy New year, Raees and jhms were flop.. but srk was top since long in Bollywood. Khub jali pichwada @ rustom. Ki.. fultu black

    4. Audience r not idiots like u who used to watch rustic movies like Dabang n ETT
      Now they knw which movies r good n wait for another disaster tzh is coming ?

      1. i know u like akki movie but don't even compare akki and salman coz akki will never i repeat again never ever make 300 cr movie in his life. actually not even 200

        1. Srk bhi toh apne life pe 200cr nhi kya india pe sirf chennai ghatiya exprss ko chr kee baki kya hua raone flop jhms flop aur baki toh sirf romantick krta hai AUR SRK DDLJ SE FAMOUS HUA HAII N AKII KUHD APNE DUM PE SUCCESS HUA HAI

      1. PLZZ don't compare akki to Salman.....agar tubelight akki ne banaya Hoti to 20 cr bhi nhi collect kar pati.......
        I am fan of akki and Salman so don't compare it .......

        1. Burbak,tubelight Akshay be banai hoti to LED ka daam milta
          Aur Salman ne banai to bulb ka daam mila???

          1. Aby @nav agr akshay sk srk ak k jaise high budget movie banaye na to ek movie hit nh hoti uski smjhe 150+ lgte unko hit hone m .. low budget bana k hit krta h .. agr tepk salman banata to abh tk 200+ rhta . Agr wohi tubelight m akahay rhta to 50life time smjha . Low budget wla hero h to wohi rhne do bade star se compare mt kro .. jaisa tum bolega waisa m jwb duga

    5. I assume that your comment is sarcastic... Otherwise, Akshay Kumar in this film has given one of the best acting ever in Indian cinema...

    6. Bhai tu rehene de....
      Tujhe sirf srk me hi acting dikhai dega...
      Or ek baat jiska sakal aacha na ho usse baate aachi karlena chahiye...

    7. bewakoof SRK aur salman banate hain senseless aur idiot type movies bana kar. Akshay made Baby, Airlift, Rustom, Jolly LLB-2 and now Toilet EPK types of meaningful movies

  1. Aaj akshay srk se aage nikl chuka h...bot jald akshay salman se b aage nikl jaayega kyonki akshay ko srk aur sallu se jyaada smjh h achhi kahani ki...lekin aamir tk pahunchna mushkil h lekin kuchh b ho skta h...

    1. Aamir is a gem. He knows nothing except film making. Now he made himself so perfect that he knows how to make things correct. Once Yash raj studio didn't start liking him due to some changes recommended by him during Darr. Now they agree (I heard ) 70% of share in profit of Thugs of Hindustan. Salman in recent past told that one actor who revolved himself as a very good actor is the Akshya Kumar. And his choice of movies is really excellent. I am a great fan of almost all top "A" letter actors starting from Mr. Amitabh bachhan, Aki, Aamir, Ajay devgan...

  2. As per adda, it's certain to be over 20 and may be 21+ if night shows are more than humongous

  3. Jali jali beta jealousy saaf dikh rahi h...bhuno or bhuno jal jal k rakh ho jaoge sach yahi h hazam nahi ho raha hai.
    I m a big fan of bollywood movies and respect all actors including srk but i m nt a jealous person like u all who always spread hate against akshay. Usne kitna struggle kia or aaj itna bada star h har kisi k buski baat nahi h.repect him if u not then keep your thoughts to only yourself.

    1. @miky
      Only Akshay struggled and not srk.. why so much negativity for srk ?? Bcoz of intolerance comment ??

  4. Im srk fan But im Very happy with Toilet..
    Im done with Salman & Srk crap movies... I think from here Akshay & Ajay can overtake Salman & Srk. Hope that Aamir will do at least 1-2 movies every year..
    For me after this year (counting only this year)
    1st AAMIR
    2nd Akshay (Toilet 150-170 + Jolly llb2 117)
    3rd Ajay (Badshao 100-110 Golmal 210)
    4th SRK (Raees 133 JHMS 67)
    5th Salman (110 Tubelight on Eid & 130 Tiger on XMAS (
    6th Varun Dhawan (Badri 118 and J2 110)

  5. Today 20.5 cr
    Last two days 14 cr
    First week 98 to 102
    Lifetime 150+cr
    Verdict huge blockbuster

  6. Jitne collection per akshay ki blockbuster hoti h utni per to srk ki flop hoti h. Akshay ko pahle khud ki movie ka record todna h fir SRK k barabar ane ki sochna.

    1. bhai naaraaj nahi ho
      Akshay ke chavani rupees mai chalti hai
      Sahrukh ko 2000 ka not 3 rupees mai

    2. @aziz khan San ko pata hai fan aur Jhm is halat SRK ke ko Khud ka record Chennault express ka thod ke dikana keieye Bol jhms 60cr yeh hai srk ka aukat non holiday pe release kia tho fan ka Bhi wohi halat and jhms ka ja ja baat karne ke aukad nahin Akshay ki bare mein

    3. bewakoof SRK aur salman banate hain senseless aur idiot type movies bana kar. Akshay made Baby, Airlift, Rustom, Jolly LLB-2 and now Toilet EPK types of meaningful movies

  7. Good that this movie is a good earner.. hopefully will instill some sense into people.. great work Akshay fr trusting the story..

  8. fantastic collection...
    what i said this movie will cross fusslight collection.

    now salman fans will say it already crosses Talaash(2012,non holiday,less screen,dull period) But they dont know what about Marigold.

    TEPK thrashes Marigold in just 2hrs.

  9. Ham hai Sidhe saadhe aksay aksay akki rocks 150cr confirm 1st Bollywood movie verdict blockbuster in this year ?

  10. Akshay has delivered 5th 100 cr grosser in a row just 18 just month. Next is #2.0 wich makes 6th in a row....
    He is the unstopbel Kumar

  11. akshay is baar bazi maar gaya ...but ek par ek chalta rehta hai.

    but still he opens at 12 cr only where srks lul rom kom movie opens at 16 cr and rates opened with clash at 20 cr in 2017 .

  12. Dosto sub kuch to thik hai par pata nhi Akki apni movies ke tickets aur number of screens khans ki tarah kyun nhi badata.
    Agar ye do kaam karle to uski movies bhi 200 crores+ aaram se kama legi

  13. Comment:
    socho agar akki ki movie 2900 sreen ki jagah tublight ki tarah 4350 screen pe release hoti toh
    ye ab tk 5 days main 150 kma leti

  14. Great movie finally changed the Soch of every hindustani.
    What was not happen in last 70 years you did in a single movie.
    I appreciate you and your job here...for {Toilet ek prem katha}.
    You really a great entertainers @Akshi.

  15. Akshay top film.
    Hatya the murder.
    Meri biwi ka jawab nahi..
    Aaur. Bahut hai check karo lifetime box-office collection of meri biwi ka jawab nahi.

  16. Akshay is already ahead of salman. Akshay make 3-4 movies and collects over 400 stores. While salman make 1 movie per years and collects 200 crores average. It's akshay back to back 5th movie which done business over 100 crores. Another thing is that akshay make movie with small budget below than 50 crores and salman movies budget is over 100 crores. In case of making profit akshay is better then salman. Another thing akshay make movie in national interest and he doesn't think only abt profit

  17. Yr ek bat nh ari smjh mai ye akshay k fan 150+ to achse de nh pate or compre krrrh h sk n srk se ... sk 2 300+ 3 200+ ett b 200 he h 199 p ruki thi ... Akshay achse abh tk 134 cross nh kiya or usko campre krrh sk n srk se .: Akshay ne ek atbb nh diya .. ek highest opening day nh diya .weekend nh diya. kc b nh diya .pr yehe ak srk n sk se compare krrh yha k fans .. Low budget bana k ek hit dedete to akshay fans bapre itte khush abh 100 kiya nh spne to dkho Sk n ak k pss phochne k hai . Srk k din nh h abhinsmjha fr b akshay se bada h wo . Terms of money,acting,look.style etc smjhe akshay k fans . Abh tumlog compare akshay ko ranbhir se kro ranveer se kro dono 150+ diye h or ek ne srk se clash m diya h fr b srk ne 140+ kiya h mix wom n review k sth pr akahay positive b ho dono 120 krega ba chup fr .. low budget star k low budget movie lowbudget hit ..shi h wahi tk rho or ek bat ktne b hit de de low budget k nam srf srk ak sk ka he rhega..akshay abh 5sal peche h 3khans se jo abh wo 120 krrh hna unloogo ne 5sal phle iss zyda collection kr diye h.. compare krrh srk sk ak se hit kya de dere

  18. 8th 100 cr grosser coming for Akki will only be behind Salman in this elite group Dats wat we call a Formidable Superstar in 2014 he was having th least in big Five but Now he is all set to be a reigning If TZH doesn't works
    Since Amir does 1 in 2 years his credibility cannot be tested but as a full timer it's Salman And Akshay who are going against one another with Akki on top as of now

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