Toilet Ek Prem Katha 3rd Week Box Office Collection

Toilet Ek Prem Katha 3rd Week Box Office Collection: Akshay Kumar's Toilet Ek Prem Katha has grossed 6.70 crore in the third week. The numbers are decent but the expectations were higher.

During the first week, it looks like that film will surely go over 150 crores. But it faced considerable drops on 2nd Friday and the trend was just like another Akshay Kumar starrer Jolly LLB 2. It has gone past that film due to the better opening week and tax-free status. There was also strong competition from Annabelle Creation.

Toilet Ek Prem Katha box office collection in 21 days is 131 crores. The film is on the verge of beating Raees and Rowdy Rathore but it might fall short of both of them as the collections are at very low levels. It will only have limited screens in 4th week as there is a big release Baadshaho.

Day 113.10
Day 217.10
Day 321.25
Day 412.0
Day 520.0
Day 66.50
Day 76.10
Day 84.0
Day 96.25
Day 108.25
Day 112.60
Day 122.50
Day 132.25
Day 142.0
Day 151.0
Day 161.50
Day 172.0
Day 180.60
Day 190.55
Day 200.75
Day 210.50
4th Week2.20
Total133.60 cr

45 comments on “Toilet Ek Prem Katha 3rd Week Box Office Collection”

  1. Kya tax free laga rakhe ho? It was tax free only in up that too after 5 days of its release..

  2. lol
    tax free in 1 state
    excellent trailer
    positive word of mouth
    1 holiday and some partial holidays
    universally appealing film

    and 130cr bhi nai hora
    12cr opening nai lagti
    bollywood has 3 superstars only

    akki to tamil filmo mei side role karega ab

    1. Universal appeal movie tha ye to aaj pata chala subject of the movie doesnt relate to multiplex audience vo to multiplex audience ka trust hai isliye multiplex me bhi movie xhala
      Jhms 3500 screens 60 cr
      Tubelight 4500 screens 115 cr
      Tepk 2900 screens 132 cr
      Only two superstars

      1. Mai ginau ky ab akshay k film n screen count se us k collection to ... Solo release best wom sb kc fr b 150 nh chii h be fr Akaad nh jari h .. usse achi to kangana h 150 k h ranverr h 150 kiya ranbir h 150 kiya or bta rh sb kc hone k nad bhi or.. Himmat h high budget movie bana fr hit krr jaise Brother th 125crbudget or kaise ghuss gayi thi ha .. Or Singh is bling 3500+screen collection pata hna .. Brother k screen n collection pata hna .. H3 screen pata hna .. or ek bat ett 3200screen collection 190+ .. Dabangg jb salman apne dull phase m th tb aayi thi screen count pata hna collection 140+ ajse 7 sal phele fr b akshay nh phoch paya isly jtne h uthne he uchlo

    2. You yourself is saying that it had excellent word of mouth and a universal appeal. Then how come Akshay Kumar is bad? If he is doing such good movies which you are also acknowledging, then I presume you are only appreciating Akshay Kumar...

      1. @sahil tu kehta hai ki wom is excellent and Akshay's work nd script sense is also amazing . Akshay is doing his best.
        But his movies are struggling to cross 150cr. So whose fault is this. This is pulbic fault. Akshay is at his best but everyone is not waching his movies . So here the public is loosing . Akshay is making profit . But loos is of those fool people who dont watch masterpeice movies like TEPK .

        1. Akki had proved himself in Action drama comedy lovestory...
          While except Amir other two Salman n sharukh fails in comedy and drama. Sharukh fails in action and comedy and Salman fails in comedy..

          Actor must have all quality sirf haklane ya Yash Chopra Karan johar ki support se ? banee wo actors nahi khete...

    3. Bhai Rohit Sharma 264 two time double hundred but still Virat is too much far away that's called consistency same Akshay has consistently Woking u all go hell no problem to akki's carrier we 15 m Insta 24 m FB 10 m twitterian and others follower of world with akki wishing for his future tum dusre Ko girate raho ek din tum or Thara hero dono jayega usime

  3. Mega Blockbuster....
    It becomes Highest Grosser of the year by beating Raees by boxofficeindia

  4. "The film is on the verge of beating Raees and Rowdy Rathore but it might fall short of both of them as the collections are at very low levels"


    1. Then go comment there, because here it hasn't beaten anything! Recently there's been news flowing around that the makers of the movie are adding extra few lakhs to make it the highest grosser of the year!

      Highest grosser of the year is Raees
      Highest overseas grosser of the year is Raees
      Highest worldwide grosser of the year is Raees

      Raees will only be beaten by either, golmaal 4, judwaa 2, 2.0 (Hindi) or the. TZH will 100% be the highest grosser of the year domestic, overseas and worldwide!

      1. Mai yahi soch raha tha ki yeh pagal srk varun uk fan base kaha hai. Ab aa gaya yeh apni bakwaas k saath . Beta SRK ne figures manipulate kiye the nd everyone knows that . Aur TEPK k producer figures are even less than trade figures for some days. So how can u say that they r adding few lakhs. Truth is that TEPK is the HGOTY 2017.
        TEPK = 132cr
        Raees = 128cr

        1. You can believe what you want, and okay let's all follow BOI, according to box office India shah Rukh Khan is the top actor since 90's and second Salman then Aamir Khan and no 4 is Akshay!

          Now don't say I don't believe this bullshit BOI, I'll agree with you moron, TEPK is the highest grosser of the year and Shah Rukh Khan is the greatest of our times both according to BOI!

          Now you will boi are stupid, they don't know nothing! Hahahahaha you are digging your own grave by using BOI!

          Sambhal ja bache, duniye main bahut hai Akshay!

      2. 2.0 Hindi is Tollywood movie dubbed Hindi like bahubali2..
        So cnt compare with Raees..he he he

      3. Buhaaaaaa. Baahubali 2 Ka ma'am bhi Suna hai idiot? Baahubali 2 Hindi version is Baap of all movies and it's not only the highest grosser if the year byt all time. 500 cr Ka figure ginna bhi aata hai? Bada bolne aaya tiger zinda hai Ka naam. Baahubali 2 is out of reach for all movies and tiger zinda hai in best case will just fall below 240 cr as salman' highest grosser among action film is just little above 200 cr so no chance for TZH. If secretsuperstar is as good as TZP then secret superstar will be 2nd highest grosser of the year after baahubali 2.

      4. Tu sapna dekh when kabbil became superhit srkians shows kabbil boi collection when tepk crushed jhms and become highest grosser of the year srkians shows producer fig red chilli calculator pe kisko trust hai king of manipulation
        Ce trade fig 207 cr
        Producer fig 227 cr
        Manipulation 20 cr
        Hny trade fig 178 cr
        Producer fig 204cr
        Manipulation 26 cr
        Raees trade fig 128 cr
        Producer fig 140+ cr
        Lal mirchi calculator 2+2=22????

    1. @Sam ...haters ka Baap
      Wait for 1 month boi will change life time collection of TEPK to 115 crore like they did for Raees..

    1. We all saw the so called stardom of salman in last decade when he was doing multiple films every year. We also saw srk's aukaat when he did 2 back to back films this year. But Akshay has been doing 3-4 films on average every year consistently since 25 years so it proves that his stardom is bigger than srk and salman. LOl. Get a life. Tell srk and salman to come on non holiday multiple times a year and we all know what happens. Isn't the mega disasters like tubelight and JHMS enough to prove it? LMAO.

      1. To 4 films kar ke kya ukhaad liya....only 27 clean hit out of 115 films......Salman has 26 out of 70
        Srk has 25 out of 56......Akshay is just a star.....Not a Superstar....can never be....

    1. Ab to 2Rs supporting role karr raha hai
      Bollywood se nikalke Tollywood Mai chala Gaya

  5. Fail 150 cr.
    Akshay can give 3 hundred cror in a year but he cannot do 200cr if he release single movie in a year. Akshay limitation 140cr max.
    Waiting for 150cr 140cr.

    1. beta little boy ka content to bahut achcha tha
      but salman se movie me kuchh khash hua nhi
      or story to TEPK ki bhi avg. thi pr movie super bana di to usme tu hari kyu jal rhi h

  6. Guys, I am not able to understand your problems. You must support good cinema rather than supporting your favorite star. All stars have their limitations. Now Amir khan is touching the height of the sky not only in our country but in overseas too and Dangal is the recent proof. Same case for akshay , we all know he is not having the stardom like khans have, but the type of movie akshay and Mohammad Irfan are doing really laudable(Earlier akshay was doing some crap movies but now-a-days he is my favorite and amir as well as Mohammad Irfan ,Manoj Bajpai because they are doing some cinema which our society needs )and we all know if they are star because of general public . Please support good cinema rather than FANbhakti(again don't be so superstitious). And one of the important thing ( when u guys compare your favorite star than others than one thing is sure in future (you will compare your son son by saying that "Dekho sharmaji ke bete ke 95% aye h aur tere 75%). I hope u will try to understand (otherwise one thing right for us by britishers "You bloody Indians , Na khane ka tammej ,Na pahanne ka [aur na hi sochne ka, BS ek dusro se bhidwalo])

    1. Find another name son that ones already taken!

      King of Bollywood
      These are taken

      Akshay Kumar is khiladi and hit machine!

  7. Saal bhar me 3 se 4 hit film dene ki aukaat hai srk ya slmn me
    Agar akshay saal me 1 movie kare to sabki baja dege

  8. If akshay will do 1 movie a year and release it in Diwali or Christmas or any other holiday then his movie will definitely collect 400 crores +. Akshay fan following is bigger than all khans. The class of movie akshay does is better than all khans. It has been already proved by voting. Doing multiple films is dividing the audiences but still managing to pass 125crores +. Hats off to akki sir. He is the virat kohli of Bollywood.

  9. I will give you the best example...

    Suppose Suresh Raina plays only 1 series with 5 matches against weak opposition Zimbabwe and scores 3 centuries with an average over 100 in a year . In other hand virat kohli plays 25 matches against all tough opponents including Australia and South Africa in difficult pitches and scores 6 centuries with an average 60 in a year. Then who is better? Suresh Raina or Virat kohli?
    It is no doubt virat is better. Likewise you can keep khans in the place of suresh Raina and akshay in place of Kohli..

  10. Khans release only 1 movie in a year on big holidays like Christmas, Diwali or Eid with high ticket price.. 3 open weeks with no competition from other movies and high budget commercial movie with big banners and top directors with more number of screens so it collects 200 or 300 crores +.
    In other hand akshay releases 3 or 4 movies in a year with low ticket price, big competition from other big movies in all seasons during Ipl too. With low number of screens it still manages to defeat other big movies in a large margin like Mohenjo daro and kkhh3 with its non commercial theme without good songs. Akshay also does low budget movies with new directors and all new directors got their 1st 100 crore movies because of akshay. Still it manages to collect 125 crores +.

    Now you all decide who is better Akshay or khans ?

    I can guarentee if akshay does 1 movie in a year and clashes it with any Khan then he can beat the Khan movie easily.

    Akshay > Aamir + Salman + SRK.

  11. Bhai tum log keh Rahe the jhms tog bahut Jyada hit hogi and tepk will do less I guess u must have understood that Whois the superstar Srk or Akki ????

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