Toilet Ek Prem Katha 4th Friday Box Office Collection

Toilet Ek Prem Katha 4th Friday Box Office Collection: Akshay Kumar has now come to lower levels at the start of its fourth week. Toilet Ek Prem Katha 4th Friday collection is 0.20 crore.

There is a huge drop in collections and this will be probably last week at the box office for the movie. Toilet Ek Prem Katha box office collection in 22 days is 131 crore. Now the film will now fall short of Rowdy Rathore and Raees. It seems that Akshay will have to wait a bit longer to deliver his grosser after RR. Also, the record of Raees seems to be safe until the release of Golmaal 4 or Tiger Zinda Hai.

Day 113.10
Day 217.10
Day 321.25
Day 412.0
Day 520.0
Day 66.50
Day 76.10
Day 84.0
Day 96.25
Day 108.25
Day 112.60
Day 122.50
Day 132.25
Day 142.0
Day 151.0
Day 161.50
Day 172.0
Day 180.60
Day 190.55
Day 200.75
Day 210.50
4th Week2.20
Total133.60 cr

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16 comments on “Toilet Ek Prem Katha 4th Friday Box Office Collection”

    1. Yes okay I'll follow BOI if every does the same, but BOI because according to them the top actors for 2010-2019 are:

      1. Salman Khan
      2.Shah Rukh Khan
      3.Aamir Khan
      4.Hrithik Roshan
      5.Akshay Kumar

  1. Today Saturday 0.40 , Sunday 0.5 , Monday 0.15 , Tuesday 0.10, wed - 0.10 Thursday - 0.10 = 1.35 cr more... maximum 1.50 cr more
    Lifetime 132.8 cr

  2. 131cr without edx is fantastic! But will still fall short of raees, golmaal 4 ? Let's see

  3. And for those who are saying TEPK is the hgot according to BOI, then they must also admit that according to BOI Shah Rukh Khan is the top superstar since the 90's till today combined!

    1. I always said that
      According to boi most successfull actors of all time (sucess+stardom)
      This decade

      1. What a joke you idiot? How dare you put aamir below salman for this decade and behind srk for all time? Aamir has no competition from such small actors at all. He is light years ahead of all in his own league and no one can challenge him. Stay in your limit.

        This decade

        All time
        Salman. Deal with it.

  4. Above comment is just my opinion based on my observation and I don't claim whether bollyarena is correct or box office india..

  5. @bollyarena fo ur kind information TEPK has beaten Raees nd will beat RR till end of its run.
    Raees = 129cr
    R Rathore = 133cr
    TEPK = 134 (expected)

    And also please give correct figures. Total collection of TEPK till now is 132.25cr.

  6. Guys if you accept BollyArena numbers for TEPK then accept it for Raees too. Trade figures for Raees are 133-134 cr, not 128 cr.

  7. I always said that
    According to boi most successfull actors of all time (sucess+stardom)
    This decade

  8. Great movie coming to the end of its theatrical run. Will probably add another 2 Cr from here onwards. Doesn't matter if it falls short of RR & Raees by few lacs. Fact is it was a movie made on a shoestring budget & it is a much bigger hit than Raees. Not to mention, probably the most liked movie of the year. Akshay Kumar has really increased our expectations & we will be waiting for his next movie with great anticipation

  9. The real winner Raes as I predicated it would not break raes record.
    Akshay have to wait 150cr 140cr hgoy.
    As per box Office india it breaks raes record.
    Most of the people here not agreed box Office verdict as per boi TUBELIGHT below average not flop but most of the ppl not agreed and said TUBELIGHT flop even bollyarena but for TEPK boi correct and honest.
    Before Salman site now honest

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